Moller update

Oscar Moller made the trip with the Kings, so it’s likely he’ll be back on this five-game roadtrip. Terry Murray’s customary policy is not to travel with injured players.

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  • anthony

    Now Kyle Calder can be scratched from the line-up sooner than expected.
    Things are finally looking bright.

  • anthony

    Anyways, my fellow kings fans.
    Have a great Super Bowl weekend.
    The family and I are headed to Sea world this weekend for some more RR.
    Don’t miss me too much this weekend.
    Here’s to a win against the Habs.

  • Telos

    Calder has been arguably one of our best forwards in the fast few games. The dude pretty much broke his nose last game and still went back out on the ice and played… I would stop stomping on his balls right about now. You will get your wish when the deadline comes up, but for now, he has been a pretty decent player on that line with Stoll and Brown.

  • Mike

    Do you watch the LA Kings?

    Stoll-Brown-Calder has been our best line the last 5 or so games.

    I expect Terry to insert Moller on the first line with Sully and Kopi.

  • markisonfire

    I wouldn’t mind Moller centering the fourth line along with Ivanans and Armstrong, to be completely honest. No one is going take out Moller with Ivanans right there, and our fourth line instantly becomes a scoring threat.

  • Eric K

    Anthony, i should know better than to tell you this AGAIN… but Calder has been playing very well. just because you still can’t get past your anti-Flyer bias, doesn’t mean you can’t watch them play and use rational judgment.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I am convinced Anthony just likes attention, He cant possibly mean what he says if he goes to games or knows hockey….. Just ignore him… He likes getting a rise out of people, its his M.O….. Let him enjoy himself, the day nobody reacts, he will stop and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Moller should be playing with Fro

  • kevin e.

    Send him to juniors. I want to see him play in Seattle.

  • smokiemcpot

    It’s good to see that he will be back in the line up soon. I would say no to taking Fro off the top line. Definitely no to sitting Calder right now or breaking up his line as the have been the best 5 on 5 unit in the past few weeks. And finally no to centering him between Armstrong and Ivan as he would only play five minutes a game and would be a serious waste of his talent. Put him on a wing with Simmonds, whom he played great with in training camp, and Zues at center. This would make the most sense and I am sure this is what TM will do. Send Zeiler down and put Richardson on the bottom line. He had jump in that last game and went to the front of the net early and almost scored.

  • Roger

    The team is on a roll. They haven’t played this good all year long. Hope they can continue this trend and win some important games on the road. Best of luck and hope the puck will bounse our way.


  • Tom Hughes

    Why does everyone forget that when anthony posts something controversial you’re supposed to ignore it?

  • Moondoggie

    Glad to have Big O back….very good news indeed. And yes, Calder has been playing terrific of late. Honestly, I don’t want to see him traded unless he brings something of real value. The way the 2nd line is playing realistically they should be the first line.

  • Bob Bobson

    Tom Hughes said :

    “Why does everyone forget that when anthony posts something you’re supposed to ignore it?”

    Fixed it for you.

  • Datacloud

    Moller has been invisible 5 on 5 this season. I don’t see him taking Calder’s place. He’ll start with limited minutes centering the fourth line as well as some PP time.

  • Reb

    I can see Moller going to the 3rd line with Handzus and Simmonds and knocking Richardson down to 4th and bumping Zeiler. Although, 3rd period at the game I noticed TM switched up the lines again and had Fro/Zus/Simmonds again. Not sure who Kopi and Sully skated with other than the odd man out. Makes me wonder if these changes to the lines are what cause us to fall apart in the 3rd all the time.

  • Chris Bond

    This sounds bad but if it is not broke dont try’n fix it……I hate to say thru no fault of his own but back to Jr’s for you. He has skill but for the first time this year offense looks good, granted it is only 3 games but still until the goals dry up dont F with it.

  • jediknight329

    you are correct chris. moller should be a healthy scratch unless there is an injury or the lines crap out again. things are working well right now. no need to change the line-up at all.

  • Quisp

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. [cough, cough]

    Moller a healthy scratch? “Invisible” 5-on-5? By this I suppose you mean most of goals are on the powerplay? Would that also be the same powerplay that all but disappeared the second Moller left for the WJC? Having missed 17 games, he’s stillsecond only to Frolov in PP goals.

    He also happens to be the best or second best (behind Handzus) back-checker on the team, the best or second best (behind Handzus) two-way forward on the team, one of the most tenacious on the puck, in the corners, on the wall, craftiest, one of the team’s best pure snipers.

    And no, he’s not on my fantasy team.

  • Shakes

    just got into Montreal last night and frankly we’re catching the Canadians at the right time. They’re slumping and people expect them to win this afternoon. hopefully they’ll take us too lightly

    Sadly my “hi Bob and Jim” sign can’t be used since i just realized the game is not being televised. how sad. for anyone on Center Ice, i’ll be the indian kid with the kopitar jersey sitting next to an older indian dude (my dad).

  • Quisp

    I just had to laugh: over on the HF Boards, I bumped into this mindless but hilarious thread with a bunch of nutjobs negotiating with themselves over what they “would take” from LA for LaCavalier. The trade they were bandying about was

    to LA:

    to TB:
    and a 1st

    (there were other variations, involving Kopitar, Frolov or Teubert, etc.)

    And before I could pick myself up off the floor where I was laughing in a convulsive heap, they added,

    “probably wouldn’t be enough to get it done though.”

    I would have made a counter offer but I’m not registered. It would have been something like:

    Stoll, Calder and 1sts in 2009, 2010.

  • Cynic to watch the game online…

  • KingzzFan
  • Ersberg

    Quisp, you must register over there. I love haggling with some of those goofballs.

    At any rate, I replied to your post in the “open forums” section if you still want to talk about our vision(s).