• Kings4K3

    I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief from all my fellow Kings’ fans. That was sure an ugly win, but it counts all the same in the standings.

    I thought the Kings played a very good first period and the second was even better…Well at least 19:53 of it. That goal with 7.3 seconds left in the 2nd was the start of a lot of bad things. The Kings came out in the third in a prevent mode again, something I absolutely hate because once you stop the forecheck, the entire ice opens up and allows the other team to attack with speed, which the Av’s did.

    As Bob & Foxy pointed out, I thought Handzus played a great game, along with Brown, Calder and Frolov. Quick also played well with the exception of that giveaway to Willsie.

    Overall though, a great way to go into the All-Star break!

  • Roland

    holy crap I couldnt sit down to relax the whole third period, I was too busy yelling at the TV jumping up and down.

    Quick got schooled on that Avalanche goal when they started making a comeback. Then even more so when he tried to clear the puck on to Willsie’s stick. Willsie of all people. Anyway he got away with a win there, hope it builds his confidence.

    Frolov, as usual, awesome game, as well as most of the others.

  • Roland

    oh yeah by the way, has anyone ever told Quick that this isn’t juniors anymore. COVER THE PUCK when the Kings are on their heels and we are trying to slow the game down. This guy is obsessed with playing the puck whatever the cost. That’s junior/college stuff. Jim and Bob were literally having a panic attack concerning the exact same thing (hey maybe we can have a Jim Fox mic in Quick’s ear)

    can you tell I’m still upset about the Willsie goal.

    don’t get me wrong, Quick is still cool in my book. but a couple more games like this…..

  • Matt George


    wow..the one freakin game I miss and we light up the Avs. DOUGH!!!

    I’ve been telling the wife all year I’m sick of either losing or winning in overtime… i wanted a clear win before overtime.

    And today was it … boom… booyaahh… cya … uh buh bye

  • Mike

    Never a doubt.

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