Moller getting close

One more thing from the notes today…

Oscar Moller skated with the fourth line in practice today, but he was one of four forwards in the fourth-line jersey. Based on past experience — and nothing really more, so don’t read too much into it — that probably means Moller is still a couple days away. Moller being in a non-yellow jersey means he’s much closer, but it’s still probably better than a 50-50 bet that he will need a couple more days.

Also, this got mentioned in the game chat last night, but not on the blog itself…Marc-Andre Cliche (finally) got activated from injured reserve — he separated his shoulder in training camp — and assigned to Manchester.

I haven’t received my usual number of “Is this trade happening?” e-mails today. Not a lot of news on today?

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  • Anonymous

    Being in ottawa i’ve heard that ottawa and la were talking if you go to it is mentioned there any word on this?

  • Anonymous


  • MacSwede

    Well that looks interesting.. Maybe they will go for Spezza. But what do you guys (or rich) think they will have to give up to get him?

    Do you think they will trade Kopi, because of his not to good season? I hope not.. Maybe Frolov? I hope not either.. But maybe you get too attached to certain players when you follow a team, maybe Kings HAVE to, at some point, make that blockbuster trade to be a contender….and when it happens, it will hurt, but it will also bring something..

    But what do I know, Im just a swedish guy who hardly sleeps because of my favorite team is playing on the west coast..

  • variable


    i don’t know who this guy is who runs, but…
    he claims to have “absolute certainty” that the teams are discussing a trade or even a blockbuster…
    the obvious question aside, (from the players involved), i want to know WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY? does he really have any insight as to what’s going on…?
    or is he a day trader and a daydreamer..?
    are you able to somehow answer that for us…?
    is this blogger connected…?

  • Rich Hammond

    I’m not familiar with the site, nor do I plan to get familiar with it. Could there be truth? Sure. But it just continues to boggle my mind as to why anyone would waste two minutes contemplating a vague, anonymous Internet report.

  • BRS

    Wow. Did you guys read the comment section after that first article on senschirp? One person suggests we give them Sully, Frolov, JMFJ, Hickey & Quick or Bernier for Spezza. They are worse than we are. It’s funny how fans think their players are worth gold.

  • Ersberg

    Cool. Maybe we can trade Moller for Spezza

    (I’m kidding)

  • Quisp

    Re OTT:

    Their whole team is about to be dismantled, maybe not this week but over the next several months. Of course they’re over-valuing the two legitimate stars they have. What else can they do?

    (p.s. if Ottawa even wants to get into the UFA market this summer, they’re going to have to trade some folks to make room; they don’t have a choice; I think the deals they make will reflect the fact that they need cap space and everyone knows it)

  • variable


    thank you for the follow up…

    on went there on curiosity…i never even knew the site existed until i read yr blog (suggested by the anonymous poster above…

    and yes…completely agree..

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE…? how do they make a living…?
    how is this not fantasy gone wild…?

    some of these crazy ideas they have are disturbing as to the mental energy extended in developing them…hard to believe…

    thanks again for answering promptly…and always appreciated is the fact that i can trust true sports journalists (yrself and jill) with appropriate information and facts regarding my favorite hockey team…

  • Marc Nathan

    1. Cliche not in the lineup tonight. Danny Taylor in goal. Manchester leads Hartford 4-2 towards the end of the 2nd…

    2. I think there’s an absolute possibility there’s some trade talk between the Kings and the Sens, but we’re probably talking about Preissing for a pick, or something equally trivial.

  • John

    I heard Nick yesterday on the radio say Moller was cleared before the game. So he should go tomorrow against Washington yea??

  • mrbrett7

    Mark Nathan…I doubt Preissing goes back to Ottawa for the simple fact that his salary is too much for them. They need to cut salary, not add salary.

    FWIW…I don’t want Spezza…he’s a wimp…give me Dany Heatly, put him on a line with Kopitar and Brown…now we have something.

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