Final: Montreal 4, Kings 3

The Kings allowed two third-period goals, including the game-winner with 22 seconds left on Andrei Markov’s power play goal. Denis Gauthier was assessed a game misconduct for charging, and he’s suspended indefinitely until the play is reviewed by the commissioner. The Kings snapped a three-game win streak. It was their first of five consecutive road games.

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  • Anonymous

    absolutely pathetic. Calder’s TWO cross-checking penalties in the third and a big Rookie mistake from Doughty.

    Can someone please find out how many breakaways or one on ones Frolov has had and how many he has made? I don’t think he’s made one. He HAS to learn to finish those. It could have helped seal the game today.

    And Gauthier… I hope that was the LAST time I see you on the ice in a Kings uniform. Your penalty was cheap and stupid! You SUCK….go AWAY!!!

  • tantrum4

    Biggest joke diplay of refereeing I’ve seen in 25 years of watching hockey. You can say what you want about the Kings shouldn’t have taken penalties or Quick should have covered the puck, but the simple fact is the refs did not call a BLATANT penalty on Higgins when he tied the game. When he scored, there wasn’t even a doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t count because a penalty was going to be called for tripping, interference, roughing or holding, but no call came. Shame on you NHL for allowing this sort of thing to happen with no reprocussions on the refs of that game. It’s absolutely embarrassing to the league, and it blows my mind that you wonder why Americans don’t take this sport seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Kings didn’t lose 2 points, they had them taking away by the refs. Makes me so mad to see refs decide the game.

  • anonymous

    The only sure things in life are as follows:

    – Death

    – Taxes

    – The Kings will always lose when playing the Habs in Montreal.

    Tough loss. But I think they played well and showed that they can play good hockey. Consistency is the key. They have to learn how to win these close games. I’m crushed, but I will survive and I know the kids learned another painful, but valuable lesson about sealing the deal… Goodnight now!


  • KingzzFan

    Officials need to be held accountable for games like this. Nothing will happen and officials around the league will be abler to determine the outcome of games. Yeah let’s put a NHL franchise in Vegas.

  • Harry

    I was watching the game live, and the damn Zebra’s took this game away from the Kings……….We had this GAME FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever was watching this game, knows what i’m exactly about (when the last call on Doughty wasnt called on by the damn Fn stinky a$$ REFS!!!)

  • ryan oliver

    A great 58 minutes played by the Kings. Refs sucked and I want to break something. Calder and Stoll played unreal, then Calder takes 2 stupid penalties. How that Higgins goal counted who knows. Quick made some great saves, but a couple he wanted back. Reminds me of Garon. I’m so frustarted right now. At least when they lose I go to bed. Now I have all day to think about it.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    You know, its funny, I dont find that game deflating at all. I am one of the most cynical Kings fan there is, but that game was far from deflating. Clearly the Kings can play with any team in the league, despite our youth, despite our prior lack of respect. That game was played in an extremely hostile environment, where the home team had lost 4 in a row. The Kings could have been deflated when a questionable call was made on the first period tipbut didnt. They score on a power play moments later and carry the play in the first period.

    Then comes the second period, Gauthiers dirty hit, a five minute major penalty added during a penalty kill. Then, the Canadiens score one second later into the 5 on 3. The Kings couldve quit then but didnt; my daughter and I were listening on the radio at that point as we were shopping, and she thought the score would be 6-1 by the time the major penalty was over. We turn on the car and the radio announces the 3-2 Kings lead.

    From that point the Kings were in control of the game. Face facts, a great goaltender makes the saves on the horsecollar breakaway goal and the game winning goal. But from the point of view of the Kings they controlled the play. Bad breaks happen, teams steal games, and this one was definitely a Habs steal. But the bottom line is that the Kings were right there, doing the right things in a hostile environment, setting themselves up for the Big Win. Really, the most valid criticism of their play is to bemoan the absence of the put-away goal, hitting the post on one breakaway, not scoring on the other. Great teams finish games!

    One of these days the Kings will be a great team. Not a good team, a great team. This game proves the point. A highly skilled team like the Canadiens would have crushed us in prior years. This year, desperate though they were, they were outplayed at home during a prime-time Hockey Night In Canada Saturday game.

    The Kings are coming, folks and that heartbreaker is more evidence of the truth.

    Like the players said before the game: No Excuses.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not going to complain about the game winner but the Higgins goal..C’MON!!!!!!!! are u kiddiing me?????

  • Anonymous

    Its too bad this game was not shown in the Los Angeles area. On the game tying play, there was a race to the puck in the King’s end. Doughty got inside position and was about to make a play on the puck. Higgins had his stick in his right hand, and with his left hand, grabbed Doughty, spun him around, then threw him to the ice. Higgins picked up the puck, and beat Quick with a pretty nice wrist shot. It was the most textbook holding penalty and very obvious. That was bad enough, but 2 minutes later Brown and Calder drove to the net. Brown shot wide and Calder checked a player from behind when the puck was headed in his direction. This is one of those 50/50 penalties.. yea it could have been one, but you see plays like this happen on a daily basis with no penalty being called. Knowing the ref screwed us on the last play, you would think they would let it go, but they did not. After the penalty was called, a Canadian took a run at Brown who did nothing on the play. Brown defended himself and they both got 2 minutes for roughing. No instigator penalty on Montreal. That power play lead to the game winning goal. THIS WAS AWFUL!!!!. The sad part is that since most people in LA didn;t see it.. nothing is going to be done. Pathetic referring.

    PS I hate the Goat. Maybe the refs were pissed at the Kings for his hit.

  • Garrett

    Adding insult to injury, here is the AP’s description of the tying goal:

    “Facing their longest losing streak in nearly two years, the Canadiens tied it when Higgins got behind Kings defenseman Drew Doughty to score his first goal in three games since returning from a shoulder injury that sidelined him since Dec. 9.”

    Got behind Doughty? Did they watch the same game I did? Higgins grabbed Drew and hauled him to the ice. What a load of crap!

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    I bet I wasn’t alone thinking we were going to get two points. Then, ok, at least one and maybe we’ll get the extra point in OT or the shoot out. Finally just frustration and thinking there goes the season.

    Now for the bashing and finger-pointing.

    Arise all you Calder haters! Arise!

    Two cross-checks (and yes, they were penalties) in front of their net. C’mon Murray, give him the Stoll-treatment. Prove you’re not biased toward ex-Flyers. I dare ya. I double-dare you.

    Who put LaBarbara in Quick’s jersey? OK, most of the time he was good.

    Can’t wait to break up O’Kopitov; another game with no goals as a line and on the ice for two against including game-loser. Another game playing most of their time in the defensive zone.

    Hey DL, feel free to trade Frolov any time. No coach has gotten through to him and he’s just not going to change his game. He’s not clutch and he has no grit. Get a 2nd-line winger with some heart. And I hate that shit-eating grin he puts on whenever he misses a break-away.

  • Chris Bond

    I watched the game and the hit was not that bad if you ask me…..I know he didnt take a run at the guy just was skate’n backwards and stood up with a lil jump.
    But hey it happens.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    No excuses. The Kings lost. They didn’t out play Montreal for most of the day. And I don’t complain about the refs…..usually!

    1: Gautier’s penalty was NOT a dirty shot! The guy saw him coming. It only looked bad because the guy tried to duck under Gautier, or fell as he was being hit or whatever and Gautier left his feet as the guy fell. Of course he did! The guy fell under him! Then his head hit off the glass. But regardless, that wasn’t what cost the Kings that goal. They were already short handed. The goal came directly off a face off. It was just a case of the shooter being able to skate into a loose puck and fire away.

    2: That Higgins goal, the 3rd Habs goal that tied the game was just brutal. It wasn’t a rookie mistake by Doughty. Drew had body position and the puck. Higgins just mugged him and dragged him down from behind. It was clearly a penalty. Even the HNIC broadcast crew admitted it was probably a penalty.

    Calder’s penalties at the end of the game were ticky tack, but if it wasn’t for the horrible officiating, the Kings would have gotten at least a point.

    Regardless, the Kings should be happy that they played as well as they did and put this game behind them. It’s a LONG road trip, and if they let this game linger they’re gonna come home out of the playoff hunt.

  • joshua

    Just got back home from the Bell Center. Was nice to see my Kings play, been a long time.

    Overall, I think that the Kings outplayed the Habs but the didn’t have the Killer instinct in the 3rd. The refs played a huge part in this game. JMFG looked good as did Stoll and Brown. Kopitar was invisible, someone needs to light a fire under his ass. He’s working had in the D zone but he looked like he was sleeping on skates when on offence. Oh well, on to Ottawa, I’ll be there too.

  • transrapide

    You think you’re going to get the refs calls in Montreal? Remember LeClair standing with 2 feet in the crease in front of Hrudey in Game 2 of 93?

    Kings are still young but clearly not ready for prime time. A game they should have won and could signal the end of their playoff hopes if they have a bad road trip. It’s a season-altering kind of loss and I’ve seen it all the time in many sports.

  • Anonymous

    Truly pathetic that there are no repercussions for these circus antics. Allowing a tying goal when LA shuldve been on the PP is a tremendous error. This is the kind of crap that makes me lose a great deal of respect for the NHL. That kind of BS is what destroys fan bases. My hatred for the Habs is boiling over right now, I want to break Higgins face.

    Well said Bako, we should’ve sealed the deal there on those late breakaways, theres no excuse for that. I watched the game online, didn’t tune in until the 3rd, and was certain we’d get outta there with at least one point. They played amazingly well and I look forward to riding this team to the top of the standings in the next couple years.

    Get rid of the Goat, I like Calder but he needs to be put in his place for pulling the crap he just did. Very undisciplined, but hopefully they learned a valuable lesson. Had TM already taken a TO by the time the tying goal was scored? They needed to chill out for a sec so they didn’t get so blood thirsty.

  • CanadianKing

    Sorry Chris, but that was almost as bad as it gets as far as head shots. I’m sure Goat didn’t mean to elbow the head but unfortunately he did and left his feet to boot. I think your going to see a 10-20 game suspension of that one, since he is a repeat offender.

    As for the game, I loved it. To me that was a playoff game, and it was one of the best games I have seen from the Kings this year. I agree that Higgins goal could have been interference but lets call a spade a spade here- Calder lost this game for us with two completely unnecessary cross-checks from behind- both of which lead to PP goals.

    I know I’m not alone here by saying Kopitar has looked extremely average this season. This game was such a high paced game, Kopitar looked slow and unable to keep up all game. I don’t know whats going on there.. but I have to say I LOVE watching Frolov with the puck. That guy is a monster and we need him extended.

  • Bo Thomson

    About the Gauthier hit…

    1. it was a slight charge. he did leave his feet…2 minutes in the box for a good hard hit. its not elbowing when you keep your elbow in to your body and the guys head just happens to run into it. Just cause a guy gets hurt doesnt mean it was any more illegal.

    2. Dion Phaneuf delivers hits WAY more illegal and dangerous game in and game out…yet no one seems to make a big deal about it. I’m not a big Gauthier fan, but I think he’s being made a scapegoat by a league that is having an identity crisis in figuring out whats dirty and whats not.

    3. Am I the only one that saw the run that Komisarek took at O’Sullivan? That could have been WAY worse than the hit by Gauthier. He made a vicious attempt to elbow him in the face, and only because O’Sullivan had his head up, saw it coming, and got out of the way did Komisarek not get a major himself. Why is that? If O’sullivan turns around and attempts to slash him and misses, does he get away with it? No.

    Not sure how many of you guys caught the CBC feed after the game and saw PJ Stock, Ron Mclean, and Kelly Hrudey talking about this…but it was soooooo stupid. Ron McLean talking about how it should be 20 games is just insane. And of course, they didnt mention the hold by Higgins on the tying goal. If Daughty does the same thing to Higgins, he goes to the box. The league needs to figure out once and for all what is a penalty and what isnt.

  • Big A

    OMG. Higgins’s goal was so over-the-top illegal that it’s almost comical. It was as if the ref was watching a train wreck in slow motion and didn’t do a damn thing.

    The over-ruled goal… well, from the angles we saw it didn’t look like conclusive enough to overturn things. Can’t argue with the winning goal; we had the benefit of a fast whistle earlier in the game. Inconsistency, yeah.

    Aside from the obvious penalties that could have been avoided, we played really well and badly outskated the Canadiens. The transition game has improved tremendously from early in the season, and we’re playing much more instinctively deep in the zone. Hard to believe that too, given all the line combos this year.

    Oh well, just need to forget about it and get on with the rest of the road trip.

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes….You have my sympathies….I too remember the dreaded 1993 series against the Habs, what Kings fan doesn’t? Get home safe dude, and watch out for the French Canadiens and any referee from Quebec….

    BakoCACondorsKingsFan, I like your commentary and felt a little better after reading…Dude, you sound like Voice of Reason, thanks for the chill pill!

    I agree with everyone’s commentary but Dan H, I think you were the most eloquent….

    The Montreal refs screwed LA in the 93 series and LA got screwed again today. My favorite team is the Kings and ANYONE that is playing Montreal, anyone. Everytime LA goes in there it’s the same story. The Kings totally outplayed the Habs in this one and deserved to win. They didn’t quit even after the horrible non-call against Doughty by Higgins (I’d call it a hold) which resulted in the tying goal; one of the worst non-calls I’ve ever seen but again, they were playing in Montreal, the shrine of all hockey (yea, right). The refs had to give this game to the Canadiens because of course it was being broadcast nationally on CBC. Do you think they wanted to see a west coast team, particularly the Kings show up Montreal on their home ice???? I think not.

    I still haven’t stopped swearing at my computer, cat, TV, anything that moves and ANYTHING with Canada on it; it was BS refereeing, a game the Kings had in the bag, should have won and played well enough to win. Every time LA goes to Montreal, it’s the same treatment by the refs and the arrogant Montreal fans. It’s enough to make anyone sick.

    Played the song “Blame Canada” by The Mothers and it made me feel a little better….you should try it.

  • KingzzFan

    OK guys, I went to the NHL Officials Association and asked for clarification on the call and made a complaint. I realize this may not be the right place to complain but I needed to do something. I think if they receive enough complaints they should have to address it some way. So go here and scroll down and start firing off the complaints

  • Marc Nathan

    meanwhile, good teams figure out ways to win (and/or hold leads.) this team… meh, not so much. And of course, O’Sullivan hits the post seconds before they give up a goal. It happens. Bad breaks, and yes, bad non-call on Higgins.

    They played well in spurts, and Quick looked good for much of the game, but they rolled five defensemen for the last 35 minutes, when they could have rolled six. It made NO sense to keep Harrold up front when they could have dropped him back and not fatigued the guys they had out there.

    You can (as the CBC guys did) praise Terry Murray til the cows come home, but I think he has his head up his ass more often than not.

    Just my $.02.

  • http://Ethman Ethman


    you’re not the only one who made the trip and got to feel the shame of losing in front of the home crowd… damn. i will say this though, the atmosphere in Canada is completely different then anything i’ve experienced in the states.

    the biggest problem the team is facing is all the damn penalties they’re taking. i realize most people on here think the calls were bad, but let’s face it the king’s dug themselves into a hole with that 5 on 3 (that gauthier hit looked pretty bad to me) and all the 3rd period penalties they got. still the team had the canadiens on their heels for quite a bit of the game, it’s too bad they couldn’t hold the lead or at least get one point out of this one.

  • Moondoggie

    KingzzFan….Thanx for the link, complaint filed!

    Damn, I’m still pissed. I don’t blame Gauthier, actually I liked the hit even though it was obviously illegal. I don’t blame Calder either, he has played so well with Stollie and Brownie. The penalties were unfortunate and shouldn’t have been taken. You’ve got to go defensive when protecting a 3-2 lead late in a game, particularly on visiting ice. The Kings did their best and deserved to win inspite of the penalties.

    No, I still blame the refs. Montreal’s 3rd goal shouldn’t have been allowed, period. It totally changed the complexion and the momentum of the game, end of story.

  • Marty

    Murrays big blunder putting Kopitar on the ice for the faceoff when short,should of been Stoll with Zeus.=Loss Fro, Kopitar and Sullys soft play not being involved and missed scoring chances=Loss Doughtys overconfidence with the puck and game ending turnover.=Loss The Kings were getting the bounces and calls until Calderexpelidoucious did his trick.Another bonus will be the impending suspension to the Goat which he deserved for leaving his feet.Komisarik attempt at Sullys head should of been dealt with immediately by Sully while the big guy was down.May I suggest a knee or stick,show some balls.Overall a good game.Result a very disappointing and possible costly loss.Should of had at least 1 point.Ouch! Wake up everyone.

  • Garrett

    You know what I hate most about Montreal? They totally lost that game and yet the fans still chat the damn “Ol ol ol” at the other team. I hate feeling like 1993 every time the Kings play them.

    I just looked it up on their website- The Kings are 8-47-11 all time in Montreal. They have won there three times since 1986 including the first game of the 1993 Stanley Cup and they have lost 18 in that time. (The Kings have 7 wins and 11 losses at home against them in that same span.) The Kings don’t have a road record anywhere near that bad against any other team in the NHL and the only other team to have that kind of dominance over them in any single city is inexplicably Tampa whom the Kings have only beaten once ever in Los Angeles (against 10 losses).

    I do have to say though that the only Montreal fans I’ve ever met in person were a group of guys I hung out with in Vegas a few years ago and they were quick to admit that in ’93 the NHL cheated to give them the win and that the Kings really deserved it. According to them, most real Montreal fans will admit that because they are first and foremost hockey fans.

  • Cynic

    OK, I sent my complaint. Here it is:

    Any referee that has any pride whatsoever in his profession should be completely ashamed by the Montreal – Kings game today. Pretty bad calls all the way around, but let’s focus on the higgins ‘MUGGING’ of Drew Doughty that ends up in a goal. Any official who claims to be a professional needs to call that ‘Non-Call’ out publicly and as a union, you should all publicly issue an apology to Los Angeles. THe Kings are doing everything in their power to climb into the playoffs for the first time in years and this is the ‘FAIR’ treatment they receive????

    Shameful…ABSOULTELY Shameful!

    Referees in the NHL have THE toughest job in professional sports and calls get missed all the time. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES! This could not have been more blatant and I, as a fan, am demanding satisfaction from yourselves and the league. Everyone can talk about Canadian and Eastern team bias all they want. If it exists then even MORE SHAME, but this missed call cost LA the game and 2 very important points for this season. LA should be given a point for this, but it’ll never happen. The LEAST the officials can do to show they are professionals and take their craft seriously is to review this HORRIBLE Non-Call and make a public apology to the LA KINGS, their Fans, and hockey in general for this game ruining event.

    I demand satisfaction. THe hockey code it to make things right, no matter how much it hurts. Show your commitment to the sport and make it right.

    Todd Rubenack
    Corona, CA

    Worth a shot…

  • Marty

    LA Kings, where amazing happens! and where anything is possible…

  • jediknight329

    kingzzfan, cynic…

    i too sent a nasty gram to the nhloa website. i doubt any of us will get even a reply. i gurantee there will be no public comment at all about the lack of professionalism showed by their officials today.

    the kings need to take out of this game is that even playing on a tilted field they hung with one of the best teams in the east. they simply need to move on and focus on their next opponent. easier said then done? maybe. but that’s all they can do.

    if gauthier gets suspended – he did leave his feet, but did not throw out his elbow, then i would file a “protest” for the non-call on the 3rd habs goal. it would force their to be some public comment or reaction about the lousy officiating. the flip side of that is it could hurt them down the road with other officiating crews. we may be more proned to getting hosed again if the kings go that route. this may just have to be medicine that we take and don’t like, but accept it and move on.

  • Matt George

    I just sent a comment in as well.

    Hey guys .. anyone got any video of the “non call” on the Doughty take down?

    I’m sure we could get some traction with a youtube video.

  • Marty

    I highly reccomend a lifetime suspension for the Goat,things are looking up!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Really? you guys are bringing back ’93? Get over it for God’s sake. The Kings lost a tough one today. It’s frustrating… but very few of you are mentioning what the Kings could have done to make it academic earlier…

    You won’t even get more than a “We’ve received your email thanks for comments…” back from the Official’s Site. They’re not beholden to any of us, nor should they be and it’s not going to change a thing.

    As far as I saw with what I watched the Refs missed two or three calls in the game, which is about as many GLORIOUS scoring opportunities that Frolov on his own missed today to speak nothing of the post they hit on a 2-on-1 down the stretch.

    The only non-calls that got me pissed at the refs was the Komisarek elbow attempt on Sully. You don’t have to make contact with a player to get a call, especially on a dangerous attempt. The call should have been made for the safety of the player and for the obvious nature of the hit. Also, O’Sullivan was completely interfered with in the 2nd period, blatantly in the offensive zone and no call… aside from that I don’t think the refs were particularly tough on the Kings.

    Doughty just has to be stronger on the puck in that situation… and O’Donnell shouldn’t have pinched up ice either and left Doughty alone like he did.

  • Shakes

    Moondoggie thanks for your wishes. The Habs ruined my childhood. I was 15yrs old in 1993. Full of promise. Hope. Then came Game 2 and I was crushed….although everyone forgets our 3 goal comeback in game 3 (we still lost though in OT). Fast forward 16 yrs and the Hab crushed me again…

    Ethman where were you sitting? I was in 122. I totally agree with you, the atmosphere was awesome. My favorite part: the pregame montage before the Habs hit the ice. No super loud music, no crazy graphics…just simple black and white picture on their beautiful jumbotrons of Canadians fans wearing their jersey around the world

  • Moondoggie

    Cynic….That was a great letter.

    Write in everyone. Jedi is probably right, we won’t hear anything. But it’s good for the NHL and the NHLOA. It was a ridiculously bad call.

    Ultimately we’ve got to move on. The fact is, we came within two minutes of beating one of the better teams (NHL officiating not withstanding) on the road. After seeing the way the Kings played today, I’m more confident than ever this will be a successful road trip inspite of it’s inauspicious start.

    I’ve always supported the league and it’s officiating. Today, that ended. That was one of the worst called games I’ve ever seen, not because of the the overall flow of the game and how it was called but by the amount of critical calls that were blown. It is easy to see why the fans get on the refs, especially after today’s debacle.

    One good thought then on to Ottawa. Somewhere in the 2nd period I had an epiphany. When was the last time you remember the Kings having a goalie that actually gave the team a chance to win every night? Potvin? Hrudey? In spite of the 4 goals allowed (well three really), Quick gives LA a chance to win every night. He was again standing on his head today making saves, same as in the Chicago game with the very talented Blackhawks. Again, another shinning moment in what has been a very entertaining season. Also, Wayne Simmonds. He has been all over the place. I love the way this kid plays, with his head up, physical, a decent skater, puck handler and not afraid to defend his teamates. We probably get Oscar back this week; damn, don’t you just love our kids? Don’t you just love this team???

    On to Ottawa….Go Kings!!!

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes….Sounds pretty cool really, a whole lot of pride in that organization. You’ve got to hand it to Montreal, they’re the Yankees of hockey. So much pride, so much history. Hope you had a good time in spite of the loss. Are you going to see the game against the Sens too? Maybe you and Ethman can hook up…Have a good time you guys, we’re there with ya…..

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Kings have a few dozen member in the hall, a few dozen jerseys retired and a few dozen Cup championship banners hanging from Staples rafters?

    Wouldn’t it be nice???

  • CanadianKing

    I just wanted to post this post game interview- Higgins says “I guess I got away with it” when asked about that goal…

  • Matt George

    Team Has Holes – Go to

    then go to the gamecenter section

    click on the hab / kings

    if you scroll down to the bottom they give you free replays of the goals scored

    i watched the higgins score like ten times

    i don’t know HOW that was NOT A PENALTY

    watch it and tell me i’m wrong

  • TeamHasHoles

    I’ve seen it 5 times…. Doughty has to be stronger on the puck. With one arm the player threw him down to the ice… Penalty or not (and frankly I don’t think it was), that shouldn’t happen to an NHL defenseman, PERIOD.

  • Just to add insult to injury


    Stephane Auger, Marc Joannette

    From NHL officials site:

    Marc Joannette

    Birthday 11/3/1968
    Birthplace Verdun, Quebec
    League NHL
    NHLOA Member Since 9/1/1993

    Regular Season Games 551
    First Regular Season 1999/2000
    First Regular Season Game TAMPA BAY @ BUFFALO – 10/1/1999

    Playoff Games 28
    First Playoff Season 2001/2002
    First Playoff Game DETROIT @ VANCOUVER – 4/21/2002

    Stephane Auger

    Birthday 12/9/1970
    Birthplace Montreal, Quebec
    League NHL
    NHLOA Member Since 9/1/1994

    Regular Season Games 384
    First Regular Season 1999/2000
    First Regular Season Game CHICAGO @ NEW YORK ISLANDERS – 4/1/2000

    Playoff Games 7
    First Playoff Season 2001/2002
    First Playoff Game LOS ANGELES @ COLORADO – 4/18/2002

  • Matt George

    Thanks for the non answer.

    “With one arm the player threw him down to the ice”

    or was that the answer?


  • Anonymous

    tantrum4 said:

    “Biggest joke diplay of refereeing I’ve seen in 25 years of watching hockey. You can say what you want about the Kings shouldn’t have taken penalties or Quick should have covered the puck, but the simple fact is the refs did not call a BLATANT penalty on Higgins when he tied the game. When he scored, there wasn’t even a doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t count because a penalty was going to be called for tripping, interference, roughing or holding, but no call came. Shame on you NHL for allowing this sort of thing to happen with no reprocussions on the refs of that game. It’s absolutely embarrassing to the league, and it blows my mind that you wonder why Americans don’t take this sport seriously.”

    I thought this type of attitude was considered whining?

  • Cynic

    Watched it 10 times myself.

    TeamHasHoles..please explain how this is not a penalty??? Everyone knows you can’t grab with a free hand in ANY situation, You could call holding, interference, roughing (a stretch), pick one…

    That was ‘Beginning of the year league wide film explanation of the rules’ material on the definition of a holding penalty. It could be for interference too as Doughty never touched the puck, he simply had position. Higgins touched it first with the stick (which he was holding with one hand) and then used the other hand to THROW Drew aside.

    It amazes me that ANYONE could believe that was not a penalty. I’d love your explanation to see your side of it.

  • king of kings

    I still can’t believe that is not a penalty. how can a guy have one hand on his stick and another hand on other player and don’t get a penalty is stupid. our commentator always said that when a player had one hand on his stick and the other hand on an opponent that is an automatic penalty.

  • Quisp

    There’s no question that should have been a penalty. It’s not even debatable. It’s interference. It’s textbook. There’s also no question that they didn’t call it and it’s not reviewable. Oh well, it happens.

    I was only able to listen to the game on the radio. Sounds like Calder had a great game until he f***ed us with two stupid offensive zone penalties in the last few minutes. Not exactly a veteran move.

    Watched the highlights on NHL Game Center. It’s only goals and great saves, so there’s no mention of Kopitar. It would be nice if he showed up to one of these games.

    The season could easily come down to a point or two making or breaking us. Those were important points to get today.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    So many hours later and I’m still tweaked over this every time I see a replay. The NHL network is showing CBC’s feed of HNIC right now. After reviewing highlights during the second intermission Mike Milbury looks at Kelly Hrudey and asks “So that wasn’t a penalty on Higgin’s dragging down Doughty?” to which Hrudey replies “just 2 players fighting for the puck”. I lost all respect for him after that comment. Way to play it safe and be the YES-man Hrudey. Canadian bias, unreal.

  • TeamHasHoles

    Was he tripped? Clearly not
    Was it interference? No the puck was clearly there and the Habs player had every right to the puck.
    Was Doughty grabbed? no frankly, the guy used his ARM, not his hand to clear Doughty off the puck. NO HOLDING…
    It’s not high sticking…not boarding, not holding the stick, no one was slew footed anyone…

    The guy uses his arm to establish inside position and shed himself of Doughty.. it’s not a penalty, you rarely see it because usually, NHL defensemen are too strong to do that to. Doughty fell down like a house of cards.

    At best, it’s elbowing, and frankly it wasn’t because his elbow didn’t come up on the player (ala Denis Gauthier) it was clearly inside Doughty

    Is that a good enough answer? I hope so, because it’s obviously the right answer, it’s what was called, like it or not and it ain’t changing.

  • Cynic

    It’s not the right answer:

    54.1 Holding Any action by a player or goalkeeper that retards the
    progress of an opposing player whether or not he is in possession of
    the puck.

    I would say throwing an opposing player to the ice trying to establish position (Which is irrelevant to the rule) falls into this category. Notice that there is NO MENTION of a body part inparticular, you simply need to impede the progress WHETHER OR NOT HE IS IN POSSESSION OF THE PUCK.


    56.1 Interference – A strict standard on acts of interference must be
    adhered to in all areas of the rink.

    Body Position: Body position shall be determined as the player
    skating in front of or beside his opponent, traveling in
    the same direction. A player who is behind an
    opponent, who does not have the puck, may not use
    his stick, body or free hand in order to restrain his
    opponent, but must skate in order to gain or
    reestablish his proper position in order to make a
    A player is allowed the ice he is standing on
    (body position) and is not required to move in order
    to let an opponent proceed. A player may block the
    path of an opponent provided he is in front of his
    opponent and moving in the same direction. Moving
    laterally and without establishing body position, then
    making contact with the non-puck carrier is not
    permitted and will be penalized as interference. A
    player is always entitled to use his body position to
    lengthen an opponents path to the puck, provided
    his stick is not utilized (to make himself bigger and
    therefore considerably lengthening the distance his
    opponent must travel to get where he is going); his
    free hand is not used and he does not take
    advantage of his body position to deliver an
    otherwise illegal check.

    NOTICE that Drew was in front of Higgins and had established body position.He was allowed to be in front of Higgins. Higgins did NOT go inside, but rather OUTSIDE and around Drew AFTER he threw him down.

    Then, of course, this little extra tidbit under Interference:

    Free Hand: When a free hand is used to hold, pull, tug, grab or
    physically restrain an opponent from moving freely,
    this must be penalized as holding. The free hand
    may be used by a player to fend off an opponent or
    his stick, but may not be used to hold an opponents
    stick or body.

    SO you see THH, your fight is with the NHL rulebook, not me. To answer your question, your answer is as bad as the ‘Non-Call’. Sorry. The only thing I agree with in your answer is that it ‘Ain’t Changing’.

    Here’s the rulebook link: (Pages 77 & 78 in the manual, Pages 88 & 89 in the PDF file)

  • Matt George


    No it’s not a good enough answer because there’s no way from the camera angle that you could make the determination that he didn’t grab him.

    Whatever dude …

    He clearly pulled him off his skates …PERIOD.

    Like it or not .. there’s about 50 people here who disagree with you … i don’t care that it’s not changing.

    What’s interesting to me is how you seem to get aggravated at everyone blowing off some steam.

    Bottom line … the ref made a bad call… PERIOD.


  • Marty

    For what its worth the missed call on DD was a slew foot by Higgins.This teams miscues with the puck can be attributed to its lack of ability in one touch puck movement and passing.The majority of players on this team are not capable of thinking fast enough and then actually moving the puck to a teammate or safe area of the ice. This lack of this skill continues to kill this teams odds of winning and of course making the playoffs. WHERE IS THE COACHING?
    Furtermore this teams continual bad timing of taking bad penalties is also caused by the inability to think under pressure and particulary not moving their feet (edges) to keep their man in check and pursuit.
    WHERE IS THE COACHING? Of course it helps if your players are not dumb and there lies the downfall of this team. The Kings are undisciplined,dumb, lacking skills and are not coached effectively.Other than that they are a joy to watch.

  • Matt George

    Hahahaa Marty

    ok … fair enough!

  • TeamHasHoles

    The holding issue talks about a retarding the progress of a player who just beat you or is ahead of you… you can’t hold him to slow him down… that’s CLEARLY not the case here. That’s how I interpret that… and it’s VERY subjective as to what it means. Like most rules 10 people can give you 10 different interpretations, that’s what rules and laws and courts and refs and lawyers make their living off of.

    The player was deemed EVEN in position with Doughty, obviously… not BEHIND as the Interference rule states he’d have to be for it to be called interference.

    And Doughty wasn’t “PULLED OFF HIS SKATES,” he was PUSHED ASIDE.. a clear distinction and one that has to be made because frankly, if he was “PULLED OFF HIS SKATES,” there most likely WOULD have been a penalty called and rightly so.

    “Like it or not .. there’s about 50 people here who disagree with you … i don’t care that it’s not changing.”

    I couldn’t careless what 50 people think…Doughty was soft on the play, the goal counts, the league will do nothing about that or the other bad calls in the game (which there were)… none of anyone’s belly aching at the Officials Web Site is going to change it and this is the 6th game this season where the Kings snatched defeat from the jaws of victory… Like it or not!!!

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Only one problem about DD and the non-interference call:

    Higgins left leg and left foot trailed the play as he arrived to get the pass. Without the added leverage of pushing off of Doughtys neck Higgins would never have gone around him. To make matters worse, Higgins then pushed Doughty to the ice as he made the turn.

    It was a one-in-a-million play. The odds of recreating the exact puck angle, Doughtys position and Higgins bold push-off are very small. Dont forget that the ref was DIRECTLY in front of the play.

    Whats amusing is to listen to the Yahoos on the NHL channel smile slickly as they defend the play. Fighting for the puck, one says; had possession of the puck, the other says.

    Bottom line: the Kings lost. Bad call.

    Time to move on. Tomorrow/today, bet that the Bruins beat up on the Habs in their own building, second game in as many nights. The Canadiens will get their comeuppance. Our Year Of Pain continues, lessons learned.

    The only question: Can this Kings team respond to adversity on the road? Good/Great teams always seem to be able to do it.

  • src

    Well Kings fans………..This was a classic Kobe Bryant call. Just like the NBA. The stars or home teams get the questionable calls in their favor. God forbid the Kings knock off the Canadiena at home. The would have to oust the Prime Minister. Guy would be hanged in the town center etc.

    I sent in a complaint on the ref link..thanks for the tip. It was a brutal non call.

    The kings played an overall great game. Dont like to see the head shots, but on the other hand the Candians were chippy all night and taking small cheap shots in the crease. Someone had to step up and send a message.

    At this point would like the kings to aquire Neil from Ottawa. Grit with some offensive ability. Rather see him running around than Ivanas.

  • Roger

    I didn’t think it was possible to hate the Canadians any more than I did boy was I wrong death to those MoFo’s and their fans and their bull crap history, only we can draft french players for the first 90 years gimme a break

  • pobo the hobo

    all i know is that i’ve seen a hell of a lot less called compared to that crap. A hell of a lot less…

  • Anonymous

    we here at exploded at the non call. I felt so much rage that we lost the game. Im still angry as i type this 12hours after the game ended.

  • Anonymous

    And I thought Mick McGough was bad… I’ve seen ECHL refs do a much better job…

    As for Gauthier…LET HIM ROT for all I care… I don’t want him on the Kings ROSTER one more day…and it’s insulting to us that he’s already there…

  • nykingfan

    A lot of different things to take from this game. The refs were absolutely brutal all night. Definitely one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in a long time. Shame on them for not whistling Higgins on the goal.

    I thought Calder was outstanding, but cmon…the 2 penalties were exactly the same thing in the exact same spot. If you get called the 1st time, don’t friggin do it again!
    Quick has to come up with the rebound on the game winner. We complained loud and hard when Barbs was leaving careless rebounds, Quick is doing the same thing at bad times. He made some incredible saves, but he needed to win this game for us in the 3rd period.
    I thought the team was playing their best 3rd period with a lead. They weren’t sitting back, they were attacking. They just let too many opportunities go by. Frolov has to bury the breakaway goal. He’s a goal scorer for crissakes…Frolov and Quick were in the same boat. Both played well…but Big players come up Big at Big moments. Neither one of them did. Frolov’s going to ask for big $$…You would expect a big $$ player to score there.

    Great fight by Simmonds…he kicked some ass out there.

    This was another lesson for this young team to learn. It takes a full 60 minutes to beat a top team on the road. They were close, just not quite there.

  • 4ndr3y

    TeamHasHoles, so why did then even Higins in the postgame told that he got away on that play???

    Stupid habs fans are the only ones that believe that it was a good non-call on the penalty.

    No go away and don’t troll here.

  • Mike

    I knew that playing in Montreal and the referees are Monsieur Auger and Monsier Joanette that we would get screwed.

  • Dan H.

    You guys need to get off Fro’s case. Yeah he missed the breakaway and I probably would have liked to see Sully move up and make it a clear 2-0 but give the guy a little bit of a break. He leads the team in goals.

  • number 6

    A day after the game and I’m curious what all this debate is about – especially what THH is on about. So I watch the highlights on the site. There is NO WAY that that is not a penalty on Higgins. Um, I’m really sorry, but I live in NY and watch lots of hockey on TV. You see guys called for penalties now for doing nothing but “knighting” someone with there stick. You even have to watch a replay 3 times in slow mo to figure out what they might be calling. Sorry guy, I could give a toss what your definition of the rule book is. That was a flagrant penalty!

    That being said I agree with the other posts that pointed out how many opportunities the Kings had to put the game away in the 3rd. Particularly Frolov and the 2 on 1 which they seem incapable of scoring on these days. The team IS doing so many things right, but they just seem to need more skill up front.

  • Anonymous

    Gauthier rules.

  • BCam

    I sent this to the League’s Officials Association:

    Regarding Kings – v- Habs 1/31/09:

    As you have the ability to review every goal scored in the NHL, i.e. in the “war room”, I have some specific questions.

    1. Regarding the disallowed goal by the Kings in the 1st Period: What SPECIFICALLY did you see on your replays that were Conclusive enough to overturn the call on the ice, i.e. disallow the goal? You must have determined that by some specific criteria, and I would appreciate knowing exactly what that was. What did you see? What metric did you use to make your determination?

    2. Regarding the Higgins goal in the 3rd Period. Every replay that I have seen shows Higgins grabbing Doughty by the neck and pulling him down to the ice, then, once free, scores a goal. As you already review every goal in the NHL, and have the ability to speak directly with the Ref on the ice at every venue, is it the NHL’s official policy that a blown call which results in a goal be ignored? If you retain the right to overturn a call on the ice for “Conclusive” evidence, would this situation not fall into that area of responsibility?

    3. With about 30 seconds left in the game, the play was whistled dead, then a Canadian player took a run at the Kings Dustin Brown, who did nothing on the play. Brown defended himself and they both got 2 minutes for roughing. No Instigator penalty on Montreal? I assume then that your NHL policy is that a player can take a physical shot at an opposing player after the whistle and suffer no consequence for his action? Additionally, the player who has received the physical assault will be penalized for defending himself? I would appreciate your reference to the Specific NHL Rule applied in this kind of situation.

    4. Opinion: In what reality do you work wherein you would allow two French Canadian Refs to work ANY game played in or with Montreal? Especially in the Habs “100th Year” season.

    5. Is there any mechanism within your NHL Officials Association that reviews the performance of your members on a game by game basis? And if so, do you deem this information private, i.e. keeping it “in house”? At what point, specifically, does any official’s poor performance reach the bright line of public accountability for their actions? If the league reserves the right to suspend a player, does it not likewise reserve the right for equal treatment of officials?

    I look forward to your prompt reply to my specific questions.



    Stuff a sock in it.
    If you want to blame Quick and Frolov you’re not much of a fan.
    Frolov is our leading goal scorer and Quick came out of nowhere to give us some solid goaltending – even though he’s seen some great nights spoiled by the lack of scoring.
    I’m amazed at how you’re sooo quick to jump to the defense of the coach, yet you constantly blame a player here or there for everything you deem “poor.”
    Are you that eager to nail another goalkeeper to the cross?
    Is it so so so difficult to say a critical word of you boy Doughty.
    How many games HAS he cost us at this point with bad decisions late in a game.
    Much more than Gauthier, I’m quite certain.

    Finally, I didn’t get a chance to see anything but some sketchy highlights on but what is with this coach? Why does he win 2 or 3 in a row and go and change the lineup so much? Why is Simmonds losing ice-time? Why Harrold?

    The constant “nursing” of his favorites really is a thing to behold.
    He must really have a thing for Doughty and Greene because he never, ever, never benches them for their shitty play.
    How about actually trying to win the game instead of playing favorites with the boys???

    How many leads have we blown in the final 5 minutes Coach?

  • KingzzFan

    OK, so I had a chance to sleep on it and even watch the replay 40+ times, I even got a response from the NHLOA asking me to confirm my information. THH. I really dont know what you were watching but I’m more pissed than I was yesterday. This is a complete conspiracy, is the NHL so determined to bring the cup back to Canada that they condone these non calls by the officials? Or even implemented such behavior?

    One of the guys I play hockey with is from Vancouver and is a huge Habs fan. His remark to me was. “I really wanted the Habs to win and believed they could, but to win like that is embarrassing, thats not how you want to win, we don’t need the officials help to win, we are good enough to do that on our own, that was a clear cut penalty and should have been called”

    Either way, it’s done, I would still like an explanation, When and if I get one I will post it here. Keep the complaints going. Let’s show the hockey gods that there is hockey in CA and were tired of being ignored and were not going to take it any more.


    I was watching the game online and it had to be the worst officiating game i have seen. I am starting to think that Canadian Mob had something to do with this game. 1) Took away a a clean goal in the first period for “High Stick” that was bull. 2) I wonder how much the Zebra’s were paid to call this game in favor of the Canadians. Does anyone know where to complain to the league about this?… GO KINGS!!!!!!


    This had to be the worst officiating i have seen in my life. I am starting to think the Canadian Mob had something to do with this game lol…. The refs need to be investigated by the league for their calls on this game. They really took this game away from us because they could not see their hometown team go down 5 straight games. Is there a site where we can complain to the league about this? GO KINGS!!!!!!!!

  • Ersberg

    Ha, I love all the Doughty bashing, quite amusing. The kid is 18-get over it. Even at his age, I’d take him over -ANY- d-man we have now.

    And get off of Quicks ass. He’s young, it’s his first season(in which he didn’t start in LA), and is a totally new team environment.

    The Kings lose a hell of a game in a town that most teams don’t have a shot in, they lose it, and everyone wants their heads. Amazing. Way to back your team up.

    Honestly, what else did you expect against a better team, at home, in a legendary hockey town, in front of those fans? Get real.

  • Brent

    I’m not too happy about the outcome of the game yesterday either. Brashear got a minor call when he stuck his arm out and impeded an Ottawa player today. Didn’t even throw him down. Both guys were going into a corner after a puck and there was a call when no one fell. Inconsistency in officiating.

    It’s just we are the Kings and they are Montreal. What a hideous jersey they have on today. Makes me want to puke up by lunch.

    Someday, we’ll be good enough to win even without the calls. Right now, we aren’t quite that team.

  • anthony

    Back from Sea World
    Didn’t watch the game, but from what I hear from these comments, makes sense.

    -It wouldn’t surprise me to watch these refs help the holes, I mean the habs win. Its tradition.

    -Calder doesn’t have the skill or the talent to be on the ice during crunch time.

    -Gauthier has no business in the NHL. He’s absolutely worthless and useless. He was a scratch last game. What made this coach want him back
    Can anybody name one thing he brings to the table.

    NOw TM has no control over the first issue.
    But he does have control over the latter two.

    He needs to quit this obsession over these ex-flyer players . Just quit. He’s 59 years old, but he acts like a child.

  • Anonymous

    I missed the penalty on Gauthier
    lets see the video

  • Matt George

    EAT THE RICH: wow … we’ve all been upset but you’re the first person to actually attack another blogger.

    don’t know if that’s the right direction we want to be in guy.

  • MrMach5

    Is it time to trade Kyle The Weak Link Calder yet?

    Two Crosschecking penalties in the last 10 minutes of a game they could have won!!! From a senior player on a young team!!!

    Everyone was pissed at Stoll for a minor delay of game penalty awhile back. I think Murray even gave Stoll some fourth line time for that. I didnt think that penalty was that bad, it looked like an accident.

    But I do think Kyle The Weak Link Calder needs to sit out a game then get about 3 minutes of fourth line time for the next few games!

    While we work on a trade!

  • CanadianKing

    On a humorous side note.. is anyone watching the Canadiens-Bruins game? Montreal is wearing their third uniforms and they look like a bunch of candy stripers skating around..

  • 4thlinechecker

    Gauthier is dirty! He could have still leveled that guy and kept it legal. His hit on Cliche’ in training camp was dirty to…………… Sean Avery was right about this guy

  • Anon

    The officiating was terrible and I’m still seething over that. I too emailed the NHL referee site and confirmed as well. Something needs to be done. How about some sort of system that suspends the ref’s without pay. Bring up some AHL refs in the meantime while those suspensions are served.

  • Moondoggie

    Nykingsfan….Good to see you again, how ya doin?

    Ersberg….Good to see you too and yes, I agree to a certain point, esperience will help these guys. Overall, Quick & Doughty have been outstanding for us this season. This team has come so far this year. They do need some more seasoning and as they get the experience they will be tougher in the stretch run and make those plays.

    Fro just missed the shot. Yep, he’s got to bury that but again, consider he broke the Canadiens momentum with that huge goal after Montreal had scored to make it 3-2. If Doughty doesn’t get hauled down ILLEGALLY, the Kings win this game.

    Kingzzfan…I like your take and perspective from a Habs fan. Higgins knows he got a way with one, interesting to hear one of their own admit he wants to see the Canadiens win fairly.

    THH…I’m not going to argue with your perspective of the non-call, that’s how you saw the play as it developed, I’m good. The only thing I will say is describing Doughty as being “pushed aside” is like saying Josh Gorges was “pushed aside” by Dennis Gauthier on his hit that cost him Gauthier a five minute major. Gorges wasn’t just pushed aside, neither was Doughty, he was held.

    ETR…I think you’ve got to give Nykingsfan a break. Same for Fro, Quick & Doughty. I agree they’ve got to make big plays when they count. Fro & Quick have been excellent for their play overall and have been saving our butts all season. They made mistakes down the stretch but they didn’t kill the team the way the refs did with the Higgins play. All three have been excellent this season for the Kings, all are getting better.

    I don’t critize any of the Kings for their outstanding play of late and I won’t fault any of the bloggers for their prospectives of the game, season or any of it’s players; shoot, I’m evening have trouble faulting Gauthier for his hit. Clean? No. But what a hit! Frankly I wish someone had put that same hit on Tampa Bay’s Evgeny Artyukhin, all of a sudden we don’t have a debate anymore.

    Regardless, it’s all about perspective. In this case, I feel the refs stole this game from LA. It was horribly called. If the NHL has any integrity, they will review the tapes of the game and the referees will be questioned as to why they called the game as they did and will be reprimanded. If not, the league looses creditability at a time they can ill afford to loose any fan support.

    Rich…I’m curious, what is your take on all of this? Illegal hit or no?

  • Moondoggie

    CanadianKing…You’re right, they look like a riot waiting to happen, kinda like Santa Claus’ elfs in hockey distributing candy canes, except they’re the candy canes. And they lost to the B’s 3-1!

    Ok, now I feel better…..

  • Matt George

    Isn’t it time for a new thread?

    When’s the next game?


  • http://Ethman Ethman

    Hey Shakes I was way the hell up in 320. strange sight lines up there. we couldn’t see the scoreboard because of some room they had coming down from the ceiling. although what really sucked was going to get dinner that night at a bar in montreal and having to see the game, AGAIN!!!

    any new yorkers planning on going to next saturday’s game in NJ? i was planning on picking up the $10 seats beforehand.

  • number 6

    BakoCACondorsKingsFan said:
    Only one problem about DD and the non-interference call:

    Higgins left leg and left foot trailed the play as he arrived to get the pass. Without the added leverage of pushing off of Doughtys neck Higgins would never have gone around him. To make matters worse, Higgins then pushed Doughty to the ice as he made the turn.

    THANK YOU BAKO CA CONDORS KINGS FAN!! Best breakdown of the play I’ve seen on this blog. I used to live in the UK and not once but Twice the England Nat’l soccer team was denied a “winning goal”.. once in the Euro Cup semi finals and the other time in the World Cup. Both times as someone other than the scorer had “pused off” the goalie. Huge Goals, World Stage, and both goals disallowed. I’ll say this. Both of those pushing off incidents were less severe than Higgins pushing off Doughty…. It happened Exactly the was BakoCACondorsKingsFan described it.

  • Moondoggie

    BakoCACondorsKingsFan…Way to break it down….thx dude!

  • http://Scott3343 scott3343

    Couple of comments from the peanut gallery:

    Most of this has already been said, but the Kings are young and we are Kings Fans. We all have opinions to what should have been. Support our team and don’t bash it. They’re doing better than I thought they would this year. How many of you thought they would do this well?

    I didn’t like the Calder penalities and thought he got caught up emotionally in the game.

    The Doughty incident to me was clearly a penalty. If Higgins admits to getting away with one. He knows better than we do.

    Give Quick some props. He has been playing hard for us and has saved us in several games we could have lost. Don’t compare a rookie goalie to the great goalies out there. They have much more time in the net at this level. He will get better and personally I think he can be great in the years to come.

    The latest lines have been productive…hopefully TM keeps them together.

  • Gary B

    Welcome to politics, NHL style. All you disgruntled young-uns need to go back and watch the 93 championship series. When does a player lying on the puck in his own crease not get a penalty? When you’re a Canadien playing at home. Closing your hand on the puck and pulling it underneath you? No problem, as long as you’re wearing the right colors. Double standard, bias, whatever, the attitude from Montreal is , “we invented this game, so we can do whatever we want”. They have looked down their noses on us for so long, taking advantage of our gms on trade deals, and laughing at us all the while. Well, there’s a new gm here now, so that’s one plus, and Stephen Walkom has done a great deal to clean up the officiating, but ask any Bruins or Sabres fan and they’ll tell you the same thing, it’s their puck, so you can play their game or go home. Montreal sucks.

  • Cynic

    Great discussions guys. THis has been my favorite thread to date on this blog.

    I’ll be disappointed if we let this thing die.

    RICH- We’ll do what we can to get some attention on this. I believe most of us here are pretty level- headed people with our opinions, even though sometimes we disagree. Most importantly, I think we’d ALL agree that we would like to hear an explanation from the NHL AND the Referee’s union on this, even if for comedic value (Which is probably all it will be worth).

    Is there any way you could use your clout as a journalist to get us an answer? I think it would be a HUGE service to every Kings fan that loves their team and hates this kind of ‘disservice’ the NHL pays us.

    Thanks from all of us in advance. Whatever you can do is appreciated.

  • Ersberg

    Hi Moon- Yes, the back door thievery on Doughty was ashame, but I try not to blame a games outcome on refs. The more critical piece you mentioned that CAN effect the outcome, and should have, was Fro’s missed chance on the breakaway.

    I think these tough close wins/losses are so huge for growth. A single game like this can make this team better as a whole.

    Other then that, all I have to say is…look out Ottawa.

  • nykingfan

    Whats goin on Moondoggie? Good to hear from you again as well.


    I’ll try and stay away from getting personal here…but I have one HUGE question to ask you? Actually it’s a rhetorical question.
    DID YOU WATCH THE GAME????????????????????
    Since you said you didn’t, how the hell do you know what went on in the game?
    If you saw the game and disagree with my assessment, that’s fine…but you didn’t…so you just decided to go off. At least have some 1st hand knowledge as to the circumstances and not just a couple of highlites from Blaming Doughty? Yeah…good job ETR..once again, you didn’t see the game, so you know absolutely jack shit as to what happened.
    I’m not putting down Frolov or Quick, but both players needed to come up big at certain points during that game…and they didn’t. Fro not scoring on the breakaway and Quick not controlling the rebound.
    No big deal, it’s one game..I’m sure both will bounce back. We didn’t lose the game because of them.
    Once again..ETR you wouldn’t know that, because you didn’t see the game.


    nykingfan –

    I would have to PAY for some hockey package above and beyond Fox Sports to have been eligible to see that game.
    I’m not willing to do that. I don’t much feel like contributing any money to such a Mickey Mouse league.
    So, I’ve missed the games NOT on FSW. I live in California, not on Long Island.

    Besides, I’ve seen every game available on FSW this season and have a grasp of what is going on with this team and this coach.
    This was 1 game of 82.
    How many times do we have to blow that lead heading into the 3rd for you to get that the coaching needs to be better?

    And, we don’t need a campaign against Quick or Frolov building up around here.
    We’ve already traded away too many talented players.



    Thanks for that, but I did try it for the Chi. game and its horrible.
    I’m on a Mac so maybe my “player” doesn’t work well with the system, but it’s like watching a series of still-photos and “page-loading.”

    I guess it’s better than nothing but it’s hard to watch, still.
    Thanks for posting it, though.

    Oh, usually I DVR the game and watch it with rewinds and pauses, too.
    This has actually, despite the struggles, been one of the funnest seasons to watch because of the DVR and the numerous blogs on which to discuss the games.

    But, the NHL is still pathetic.

  • nykingfan


    Your financial situation is of no interest to me. I don’t care whether you watch 1 or 82 games, although I get the feeling its more to the low end based on your observations…but that’s just my opinion. It counts for absolutely nothing…same as yours!

    You missed my point completely…I was talking about THIS game.
    The 1st thing you said in your post “Stuff a sock in it” WTF is that all about? Good way to kick it off dude.
    You don’t think I should have blamed Fro or Quick…fine, tell me why not..Oh that’s right, you didn’t watch THIS game.
    I’m nailing goalies to the cross? Yeah, i’m Pontius Pilot…the hockey critic. You’re laughable! I said that Quick made some outstanding saves…I was talking about one instance…and you didn’t see it to comment.

    I took the side of the coach? Re-read my post…I never mentioned the coach. I’m sure if Larionov was our coach, we would have won the game. Eeeesh!
    The rest of your post is just completely comical…and without any rational thought attached to it.

    I don’t know dude…We can argue over the merits of the coach and his personnel decisions, but lets argue about that after watching the same game…

  • MrMach5

    What’s the deal people? Quick & Frolov are doing fine!

    I’d like to see anyone on here make a short handed breakaway shot or how many rebounds they’d stop in an NHL game!

    The two problems with that game were

    The Refs


    Kyle The Weak Link Calder

    As one of the few seasoned veterans of a very young team Kyle The Weak Link Calder can not make AHL mistakes in a game that his team was winning.

    Lets take his last couple assists out of the equation and look at his total play this year and its been crap! Hes the Weak Link of any line hes been placed on.

    Trade him for a 7th rounder please!!!

  • nykingfan

    We’re not NHL players…If we were and we were goal scorers, we would have been expected to bury the puck on the breakaway.
    I don’t have a problem with either.
    I’m talking about two specific incidents in the game. As much as I’ve grown to like Quick’s game…am I wrong in expecting him to cover up that rebound?

    As for Calder’s play…It’s more like 2 bad penalties took away from what was another strong game that he had. The line of Stoll/Brown/Calder was without question, the best line against Montreal.



    What don’t you get about the game not being televised on my cable system?
    And, what does it have to do with my financial situation?
    Anyway, thanks for caring.
    I’m sure all the people hit by the recession appreciate your sympathies.

  • nykingfan


    Who’s words are these?
    “I would have to PAY for some hockey package above and beyond Fox Sports to have been eligible to see that game.
    I’m not willing to do that. I don’t much feel like contributing any money to such a Mickey Mouse league”.

    Here’s the deal man..If you want to talk hockey…that’s fine.
    I am not interested in who has or hasn’t been affected by the recession. Nobody knows my situation…so don’t go on about whether I have sympathy or not.
    This is a hockey blog…not a political or socio-economical blog…only as it relates to hockey. If you want that, go elsewhere please!

  • Anonymous


    Bury the hatchet.
    It’s not worth arguing about things I’m not even saying.
    I don’t buy the NHL Center Ice package because I watch the Kings for free on FSW (besides the cost of basic cable).
    I don’t care about following the rest of the league because I’m not a big fan of the league.
    I didn’t bring up my financial situation, I said I don’t pay for NHL Center Ice or whatever systems I could have bought to watch the half a dozen Kings games not on FSW. It has nothing to do with “financial situations.”
    I haven’t brought up politics either so I have no idea where you’re coming up with this.
    You have it in your head that I’m some bleeding heart liberal and that everything I say is tinged with politics.

    I just think the NHL is a joke.
    That has A TON to do with Hockey.

    I don’t want to fight with you, I know you’re a good guy who loves the Kings.
    I just don’t like you talking poop about the players because I see them giving their all every game. Everyone misses a breakaway or 2 on 1 (Gretzky was even known to be horrible on breaks;) and, I don’t think Hasek was necessarily a textbook example of how to play in net but he did just fine.
    I think you pointing the finger at Fro and Quick for marginal errors is bad for Kings Fans moral. I don’t want to run any more quality players out of LA because of scapegoating.
    Losing Cammalleri and Lubo was bad enough.

    I apologize if my comments seemed antagonistic.
    But realize that just because you’re not “red flagged” here, you step over the line yourself at times.

  • nykingfan

    well said man

    I was just using a couple of examples as to why we let the 2 points get away. There were other reasons as well.

    No harm, no foul. We’re ok


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