Another Kings ticket promotion

The Kings have yet another promotion to sell tickets … a President’s Day sale starting tomorrow. Here’s the release from the Kings:




LOS ANGELES – Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 12 noon, the Los Angeles Kings will off their fans a 44-percent off discount on a limited number of 200-level and 300-level tickets to four upcoming home games – including three home games during President’s Day weekend – the team announced today.

In honor of Barack H. Obama, our Nation’s 44th President, the Kings on Wednesday will offer their fans discounted tickets as low as $16.50 to games against the Calgary Flames on Thursday, Feb. 12 (7:30 p.m.), the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, Feb. 14 (1 p.m.), the Atlanta Thrashers on Monday, Feb. 16 (7:30 p.m.) and the Nashville Predators on Monday, March 16 (7:30 p.m.). The sale will last 44 hours and conclude on Friday, Feb. 6 at 8 a.m.

Kings season ticket members can call their Kings ticket representative any time before the sale starts to receive priority pre-sale and exclusive access to 100-level and premier tickets!

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  • john b

    More deck chairs for the Titanic?

    Kidding,I think its a good idea to fill these seats since we only have 11 or so more home games. Kings need all the support we can give them.

  • RealDrew

    Did the Kings do a promotion when Bush was elected?

  • KingsFan304

    And, as has been mentioned before here, what exactly do the ever-faithful season ticket holders, who have been paying regular prices ALL SEASON LONG (most of us for years!) get in consideration?? We now once again get the pleasure of being surrounded by hockey-illiterate morons who are loud, rude, and disruptive. Oh yea. I can’t wait to see how the season ticket reps scramble in July trying to re-sign the folks who have finally had it and decide to wait for the next “promotion” to but their tickets next season.

  • The Kings did a HILARIOUS video with Army for this!!!

  • Glvoe Save by Vachon

    I appreciate your gripe about what the team is going to do for you the season ticket holder.. but don’t assume that just because I might be sitting next to you on one or more of those nights that I am a “hockey-illiterate moron who is loud, rude, and disruptive”. Just because I don’t have season tickets doesn’t mean I don’t know hockey. It is quite possible I have been a fan of the Kings as long or longer than you.. I went to my first game in 1969 and have seen this team through it’s highs and lows. It is incredibly arrogant to believe that your ability to afford the tickets and have the time to go to the games makes you more knowledgable… it just makes you more fortunate.



    I feel your frustration.
    Bring a petition to get names of Kings Supporters and start a Union.
    Or, start an enquiry about building a Corporate Entity that season ticket holders can join by “buying in” in an attempt to purchase a stake, or majority interet, in the LA Kings.

    Although I’m not an ‘attendee” too often, if there were a way the Kings Supporters could unite and purchase “Stock” in the team, I’d do it and be there every night.

  • No Sympathy

    Boo hoo 304, you should just be thankful that your fortunate enough to afford such luxury. I been out of work for almost a year now without a single dime to even take my wife out to dinner.

  • KingsFan304

    Glove Save:

    I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else. Nor was I making assumptions about any true fan’s ability or willingness to attend games.

    I was, however, speaking from very recent, *very personal* experience (the January $11.50 ticket debacle). The vast majority of the people I encountered and/or endured were *not* of your caliber. Just ask any of the ushers who had to explain over and over again why they couldn’t go back to their seats (after going for their 5th beer) until there was a stoppage of play. We even had one exceptionally loud, rather drunk a$$ tumble out of his seat behind us and into the head and neck of a small girl that sits next to us. And he never even said he was sorry!

    Additionally, as you said, I am fortunate enough, and have *chosen* to make room in my budget, to be able to purchase seats as a season ticket holder and have for many years. I would expect, in return for making the sacrifices of time and continued financial support, that the organization to whom I give a substantial amount of money, to treat me like a valued partner. It is galling to see these promotions that give away the building (food, parking, merchandise) to people who come to one or two games and have absolutely no idea what is going on, nor will they *ever* consider purchasing season tickets. So what is the point?

    Sorry for the long-winded reply, but this is a topic that really gets to me. Every year it gets worse and worse. But my addiction is stronger than my good sense. And I will continue to support my team.

  • tohspals

    Glvoe Save by Vachon

    Don’t take it personally as season ticket holders we all would welcome you with open arms. The problem is that when they do these promotions what we usually get is exactly what KingsFan304 refers to or worse. We have had it all the falling over drunks who keep spilling their beers on my 9 year old then falling over the row into ours, to the people who keep screaming for no reason including every 4 letter word known to man, to the people who keep walking up and down the aisles during play and then there are of course those who think its funny to throw trash as well.

  • Matt George

    I’m with you realdrew …

    All I know is I’m glad I cancelled my fix b4 the season started

    If they didn’t raises prices on us last summer maybe things wouldn’t be so bad for the right now

    This is funny

  • John Galt

    “In honor of Barack Obama?” …I’m out!

  • Glvoe Save by Vachon

    Being a hockey fan in this town is both a blessing and a curse. In order to be a hockey fan here, you have to WANT to be a fan… it doesn’t just happen. As a result, hockey games are usually a blast to attend because just about everyone there is knowledgeable (or with someone who is). The problem though, is that you are marketing to a very small fan base in this area (and the local news media, especially sports radio, doesn’t help) so these promotions are necessary to try to attract people who otherwise might not ever consider going to a game, in the hope that at least some small percentage will come to the same conclusion we have… that hockey is the best sport to see in person. Hockey fans are spoiled (not by the team, but by each other) because they have such high expectations of each other. Other sports have to deal with those people all the time; so maybe in those terms you might be somewhat fortunate… but I guess that is easy for me to say since I’m not there dealing with it.

    As far as Kings management is concerned, I have to take your word that they have treated season ticket holders poorly and I obviously have no reason to not believe you. On a more positive note, I do think they are on the right track as far as the team goes.

  • john b

    Wow! you season tic holders have it so bad!

    I can understand some frustration but I travelled from Santa Barbara for years just to attend games and now I come from Palm Springs. Two friggin hours in traffic and a hotel room at the Standard. Your lucky to have a franchise you can go to whenever you want, must be rough! Things are tough and the owners have to sell some tics. Whould you rather have a 2/3 empty arena with the Kings moving away like the Rams!!!!

    Count your blessings you snivlers.

  • BBanzai

    Man im tired of these season ticket holders that think the sun and moon revolves around them, and how dare the kings offer any kind of deals to anyone other than them! In this economy im grateful for these deals as i(an many others) couldn’t otherwise go to games. And to sit in the lowerbowl area was fantastic this last month, as ive never been so close and for a fraction of the price i pay for a noise bleed seat in 304. It was a real treat for me. All i have to say is id hope that the Kings offer these promotions all the time good economy or not, this is a great way to give back to fans and gain new ones.

  • KingsFan304

    Hey. BBanzai.

    How would *you* have felt if you were one of those lower bowl season ticket holders who shelled out top dollars (and I mean TOP dollars!) in July and come January those same level seats are being sold for a fraction of the cost? Those special promotion seats in the lower bowl cost less than *I* paid (and have paid for years) up in my “nose bleed” seat in 304. You say its a way to “give back to fans and gain new ones”. Well, it certainly is *not* giving back to the faithful season ticket holders who, by virtue of their advance purchase (and therefore money in management’s pockets), allow the organization to exist. And I can’t see how anyone who experiences an $11.50 seat in the lower bowl is going to run right out and get season tickets at the *real* prices….or even single game tickets at those prices. This is *not* building a new fan base. It’s merely putting butts in the seats so they can announce sell-outs and look good on paper.

  • CiscoC

    I buy season tix off of a friend before the season starts because I want to have the seats I like for the games I want. If I wait for the deals, there are no guarantees that I can get tickets where I want them. I don’t have a problem with the $11.50 tix. I bought some to games I did not have tix for and took some friends that hadn’t been to a hockey game before. Each of them are now fans and are interested in attending some games and have even paid regular prices at the box office for upcoming games.

  • mark4kings


    As a season ticket holder I feel your pain, and I agree with you about the “un-seasoned” fans that take advantage of the discounted tickets. Last home game, two or three rows worth of us faithful were screaming at a guy who was standing and talking to the girl next to him, to sit down. It was during a freakin’ power play at our end. After about 45 seconds, he gave us an F-U look before condescending to take his seat. He obviously didn’t know or care about the simplest bit of etiquette.

    On the flip side, it’s nice to see the place sold-out and full of more Kings’ fans then the opponents’.

    Also, as a counter-measure to the lower prices, what we’ve done is take advantage of the special deals ourselves. We buy tickets in the lower bowl at a discount and give away our normal seats to friends and family. It’s kinda of a win-win. Of course, I am lucky enough to be able to have the means to purchase season tickets AND the discounted seats as well.

  • Lars

    Can’t really get into the barrack thing but I do appreciate my boy/playa I like to call “Youngblood” aka Simmonds, who has recently flashed some enhanced effort if only he possessed better passing skills we may be in a top eight spot.

    I use to have season tix at my disposal and now that I reside in the Deep South I can only envy anyone within 2 hours of the facility.

    I will be attending the minor league game up here in BFE and am hoping for another bench clearing brawl.

    Wore my kings sox last nite.

    GEAUX KINGS and Happy Mardi Gras!!

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