On trade rumors…

I truly hesitate to do this, because it reads as though I’m talking down to people even though that’s the farthest thing from my intention. But there is still almost one month until the trade deadline, and this thing is already death-spiraling out of control. Your e-mails and comments are ALWAYS welcomed, but I’m going to end up muttering to myself and wearing a bathrobe if I get any more “Is there a Jason Spezza trade coming?” e-mails.

There’s NOTHING happening on that front right now, at all. Not unless I’m being massively deceived, when in this case I’m fairly certain there’s zero reason for deception. Could it come up in the future? Perhaps, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

My serious question is, why do people buy this stuff? Is it just sugary fun? Is this stuff really believable? If it’s the former, I understand. Sports fandom, after all, is a hobby. If it’s the latter, I honestly and sincerely hope that you re-evaluate how you get your news, not just about hockey but about everything happening in the world.

I’m sure that writing this will lead to a nasty e-mail in my inbox from someone, but I recently had several people asking me to confirm or deny a post on senschirp.ca. That led me to do two things: first, check out what in the world senschirp.ca was, and second, try to keep from smashing my head against the nearest wall. Really? Senschirp.ca? Yet another anonymous person who throws stuff out there while offering ZERO credentials for his or her “reporting”? Honest to God, if we get to the point where legitimate reporting is seen as being on the same level as senschirp.ca, I’m just quitting. I’ll find a new profession.

I’ll stop my rant now, because nobody likes to hear a sportswriter complain. Let’s make this productive. Here are some things that I CAN tell you about the trade deadline:

1) There are a lot of teams, over the next few weeks, that are going to be motivated to sell, either because of playoff positioning or because of bloated payrolls.

2) Dean Lombardi’s phone will be ringing, a lot, because of the Kings’ cap space. You’re going to hear the Kings mentioned in a ton of trade rumors, because every other GM is going to have their eyes on the Kings, regardless of whether the Kings are even interested.

3) Just because the phone rings, and because GMs talk, doesn’t mean a trade is coming. Usually, it’s just talk. Often an offer is made and rejected. Sometimes an offer leads to a different offer, or talks about different players. Anyone who equates a talk with an automatic trade is severely misguided.

4) If I legitimately find out that the Kings have a serious interest in a player, I’ll report it. If not, there’s zero motivation for me to go chasing my tail trying to find out every single player that has been offered to Dean Lombardi. I’d never have time to eat.

If this irritated you, I apologize. We’ll get back to talking about hockey with a live chat during tonight’s game. They have been really enjoyable, thanks to your participation. If I can find out about Oscar Moller’s status today, I’ll let you know.

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  • kevin e.

    Rich, I applaud you for this article. It’s something that needs to be said. In addition of being a Kings fan, I’m also a Lightning fan. I am so tired of hearing Lecavalier trade rumors. It gets old. You have to love Canadian media. The purpose of all other teams is to make the Canadian teams better….right?

  • Someone

    Rich, let me help you out a little…

    For all trade rumor inquiries please send an email to rich.hammond@StraightToTheTrash.com.

  • ryan oliver

    Thanks you Rich for talking some sense into some of these people. I am about to sart a Kingschirp website and say that Frolov, Brown and Doughty are going to the Pens for Malkin. Since I wrote it on the internet, it must be true, right? You are doing a great job doing what you are doing, and if people dont like it, there is another website for frustrated fans and their comments at LGK.

  • Anonymous

    so you’re saying there’s a chance!

    …sorry rich, had to do it

  • Cry Baby

    Great post! I agree that most of this trade rumor stuff is complete nonsense. I sit back and laugh at most of it. However, I do find it amusing to engage in the what if scenario from time to time.

    Has Eklund ever got it right?

    I am trusting in DL to continue to build this team as he has been, not wavering in his commitment to the long term. Sorry, to all the people who would rather sell the future for a playoff team right now. I am not an expert but I think the Kings are building a great organization. If the play remains as good as it has been on this trip we could end up seeing playoff hockey sooner than later.

  • tantrum4

    Thanks Rich, now that you’ve said it I can finally stop repeating the same thing to people on here.

    Just off topic a little, I was wondering if you know who is starting in goal for tonights game? I know the hockey world hasn’t really caught up yet announcing it’s starters like the NFL, but it really helps my fantasy team when you post who is starting each game. I’ve always thought that if the NHL wants it’s sport to become more popular, follow in the footsteps of the NFL and do everything it can to promote fatasy hockey and report injuries, lineups etc before the games start. I can say form experience, I never watched one NFL game until I joined a fantasy league 3 years ago, now I can’t miss a single game! That is a guaranteed way to make the sport more exciting to watch for the casual fan, and to also produce “new” hockey fans that the NHL so desperatley needs….

  • Danny

    Could not agree more with you Rich.

  • King4K3

    Rich, thanks again for addressing a common sense issue. Frankly, I can’t understand for the life of me why so many people have such an overwhelming fascination with him coming here anyway.

  • mbar

    Very well said Rich…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Rich! I, for one, hope the Kings don’t make any serious moves at the deadline. This team is finally developing some serious chemistry and starting to learn to win games together. In my opinion, this is very valuable for a young team. We can always fill holes int he offseason, but for now, my vote is for DL to let this ride and let the kids get some valuable experience out of this.

    Let’s be sensible people, DL has stacked the pipe line with great prospects, it would be foolish to start trading the likes of Bernier, Tuebert, Voinov, Hickey, Ersberg, & draft picks before we have had a chance to really evaluate what they can bring to the NHL level.

    I wouldn’t even want to see Armstrong, Gauthier, & Calder traded. They all bring valuable experience and character to this team. I want see the Kings in the playoffs just as badly as anyone else, but not at the expense of tinkering with chemistry or trading away prospects. That’s my 2 cents…..

  • KingFan4ever

    I doubt DL will do anything big. The only way he trades is if another team so desperate and the Kings virtually lose nothing in return.

    The Kings are starting to show some real form as a team so unless DL gets amnesia, he’ll keep this team intact.

    Plus who needs all this trade crap when the team is playing really well right now??

    As for tonight’s game, hopefully the they still have their legs and can grind with the Devils. A win over them would be huge. I don’t see TM starting Ersberg with Quickie playing like a monster right now…

  • Ersberg

    Rich, 99.9% of the trade talk I engage in on here is for fun. It’s simply just ways to discuss with fans merely a bunch of “what ifs”.

    I don’t email you, so I can’t speak for the others that do.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Mark

    On a positive note

    From the blogosphere:

    Everyone has been traded for everyone else….still no interest in the bag of pucks…..(or Cloutier)

  • Orphios

    The reality is DL isnt going to make a deal for the sake of a deal. Whether you love or hate his approach (and I love it), when it comes to dealing every deal has been well thought out and planned like an assassin. Regarding the veterans (Arms, Guath, Preissing, Calder, etc.) he will likely deal them if he gets somewhat he considers value. He will likely weight that against the play off push. If we are offered a 7th for Calder I expect Calder to stay in LA. If we are offered a 2nd for Calder then he is gone.

    Regarding dealing prospects. Its really clear that he isnt going to move the grade A kids or prospects (Johnson, Hickey, Teubert, Doughty, Quincy, Lewis, Moller, Simmonds, Bernier, Quick, Zatkoff etc). He might move one or two of the B grade prospects (Moulson, Boyle (please dont), Purcell (another A?), Meckler, Taylor, Rowat, Ersberg (I consider him a grade A but he might get dealt) if we get the RIGHT player in return. What is the right player? Really its simple. A 25 year old or younger grade A sniper or offensive player makeer (Wing or Center) that fits clearly in the top six. The player is likely needed to be under contract for 3+ years already or someone that he knows he can sign for between Brown and Kopitar money. If he can get that player then 2-3 of the kids MIGHT GO and, in that move, I would support a prospect deal. In general I don’t support a prospect deal because we are not yet one player away and we need to get these kids more ice time next season and see what we have. Frankly, Boyle, Purcell, Lewis, and Moulson all better be on the parent club next year so we can establish their worth to us and to the league.

    just my 2 cents…

  • Anonymous

    It’s the regurgitation of rumors from other sites cluttering up otherwise fun forums that made me stop subscribing to LGK.

  • CBGB

    Sorry Rich but SensChirp is about as reliable when it comes to Sens news as Rich Hammond is to Kings news.

    He’s made almost every call (signings, trades, etc) in the past and if he says the Kings and Sens are talking, maybe they are.

  • Brian M

    Rich, I post rarely but I really enjoy your site and try to visit daily. I understand your reasoning and agree with it 100 %. If you pass along a rumor or information regarding a trade or possible trade that you know about that would be great as it would have some merit. Keep up the great job your doing for all of us Kings fans.

  • Anonymous

    So, is Spezza coming to town?

  • Rich Hammond

    Ha! I was waiting for that, anonymous. Good stuff…

    Matt, good luck with that. Maybe you can buy some magic beans over there too.

  • Cynic

    I don’t think you’re talking down to anyone and I think you are making it clear your frustrations regarding your job. You are in a priveledged position when it comes to information we Kings fans want and we all trust you in obtaining the truth. If you’re not getting e-mails asking about ‘Hey Rich, is this true?’, you should wonder if you have a readership and probably find that other profession. I can tell you that I have heard your name in many places I didn’t expect to with high regard attached to it, so I don’t think you’ll have to worry.

    It is the nature of your profession and by the looks of things, you have earned a lot of respect and trust from your readership. Like none of us get frustrated with our jobs and all the repedetive natures that come with it. The hardest thing to always do is realize that as you have had those questions posed hundreds of times and know the answer, the asker has done it once and knows nothing. They trust you and that is why their asking you.

    I’m no different. I love my team and when ANYONE mentions them, I want to know what’s up, especially when it’s about stupid crap like Frolov getting moved or Calder for a bag of pucks and some In-n-Out. I come here first. Why? Because the reporting here is as close to the source as you can get for my team and if I don’t read it here, it pretty much tells me what the other info is worth. I still read the other stuff, it’s interesting and sometimes rather hilarious, but I come here for the truth.

    Now I’ve written you an e-mail on this subject before that was not exactly pleasant. I’m sure I was out of line a bit, but that is my passion for the game and this team and if I hear something that makes a little bit of sense, it would be nice to have someone who is closer to the truth simply say ‘It’s BS, trust me’. Sometimes the rumors that come up spark really intriguing discussions here , for example, Quisp and his stats are fascinating as hell! Some of those posts have come from threads that had BS rumors in them, but got the wheels turning about how it might play out and VOILA! 70 post thread with some fascinating discussions.

    Again, glad to see you’re human and not afraid to show it. Your frustration shows you have passion for your profession. You should revel in the fact there are so many hacks out there. It just makes you stand out that much more. You’re a pro. We appreciate what you bring to us. IMHO, don’t be afraid of the rumors, make it a point to kill’em each time they come up. It’ll only help your credibility and we’ll only trust you that much more. No negatives in that, right?


  • Quisp

    CBGB –

    The point is, of course they’re talking and of course it’s meaningless to say so.

  • neil

    The ONLY untouchable is Rich and Jill!!!!!

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @CBGB: Just shut up. lol. Rich is a NEWSPAPER REPORTER! Not just some honk with $2 and a blog subscription. You can’t SERIOUSLY compare something stupid like a faceless mouth who likes to spout for the sake of reading his own writing to what Rich and the other contributors do on this site.

    The only places that I hear crazier trade rumors come from then Ottawa are Toronto and Montreal. They’re 3 hockey cities in close proximity with rabid fan bases. In order to be heard above the din, some guys in those cities come up with outrageous trade rumors and try to spin them as “news”.

    I’ve been reading this site for 3 years. I’ve NEVER seen Rich Hammond or anyone from the Daily News write about something that isn’t true, just for the sake of writing. As someone else posted, other Kings related sites are plastered with this junk on an almost daily basis. I’m thankful that Rich hasn’t allowed this site to be abused in that fashion. It’s why I keep reading.

    Go back to Ottawa CBGB. I think they just traded Heatly & their 1st round pick for Sean Avery.

  • Rich Hammond

    Hi Todd…Thanks for your very insightful and well-reasoned comment. You make a lot of good points and I certainly understand where you’re coming from. The point is not to stifle anyone’s fun or to limit what can be talked about on the blog. If people want to propose their own trade offers and have fun with that, or anything, I’m absolutely open to that. I’m not a czar here. I’m here for the readers. If someone has a question that I might be able to answer, I’m more than happy to answer it.

    But to be completely honest, I don’t see the point in responding to every single “rumor.” All that does is keep feeding the beast. These sites, all they want to do is get attention. If people spread their rumors and talk about their rumors, that’s EXACTLY what they want. Of course, I probably did one of them a favor today, but it was just to illustrate a point.

    My problem comes from the journalism side of it. I greatly appreciate you saying that people come to me for the truth. That means a lot to me and it’s very gratifying, but my problem with refuting every trade rumors is that the blog would turn into nothing but posts of “No, that one isn’t true either,” and like I said, that just keeps feeding the beast. I’d much rather — and I hope readers would rather have me — spend my time attempting to find real news.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you want to keep discussing this. As you can tell, my rants never end.

  • markisonfire

    I just heard a rumor that would send LaBarbara back to the Kings for a 5th round pick. Kings need a stable goaltender.

    Just kidding, I love this post, Rich. Of course it is fun to propose fake trades, the idea of having some of your favorite players on other teams coming to your team is always exciting. But that is why we have forums and video games. It is all in fun, but when people like Eklund and others attempt to make accurate predictions from “real sources,” it is ridiculous. Eklund said Sundin to the Rangers was imminent for like, four months. Oh, the dominoes.

    Anyway, thanks for being a real reporter, Rich, and thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog. You make real reporters everywhere proud!

    Also, any trade rumors?


    Does this go for Chicago Cubs rumors as well, Rich?
    I hear they’re interested in Mann….
    Just Kidding…

  • Rich Hammond

    Good one… There are some great Cubs websites out there, if anyone is interested!

  • Moondoggie

    Thank you Rich. Your insights into the trading process were excellent and speaks volumes for what has to happen to accomplish a trade. Also, it says plenty for the rumors, 99% of which are unfounded….

  • TB

    So a Kopitar + Hickey + a first rounder for Malkin isn’t happening?!?!?

    On a serious note, I can’t say enough about how much your candid approach to this blog makes all the difference. I never bought into the rumors. Personally I really do believe that if a trade happens, we won’t hear about it before hand. Once a rumor is leaked or fabricated, 99.99% it means that its not happening. But I do love to speculate and play GM every now and then. I’ll still stand behind the idea of going after Kovalchuk. I haven’t read or heard anything about the possibilty of it…just my own thought on who could help this club. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Rich, great post. Lots of common sense. Just one thing, though: does this extend to Anthony trade rumours as well? TIA for clarifying.

  • Rich Hammond

    TB…I’m with you 100 percent, even down to the Kings going after Kovalchuk!

  • Johnny Utah


  • Big A


    You’re doing a great job and screw the wild and crazy rumors. It’d definitely hurt you in terms of access & trust with the team, too, if you spread the nonsense that we see on other local blogs and certain hockey “boards”.

    CBGB –

    Paul from Oxnard was crude in his writing, but the fact remains, Senschirp is in no shape or form as reliable as Rich.

    Firstly, as Rich clearly expressed in his post, this blog is based on facts, not anonymous speculation, even if it makes it less “sens”ational (get it, see what I did haha).

    Secondly, when has SensChirp broken a story correctly? For example, SensChirp stated unequivocally that Ottawa signed Jason Williams last July to a multi-year deal. News to Columbus, perhaps. Also, Vermette, Fisher and Phillips are still on the team…

    Of course as others have pointed out, no blog or media source comes remotely close to Eklund in terms of constant BS. None. Not the Toronto Sun, not SensChirp…

  • nykingfan

    Good job Rich.
    Your blog is insightful and enjoyable. There’s nowhere else to go to get the type of information that you can provide us.
    We’re eternally grateful to have you and this site.

    With all the talk of bringing in a big time scorer, I think it might make more sense to go for a guy like Shane Doan, if he was made available. I would think the price would be less than for guys like Kovalchuk and Spezza. He would seem to be more of a DL type of player than the others.

  • Meg

    Thanks for continuing to be the voice of reason, Rich. Very much looking forward to chatting tonight. Until then, relax and have some fun. You’ve earned it 🙂

  • tantrum4

    I know why CBGC is the only one on here that disputes Rich, it’s because he is spewing his nonsense every day on LetGoKings and wants more people to read his crap over there. He’s the main reason why I don’t even visit that site anymore, he’s always talking crap and mouthing off Rich’s site comparing it to Eklund’s. Anyway Rich, I remember the only time this year you wrote about a possible trade was when you said “possible trade involving Labarbara, more to come when I get more facts”….and whadaya know? 3 hours later he was sent to Vancouver. Thta’s why I love it here, I know if I read a signing or trade is coming, it actually is!

  • Duckhunter


    YOU ROCK!!!

  • variable

    thanks for the vitriol…
    thanks for being professional…

  • Anonymous

    Rich, I hear what you’re saying, but …

    I appreciate that you are in a better position than most to gather information and report that information, but this leads to a few pertinent questions:

    Do the Kings share everything that they are doing with you?

    If not, how can you ask us to reject information from non-sportswriter blogs without at least considering it?

    If so, do they ask you not to reveal some of these things to us? Is this ethical reporting?

    IMO, you’re treading dangerous territory with this post. Are you a reporter or a blogger writing opinion/editorial pieces? If you’re going to righteously cling to the credibility of a reporter, you shouldn’t be participating in those Open Forum aka “Ask Me Anything” threads or some of the offerings that smell a little like cheerleading.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think you’re entitled to do those things if you want, but IMO if you, do you lose your right to indignation.

  • variable

    oh yeah forgot to ask you…
    now that the bobcats have sent adam morrison and reserve guard shannon brown to the lakers for forward vladimir radmanovic, don’t you think that trade will open up the flood gates in hockey, and it’s now possible for us to get claude lemeuix for drew doughty…?

    that senschirp site is like every other “fandamonium/fantasy sports is my life” web site for clones and the mentally stunted…

    as david cross likes to say…”let the parade of delusion begin!”

  • PSP

    The “Rich, I hear what you’re saying, but …” is mine. I don’t know why it came up as Anonymous – IMO posting things anonymously is cowardly.

  • Anonymous

    Consider that it’s a Canadian website, and the Canadian press, on a whole, are really good at starting rumors, especially when their beloved sport is involved. Look how long the Burke/Leafs thing went on… and on… and on….

  • Anonymous


    Well said Rich…

  • variable

    on a more serious note….i think…

    sean avery was put on waivers earlier today by the stars…
    everybody in the world thinks he will probably eventually be heading to the rangers…
    what do you think?
    is there another team out there that would be willing to take a chance on him?
    the only other team i could think of that might be remotely interested in him than the rangers is…well…the red wings…
    he started there and if they put him in the minors, let him get back into skating condition, he might be a good insurance policy for them if someone gets hurt before the playoffs…
    think about it…
    he’d be going to place he’s familiar with, he knows he would have to be on his best behavior because holland and co. wouldn’t tolerate anything less and you wouldn’t have to worry about him respecting his other red wing teammates (i would hope)…
    i know it’s a reach…and i don’t really care where he ends up…but you got to figure that someone out there is going to take a chance on him…

  • Rich Hammond


    1) I’m not asking anyone to believe or not believe anything. What you believe, or don’t believe, is entirely up to you. If you want to consider/believe any or all of the stuff that’s out there, you’re more than entitled to it. I’m just offering my opinion, based on my professional experience, that it’s a colossal waste of time. You can take it or leave it.

    2) I could spend about 5,000 words going into the details of on- and off-the-record reporting, and everything I learned in four years of journalism school, but that will just put everyone in a coma. I don’t quite know where you’re going with the “righteously cling” stuff. I would feel 100 percent comfortable writing, in the newspaper, everything that I say in the “open forum.” If I write that the Kings think something, it’s because somebody high in the organization told me so. If someone asks my opinion, and I give it, it’s my opinion. Pretty simple. If you read the answers, I will always designate between my opinion and a concrete fact. And there’s nothing ethically problematic about a reporter giving an opinion, as long as it’s clearly defined as an opinion. Scott Wolf, our USC writer, just wrote a great analysis of the recruiting situation, in which he gave opinions. He didn’t state is as fact. If he uses his experiences, and his background information, to craft an opinion piece, how does that negatively reflect on him as a reporter? I don’t understand that.

  • Mel

    Well said Rich. I’m glad you got it out of your system. I’m not trying to be mean either, but there are a lot of stupid people in the world. Keep up the great work.

  • Cynic

    Hey Rich-

    Thanks for the response. You make a great point on how if you cater to all (the rumors), that’s all it becomes and it might just ruin the good thing we have here. Not to mention all the time you would spend refuting when you could be reporting.

    I listened to the Face Wash broadcast from the Caps game on KingsVision last night and Tommy Nash drops your name as one of the best hockey writers covering the Kings and hockey in general along with Helene Elliot. (Start at 32:40, You are mentioned at 33:50) It’s not the first time I have heard your name mentioned by someone in media circles in a good light. Although it probably won’t make you warm n fuzzy to know that one of those people was EKLUND after you broke the POS signing. At least he gave you credit and actually was very complimentary IIRC.

    We as fans are SO demanding and our passion for our team doesn’t make it any better for journalists trying to inform us. I truly believe it’s even WORSE for you and Helene because the Kings hardly get ANY coverage by the league or large sports networks like ESPN and TSN, so you 2 are all we have. Our frustrations with the lack of coverage I think get dumped on you sometimes in the form of some of the questions we ask. I will say though that the best thing about this blog is the fans that participate pretty much have a decorum about them to keep things civil and informative. If I want to banter it up, I go to Hockeybuzz or LGK, but it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you don’t do that here. Honestly, this place it truly great for that.

    Ya know, one thing I don’t quite get is why we don’t have live chat interviews on this site with some of the Kings players. One thing I’d like to see is you with a Kings player (Or players) LIVE, doing an interview where we could post questions for you to ask on our behalf and get the answer LIVE. Do you think the Kings would be open to something like that? I mean you take our questions now and ask them to the coaches and players in interviews, which is GREAT, but it would be REALLY great if there was a way to have them answer them live. It’s a webcam, computer, backdrop and a few mics. I could see the Kings PR paying the bill as it would be pretty small. Maybe a partnership with Heidi Androl and KingsVision might be a possibility? (Like working with Heidi might be problem Rich? LOL..hell, interview HER!) Anyway, just a thought.

    Again, solid job. I want to see this atmosphere expand as much as possible with you in charge. On to the Devils and hopefully another win (without the cardiac oppression).


  • Christine

    Not to draw any attention away from the Daily News, but since some of also read the other major news source in town I was wondering if anyone else caught that anti-Leiweke letter in today’s L.A. Times?

  • Rich Hammond

    Todd…thanks again, great comment, much appreciated

    As for a live Q&A type thing, I’ve been thinking, on and off for about a year now, about how to pull that off. I always think it’s great when readers/fans can ask their own questions. Unfortunately, we’re rather mom-and-pop here in terms of technology, The best I’ve come up with, so far, is possibly sitting down with a Kings player/coach and having them take questions in the live-chatroom format, like we do during games. The idea of partnering with the Kings in some way, and doing video, hadn’t occurred to me. Their online folks are very helpful over there, so that might be something to explore.

  • kyle

    It’s been said already but thank you thank you thank you. Real reporting is almost impossible to get in this town-especially from the rag on Spring Street, so we truly appreciate what you do every day on this site.
    It’s always easy to second guess a GM or a coach, and it’s easy to toss out trade ideas. The beauty of the internet is that folks like Eklund get an audience they’d never have otherwise, and every now and then, like the blind squirrel, he finds an acorn, and we think he’s got an inside line. Our collective bad for buying his stuff.
    Vent whenever you feel the need to. And, if there is a real trade in the works, we’ll wait till you confirm it before we cheer, gripe or offer to add Anthony to the deal.

  • Chris Bond

    So what you are saying Rich is that there is hope in getting a Jason Spezza type player….AHAHAHHAH that was a joke keep up the good work.

  • PolarBearOne

    Right on, Rich.

    Keep up the good work with the REAL journalism.

  • Brett

    Rich, it’s not exactly “talking down to people” that it looks like. What it looks more like is that you’re so sure that you know everything that goes on with the Kings. You’re quite in-touch, for sure, but I don’t think that you can really tell people exactly what is and is not being discussed behind their closed doors.

    You frequently ridicule internet-spread rumors, then, when you had the chance to break one (LaBarbera being shopped), yourself, you didn’t hesitate. I imagine that you justify that by saying that you know who your sources are, whereas you don’t know who other spreaders’ sources are, but that’s arguing relativism. Who’s to say that other writers out there don’t have sources that are as good as yours?

    I’m no psychologist, but maybe part of your frustration is that you’re largely shut out of the loop when it comes to who the Kings are willing to talk trades with. You have such great access to the organization that, instead of just accepting that you’re often in the dark as much as the rest of us, you’ve convinced yourself (and, now, are trying to convince others) that, if you’re not hearing anything, nothing must be going on. However, you ought to know as well as we do that GMs are always talking and discussing potential deals, so the likelihood that Lombardi is sitting back and not using the phone is very, very low.

    You’re a good reporter with great access to the organization, but that doesn’t mean full access, and some things (especially the most sensitive of all information, trade talks) just aren’t going to be shared with you until after the fact. You’re a reporter, afterall, so if they can’t afford to have it reported, they aren’t likely to share the information with you.

    Anyways, you do a fantastic job with this blog. Keep it up, but don’t lose your humility and don’t get so wound up over rumors or else you’ll be just as bad in that regard as those who get too excited over them.

  • http://hockeybuzzhogwash.com HBH

    It garbage sites like hockeybuzz.com with frauds like Eklund that lead to most of the rumors.

    This guy is a complete joke, plagiarizing Rich Hammond himself:


    Check out more about eklund and how much of a fraud he really is here:


  • Harry

    Did you guys hear Bob Miller? He said Thank you Gauthier…The Kings are doing good!

    Do you get it?
    I thought it was GREAT COMMENT BY BOB MILLER

  • JA

    Hmmm…interesting statement. I have to agree with Brett on this. Who’s to say that this Sens blogger doesn’t have some insight? I’m not questioning your credentials as a journalist but reality is; this is just a blog! Just like the Sens blog: A page with opinions that are sometimes confirmed and sometimes not.

    As a hockey fan; rumors have always been a big part of the game. That can’t be denied. Every big hockey market have a writer with their opinions that stirs up the pot. I don’t really get your stand on this issue? Without rumors and speculations you would be stuck reporting stats and results and a small section of the game. That’s why you have this site, right? To report what The Daily News don’t want to report, correct?

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what you’re doing but lighten up a little or make a statement and put it where everyone can see it: No rumors will be addressed on this site.

    I sense a little of a double standard with this blog: you want to report, but you don’t want to report on what people want to hear or read because it conflicts with your journalistic values? Fair enough, but again: make it clear!

    The death-spiral rumor are inflamed by your own reporting. You stick your head out with statements like this: ”

    I haven’t received my usual number of “Is this trade happening?” e-mails today. Not a lot of news on http://www.weknowwhatsreallyhappeninginthenhl.com today?

    You want the e-mails, yet you ask people here if it’s their ” sugary fluff”??? Hello?

    I don’t know about the rest of the posters on this blog but you lost my respect with that “journalistic” analysis.

    I think I’ll just take you for another blogger and filter the kool-aid.



  • Coach

    Great article and I as well am sick of the Spezza rumors, as a Sens fan. Here’s a pretty good article on the thoughts of rumours: http://sportstalkbuzz.com/2009/02/05/sensational-scoop-lackluster-sens-take-on-high-flying-b%e2%80%99s-what%e2%80%99s-really-wrong-with-the-sens/

  • Rich Hammond


    “Without rumors and speculations you would be stuck reporting stats and results and a small section of the game. That’s why you have this site, right? To report what The Daily News don’t want to report, correct?”

    No. The purpose is to report FACTS, either that are publicly disseminated or that I learn through my reporting. I have zero interest in starting rumors or in promoting other people’s rumors. Zero. I can tell you, with 100 percent certainty, that any bit of information posted here about the Kings that might be considered “speculation” has been run through at least one top-level person in the organization. As for the e-mails comment, clearly sarcasm doesn’t translate over the blogosphere…

  • deano

    If some of you don’t know the difference between a fans blog and a beat writers blog, then there is probably no helping you. Obviously your just smart enough to form an opinion, but not smart enough to think it through.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on…there’s GOT to be a team stupid enough to take Denis Goatse-air off our hands…

  • Anonymous

    meh, rumors or not, it’s just entertainment. I don’t think anybody is taking blogged rumors as gospel. People go to a hockey rumor blog to read about hockey rumors. Go figure.
    What has Mr. Hammond so upset (and many other print journalists) is the fact the definition of ‘journalist’ is rapidly evolving and there is a real sense of insecurity amongst ‘true’ journalists and the common rabble that are usurping the role.
    Although, in their defense, journalists are actually accountable, have real responsibilities, must adhere to generalized standards and ethics (i.e. check facts) and have reputations to build, maintain, protect.
    Bloggers just own a computer and have an Internet connection.
    The problem is that the general public doesn’t care who gives them the scoop. And who actually buys a newspaper anymore?

  • JA


    Maybe a good solution for you would be to refer all rumors to spectorshockey.net? He seem to rely on the info he receives from you so it might be a good fit?

    Written by Lyle Richardson
    Sunday, 08 February 2009 11:16

    LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Rich Hammond denied all internet-based trade rumors regarding the LA Kings, claiming theres nothing going on with the Kings on the trade front.

    SPECTORS NOTE: Hammond is the best source regarding all things Kings, folks. Ignore any and all chatter from other sources, especially rumor blogs, on this matter. Hat tip to GJ Berg for the link.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea US sports journalists wrote about hockey.

  • SeawaySensFan

    To answer your questions:

    “Is it just sugary fun? Is this stuff really believable?”

    Yes, it’s primarily because of the sugary fun factor and yes, in senchirp’s case in particular, it’s believable.

    His insight is well-respected in the Ottawa Senators internet community of fans. If you do a little homework, you can seperate the charlatan scumbags from the real deal.

  • KB

    “I can tell you, with 100 percent certainty, that any bit of information posted here about the Kings that might be considered “speculation” has been run through at least one top-level person in the organization.”

    So…what you are saying is that you are a puppet for the Kings organization. Really, you can only offer what we’ll get from a presser on NHL.COM anyway.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that two teams have talked or are still currently talking, even in the most minor sense, makes it much more likely that a deal can be made.

    Letting us sens fans know that two teams are talking fuels interaction about what we think a good trade would be, or the pros and cons of deals already on the table. It’s a different form of media than yours so I don’t see the need to bash it.

  • Kickabrat

    Rich, Senschirp has gotten more right than wrong when it comes to the Sens. He does not post many rumors, they are few and far between and yes he did get burned on the Williams signing but then so did a couple of high profile real “newspaper” types. Other than that he has gotten it right pretty much the rest of the time. He has even scooped Canada’s #1 hockey info site TSN.ca a few times. His inside contacts have been reliable in the past, and he is not a rumor monger like fakelund, he only posts Sens related rumors and only when he gets them. He has earned a lot of cred amongst Sens fans because of it.

  • DreDre

    Nothing like using your status in an LA newspaper to dismiss a blog you know little about as being false. Sorry Rich, but Senschirp has been more right than wrong and nowhere does he say a deal is imminent. Research before you trash, perhaps the most important rule of journalism.

  • Grant

    senschirp.ca is a better blog than this craphole. Who the hell are you anyways? this is like Mike Tyson asking who Mohammad Ali is. Redic.

  • Rich Hammond

    Welcome to all my new friends from Ottawa!

    I honestly haven’t been this amused in a long time.

  • http://www.dylanmason.com Dylan McLernon

    You need to understand something, you’re paragraph widths are entirely too wide and your paragraph leading is horrible. If you expect people to actually read your work, you need to fix these things. As a designer, I don’t want to look for more than 10 seconds at this site and then move on.


    Dylan McLernon.

    You make the error of thinking that anyone around here cares if you move on after 10 seconds.
    Aloha means hello and goodbye.


    Rich Hammond.

    These “Ottawa fans” are exactly what I was talking about during the WJC’s. They believe they were born with elite hockey understanding and that anything not from the Great White North is ignorant drivel.

    It is amusing, however.

    They’re just upset because they’ve had a gaggle of 1st overall draft picks and they’ve nothing to show for it.

    As Nelson from “The Simpsons” would say…
    HA – HAAA!

  • MikeMcC

    We Canadians shouldn’t ever be listened to. We have no idea about what is going on with hockey. We’re just generally clueless. Our brains are half the size…it’s science!!!
    Of COURSE people in southern California know more about hockey than people in Canada….DUHRRRRR~~~~

    Sorry aboooooot that….

  • Anonymous

    Way to get the most pub you’ve probably ever gotten…maybe for your follow-up you can take a poke at a respected Maple Leaf or Canadien blogger…think of all the hits you’ll get!

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    All of a sudden a bunch of senschirp nut-huggers come to the rescue.

    Maybe they are right. Maybe they are talking. I could definitely see it..

    Bryan Murray, “oh hey brother, how’s your team doing this year.”

    Terry Murray, “better than you. lolz”

    Senschirp “Sens and Kings talking confirmed”.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky said:

    Maybe they are right. Maybe they are talking. I could definitely see it..

    Bryan Murray, “oh hey brother, how’s your team doing this year.”

    Terry Murray, “better than you. lolz”

    Senschirp “Sens and Kings talking confirmed”.

    Was Terry wearing a raincoat during this conversation???

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