Moller out, Quick in

Oscar Moller will not play today, but it seems that barring any unforeseen setbacks, he will play Tuesday against the Islanders. Here’s what Terry Murray said a few minutes ago about Moller…

MURRAY: “He’s ready to go. Physically, he’s been pushing it hard and he’s been doing everything we ask him to do, outside of playing in the games. It just comes down to a coach’s decision right now. It’s not going to be tonight, but we’ve got a couple days here before the next game and we’d sure like to get him in before the end of the road trip.”

Here’s what Moller told the Kings’ website about his status (more notes can be found here)

MOLLER: “I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been working hard and it’s just up to the coaches (to decide when to re-introduce him to the lineup). They’ve said that they want to be 110 percent sure that I’m healthy. … I feel pretty good right now.”

Also, Jonathan Quick will be back in goal tonight, after his extraordinary effort against Washington. Here’s what Terry Murray said about Quick, particularly about Quick’s third-period effort against the Caps…

MURRAY: “Quick has played very well, although Ersberg is also ready now and he feels good. … That was a very big period for QUick, against one of the top teams in the league. He was out there against the No. 1 goal scorer in the league, and he was able to keep his composure and make the saves. The D-men were jumping in there also, but he still had the concentration to find players on the ice. That was a real good third period, and it’s something he can draw on, in terms of understanding what he can accomplish.”

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    Is the goaltending decision retained by Murray, or does he defer to the goaltending coach?
    Is Quick fatigued or not at this point?
    He’s still young, but inexperienced to these demands…

  • Rich Hammond

    Ultimately, it’s Murray’s choice, but there are discussions and consultations on a regular basis about those very things. I’m not certain if Ranford is on this trip, but there’s a decent chance, since he can also see other guys on the East Coast.

  • Meg

    I think it’s great to see Quick getting this level of experience against top teams. No matter how well (or poorly) someone does in the AHL, it’s still the AHL and the level of play is different. Quick is our future, so I think it makes sense to test his limits and see what he’s made of. He’s doing a lot of great things out there, so now let’s see if he can sustain it. That’s what the great ones do every day.

  • tantrum4

    Thanks Rich! I’m not sure if you read my post on your last post (?) because you never replied but thanks for once again reporting who is starting tonight! Why don’t you tell every other coach in the league to announce their starters to the media every day too, it would make life so much easier for my fantasy team!

  • ian

    I had a cognition while watching the Caps game about the goaltending…Quicks current level of play is what the Kings have been yearning for the last few years, he made every player seem a little better out there and that, over a little time, transforms itself into actual confidence, they all start playing a bit better and the team gets on a roll. And when a team gets on a roll heading into the playoffs, lookout! They get very dangerous…

    Maybe that’s just stating the obvious but I hope they can keep this going and haven’t “peaked” form-wise a little early..

  • ChrisH

    Moller’s rights got traded to Seattle in the WHL. Their GM says the Kings will be making a decision by the end of the week. So should he go play with Hickey?

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