Player postgame quotes

(Re game recap): “We know we can beat good teams. We were on and off here tonight and not as consistent as we wanted to be and they were kind of all over us in the third but Quick held us in it and Frolov gave us a timely goal. We needed that one bad and then that empty netter. We got the two points which we wanted but we can do better. We know we have to be better on the road trip especially in Montreal for the start of it. We know we got away with one here but sometimes it’s on the other end of the stick and its nice when it goes your way.”

(Re coming off break/road trip): “Getting five out of six points was huge and we have to play that kind of hockey. We have to be gritty and be a great checking team. And with this team here we know we can score goals when the time comes. That’s what we did on that road trip. We just have to play simple and smart road games and get some points out of it. It all comes from being smart and playing our system to a tee.”

(Re game recap): “Our goal scorers are going to have score goals for us to win. I think the big picture here is that we got goal scoring from elsewhere and it’s going to be key at this juncture of the season. They’re going to be focusing on the key guys and that’s when you get a goal from a guy that doesn’t score a lot and that’s going to be the difference maker in a lot of these games to come. ”

(Re key to the game): ” I think our start to the game was pretty good. We got a power-play goal and an even strength goal and we’re up 2-0. I think playing with a lead really helped us tonight.”

(Re playing against Chicago): “It’s always a challenge. They have a lot of young players on their team right now and their creating a lot of buzz and in a playoff spot which is where we need to be.”

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Was at the game. The Kings can’t play much better than they did in the 1st period tonite, and overall I thought they had some great shifts tonite. The unsung hero tonite was clearly Michael Handzus. He supports the puck so well in the defensive zone. He’s just another guy (like JMFJ, Doughty and O’D) who doesn’t panic with the puck in his own zone and never leaves a defenseman high and dry. Night and day from last season.

    The biggest problem the Kings had tonite was clearing the puck. They covered up very well when it was panic time, but they have to be stronger on the puck at their own blue line. Both goals they gave up were a result of spending a long shift in their own zone.

    Nice win though… and one other thing.

    Staples Center is easily the worst hockey arena in the league now. Between the constant problems with the plexi-glass and dasher boards and having arguably the WORST ICE in the league, not to mention a team mascot I’d just as soon see hanging by his/her neck from the Jumbotron than bang a friggin’ tamborine in my ear…..

  • MagicArc

    Was at tonights game as well….I scored some awesome lower level tickets during the $11.50 sale. I was right on the King’s tunnel….the intensity was there tonight, the guys came to play.

    With that hopefully Rich you can relay a message to some of the guys….High five your fans…they come there to see you guys. Green, O’Sullivan, Richardson, O’Donnell all refused to interact with fans at the tunnel, its a real downer these guys didnt….especially since Sully is one of my favorite guys on the ice….

    And Simmonds, once again most hussle award goes to Wayne Train.

  • Scott

    Ditto about them having problems clearing the puck. The first goal by the Hawks looked terrible. It seemed like they spent an eternity in the Kings end.

    It’s important the Kings start well b/c they must be the worst team at closing games.

    At the same time, that’s 16 goals in three games. Hard to complain about that.

  • nykingfan

    That was a really good team we beat last night. I give a lot of credit to TM and the boys. After a long layoff they came out and played hard and took it to Chicago early. THe 3rd period was a little hectic, but the end result was a well earned 2 points. Big goal by Fro to blunt Chicago’s attempt to get back into the game.
    Zeus and Simmonds were outstanding once again last night. Simmonds is an absolute energizer bunny out on the ice. His legs are always moving full speed and nobody forechecks as hard and as consistantly as he does. He had the one bad turnover at the blueline because he didn’t get the puck deep. TM showed complete confidence in him by putting him right back out there. He didn’t make the same mistake again.
    He may not have the talent of some of the other players, but the more I see him, the more I think he might be the best rookie this year on the team. Doughty has been great, but nobody has been as consistant night in and night out as Simmonds. He is quickly becoming my favorite player to watch. In fairness to Doughty, he’s playing a much tougher position for a rookie. I’m happy we have both!

    Great game by the Stoll/Calder/Brown line. They kept the puck deep in the Hawks zone all game. They forechecked effectively and were able to generate good scoring chances off the forecheck. Stoll was once again outstanding on faceoffs. If he’s not the best in the league, he’s sure in the top 5.
    The only line that was ineffective was the 4th line. They spent most of their shifts in the defensive zone.

    On defense…JJ had his best game as a King I thought. He played physical in his own zone and the spin move he made was a thing of beauty. He has a ton of talent. I can’t wait to see the final product when he gains the experience.

    Quick was once again steady in goal and made some big stops when we needed them. He is showing that he has the makeup to be a #1 goalie in this league. Is anyone missing LaBarbara these days?

    Tough road trip coming up. Good luck to the guys…bring home some points!

  • TeamHasHoles

    nykingfan… I appreciate your enthusiasm and share much of it for Wayne Simmonds. He was outstanding last night throughout most of the game. But Drew Doughty might be the best young Kings defenseman EVER… if not, then he’s on the list with Larry Murphy, Rob Blake and Jay Wells. He might be one of the Top-3 rookies in the league, he’s certainly the best and most important rookies on the Kings… easily more so than a third-line winger like Simmonds, who, as I say, I like a lot.

  • nykingfan

    I based it strictly on consistency. There’s no question that Doughty may very well be the best defensmen the franchise has ever had. It also might be that sometimes he doesn’t stand out because he’s simply doing his job. There’s nothing that Doughty doesn’t do well on the ice.
    As I said, I’m thrilled that we have both of them.
    I just love a guy like Simmonds who doesn’t have the talent that some of the other guys have, but plays so damn hard every night and every shift, that it’s impossible to remove him from the lineup.
    I guess he would be more of my unsung rookie of the year, but as you said…there’s no denying the greatness that Doughty has shown and will continue to show. He should be a perennial Norris trophy candidate throughout his Hall of Fame career with the Kings.
    Yeah, that was a little tongue in cheek..but not too much LOL

  • Bill

    Great game last night, it was fun to watch for the full 60 minutes. I’m hoping that we’re seeing the beginning of a trend not just with the team’s effort, but also with how Murray is learning to trust his players. Last night is exactly what I’ve been waiting for all season. He sat Gauthier, didn’t change up the lines all night, and kept the Armstrong/Ivanans/Zeiler line off the ice when it counted.

  • mark4kings

    Speaking of JMFJ, did anyone happen to notice the epic “save” he made on Toews’ wrap-around half way through the 1st period. Saved a sure goal against a sniper. Stoned him cold.
    Oh and how about his sick spin-o-rama in the slot? He couldn’t finish, but it was quite a move.

  • BRS

    I like Bailey. I think he is funny & has an angry edge to him. He gets the crowd going. He’s certainly better than most of the stupid mascots. And most importantly he is named after one of the Kings scouts that was killed in the 9/11 tragedy & serves as a constant reminder that we lost 2 of our own in that tragedy.

  • Mr. Man

    Rich, is there any word on the little kid hit by the puck last night?

  • Marc Nathan

    Uh… what’s Brown talking about when he says “Our goal scorers are going to have score goals for us to win. I think the big picture here is that we got goal scoring from elsewhere

    The Kings scored five goals: Brown with a pair (and he had 30 last year, so he’s certainly one of “our goal scorers,”) O’Sullivan (who is arguably the purest “goal scorer” on the team and would not be considered from “elsewhere”), Frolov (who leads the team in goals) and Stoll, who plays the second line center role.

    Seemed odd to me.

  • Jonny

    I wouldnt worry too much about the players highfiving me. I like that theyre zoned in and not paying attention to whats going on around the tunnel… Id pass on the high fives in exchange of a 5-2 win every night. Especially if i was able to sit at the tunnel for 11.50.

  • Quisp

    Marc Nathan –


  • http://Ethman Ethman

    Wow, so this is what happens when we have a goalie that can steal games…. we win!

  • Marty

    Bill I 100% concur with your statement.The dumb penalties were also kept to a minimum,as a result.