Remember Dan Cloutier?

That’s a rhetorical question…I’m sure you do. You probably don’t know what Cloutier is doing these days, though. He’s serving as an unofficial assistant coach for the Corpus Christi IceRays of the Central Hockey League, under his brother Sylvain, the head coach. Cloutier, it seems, is still thinking NHL comeback and is still trying to recover from his hip problems. Here’s a story on Cloutier, published today in the Corpus Christi paper.

Younger Cloutier still in the game

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  • Anonymous

    Should be interesting to see how the buyout works. I guess its in arbitration but the fact he had surgery certainly complicates things. Interesting that he didn’t have the surgery until November considering his protestations of injury much earlier than that. Why did he wait almost five months after his Vancouver doctor said he was unhealthy to do something about it?

  • Leatherface

    Good luck, Dan!
    but not in wrangling any more money out of the Kings than you deserve.

  • kngcussion

    Now there’s a player I would boo if he ever made a comeback.

  • Irish Pat

    I hope Cloutier makes a comeback. The Kings need to score more goals and Clouts in net would provide a big confidence boost to the kids.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this Rich. Danny Boy is always good for a laugh. I see he is still delusional. Some things never change.

  • Scott

    Cloutier was/is the downfall of Lombardi. The man has been here a couple years now and still hasn’t resolved the goaltending issue. Unacceptable. It’s especially disappointing when you see guys who could’ve been obtained and are now prospering, like: Scott Clemmensen, Pekka Rinne, Steve Mason, Chris Mason, Jonas Hiller, Tomas Vokoun, Dany Sabourin, Mike Smith, etc. Apparently, no one with the Kings cares to scout for the one position more problematic than the rest. One would hope some of the money that went to guys like Ladislav Nagy, McCauley (ugh), Willsie (ugh), and Cloutier (uuuugh, and after an injury no less!), could’ve gone to one of the aforementioned.

    Oh, and b/c of T. Murray’s system, we need another goal scorer.

  • old time hockey

    If he is ever able to come back, that’s great for him, but realistically, he will always be persona non grata in the Staples Center. Its rare for one player to be clearly the source of all the problems for a team (Jagr for the Caps a few years ago or Avery for Dallas this year come to mind), but Clouts was so god awful that the team melted around him. He should be booed and booed often.

  • cristobal

    Maybe Dany is a nice guy, but how did anyone ever want him in their goal after this?

  • Ersberg

    Ahh, good old Dan beach ball Cloutier. The memories..

  • OK Fine

    Cloots was never the problem. The problem was that we signed him to a contract extension before he showed us who he was. You can not blame the guy for accepting a contract that was offered to him nor can you blame him for not having the skill/talent to live up to the expectation that was put on him. DL jumped the gun and Cloot took the heat. He did what anyone of us would have done; took a job for a ridiculously high salary that he thought he was qualified to do. I am in no way defending his play but the blame does not fall to him. The failure with DLs signing from last year has made him gun-shy with FAs and we are feeling that with the few missing pieces we need. DL needs to get those missing pieces but if they dont workout he is on the chopping block. That is why we NEED to put together a team that is home grown especially in Goal.

  • No Clou

    Must be a slow news day.. why bring up this nightmare? The anger should be focused on DL tho. He signed about 3 free agents that year(McCauley, Cloutier, and ??) coming off serious injuries. What kills about Cloutier is that DL extended his contract before finding out about his health!! crazy.

  • Ersberg

    OK Fine- I don’t blame Clouts either; or the beach balls he let in. I get what you mean in principle, but, well, he just sucked. We all get payed to do our jobs, as did he, but the difference being he didn’t do his.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Just in case any scouts are reading this and want to know where Dan Cloutier is staying, here’s your url:

  • cristobal

    Anyone aware of what Jason Allison is doing these days?
    I think he’s still only about 33 years old.

  • brianguy

    Dan? Dan who?

    kidding ! I hope his accommodations in Corpus Christi are “MORE” than adequate… lol

  • Anonymous

    Some of the blame has to fall on Crawford’s head. Crow was the one who convinced DL to bring him along with him when he was hired as coach. Did Crow know he was still injured, maybe. DL’s problem was giving him a extension, thinking he was getting the 30+ game winner, and trying to avoid a tough salary negotiation when he became an UFA at the end of the year.

  • mask0425la


    I was wondering about Allison myself and did not exactly like the answer when I found it:

    “Loose pucks: According to former player agent Bryant McBride, onetime Bruins captain Jason Allison recently remarried and owns and operates a horse farm north of Toronto. And onetime Boston goalie Lord Byron Dafoe is financing a residential subdivision in British Columbia and also dabbling in commercial real estate . . . ”

    I don’t understand why he did not go to Europe for a season to re-establish himself. He probably could have gone to any major Euro league, kill everyone there and come to NHL next season if not mid-year. Hey, if Claude Lemieux came back at 43, no reason Allison cannot do the same. How about re-uniting with his buddy Ziggy in Slovakia? Sure sounds better than dealing with horses**t, lol!

  • cristobal

    mask0425la –

    Interesting find.
    There are worse lives to be lived than out on the range, but I agree that it’s a shame that such a talented player didn’t make more of his short time to do so. Maybe he’s ok walking away from the game. I think injuries really hampered him a lot. Too bad because the Deadmarsh/Allison/Palffy line was one of the best ever, IMO.
    Maybe they just burned to bright and it was only meant to last for a short period of time. Their play, however, is one of the highlights for me in watching this team for 20 years.
    Thanks for posting that info.


  • Anonymous

    EARTH IS SAFE from meteor-strike because of Dan Cloutier.

    Whenever a dangerous meteor threatens to collide with earth, just get Cloutier ready and suited-up to catch the meteor.

    Instead of being caught by Cloutier, the meteor would rush harmlessly through his pads and back out into space, completely missing Earth (and a Cloutier pad save).

    –Sergei Prozacutov

  • Ersberg

    Actually, I heard Clouts started his own company. Here’s a little shameless plug for our good friend Dan.

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the CHL goalies that he’ll be in charge of sharing his expertise with… They’ll NEVER make the NHL that way…

    He made Ceckmanek look like a Vezina winner by comparison…and that’s saying something…

    If he ever makes an NHL comeback…the main reason will be that the team picking him up is preparing to tank to get the 1st overall pick…

  • paul

    Can you interview Cloutier because LA said he was not hurt now he’s had yet another hip surgery that seems weird.DL what happen the real story please.

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