FINAL: Kings 3, Devils 1

I’ll update the scoring for tonight’s game here, for those who need a recap…

No scoring

KINGS: Stoll, from Handzus and Brown, 10:23 (PP)
KINGS: Kopitar, from O’Sullivan and Frolov, 12:28
KINGS: O’Sullivan, 14:37 (penalty shot)

DEVILS: Zubrus from Rolston and Elias, 10:41

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  • Anonymous

    I looks like the team is starting to adapt and play the Terry Murray system. It’s taken some time but these are young guys with a bright future. I only regret the Kings didn’t grab Shanny when he was avaiable. He would have added that boost to the young forwards that OD has given to DD.

  • Rolex

    Notice how anthony disappears when the Kings start winning, what a tool.

  • number 6

    I live in ny and saw the NJ feed. The NJ broadcasters were effusive in their praise for the Kings. That’s all I can say. They raved about them. Now, please to anyone on this blog… I remember hearing something about Bobby Holik making reference to the Kings as a JV team. I’m not being a wise guy or anything, I’d just like to know what actually was said and what happened if anyone out there knows.
    Was it that the Devils played the Ducks and then referred to having played the Kings the night before or something. In any case, being a bit cheeky, I would like to know what he thinks of them now.

    In answer to the question “best game this season”…. how much better can they play than that? They were really really good. I’m sure a lot of you out there share the sentiments.

  • jet

    That’s the best part of winning

  • mark4kings

    Oh heck yeah!!
    What a great game! Think anybody on the right coast is paying attention? How do ya like us now Holik?

    Say something nice Anthony.

  • JDM

    How sweet it is. 3 game streak baby! Man was that a fun game to watch.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Straight-up question for anyone:

    Why was Sulli awarded the penalty shot? Is it because he was closest to the puck? Was he the last one to touch it? Or was it Kings’ choice of players on the ice?

  • Brent

    POS got the penalty shot because one of the Devils defensemen, Mottau, covered the puck with his hand in the crease. That is an automatic penalty shot.

  • old man

    Good question shield. My concern also.

  • Cry baby

    Someone on the ice at the time of the penalty had to take the shot.

  • old man

    Thanks Brett. But we wanted to know why PO was chosen.

  • historyguy

    When it is a penalty that is not committed against a specific player, the team may choose any player on the ice at the time. POS was the obvious choice, with his penchant for shoot-outs.

  • old man

    Thank you all for clarifing the penalty shot question.

  • Rob

    If this senile old coach thinks he has anything to do with the young guns winning he better think again. The kings were extremely lucky to win this game and Calder is once again the worst player in the league. I cant believe he continues to play Quick. Whats with his love for ex Philly players. OOPS, sorry folks, I just always miss a certain town idiot of ours after a win. If we keep winning we may never have to see anymore of his posts. GO KINGS

  • Moondoggie

    This is getting to be fun and could be habit forming….

    Go Kings!


    I still love you Anthony.

    The penalty with 1:05 left, and the two goal lead, made me break out in a cold sweat.
    Los Angelitis, in hockey lingo.
    I cannot believe this team has put this streak together after what was going on in Dec./early Jan.
    Terry Murray is cool.
    He likes trains and traveling in them.
    That is cool.
    Maybe I was all wrong about this gentleman.


    PS – I heart Quick, too. That kid is the greatest…