Brown’s diary, part 2

Here’s the second installment of the Dustin Brown diary being published by USA Today. Brown talks about his experience at the skills competition yesterday and looks forward to, perhaps, a scrum with Zach Parise?

King for a weekend: L.A.’s Dustin Brown on All-Star Saturday

In the “shameless plug” department, here’s the feature I wrote for today’s paper on Brown:

It’s Brown’s Kings now

For those who didn’t see it yesterday, Drew Doughty and the rookies — sounds like it could be a band name — beat the sophomores 9-5 in the YoungStars game.

Also, on their official website, the Kings have put together a nice package of the team’s All-Star Game history, with stats, pictures, recaps, etc. You can find it here.

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  • Harry

    It was nice to see Lucky as a head coach for the rookies!

  • Brian M

    I was really happy that Dustin was named to the team. He does lead by example and I’m happy he will be a King for a long time.

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