Kyle Calder, scoring threat?

Kyle Calder, the all-time leader in Open Forum questions, has two goals and two assists in his last three games, and is one of the main reasons that Terry Murray is pleased with the Brown-Calder-Stoll line. Calder has only six goals and 10 assists in 41 games this season, but it seems as though Murray now envisions Calder in a different role than he did earlier this season…


Question: In talking about the Brown-Calder-Stoll line, Calder seems to be the one who is benefitting from it the most. What are you seeing in his game and the way he fits on that line?

MURRAY: “Coming off of Handzus’ line, which I look at as my checking line, I just have a sense — and it’s not a conversation that I had — but I just have a sense that (Calder) looks at himself more as a contributor in terms of being in the front of the net and battling in the offensive zone, that kind of play. He is telling me that through his performance with Stoll. They really enjoy playing for each other, with the battle and the board work. That’s his M.O., that’s what he has always shown in his years in the NHL. He does have to play without the puck and he has to check, as everybody does, but I think the assignment against top lines might not have suited him the best.”

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  • anthony

    Yeah Right.
    And one day pigs will learn how to fly.

    Moller will put an end to Kyle Calder’s career in LA.

  • Anonymous

    If he’s scoring it’s a good thing, it helps the team and increases his trade value…

  • GoKings09


    I find that comment ridiculous. I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Calder. No, he is not the greatest offensive player ever to play for the Kings or the best defensive forward but no team has a team filled with superstar players on all lines. Calder is a valuable complementary player in my opinion that shows a willingness to go to the front of the net and battle which is a difficult thing to do because in the NHL when you go in front you know that you are going to be hit and punished. Calder is a solid player and can show an offensive spark. Last year I remember he was injured for a large portion of the season. Regardless, he is not even the worst player on the Kings as I would much rather have a player like Calder than Zeiler or Ivannas.