What’s special about L.A.?

Need a little help here… The Hockey News is doing a feature on things that are special and unique about each NHL city. I’m supposed to identify “the must-sees and must-dos for a hockey fan. If a fan had a week to spend in your team’s city/area, what things/people/events should he do/see?”

Any ideas?

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  • JA

    The first thing they have to do is log on to this page and then read the comments below this post.

  • mrbrett7

    Where else can you surf, snowboard and go to a hockey game in the same day?

  • KingFan4ever

    I’d say stick around and watch the Lakers while Kobe’s still around. That and grab and In & Out burger while they’re at it.

  • Andre

    Pinks! Must have a dog a Pinks!

  • anthony

    Where else will you be able to find so many reasonable Kings fans who all think alike.

  • Sybil227

    I know I’ll leave out tons of stuff – Michelle Shocked has this GREAT song about LA that goes:
    I’ve come a long way, I’ve come a long way
    I’ve gone 500 miles today
    I’ve come a long way, I’ve come a long way
    I never even left LA

    but I’ll try:
    1. The food. There is such a huge mix of great food in LA. Try Roy’s. And Wolfgang Puck’s Cut. Go to Chinatown and pick a little hole-in-the wall place for some great chinese food. I can’t tell you the best place for Mexican in LA – but there are a lot of good ones. Go down to Little Ethiopia for Ethiopian food.
    2. The beach. Put on a pair of rollerblades and go from Manhattan beach to Venice to Malibu. Try to catch some Pro Volleyball
    3. Griffith park. The park itself is awesome, but add in Travel Town, the Greek Theater, and the Observatory & it’s a great place in LA. Not to mention the view from the observatory.
    4. Universal studios. If you’re a tourist from out of town, doing the studio tour (with the slim but still real chance of seeing a movie filmed & seeing some stars) and visiting City Walk is something you have to do.
    5. Hollywood. Admittedly, it’s a bit run-down, but the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame are must-sees.
    6. Museums. The Natural History Museum and Science & Industry Museums are great, but not many cities can compete with the LaBrea Tar Pits. If you want to know what it’s like watching Ivanans skate, try pulling something out of the tar…

    Does that help, Rich?

  • Daniel

    Watts Towers, drive Sunset Blvd. from Hollywood to PCH, grab a bite at one of the many taco stands, see a show at the Troubador, laugh at all the cosmetic surgery ads in LA Weekly.

  • Scott

    Attend practice at the Toyota Sports Center. I doubt anyone from Canada has ever been able to just walk into an open practice with the players, coaches, and everyone else in the organization just walking around within arms reach.

  • jeff

    Attend a taping of Jay Leno, and then have Tommy’s.

  • wavesinair

    Go ice skating at the culver city ice rink. Then they can say they skated where the kings used to practice!

  • madA

    A game then the original Tommy’s after. Heaven on earth.

  • Matt R

    “wavesinair said:
    Go ice skating at the culver city ice rink. Then they can say they skated where the kings used to practice”

    Or go ice skating at Toyota Sports Center and say you skated where the Kings currently practice!

  • Quisp

    Hard to identify things that the hockey fan must do/see in LA. But in terms of things to see for any kind of person, I point you to two great books of LA landmarks:


    “L.A. Bizarro: The Insider’s Guide to the Absurd, Perverse and Bizarre in Los Angeles”


    “L.A. Musical History Tour”


    Because what people really want is to see where John Belushi bought his last bong, where Janis died, where Marvin Gaye’s dad shot Marvin, where the Batcave was, Houdini’s ruins, the house on “Blue Jay Way”, where Jim Morrison liked to eat cream pies at 3am… etc.

    I second the Tar Pits nomination. That’s a great place.

  • P

    I totally agree with in-n-out and little ethiopia. There’s a pretty good restaurant in Thai town called Palms. Maybe a little Roscoe’s, the original pantry, Fernando’s (that mexican restaurant inside the car wash by staples), get some fruit from one of those carts…

    Hah, all I think about is the food in LA…Not actually seeing anything except a Kings game.

  • duane

    Yeah…….gotta be Tommy’s
    The original on Beverley and Rampart – my son and I go there after every game we attend. We sit in the car and listen to King’s Talk on the radio while we eat our food. The car smells like chili for days after that late night feast!

  • Me

    In-N-Out, though it’s probably available in Phoenix and definetly in Anaheim.

    Manhattan Beach, probably the coolest beach ever. I suggest the Manhattan Pizzeria, the owner knows some of the Kings guys. Says they’re regulars.

    Hollywood, of course. Bob Miller’s Star.

  • Baumgartner22

    405 during rush hour is beautiful any time of year!

  • pr0cess

    Im living in Albuquerque, but born and raised in LA. And i would have to say first things First.. Eat at IN and Out burgers!!! there isnt a day that goes by that i miss it… And Tommy’s to

  • Lili

    Watch the sunset from Avenue A in Redondo Beach. Palos Verdes to your left, Malibu to your right, the sunset right ahead. And if it’s clear, you can see the planes taking off from LAX.

  • glewis29

    In-N-Out is a must.

    Olvera Street was always a fun one when I was young, so were the Tar pits. The observatory is great and Santa Monica Pier is good. As for Museums, I hear the Getty is great. The Museum of Tolerance is a good one. The Pantages is a great place to see a musical and walk around and see the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s with all the fun hand/foot prints too 🙂

  • sense13

    What’s so special?

    RICH HAMMOND!!! =)

    If you’re too modest to report that then I would have to go with water surf, snowboard and able to drive to vegas all in the same day.

  • variable

    i will tell them where NOT TO GO…like san jullian st. or any other place close to staples center after 10pm, unless you have an escort…eh, um…police escort…

    what about taking in a pchl game…?
    if there’s a level 1 or 2 game you can catch, you might see some good former top level collegiate players mixed in w/cagey minor league vets who may have some nhl experience…hey, slapshot might exist…and it could be happening in lakewood, out of all places…
    summer season starts feb. 9…i think…
    check out their website…not easy to navigate, though…

    …and then you can gorge yrself at all the variety of l.a. hangouts and eateries than already have been mentioned…

    the fox and hounds in studio city is a good place in the valley to watch a hockey game…

    and i’ve heard of good times at alex’s bar in da’ lbc…

    there’s the french bar taix in my neighborhood…silverlkae/echo park…

    good luck…!

  • Anonymous

    LA is too crowded so just stay home.

  • Tito Jackson

    There are a number of cool bars in downtown including the Golden Gopher, Broadway Bar, Petes Cafe, and my favorite, the Edison.

    They can also go see our professional NFL team. Oh wait…

  • Anonymous

    The In and Out on the approach of end of Runway 25 Right at LAX… you can almost touch the landing gear!

  • BRS

    I second the Toyota sports Center on a Kings practice day. Then drive thru Manhattan Beach to see where most of the players live.

    Before the games we like to go to the original Pantry to eat. And of course L.A. Live is starting to look pretty cool.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    A french dip at Fillipes.
    Roscoes for Chicken and Waffles.
    Canters for a pastrami on rye.
    A trip to both Getty museums.
    Walk around old town Pasadena.
    Hollywood and Vine for…entertainment

  • number 6

    Check out some of the stars homes in Beverly Hills. Especially where David Beckham lives. What? You mean he’s not gonna be playing for the Galaxy anymore? Oops. Sorry. 🙂

  • andrew

    ive lived in colorado the past year and i the 3 things i miss most is good mexican food, in n out burger, and the beach. a lot of people tend to say tommy’s i never had tommys but then again i lived in northern SD county. ill have to try it when im visiting.

  • Jayrew

    Yo Variable,

    If you think that area is bad now, you sure as hell weren’t around ten years ago. You ever been to the forum? you ever been to the coliseum?

    LA live and surrounding areas are $$$ nowadays. You’re trippin if you think thats ghetto.

    As for attractions….Tommys In-n-Out, felipes (double dip) dodger stadium and of course.. the hat in pasadena for the best pastrami you’ll ever eat. and cruise down the boardwalk in redondo/manhattan el segundo etc…

  • olli

    The Nethercutt Collection

  • Robert A.

    The funny thing is, I sold a ticket to a Blackhawk’s fan that was in town from Chicago and met him outside Staples to give him the ticket and he asked what there is to do in LA. All I said was: In-N-Out. That seems to be a unanimous vote so far, aside from the fact that Anaheim has it too. LA Live is something worth seeing and is literally a “Can’t miss” 🙂 attraction. The Chicago guy said LA live looked like it was “from the future.”

    I would love to read the article when it is finished to know what to check out during any road games.

    Another suggestion- Felipe’s french dipped sandwiches and cheap coffee.

  • Eric K

    In ‘n Out or Phillipe’s. a UCLA basketball game at Pauley Pavilion or a Dodger game. go to Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier. music at the Disney Concert Hall or the Sunset Strip, depending on your tastes. and because FSN hyped it so much, why not go to LA Live?

  • variable


    yeah…i’ve been to all the areas mentioned…just some humor…
    is it better…? (dwntwn)
    does it have miles to go…?
    the renovation of downtown is still in it’s early stages, but certain areas are making progress…others not…
    still thousands of homeless occupy the streets at night and there’s so much illegal activity still going on, all the police can do is monitor it and make sure it’s under control…you can’t arrest everyone…and they don’t…

    i hope we all can come up w/ideas that would make it better for all the parties involved…

  • Anonymous

    My apologies for having to read this if it’s a duplicate. The bacon wrapped “danger dog” outside of Staples is an absolute must.

  • Dave W

    Admittedly not in LA but still a good time is the Ontario Reign in, of course Ontario. The stadium is new and the tickets are reasonably priced.

  • old man

    The yard house restaurant, A kings games,and kings talk.No other reason to come to L A. Oh i forgot JURY DUTY!

  • neil

    LA Sports Arena for Springsteen concert(old school)Pauley Pavillion for a ucla game…Dodger Stadium to see the other team play(Like the Giants)Jethawk Stadium in Lancaster to see a minor league baseball game..Ontario to see a minor league hockey game..The Forum just because its the Forum…Staples to see the Lakers,Kings or minor league basketball(Clippers)Then shop on Robertson Blvd and watch the paps taking pictures of has beens and wanna bees…

  • JA

    …and there you have it. All of the above are excellent choices.

    Print this page, put it in your back pocket and have at it.

    Welcome to LA

  • JGSmall

    Moholland west of Laurel Canyon in the early evening. Point Vincente in Palos Verdes at sunset on a clear enough day to see Santa Barbara Island on the horizon. PCH from Malibu to Port Hueneme during daylight. Vasquez Rocks on the 14 short of Palmdale on w clear afternoon. Pershing Square around midday. Walk Hollywood Blvd from Vine to just west of Highland in the early evening (maybe dinner at Musso & Franks). It can’t be scheduled, but a 3.5 to 4.5 earthquake would really be a must.

  • JP Kelly

    To keep this hockey-related… If you’re coming in the summer I’d definitely want to check out the Manhattan Beach spots where all the NHLers do their surfing. Every year it seems like more and more of these guys are hanging out on the beach and having a go at riding the waves. Something of a NHL subculture developing with all of that. Of course this trend started with Blakey and a few others.

    During the hockey season, I’d second the recommendations of touring the “Homes of the Kings” in the Manhattan Beach area, and skating at Culver.

    You might also consider making a pilgrimage out to Gretz’s place, but I don’t think you’d be able to get close enough for it to be worthwhile. There are probably some places in the Valley where Gretz used to hang out after he first came here that commemorate his presence.

    BUT, whatever else you do, you can’t forget to visit Bob Miller’s star on Hollywood Blvd.!!!

  • Red Line

    Ride the Subway Red Line from Staples to North Hollywood. Check out the designs of the various stations (all different). My fav is Hollywood x Vine. Film reels used as ceiling tiles, and upstairs, the railing that guides you down to the platform is comprised of five stainless steel rails (music). On them are attached some musical notes. Trivia, for you sight readers – what do you think the notes play? ANSWER: “Hoo-Ray for Hollywood!” That is the coolest thing I know of in LA.

  • Garrett

    Hi Rich, do you know what issue of the Hockey News that is going to be? I have been thinking about going to a game in all 30 cities in 1 season and also touring the cities while I’m at it so that sounds like it will be a good place to start getting ideas about what to see!

  • Rob M.

    From a sports perspective….go to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena area for the two Olympics, numerous important college (USC,UCLA) and pro football games (Rams, Raiders, Charges), home to the Lakers and Kings, LA Sharks, LA Ice Dogs, and Los Angeles Express. Go to Dodger stadium to see where Gibby hit his home run. Stand in the parking lot where many of the people heard about his home run. Go the Manhattan Beach where beach volleyball was popularized. Go to Toyota center for a practice. Meet up with some Kings fans before a game via this board or through letsgokings.com. Go to Las Vegas for Frozen Fury. See the twins at a game.

    From a unique experience……Olivera Street for real Mexican before a hockey game, see both a Clippers/Lakers game and a Kings game in the same day, go to a taping of any TV show (especially if the Kings are on it), pick three ethnic foods and have breakfast, lunch and dinner somewhere in LA.

  • kenb

    get stoned on top of Mt Wilson for the sunset.


    Dominick Lavoie.

    Good stuff, man.
    Phillipe’s is really cool.

    LA favorites:

    Topanga Canyon.
    Stoney Point or Malibu State Park (for climbing AND film settings).
    Mulholland Drive.
    Laurel Canyon.
    Santa Anita racetrack or even Hollywood Park.
    Sunset Blvd. and Rodeo Dr. are a must for out of towners.
    Taking in the history of Downtown with all the old Theatres and architecture.
    Papa Cristo’s for some inexpensive, but very good, greek food – or Taverna Tony in Malibu if Chelios is in town.
    PCH and frequent stops….Leo Carillo, County Line, Malibu, Zuma, Pt. Magu…
    Canters for some late night deli and people watching…
    The Hollywood Bowl…
    Westwood for a pint and a stroll around UCLA, thanks Janss family…
    The Getty for the art and the view, not to mention architecture again…
    Union Station…

    And if you’re from New York, stay away from our pizza unless you find yourself in San Clemente at La Rocco’s…
    But that would probably require getting on the 405 or the 5, and you may not want to do that either…

    And the LA WEEKLY to find out what’s going on while you’re here…

  • Scott Dunn

    In n Out is a must as well as Johnny’s Pastrami which is phenominal, maybe cruise go to 3rd Street in Santa Monica and the Pier, or go down to the pier in Hermosa for some good bars and clubs at night

  • LA67

    Big Bear in the morning……eat at In-n-Out for lunch….go to LA live for drinks…..watch Kings game…eat at Tommy’s after game and listen to Kings talk…perfect day !!

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