Blog update

Our blogs have been down a few times today, so I’m just wondering if any of you had trouble posting comments. Let me know if you did and I’ll pass the word along. Thanks.

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  • Joe Grind

    Mucho problemos. (that’s ‘many problems’ in English kids)



    Yes, had problems signing in.
    Thought you had shut us down for all the criticism you were receiving over the “gauthier post.”
    Some of the comments are rather insensitive in a sense, and I hope you weren’t offended.
    I think the thread was good, in a reverse-psychology sort of way.
    You were, I think, reading the comments about Gauthier and providing a forum for all the complaints.
    What it did was force those who silently support Gauthier to come out and say it.
    I think that is for the best.
    At times it can seem players are under attack and I fret thinking thats what all Kings fans think.
    Even though I don’t see the “criticism” for posting it in the way you did as justified, I think the general attitude of support for Gauthier is great.
    He’s a King right now (and he doesn’t seem like a dirty player) so he deserves our support.
    On blogs like Yahoo, Gauthier is being called a “player with a history” and I think thats despicable.
    I have yet to see the guy make a dirty play and I have never seen video evidence that he is a dirty player.
    I think the reputation blogs like Yahoo promote are crap attempts at marketing “hockey’s bad boys.”
    It’s pathetic, really.

    I think as Kings fans we’re often the victim of some biased refereeing.
    We see Ovechkin run our Captain with an elbow to the head and get 2 minutes in penalties.
    We’ve seen Zeiler suspended for a hit that happens 20 times a night and wasn’t even going to be called a penalty until Foote appeared injured.
    We’ve seen Evgeny Artukin knee our rookie defenseman with no penalty and then see him suspended 1 game later for kneeing a Florida player.
    We’ve now seen Gauthier suspended 5 games for a hit that is no worse than this hit by Jeff Finger on Oscar Moller.

    Keep up the good work, Jill.

  • neva

    I too never thought Gauthier was a dirty player…… least from what I’ve seen of him since he’s been with the kings.

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