Greene day-to-day

Part of the reason Davis Drewiske was recalled from the AHL is that defenseman Matt Greene’s status is day-to-day. He took a puck to his foot, and therefore his status for tomorow’s game against Ottawa is uncertain.

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  • Anonymous

    So apparently the coaching staff has absolutely no faith in Tom Preissing. It’s about time.

  • lwames

    Is Preissing really that bad?

  • Anonymous

    Uh oh.

    Has anybody besides me noticed that we lose every time Greene has a bad game (He is susally solid)?

    If he’s out, who knows?

    I hope Drewiske comes thru,bigtime.

    Good luck, Davis!!

    -Sergei Prozacutov

  • brianguy

    I rolled over on my ankle incredibly bad playing defense on Sunday. otherwise I’d volunteer. but hey at least I finished the game (on 1 foot). c’mon Greener gotta play with pain