Murray likes Calder-Stoll-Brown

Terry Murray was asked this morning about how the Kings could maintain their offensive success from the two games before the all-star break, when they scored 11 goals in six periods. Murray used the opportunity to praise the Kings’ line of Dustin Brown, Kyle Calder and Jarret Stoll, which he found to be particularly effective of late…


Question: You had 11 goals in those two games before the break. Have you been able to determine what changed in those games?

MURRAY: “I’ve been trying to look at that myself. I watched the games over, during the all-star break, and there just seemed to be some chemistry with the Stoll line. It was like that… If you go back a month or so ago, I had that line together and it worked pretty well. We got away from it, but there’s something happening there. They’re reading off each other and they’re feeling good about playing with each other. Those are three guys that play the net, play the boards and cycle well, and there are just good things happening. That doesn’t really answer your question, but chemistry is an intangible that’s nice to have.”

Question: You have to be pleased with 11 goals in those two games against two pretty strong teams…

MURRAY: “Yeah. When I looked at it, even before we got to training camp and when we broke training camp, I looked at our lines and felt good about our possibilities for scoring. When we haven’t been producing offensively, we’ve had a big push on the other side of the puck. It takes time to make that kind of adjustment as a team and as a player, but I hope now that it’s starting to come together for us.”

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