FINAL: Kings 4, Islanders 3 (SO)

For those who need in-game updates, this will be updated with tonight’s scoring…

Kings: Simmonds from Richardson and O’Donnell, 2:08
New York: Weight from Guerin, 4:53

New York: Jackman, 4:20
Kings: Kopitar from O’Sullivan and Frolov, 5:27
New York: Hilbert from Hunter and Witt, 9:50

Kings: Frolov from Quincey and Stoll, 6:41 (PP)

Kings: Jonhnson, third round

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  • Al

    For as much as I like Doughty’s play, someone better sit him down and explain the facts of life to him about trying to tease NHLers all the time and losing the puck in a critical situation ……. like you’re the only one back there, that is not the time to get cute. Four times in the 1st period alone he got in trouble and lost the puck in our zone. He better watch some video of himself and I’ll bet a dime TM doesn’t do to him what he has done to other players that screwed up less.

  • Neva

    Yeah Doughty had an off night, he’s young, it’s gonna happen. Up to this game he’s played very well, so lets put down the pitchforks and torches…………kidding of course šŸ˜‰

    Oh and you can go after Green as well, he had an off game also…….they both made me very nervous tonight, when otherwise they’ve been solid.

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