Bernier up, Purcell down

Two things…

The Kings have called up Jonathan Bernier from Manchester under emergency circumstances, because Erik Ersberg sustained a lower-body injury in Saturday’s game against Dallas.

Also, Teddy Purcell has been assigned to Manchester.

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  • Anonymous

    Hope Bernier can get a chance to play and rise to the challenge. Gotta feel for the guys like Teddy and Brian getting sent up and down and tossed all around in the lineup while the team around them played like crap. Next season should open some roster spots as some contracts are coming off the books.

  • KingFan4ever

    …. the Kings carousel spins round and round.. when it stops, nobody knows….

  • Anonymous

    This is Bernier’s shot. Apparently according to reports, he hasn’t been too happy about getting his shots.

    If he gets in a game or two, or even more. Its his shot to say he’s the guy

  • Anonymous

    That sucks for Ersberg. Could he have re-injured himself during the shootout?

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Looks like they are going to give Richardson a chance to show what he can do. Purcell gets a chance to play in the All Star game but I have to wonder if he or Boyle is going to stay in the organization for the full season? Neither one has seized a job though Purcell has been better.

  • CBGB

    Tavares here we come!

  • 28 KINGS

    Purcell should be back once Ersberg comes off the ir. Someone had to be sent down, and with the ALL -STAR game coming break coming up, he goes a few games early.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with that call up. Better blow up a bunch of beach balls for him.

  • Anonymous

    bummer ersberg will miss the young stars game now.

  • Bruce

    I don’t think Purcell has improved enough to hold down an NHL roster spot yet and should’ve been sent down sooner. DL has mentioned that he needs to play more of the physical game and win some battles along the boards. Purcell strikes me as a peripheral player who is unwilling to pay the price when going into the scoring areas and avoids contact. He has also failed to capitalize on some pretty good scoring chances and doesn’t backcheck hard enough. He still has time to figure this out, but I hope he does so soon.

  • andre norway

    If ersberg has reinjured his groin he could be out a significant time – just look at Luongo in vancouver. Hopefully bernier will play either against minnesota or colorado. Purcell has still a long way to go before he is an nhl regular.

  • Moondoggie

    Tough break for Ersberg, described as a lower body injury…Sounds like the groin again which we all were afraid of Erik injuring again. My guess is that Quick will get the majority of the starts but it does give the Kings a chance to see Bernier; better yet, it now gives Bernier the chance to show everyone what he’s got and prove to DL they made a mistake sending him back to Lewiston last year.

    As badly as I feel for Ersberg and the Kings, we’ve all wanted to see Bernier since last year. Personally, I want to see what he’s got. The Kings have an excellent young defense that is only going to get better. Don’t be surprised to see Bernier excel in this situation. The defense at Manchester hasn’t supported the goalies like they have in LA. We’re going to get a real good look at our future starting this week.

    As far as Purcell is concerned, he’ll be back after the All-Star break, no doubt. I’d expect to see Lewis back too at some point, plus the Kings may have Moller back as well after the All-Star game. Once this team gets itself healthy, I think things will start looking up. Untimately the Kings are going to need a scorer and I don’t see them being a buyer at the trading deadline. That issue will probably be resolved via UFA or the draft.

  • mike

    this is a fricking mess.

  • old man

    I think the lost of moller really hurt our offense.You can see how much more skill and desire he has over most of our other young men.And like most of you guys i wish tm would put two lines and let them play.

  • hockeyluvr

    So, now we may be able to see what everyone sees in Bernier. During the Dallas game, the announcers kept reminding us about Bernier being the future #1 for the kings.

  • Marty

    Murray is ruining our young forwards,I see lack of production and confidence in particular Brown O’Sullivan and Kopitar.Murrays constricting game plan and constant line changes are a recipe for disaster and you are now seeing the results.
    This team should be higher in the standings,Murray needs to be replaced.

  • markisonfire

    Purcell wasn’t sent down so that Bernier could come up. Purcell was sent down so that someone can come off the IR, most likely Richardson. Bernier was called up since Ersberg is on IR.

    Will Zatkoff be brought back up to Manchester? Is Ersberg’s injury a chronic injury?

    Oh boy. I feel bad for Erik. I hope it isn’t the same injury as before.

  • Bill N.

    Will Zatkoff be brought back up to Manchester? Is Ersberg’s injury a chronic injury?

    Zatkoff is hurt and on IR in Ontario. He’s already been ruled out of the ECHL All-Star Game.

  • Moondoggie

    My guess, Zatkoff goes back to Manchester. Daniel Taylor got the win for the Monarchs last night….

    Zatkoff would probably get the majority of the work there but things are getting interesting. Plus you still have Martin Jones playing out of this world for the Calgary Hitmen. The Kings are still well stocked at goalie, a far cry from where the team was a year ago….


    The worst trade in KINGS history?IMO that would be June 23,1975,Terry Harper and Danny Maloney for Marcel Dionne.They went from 105 to 85 points.Harper and Maloney were the heart and soul of the team.Cant believe that still pisses me off.Guess I should get a life.GO KINGS

  • john brasseur

    This team has much potential as have many incarnations after the 91/92 team. We have shown promise many times since but, always that promise seems to be blunted by a myriad of managerial failures.

    We are 12 1/2 million dollars under the salary cap and yet we bring nothing in to bring our young players along?

    If management (Lombardi) continues this mindless plodding we will always be nothing but a farm team for th real NHL.

    Patience is for farmers.

    Not the NHL!!!

  • Cry Baby

    Really, who here who follows the Kings thought they would press for a playoff spot this year? I got very excited to see the Kings begin the season and play so well. Now that the Kings have come back down to earth and are playing like a freshman team (which they are) you want heads to roll. Be patient. I feel like the goalies the Kings have now can actually give them a chance to win. That has been the biggest problem for this team. Defense is looking up. Now scoring needs to be addressed, which it will. Sit back and enjoy the ride…in a couple of years this team will be scary good. STOP PANICKING!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone here seems to think groin, but I thought I saw an awful lot of knee-flexing last game…

  • anonymous

    For me, the worst trade in Kings history was sophomore defenseman Larry Murphy to the Washington Capitals for Brian Engblom, Ken Houston and Craig Laughlin. Murphy, fortunately, went on to a HOF career that included over 1000 games and three Stanley Cups.

    The Alexei Zhitnik to Buffalo for Grant Fuhr. What was worse was that after Fuhr left the Kings after a half a season, he went on to two great years with another team…

    Oh… almost forgot about the three trades that crippled the Kings for over a decade:

    Kings 1st Round Pick for an aging goalie Ron Grahame in Boston (Bruins used that pick to select Ray Bourque).

    Kings 1st Round Pick to Buffalo for aging left wing Rick Martin (who played only one game for LA before blowing out his knee and ending his career). I think Phil Housley was the pick that Buffalo used.

    Kings 1st Round Pick to Montreal for an aging left wing Steve Schutt. That pick turned into Claude Lemieux (still playing pro for the Shark’s farm club).


    THE LA KINGS: 41 years and still waiting!

  • Shakes

    The only thing that could’ve made Inauguration concert today even better would’ve been Warren Wiebe. God bless his soul.

  • RjB

    Well I guess it’s RJB time. I love the Old Man comments! He is very insightful. Yes the 3 year rebuilding plan is in it’s 3rd year. Yes we finished 28th, tied for 29th and year 3 we are headed for 27th or 28th depending on the organizations direction at trade deadline. we have to face the truth. I am totally in love with the youth we have and the youth we still have coming. KEEP in mind that the only time we made a move in the standings and the cup was when the owner nutted up and went out and signed the BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME! WAYNE…once you have that all of a sudden you have an identity. Then low and behold other big names want to come and play with that kind of player. AEG sign a couple marquee players and I cant believe I actually have a chance to say this but “If you build it they will come” all for now. Thanks for the thoughts

  • jet

    worst trade: no question, Korab. Other than the fight in Philly were he crushed the Flyer and then proceded to fly the bird to the Philly fans, he didn’t want to be here.

  • Quisp

    funny misprint: TSN has LaBarbera’s GAA this season at 28.02.

  • jimbo1007

    I think that must be his GAA in shootouts.

  • Anonymous

    Zatkoff is injured so he won’t be making his way bank to the Monarchs.

  • Ersberg

    That sucks for Ersberg, but I got what I asked for in a chance for Bernier. I think TM should start him right away.

  • Dave

    Before some of you get all hyped on Bernier, keep in mind his age and professional track record. In Manchester this year, he has performed poorly. His GAA is .897. His peers have done much better: Quick .919, Zatkoff .918, Taylor .929. So, it looks to me that Bernier doesn’t deserve a start let alone be handed the #1. He’s got to earn it and to learn to step up when his ability is challenged. So far as a professional he has shown less than average performance. Is that what you want in net at Staples Center?

  • Vicarious

    And Danny Taylor stll gets little to no respect.

    Even as a kings fan since only 89 or so, I must say patience is for King’s, Cub’s and Clipper’s fans. And farmer’s. Meanwhile, thank god for gallow’s humor.

    PS. Stay the course. Its only year 41 of our 100 year rebuild. But letting Leiweke/AEG hv anything to do with player personnel choices wld be a huge mistake. See, the 2000-2006 Kings and the current Galaxy soccer team.

  • Ersberg

    Another thing, I’m seeing a lot of Bernier bashing so far. Maybe give the guy a chance to play a game before throwing mud on him? He’s had all of last season, the offseason, pre-season this year, and half a season to prepare since his last NHL game.

    Less complaining, more support.

  • Anonymous

    As far as the Bernier bashing – having seen him play in numerous games for the Monarchs – he’s proven absolutely nothing. Isn’t the ahl a stepping stone for the nhl?

  • old man

    I have to agree with John Brasseur and RJB. We spend Millions on 5 or 6 average vets, where if we would bring in 1 or 2 quality players to work with the youth,(for the same price),we would be ahead of the game at this time.Also i`m tired of hearing there young give them time, kids make mistakes,and the rest of that stuff.The vets have lost most of the games for us not the youth.

  • Ersberg

    Anon-How did Ersberg, and even Quick do in Manchester as far as stats are concerted? Crappy stats? You bet they did. How would you rate them now? Pretty good, eh? I think so, too.

  • src

    Too bad for Icebeg, but like previously mentioned, we get a look at Bernier.

    Why is Zeiler still in LA?? He offers nothing, well okay he hustles but thats it. Purcell like mentioned is doing the all star thing-he will be back, along with richardsen.

    Gaborik is going to be the only FA of star quality, but with bad tires. Do we spend millions on someone that will play 60 games a year………..nah!!!!!!!!!!

    I disagreed earlier, but kovo seems to be the best bet. Unless there is another Kane in the top 5 at draft time, then trade it along with Sully (or Fro depending upon resigning diffaculties), with Boyle, Hickey and whom ever else they want from manchester. Moller, Lewis should not be moved yet. Moller and Simmonds look like real keepers. Love Simmonds!!!!

    We need a sniper with 40+ ability.!!!!!

    The defense will be fine with DD, JJ, the Q, greene and a couple of vets.

  • Cynic

    I’ll tell you what. I’ll make you all a promise.

    If you all, with your friends and families and anyone else you can find, will start asking for your pizzas to be delivered to you in a BAG instead of a BOX, When the sales start rolling in…


    Sounds pretty ridiculous right, well here’s the website:

    We’ve been at this in R&D for a while, have rock solid patents and are starting to finally do some test markets. All results look real positive so far. Imagine if 80% of the pizza box market was replaced with the FLATPAK system, do you think I’d have enough $$$ to buy the team?

    I’ll apologize now to Rich for what seems like blatant advertisement, but I’m serious. I’ve been a fan since 1980 and am frustrated as HELL. Some things are being done right, but as you can see in Detroit (Owned by a pizza guy Mike Illich : )ownership involvement is important also. Since I’m gonna be selling to this guy, who better to learn from? Do you want a team like Detroit?

    Anyway, I’m dead serious. Money has to come from somewhere to do it and being a manging partner in FLATPAK could allow me to do that. Don’t think that I’ve made this up, we’ve been at this 7 years! I’ve been a partner for 6 months but I was manufacturing these bags for them for 3 years.

    I would love nothing more than to buy this team from AEG, even if for selfish reasons. Maybe Mike can tell me how to make it happen when I visit him in a few months.

    Sorry Rich if this violates any rules. Wasn’t my intention. Maybe a few years from now I can apologize to you in person….in the owners box.

  • Charlene Adkinson

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