About those penalties…

This is from a couple days ago, but I think it’s still relevant for discussion… I asked Terry Murray about those late-game penalties against Montreal (Calder) and Ottawa (Johnson) that were big topics of discussion for a few days…

MURRAY: “That’s just the way it’s called in the game today. (Against Ottawa) the puck is dumped in on Jack. He makes a turn and seemed to get in the path of the forward. That’s such a subjective call, but that’s the letter of the law in the late part of the game. With Calder, I dont think he cross-checked the defenseman but he ran into him from behind. That’s the kind of thing you have to be careful of. Everything is being watched with greater scrutiny. Those are the things we have to take out of those games. It’s about the growth process. We’re learning about playing with structure, and we have to make sure we’re always learning something. I was really proud of our penalty killing in Ottawa. We gave them no time to get set up, with our pressure.”

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  • Seabass

    I haven’t heard him comment about the non-call on the game tying goal in Montreal. It’s all water under the bridge at this point, but I’d still like to know what he thought of it.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Thanks for asking, Rich. Don’t like his answer. To Stoll, 4th line for you. To Calder, “be careful.” Sorry, it just bugs me.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Ovechkin! He’s mollycoddled in this league along with Crosby because they are Bettman’s Boys. I loved when Brownie crushed him in the corner in the last seconds of the game and that ugly bastard retaliated with a crosscheck that put Brown down. No penalty there because of who he is. Ask Calder.

  • anthony

    What about all those stupid penalties Ivanans takes.
    I’ve never seen an enforcer take so many infractions and put his team short-handed.
    And yet, this coach continues to give him more ice time than he deserves.
    I don’t think other coaches would put up with it.
    I can’t stomach him anymore.

  • Ersberg

    Man, why hate Ovechkin? He’s a working mans elite goal scorer. He does it all: Skates, fights to get open, drives to the net, plays tough in the corners, checks hard, and gets his teammates fired up when they need to be.

    We would be very luck to have him.

  • Ersberg

    In addition to my post.

    As a Kings fan, the only playes I can’t stand are the ones that start in Dallas and end San Jose.

    I’d hope the Kings nation would agree.

  • Eric K


    interesting stuff… according to the players. among other things: DB is way underrated, Pronger and Getzlaf complain a lot, and neither of the Montreal refs are among the best.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the link Erik…great stuff.

  • Kings of Old

    Last nights game was insane. Quick was unbelievable. DL can stop looking for a top 5 goalie….it seems we already have one.

    For those who have followed the Kings forever, don’t the Cap’s remind you of the old Edmonton Oilers, all offense and no D. I hate to even say it, but Ovechkin is the second coming of the Great One! I absolutely hated Gretzky back in the day. He would come to the Forum and destroy the Kings. Many great high scoring games but usually the Kings were on the losing end. Every time Wayne would step on the ice, I would take a deep breath and hope one of the Kings would put him through the boards, but rarely did that happen.

    Its just one mans opinion, but no one player has excited and scared me as much playing against the Kings since Gretzky. Ovechkin is by far the leagues MVP. He has his defensive liabilities, but so did Wayne. This kid is going to acquire a lot of hardware before he calls it a career.

  • dmh012

    Ovechkin is my fav player who is not a King and Green is quickly climbing the list.

    5 of 6 is great and points in 6 of 7. Amazing most of the games on the road. I thought this team could fall apart with all the road games, but it is a different story. Keep it rolling.

    Go Kings!!!

  • Roger

    Hockey needs Ovechkins and Crosby’s to elevate the NHL and place it in the elite status just like NBA and the NFL. Those guys have the ability to fill the stands and bring much needed money to the league. And as customary, they are going to be treated with velvet gloves. Unfortunately for the Kings we do not have that caliber of a player on the team yet. So more time than none, they are some times going to end up on the short side of the stick regarding the calls. Unfortunately that’s how business is conducted through out the professional sports world.


  • David

    How many goals would Ovechkin have if he played back in the 80’s? It’s mindboggling!

    Bob Miller mentioned that AO joined an elite group of four former players by scoring 200 goals in less than 300 games. Pretty good company to hang with…..Gretzky, Lemieux, Bossy, and Brett Hull!

  • Anonymous

    Beat Devils 3-2
    Lose to Isles 3-1..

  • Dan H.

    I didn’t have a problem with calders penalty or JMFJ being called (Although the other guy should have gone for holding too).

    The one that pissed me off was the non call in Montreal when Doughty got tossed to the ground and dude picks up the puck and scores.

  • Ersberg

    AO is basically a Teemu Selanne. What’d Temmu have year 1? 76 goals? We were still seeing the ‘no defense/goaltending NHL’ back in ’92, so I think the two are very comparable.

  • MrMach5

    Wait a damn minute!!

    Gets slammed and set to the fourth line for getting an accidental delay of game call.

    Kyle The Weak Link Calder gets We’re learning about playing with structure


    As Ive said before

    As one of the few seasoned veterans of a very young team Kyle The Weak Link Calder can not make AHL mistakes in a game that his team was winning.

    Lets take his last couple assists and a goal out of the equation and look at his total play this year and its been crap! Hes the Weak Link of any line hes been placed on.

  • MrMach5

    Sorry my above post should read

    Stoll gets slammed and set to the fourth line for getting an accidental delay of game call.