Boy hit by puck doing fine

Good news…The boy who was hit by a puck during last night’s game at Staples Center has a hairline fracture of the skull and received several stitches. He’s doing well.
The Kings gave the boy an autographed Dustin Brown Stick and invited him to a future game. He’ll get to hang out with the team in the locker room after the game, too.

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  • anthony

    Shouldn’t a fractured skull at least receive a half a year of season seats.
    Kings are getting off easy if all they have to do is buy him off with a stick and a nose bleed seat.

    If this happenned to my own son, I’d ____________________________________. And then some.

  • Anonymous

    Classy move on part of AEG and the Kings. Good to know the kid is ok.

  • Roger

    That’s good news. Lord knows we need it.
    Thanks for the update, Rich

  • Anonymous

    Anthony, glad to see your thoughts are in the right place.

  • ianmonsta

    Anthony – It’s hockey and as a spectator sitting that low someone should realize the risks involved attending a live game. The Kings don’t HAVE to do anything and i highly doubt they will be watching the game from the nosebleeds.

    If you would seriously blame the King’s if that happened to your son there is something seriously wrong with you (which is obviously widely speculated around these parts) and you have no business attending a live professional sports game.

  • Telos

    This is a very classy move by the organization. Technically they didn’t have to do anything. It states on every ticket this could happen and they have no legal responsibility for the incident other than having proper medical treatment available. I am sure it is not a nosebleed seat, and if it was he will have the best view out of anyone when he is sitting in the locker room afterwards…

  • Tito Jackson

    “Sue” because a puck left the ice and into the stands? Like that’s never happened before and they don’t warn you? It was an accident. It wasn’t luck a player got upset and threw the puck into the stands.

    Awesome to know the kid is ok and he’ll have a story to tell. I’m sure meeting the players will be cool.

  • Anonymous

    Re: “If this happened to my own son…”

    *fractures own skull on desk*

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Classy move?? A classy move would be to pay the kid’s medical bills. Sure, you know the risks when you go to a game, and they announce it before the game, but buying the kid off with a stick and a seat doesn’t show class. It shows typical AEG/Kings cheapness.

  • 28 KINGS

    Have you ever read the back of your ticket Anthony?
    Fans are warned about the dangers at games by a disclaimer on the back of each ticket that says, “Pucks flying into spectator areas can cause serious injury. Be alert.”
    When your done railing on AEG and preparing your lawsuit, don’t forget to see how the kids doing.

  • anthony

    Its not about a lawsuit.
    Its about the kid.
    An accident is one thing.
    A fracture to the skull is something else.
    God forbid, a concussion is the same as brain damage. The symtoms may not be visible for years.

  • Anonymous

    good news… that looked horrific.

    classy move kings.

    anthony is the anti deep thoughts i’ve decided.

  • Anonymous

    Just put him behind the netting this time!

  • jack handy

    anothony is the anti ‘deep thoughts’ i’ve decided…

  • Deelo

    I am truely shocked at some of these replies. Someone said the Kings are buying him off with a stick and tickets and whatnot? What in the world would you say if the Kings did absolutely nothing???

    You’re talking about a kid. The stick and this locker room experience will probably be something he remembers the rest of his life. Think about how you would feel about this when you were that young.

  • BallPointHammer

    Anthony has children???

  • Bob Bobson

    To all those people that say the disclaimer on the back of the ticket is sufficient warning, the Columbus Blue Jackets disagree.

  • Elwood

    Saw it happen live. Kid and dad were section 117/118. Chicago D man fired it over the glass trying to clear it. Kid got hit, dad grabbed the kid and ran him up the stairs bear-hug style then laid him down at the top of the stairs. Staples center staff quickly appeared out of nowhere to help. Eventually someone found a large bag of ice and they carried him out, presumably to an ambulance. The crowd gave a nice cheer when they got him up.

  • Naturallawyer

    We don’t know if he’s already got 100% medical coverage (and based on where he was sitting, I’m guessing he does…). We don’t know if the Kings offered to take care of any un-covered medical expenses.

    Even so, I’d echo the comments noting that the Kings didn’t have to do anything for him. And at that age, I think I would rather meet the team than just get tickets to a few more games. Those suggesting that the Kings should be sued for this probably have little or no understanding of the law.

    Anthony: “An accident is one thing. A fracture to the skull is something else.” I’d invite you to search through YouTube to see all the examples of the latter resulting from the former. Just because it’s a fractured skull doens’t mean it wasn’t an accident, and it doesn’t mean anyone else is legally liable for it.

    All this disagreement aside, I am really glad that the kid is ok, and I hope he really enjoys getting to meet the team.

  • Anonymous

    more proof anthony doesn’t eeven watch the games at all.

  • Kevin Y

    I don’t mean to say this in any mean way (although I don’t know how to make it sound nice), but seriously Anthony, have you no compassion? First of all, a young boy getting an autographed Dustin Brown stick and the chance to hang in the locker room with the team is probably enough to make him feel the best he’s felt in his entire life. If the Kings really didn’t care about him, they’d give him a Denis Gauthier autographed stick.

    Second, the player who shot the puck was a Blackhawks player. It wasn’t even a Kings player’s accident that caused the injury, so for the Kings to do something to make it up to a guy who wasn’t even injured at the fault of the Kings, shows compassion.


    They could’ve done nothing. Legally they aren’t required to. But the fact that they did, and the fact that they did something that is gonna give this young boy the experience of a lifetime, is not enough? Get serious.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Anthony, Did you get hit in the head with a puck when you were a kid? Is that how you know you dont see the signs until later in life??? I

  • Anonymous

    It is a classy move, whether you like it or not Paul from Oxnard. It’s not about trying to buy the kid off, AEG could’ve just stood there with their hands in their pockets, but the free stick and tickets is just a start. They’re trying to accommodate the kid as much as possible. You are completely missing the point buddy.

  • fyzzix

    I agree it’s awful that the kid got hurt. It’s sad when anyone gets hurt while spectating. But, alas, that’s the small, but very real risk that we all take as spectators to any sporting event. Pucks, sticks, bats, balls, tires, debris are all out there and they occasionally cause injuries.

    It’s nice that the Kings reached out and did something for the kid, however, despite being the rabid fan I was when I was young, if I was hit by a puck and got my skull fractured I probably wouldn’t want to watch another game in person for a long time…

    As a matter of law, as other people have mentioned, the Kings and AEG don’t owe him anything. There are plenty of cases on the matter, you can even look at a case some years back, Nemarnik v. Los Angeles Kings. Someone got hit by a stray puck, no duty owed, no damages awarded.

  • CBGB

    Being a new dad, it really bummed me out – The resulting power play goal was secondary as to the fright and horror of the father that had to deal with his child bleeding with a skull fracture.

    With that said, it SEEMED the medical staff was on it pretty quick and I applaud the Kings for doing something for the child. When he’s old enough to actually UNDERSTAND what happened to him, the Kings gesture will most likely mean the world to him.

    But yes, you ALWAYS have to be aware. I did have my son with me last season when a puck landed in the seat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. It can hit me in the head ten times over, but my son was damn well protected.

  • TB

    wow. Of all the posts I thought would be routine today…this one turns out having the most heated debate. I’m not going to even bother reitterating whats been said over a hundred times by now about a certain post. Whatever Anthony…

  • Kevin Y

    As for those who say meeting the team isn’t enough for the kid, let me say this: I’m 18 years old, and have been going to games my whole life. I was one of the 20 season-ticket holders that was selected to give the team their alternate jerseys after warmup down in the tunnel outside the locker room. I was randomly selected to give Anze Kopitar, my favorite current player, his jersey.

    So we went down, and after he came off the ice from warmup (I knew I’d have a long wait, since he is always the last player off the ice), I approached him, gave him his jersey, and we talked for about five seconds; we didn’t have any real time, since he had to go in the locker room as soon as possible. Basically, the conversation was: “You’re my favorite player.” “Thanks, I appreciate it.” “Good luck in tonight’s game.” “Thanks.” Also, I received a third jersey autographed by Kopitar afterwards, in the NBA visitor’s locker room. This was great for me because it was one-of-a-kind. That was the first one that Kopitar had autographed, and it was signed specifically for me.

    I’ve experienced plenty of great hockey moments in person: Luc Robitaille’s 500th goal, the final game at the GW Forum, the Frenzy on Figueroa, Luc’s jersey retirement, and the Royal Rebound. But those five seconds that I got to stand next to my favorite player was the proudest sports moment of my life.

    Basically, I’ll I’m trying to say is that the greatest moment of my long time spent as a Kings fan (my entire life) was a 5-second mini-conversation with my favorite player. I have a strong feeling that this kid is going to cherish this moment forever, and might possibly be the greatest moment of his life.

  • Anonymous

    oooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i wish i got hit with a puck 🙁

  • Rob

    I’d take a puck to the head for that. Better yet, I’d have Anthony take the puck to the head and take the stick from him after the game

  • Anonymous

    First off, glad to hear the child is ok. But in response to blaming the Kings and wanting to sue is a joke. It says on the back of the ticket about the injury/liability possibilities. The game announcer also says it over the loud speaker, and they post it on the jumbo-tron before every period. And common sense should also be considered, when sitting that close to the glass, watch the game.

  • Chris Bond

    I would take a puck in the face anytime for that deal. But in all seriousness I am glad to hear the kid is ok and the dumb#$*’s that said they kid should sue and they Kings are buy’n him off cheap….I would like to put you in front of the net and fire one at you. I think the Kings did a class act thing and you still find a way to talk crap, Just go be a Ducks fan and move back to Hunington Beach. You guys just need to find a way to cry. You dont have Barbs to talk crap about, The Kings are scoreing…The lines are working for now and goaltending is great. So what the hell lets talk about the Kings step’n up and doing something cool for a kid that was luckey he was not hurt worse unreal…I miss the real fans of the game. And I know there are some in here but you have they 30 somethings that this blog is there life….and sit and wait to talk crap.

  • andrew

    honestly, i dont think it is really any of our business what the kings did or didnt do for the kid. the most important thing is hes ok for those who were concerned. for all we know the kings will pay for any uncovered medical bills.

  • Moondoggie

    To hell with the pucks, seats, sticks, money, etc…..The main thing is that the kid is ok. If it were my kid I could absolutely care less about anything else being more important than his health.

  • Jay Wells Fan

    A friend of mine son got killed at a Dodgers game back in the early 1960’s. I think the kid was around nine years old…. He was just walking holding some food and he got hit in the temple by a foul ball… To this day… the Dodgers haven’t even given my buddy a use jock strap… Not a sympathy card… not a ticket to another game… nothing… This is a classy move by the Kings…

  • Marty

    Never is a disclaimer valid or pertinent,so say my lawyers Scam and Scram.You think our budget is low now ,just wait until this incident is taken care of,we will have the lowest payroll in the league.Start packing your bags Kopi family,your out of here!

  • Foolio

    I willing to bet the Kings are going to give this kid and his family the royal treatment when he comes to that future game.

  • jediknight329

    legally the kings do not have to do anything. pr wise its a real nice move. a year or two ago a woman was hit in the head by a broken bat that embedded in her cheak like a javelin stick. the dodgers did not do squat for her citing the “legal” protection.

    when that girl died a few years ago, the nhl and other leagues installed netting behind the goals. should they install netting around the whole ice surface? how about a big bouble boy glass dome? where does it stop. spectators need to be responsible. whether its the nhl with pucks flying into the stands, the nba with fans sitting in the front row getting bowled over by players or nascar with pieces of cars flying into the stands after a crash. spectators need to be aware and responsible.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Yeah, it’s something the kid will remember for a lifetime…..if he has any long term memory left after getting his head split open by a puck.

  • hockeylvy

    Class act by LA – they don’t have to do anything and many clubs would do just that. Thanks for reminding me why I am a fan.

  • Pettifogger

    The Kings must be held accountable for the violence perpetrated on this innocent young child.

    Go PETA
    Go NARL
    Go Unions
    Go Obama

  • 4thlinechecker

    Anthony got hit by a puck when he was a kid…..

  • Big A

    Thanks for the update. Nice move by the Kings to provide treatment and bonuses to the kid.

    To Andrew, you’re right: specific, personal medical information on the kid and the bills aren’t any of our business. As a Kings fan, I just want to know that I’m spending time and money on an organization that gives a damn about its fans. As someone that was at the game and only a few feet from him when he was being treated, I sure as hell want to hear that things turn out well.

    And yes, Anthony, you mastered first year torts perhaps but probably not much else. Of course this falls under assumption of risk by a licensee (albeit a minor) and the Kings by even offering assistance could be creating on an affirmative duty, and thus some potential medical liability. Some significant differences from the girl being killed in Columbus (?), too. Yada yada. Sigh. Who cares? If that’s where your analysis stops, you’re definitely lacking in vision and heart.

    With the stands full of January discount ticket holders, the Kings rose to the occasion and made a smart business and ethical move. Hopefully the kid becomes a lifelong fan.

  • Brian

    Can’t we just ban Anthony if he’s going to be completely ignorant?

    It’s a hockey game – and wouldn’t you know it there are frozen pieces of rubber flying around out there. Why would you bring your kid to a game if you’re going to freak out if he gets hit by one!?

    It’s great to see the kid’s doing well and great to see the King’s stepping up to do something for him. I sort of agree that it should be more but whatever…it’s a business I guess huh?…

  • Marty

    4th linechecker,
    you made me snorkle my coca cola out of my nose LOL

  • Peter

    I would like to know why the kids dad was not paying attention and let the kid get hit. When my kids were little and before the nets, when I sat low I made sure to watch every second of the game, I have seen people just chatting away and get smacked by a puck. I blame the dad, Kudoss to AEG and the Kings. All they had to do was provide immediate medical attention and nothing else.

  • Tiger

    I got hit by a stray puck from the Sharks on Saturday’s game 4/11/09. All I got was a hat, a puck and couple of small junk. I felt lucky to be hit, and to be OK, although got a nasty bruise behind my ear. I would be happy if they got me a stick or a jersey. Does anybody have a picture or video of me getting hit, sure would like to see it. I was in section 103 row 10.

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  • Aase

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  • Jennifer Colton

    I was hit by a puck a couple weeks ago at the kings game and did not receive that type of treatment.