Post-All-Star reset

Since it’s been a few days, and there were a couple transaction during the all-star break, here’s where the Kings’ roster stands at the moment. You can expect Brad Richardson to be activated soon, and hopefully there will be an update on Oscar Moller’s status soon.

The Kings return to practice today at 2 p.m., so hopefully we’ll get an update on Erik Ersberg’s status as well. The Kings next play Thursday in a home game against Chicago.

Derek Armstrong
Dustin Brown
Kyle Calder
Alexander Frolov
Michal Handzus
Raitis Ivanans
Anze Kopitar
Patrick O’Sullivan
Wayne Simmonds
Jarret Stoll
John Zeiler

Drew Doughty
Denis Gauthier
Matt Greene
Peter Harrold
Jack Johnson
Sean O’Donnell
Tom Preissing
Kyle Quincey

Erik Ersberg
Jonathan Quick

F — Marc-Andre Cliche (separated shoulder)
F — Oscar Moller (fractured clavicle)
F — Brad Richardson (lower-leg laceration)

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  • JB

    I guess I missed Purcell getting sent down……

    So unless someone gets hurt again we may not see the AHL kids for a while. I’ve been consistently underwhelmed by the prospects this season. Purcell and Boyle haven’t progressed as I would have liked to see. Not writing them off but they’re on the bubble……..

    Kind of sucks looking at our roster how evident it is that we don’t have a farm team that provides a good source of players.

  • Quisp

    JB –

    I guess if you look at the “farm” as being Manchester only and not the depth chart as a whole, I can see where you’re coming from. I also have been disappointed by Purcell, Moulson and Boyle, taken as a whole. Boyle for me has been the most disappointing. Purcell, I think was doing well when he first came up, slacked off, then got with the program. I am assuming he went down for the AHL All Star game (which is tonight). I assume he’ll be coming back after the trade-deadline, if not sooner. Moulson has not gotten a fair shake, I don’t think. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back up this season. I think it’s reasonable to think of those kids as being POS two seasons ago. Cross fingers.

    Doughty, Moller and Simmonds, meanwhile, would still be in juniors had they not jumped straight into the NHL, bypassing Manchester entirely. Quick is a Manchester promotion. And Lewis is not to be entirely discounted either. The kid has played well, and responsibly, in his few NHL games.

    Expectations are rising for Voynov as well, and Loktionov. And Azevedo is putting up a point a game in Manchester. Which is better than anyone else on the team.

    I’m quite sure if you counted up the rookies and prospects skating for the Kings this year (Moller, Moulson, Purcell, Lewis, Boyle, Simmonds, Quincey, Doughty, Quick, Ersberg, Bernier) and then looked at where the Kings are in the standings (i.e. not at the bottom), you would conclude that the Kings are getting good value from its “farm.” Especially since five or six of those guys (Moller, Simmonds, Doughty, Quick, Ersberg, Quincey) have been among our best players this season.

  • Quisp

    So with Moller and Ersberg, that’s 23.

    I’m going to guess that he puts Moller back with Handzus, since that worked well early on, and Simmonds will stay with Fropitov.

    Zeiler/Armstrong/Richardson/Ivanans (mix and match; scratch one)

  • RJB

    Is it me or is no one else scared of this Forward line up? Please Please go after Kovelchuk and Heatly or Speeza for picks and prospects. We have 13 picks in next years draft and we are 13 mil under the cap (The most under the cap of any team)THEN WE HAVE SOMETHING