Postgame notes

Some notes from the Kings…

The Kings have won three straight and have earned points in four straight (3-0-1). They have out-scored their opponent 16-9 during the win streak.

Dustin Brown, the reigning NHL No. 1 Star of the Week, has a career-high four-game goal streak. He has eight points in that span (5-3=8).

Kyle Calder has a four-game point streak (2-3=5).

Anze Kopitar has a four-game point streak (1-4=5).

Jarret Stoll has a three-game point streak (2-2=4). He played in his 99th consecutive game tonight.

Patrick O’Sullivan’s short-handed goal was the fourth of his career (third Kings short-handed goal this season).

Kyle Quincey has four assists in the last two games.

Alexander Frolov has four points in the last two games (3-1=4).

Jonathan Quick earned his first career assist on O’Sullivan’s goal.

The Kings have sold out seven of their last eight home games.

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  • Cynic

    Check out the numbers on the faceoffs tonight:

    Even Strength: 33-48: 69%
    Power Play: 3-5: 60%
    ShortHanded: 3-4: 75%
    Total: 39-57: 68%


    Jarrett Stoll: 15-17: 88%
    Derek Armstrong: 5-6: 83%
    Michael Handzus: 13-20: 65%

    We win these battles like this every night, we’ll have these kind of results more often. Stoll was on FIRE in the circle.

    Everyone played strong and smart. They were in the system and staying aggressive. I hope it continues. They look great right now.

    Nice game boys..On to the Habs!

  • dmh012

    OK is it just me or is Simmonds our best player night in, night out. Even when he makes a bad play he hustles. Love the kids spirit. Look for the Kings to dress 7 d-men. Harrold does not look out of place at forward and Zeiler is not a factor. That probably means the Goat will be back in. I hope that Murray does not do this but it seems likely. Great game tonight. Keep it rolling the playoffs keep moving a little closer with each win.

    Go Kings!!!

  • Chris Bond

    Simmonds was GREAT!!! Had a spring in his step for sure, Man it is great to see this team score some goals.
    Not to nit pick but we ran around a lil in the 3rd but over all OUTSTANDING!!! DONT CHANGE ANYTHING TM…..

  • Naturallawyer

    Rich: any news on the person who got hit by the puck (when Chicago got the penalty for sending the puck out of play from the defensive end)? It looked to me (from the upper level) that a gentlemen ran out of the section carrying a child shortly after. Hope they’re ok…

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does anybody else notice that Johnson has been waaayyy more physical in his few games this season than all of last. I swear he put at least 3 or 4 guys on their ass tonight.

  • BS!

    Is it just me or does anybody else notice that Johnson has been waaayyy more physical in his few games this season than all of last. I swear he put at least 3 or 4 guys on their ass tonight.

  • Big A

    Yeah, I saw that puck hit the kid. I was sitting in PR12 immediately above the walkway where the father brought the kid for first-line “treatment”. He looked like he was out cold at first but he definitely regained consciousness and started crying. Nasty crescent-shaped cut across his forehead that I’m sure required 25 stitches.

    No medical personnel came over to help out, which was pretty sad. Not much better than the Dodgers, though at least there were some ushers and security at the scene.

  • Nick

    I’ve definitely noticed it too. His confidence with and without the puck this year compared to last is staggering. He looks like a star in the making, whereas last year he was just a good, quiet dman.

  • ian

    Lawyer, I heard on the radio broadcast that the child that got hit was doing fine. He got some medical assistance there at Staples..

  • MagicArc

    I too was at the game wondering about the kid who got hit. I was sitting across in section 102 and saw the puck go into the crowd. Then a man carrying a child ran from the seats and up to the concourse. A large crowd gathered of Red Jackets and Purple Shirts and towels were brought over. I’m pretty sure they rushed the kid to medical services after he woke up, they never did return tho.

    Good to hear from Ian that he heard the kid was doing ok. It was a scary for a few moments there.

  • Decker

    Thank you to those that provided an update on the kid who got hit. I’m glad, Ian, that you posted that the radio broadcast indicated he was okay. I was in 110, but on the opposite end of the isle. One of the ushers confirmed the kid wasn’t conscious, but they think it might have actually been a reaction to the amount of blood and fainting vs. the blow that knocked him cold. Either way I’m sure the impact was hard because that puck was MOVING!

    It was definitely scary and my heart goes out to the family with hopes that everything is just fine.

  • Me

    and the Kings are 3-0-1 since JMFJ returned…

  • Q

    Well the kid who got hit with the puck is now going into surgery so am sure how well his doing

  • Tito Jackson

    I was sitting in 110 as well and was in the path of the puck and luckily ducked. But then again, I’d rather take the hit than the kid. The dad was pretty quick to grab him and take him up to the usher.
    There were a number of pucks that flew into the crowd that night including one that made it all the way up into a suite.
    Glad to know the kid is ok.

  • Naturallawyer

    Thanks for the update Ian. Good to know the kid is doing ok. Hope the Kings give him a jersey or something.

  • Beldon

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