No excuses on the road

The Kings begin the first of a five-game roadtrip today at Montreal. In case you missed it, here’s today’s story on how the Kings feel about the road-heavy schedule the rest of the way.

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  • Scott

    Watching the CBC broadcast on Directv. They stole the first goal away from the Kings. Armstrong’s stick was not above the cross bar. What a joke. Should be 2-0. Not 1-0.

  • smokiemcpot

    Simmonds again playing strong. Realizes MTL is trying to get into physically and so he goes out and owns pacoretty (dont know how to spell that) in a good fight. Keep it comin boys, keep it comin.

  • kevco

    Someone needs to look at the stats when we score first. I think we win more than we lose when that happens.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Yeah, Simmonds worked the MTL player, that dude was lucky to duck out of a few bombs thrown by Wayne.

    MTL picked up their game a little after a goal off a rebound, Quick should have controlled that one.

    ** These CBC announcers are horrible.

  • kevin e.

    Gauthier destroyed Gorges.

    In the offensive zone, why did Ivanans stick his arm out to bump Price? It cost us a goal.

  • Anonymous

    Why was Gauthier playing? They win without him gee Terry you think that’s a coincidence? Oh well much like LaBarabara the obvious things take you too far long to realize. My hope the NHL suspends him a few games so you can’t play him.

  • Nick

    Gauthier is dirty.

    First goal was clearly a high stick.

    Good game so far.

  • John

    “kevin e. said:

    Gauthier destroyed Gorges.”

    Gauthier destroying Gorges cost us a goal. The guys pointless, why do even we play him?? He kills us every game!!! Nice flying elbow dick!

  • Old Man

    Gauthier better NEVER EVER see the ice in a king uniform!

  • Moondoggie

    Ersberg….You are a godsend!!! And don’t change your name!


  • Ziggy

    Gauthier is a punk. I hope the PA suspends him for 10+ games. Next year we will have Teubert and we won’t need this goon any longer.

  • Moondoggie

    It was quite the hit that probably won’t hit the highlight reels because Gauthier left his feet….But quite the hit!

  • sasKing

    Well, at least Gauthier won’t be in the lineup for a number of games. Too bad it took a dirty hit for him to disappear. Look for at least a three-game suspension.

    Calder + Stoll + Brown = AMAZING!

    And Bob Cole has to be one of the worst play-by-play guys in NHL history. I’ve known that for years living in Canada, but I rarely watch games on CBC. Now that I’m hearing him for a full 60 minutes, his lack of knowledge just shines through.

  • Ziggy

    couldn’t agree more sas. I wish NHL center Ice had Bob and Jim. I think that the return of Jack Johnson has had a huge positive impact on this team. It is amazing to see these guys play with a solid defense core and a good goalie. Totally different team

  • 4thlinechecker

    I do agree with Coles comment that “58 year old TM seems to be a perfect fit for the job.”

  • Neva

    I never understood the animosity towards Calder, I’ve always liked his play. He’s no O’Sullivan or Kopitar, of course, but that was not, and has never been, his job. If he’s traded it’ll hurt the Kings, unless it’s for a better player, which isn’t gonna happen. Plus when the Kings were having problems it looked to me like the whole team was struggling and not just a few players.

    Now Gautier is another story……….it all started when he put the puck in the middle (which resulted in a goal and eventually the lose of the game) instead of clearing it off the boards during that Red Wings game, terrible!

  • 4thlinechecker

    Avery was right about Gauthier. I like his physical presence, but he is dirty, and he skates away, he never fights. His hit on cliche, his own teammate in training camp was dirty. I was standing right there, it pissed me off

  • Moondoggie


  • John

    This “hockey” league is joke- the refs are hacks

  • Dan H.

    Kings gave this one away.

    These Montreal guys are as bad as the Ducks announcers.

    The first goal was Quick’s fault. Easy rebound to control and he didn’t.

    Armstrong’s stick was clearly above the bar.

    Gauthiers hit was dirty.

    Calder took two stupid penalties in the third right at the Montreal net and cost them the game on the second one.

    The tying goal should have been a holding penalty on Montreal…he reached out and pulled down Doughty…it was horrible non call.

    Fro and whoever rang the post had the chance to put it away and didn’t.


    I’m a little upset at giving away two points.

  • Nick

    what a joke game. the refs for that game can die in a fire.

  • Anonymous

    Questionable calls against calder. The refs had money on the canadians. Total BS.

  • andrew

    refs gave the habs the game. that 3rd goal was bs. thats just me though……

  • Ziggy

    I don’t think i could be any more upset by the last 3 minutes of this game. Highway robbery by the officials, this is absurd. Higgins’ goal was a clear free hand penalty, Frolov hit the post and got stopped on a breakaway, Calder takes two unbelievably stupid penalties, and Quick scores on himself with 30 seconds left. HOLY CRAP! UNREAL.

  • Anonymous

    No you’re right.
    Great noncall.

  • sasKing

    My heart is broken.

    If there was ever a game we deserved to win, this was it. It’s the same thing as that 6-4 loss to Detroit some weeks back. This team has to learn to try to win instead of trying not to lose.

    (By the way, not to make excuses, but the refs were decidedly in the Habs’ pocket. In any case, Quick needs to work on smothering that puck. His inability to do so cost us two goals today.)

  • Cynic

    So PISSED right now it’s not even funny. We played a great game and got screwed by the refs AND the warroom. Calder shouldn’t take those last two penalties, but this loss is not our fault. Period.

  • Danny

    The bias is clearly on the side of Canadian home teams when it comes to calling these games. That’s the way it will always be.

  • KingRu

    WOW! Zebras stole that game from the get go. Army goal disallowed, Higgins with clear cut penalty, refs blowing whistle quick around price, and not so quick around quick

  • KingzzFan

    I can’t beleive what I just saw. There was no way the Kings were going to win that game. That last goal. the puck didn’t come free untill one of the Habs crashed into him. I don’teven wantto get into the Take down. I’ve never seen anything like it. Can’t wait to see what they say about it on the NHL Channel. Wait That would be nothing… That was complete CRAP….

  • Tim

    shows that we still have a lot of growing up to do… just look how the Habs hung in there and we gave it up… yes the refs didn’t help much but thats part of the game… they have to learn how to finish off teams.

    good game to learn from, just hope they can.

  • Chris

    The officials were so bad they got Terry Murray to react! Who knew that was possible?! A great game was ruined.

  • Arron

    I am abloutely LIVID. I know the refs have a tough job but come on that was so Montreal aided it just makes me want to cry. Montreal’s third goal should not have happened. You can’t close line a guy, that should have been a penalty.

    And I am sorry the puck was under Quick long enough for the ref to blow the wistle. The refs won this this game not the Habs.

    I am so angry right now…grrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    That was complete rubbish. The refs did everything possible to help the Canadiens win that game. The NHL should suspend those refs.

  • anonymous

    The Hockey Gods have always been cruel to the Kings when they play the Canadiens. This was one of the cruelest indignities, I’m afraid.

    I should just go to Vegas and put $1,000,000.00 on the Canadiens next time the Kings play in Montreal. They can never win there.

    Wow… talk aboot a heart-breaker!

    John Tavares, here we come!

  • Dominic Lavoie

    In no particular order:
    Calder needs to be benched. A veteran player needs to know that the refs are looking to even things up after a Kings power play and not give a cross check – even a weak one – in the offensive zone. And to then take a slash in the offensive zone after the previous penalty is inexcusable on the first game of such an important road trip.

    The officiating was pretty brutal. If a ticky tack call can be made against Calder on that first cross check how is the haul down of a defenseman carrying the puck in his own zone not a penalty? Obviously taking a goal away when replays were inconclusive hurt too.

  • kingsruleall

    The last 3 min ruined by day. Actually, I think I saw the refs wearing habs jerseys underneath their stripes. What a joke. But all the canadian media will be talking about gauthier hit instead of the officiating. I know I’m venting right now but if there is any game that questions if their are hockey gods, this one does.

  • Old Man

    For me the toughest loss of the year.You saw the game enough said. Maybe tm will finally learn, leave the lines ALONE!!!! WIN THREE IN ROW? WHY not try Gauthier. And Calder what are you thinking?I`m just venting, but it`s not working.I`ll go take my xanex now.Se you all later.

  • Vasquez

    Kings got hosed. Armstrong’s goal was not enough to overturn. There were so many calls made on Montreals side, Higghins was a obvious hold or interference and the play should of been blown dead on the last one. Did anybody notice both ref’s are from Quebec??? Joanette is form Verdun and Auger is from…. Montreal

  • Garrett

    Ziggy is absolutely right. If you look at the Higgins play and reverse it so that it’ Doughty grabbing him and hauling him to the ice the officials would never let that go. It was an obvious interference call, but because you’re in Montreal they get the calls. Think back to the ’93 Finals and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The Kings always get robbed when they play the Habs, and I am really sick of it.

    Calder should be benched next game for taking two idiotic offensive zone penalties in the last 5 minutes of the game. If Fro got benched a period for missing a defensive zone coverage last month against Phoenix, Calder deserves to sit against the Senators on Tuesday. I know that line is playing well but there have to be consequences for such horrible play. Put Handzus or Simmonds with Stoll and Brown for a game, or call up Boyle to play with them.

    I still can’t believe Frolov got stopped on 2 shorthanded breakaways. The first one I thought he should have just shot the puck instead of trying all those moves and then when he did just shoot the puck on the 2nd one Price made the save. Oh well, I still really like the way he and Kopitar are playing together and I think it’s only a matter of time before they really have a huge game and go on a nice tear.

  • Anonymous

    Drive a knife through my heart… come on, Boston.

  • Anonymous

    Another game lost to bad penalties and bonehead players.

  • Shakes

    2 plane tickets to Montreal with dad: $600

    2 seats to see Kings/Canadians: $500

    Watching the team which crushed your childhood in 1993 do it again in front of you in the last 2 minutes while a bunch of French Canadians taunt you for wearing purple: Absolutely devastating.

  • Deano Lombardo

    How can you be a veteran and take not one but TWO stupid cross-checking penalties in the offensive zone?? This guy is a joke, Calder, Gauthier and Ivanans need to all be waived, because no one is going to be stupid enough to trade for these guys and I certainly dont want these bums around are kids in manchester. All of them took stupid penalties and this idiot coach keeps playing them? Unbelievable.

  • gmo

    WOW ……..god damn REFS….gave this game to the habs…..thou i have to admit that calder’s last penalty was just plain dumb……….

  • HBfan13

    We were definitely robbed but moronic penalties by Calder didnt help. Patrick O’Sullivan is to shots on goal what Shaq is to free throws. he missed the at least 10 times today and that isn’t even out of the norm for him. the worst thing about it is, when he misses those shot like that, they almost always send the other team on a break out. See the tying goal by the Canadiens after he hit the post( still not a shot on goal, but close.) Maybe some of you guys should think about that when you start posting that POS is unhappy or being punished by TM and should automatically be annoited a permanent spot on the first line without the playing like he deserves it.

  • kingsruleall

    So Gauthier is a dirty player for his hit on Georges and should be banned from the game BUT nothing about Komiserk (sp?) almost taking O’Sullivan’s head off in the same period. The replay clearly shows that Komiserk went in with his fists aiming at sully’s head. Its a good think that sully looked up and got out of the way.

  • Vasquez



  • john b

    That was dispicable. That lousy team gets rewarded for reaching out from behind and slewfooting our young star for a one on none. Christ I wasted 3 hours to watch that home job.
    The calls on Calder were absurd especially the 1st one.I have never seen a worse rip off in hockey. A power play after that crap!
    I hope the Habs go winless for eternity.
    Those refs should be fined


  • Matt George

    wow guys


    i didn’t see the game at all

    didn’t even know it was on till i checked the blog today

    thank GOD i didn’t

    if the game went the way you guys are saying … i would have destroyed my tv

    deep breath … ok … next game please

  • john

    The reffing in this game was absolutely atrocious,

    this loss wasn’t the Kings fault.

    Biased reffing needs to be done away with.

  • Anonymous

    I just looked in the dictionary for the definition of bulls#@t and it said “Kings vs. Habs”

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    The horse is dead but I have to make this comparison.

    2nd period, behind the net, Quincy makes contact with MTL player, holds him up by shoving stick hand into the MTL players side, results in a 2 min penalty.

    3rd period, Higgins takes his free hand, reaches up around Doughty’s shoulder, pulls him off balance and to the ice, results in tying goal, No penalty!?
    UN-EFING-BELIEVABLE The milk is spilled…

  • lwames

    I have a question… Is there a process for keeping the officials accountable for their calls/actions in a game? I know it is not a new gripe, but the officiating seems to be worse than it has ever been. There is definitely a bias toward Eastern, Canadian, and Northern teams. It also seems as if the NHL favors the Eastern Conference. Is there accountability for officials? If so, what is it?

    This game was painful…

  • ciscoc

    We seriously need some email addresses for this. This type of display by the refs is absolutely disgusting in any league that claims to be a professional one. Disgusting!

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes….You have my sympathies….I too remember the dreaded 1993 series against the Habs, what Kings fan doesn’t? Get home safe dude, and watch out for the French Canadiens and any referee from Quebec….

    I agree with everyone’s commentary but Dan H, I think you were the most eloquent….

    The Montreal refs screwed LA in the 93 series and LA got screwed again today. My favorite team is the Kings and ANYONE that is playing Montreal, anyone. Everytime LA goes in there it’s the same story. The Kings totally outplayed the Habs in this one and deserved to win. They didn’t quit even after the horrible non-call against Doughty by Higgins (I’d call it a hold) which resulted in the tying goal; one of the worst non-calls I’ve ever seen but again, they were playing in Montreal, the shrine of all hockey (yea, right). The refs had to give this game to the Canadiens because of course it was being broadcast nationally on CBC. Do you think they wanted to see a west coast team, particularly the Kings show up Montreal on their home ice???? I think not.

    I still haven’t stopped swearing at my computer, cat, TV, anything that moves and ANYTHING with Canada on it; it was BS refereeing, a game the Kings had in the bag, should have won and played well enough to win. Every time LA goes to Montreal, it’s the same treatment by the refs and the arrogant Montreal fans. It’s enough to make anyone sick.

    Played the song “Blame Canada” by The Mothers and it made me feel a little better….you should try it.

  • tammy smith

    You made some Good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree.