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I’ve been told, by a reporter who covers the WHL in Vancouver, that the NHL trade deadline (March 4) is also the deadline for players to go back to the junior teams. I wasn’t sure on that date myself. So the Kings still have ample time to decide whether to keep Oscar Moller or send him to Seattle.

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  • Chris Bond

    Rich dumb ? but I am watching the Ducks Flames and they are talking to Cammy and they ask who is takeing care of his house in LA. He said a couple Kings guys and didnt say who…..Do you know he said they are messy and laughed do you know who? Just funny I think,They ask him about his contract and he didnt say a thing.

  • Chris Bond

    Rich I dont know what happend to what I just wrote but do you know who lives in Cammys house? I am watching the Ducks Flames game and they interviewd Cammy between periods 2 and 3 and they ask him about his free agent status and the end of the year, he didnt say much but then they ask him who watches the house in So Cal. he said he has a couple of KINGS liveing there and they are messy…Do you know who it is? He was play’n around and it was funny…..Let us know.

  • Chris Bond

    Oh and they should use the condition cluase in Manchester for the 14 days to give them more time to decide and keeps him playing. That is if he cant come back from Jr.

  • Quisp

    Re Cammy –

    There are a lot of words being written these days about how Cammy is not long for Calgary, that Calgary can’t afford to pay him what he will certainly demand, etc.. I can’t say I’m sad he’s gone. I like the goals, but I don’t need the headache.

  • jet

    Quisp- Unfortunately, Cammy shot himself in the foot last year. I can not see any possibility that the cap will increase next year. I think he will be very disappointed with this summer’s offers.

  • Chris Bond

    I respectfully disagree with you Jet….He is going to rake in some dough…..but after the season Flames wont trade him pre playoff.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Isn’t it great that anthony and Marty dont have much to whine about anymore…. Its funny how during good times they dont really say much…… Please keep winning Kings

    Hmmmmmm……. Cammy back in LA??? I know it’ll never happen, but how great would that be? I like you Quispy, but I gotta disagree with you. I could deal with the headache. He is gonna get even better.

  • variable

    jumping horses…ha guys?
    from oscar to cammy…

    well, i agree w/what a lot of you are saying…however, he’s still scoring goals and probably will end up close to 40, maybe more, at season’s end…
    cammy is no jason blake…as far as scoring…blake, at least provides energy and moderate checking ability…
    however, cammy scores…and that is a lot in today’s nhl…i think if mike can set his priorities straight as to what type of hockey player he should be, maybe he wouldn’t be this gun for hire…
    glenn murray made a nice career out of it, as have many others…
    but d. sutter is in a big bind…lots of money committed to four players the next few years and a possible shrinking salary cap in 10-11…whaddaya going to do…?…
    it comes down to whether or not cammy wants to stay in calgary…if he doesn’t, just like the bouwmeester situation in flr, you have to get rid of him…or at least make one-final offer w/out drama…you have to say ‘this is the best we can to do, no joke’…nd you have to do it within the next couple of weeks…
    this is where the gm’s earn their keep…and their fans

  • Al

    Sorry, 4th Line, but I also agree with Quisp, these guys don’t need another Avery on the ice with them, all he would think about is himself and this team is spelled with “Team” not “Me”. Of course he’s doing his show in Calgary just like he did before DL only signed him for 2 years when he thought he was going to break the bank and then you saw how he let the whole team down. There are better players out there, so if DL wanted to go after them I’m sure they would listen since the Kings are for real, “Now”

  • variable

    as far as oscar is concerned…

    tough decision for d.l….
    the kings are on a roll right now…and until change needs to be tried…you leave this alone and let the players who have played on the roster during this time stay there…it’s nothing against oscar…he has tremendous ability…he has proven he can be an effective top six in the league…
    i would think it only helps oscar’s development if he’s able to play top-line minutes at manchester rather than play platoon on the kings fourth line…
    if it an’t broke, don’t fix it…unfortunately for oscar, he broke and he has to deal w/the team’s success w/out him…this kid’s got a bright future…at least we know we should keep him…i hope…

  • Quisp

    4thlinechecker —

    The point is, one way or another, he’s going to be leaving Calgary after — what has it been? — oh wait, one season. Calgary is not going to pay him $6MM/year, and he wants it, so he’s going to test free-agency. They’re not going to pay him that kind of money now (i.e. sign him now), and they’re not going to sign him during the summer. It’s trade him or lose him. Will they trade him? Probably not, because they would like to not suck in the playoffs. Therefore, they will lose him for nothing over the summer.

    Now, Calgary could also bite the bullet and sign him, but they would have to dismantle the rest of their team to make it work. Which, by the way, is what the Kings would have had to do to keep him. Which is why he’s not here anymore.

  • Moondoggie

    Just can’t come along for the ride on this one guys. I like Oscar and I think he should be playing. The Kings started winning when JMFJ got back, not when they lost Oscar to the WJC. Oscar was one of the few offensive bright spots in an otherwise dismal first half of the season for the Kings. Now that they’re winning, DL and TM are reluctant to play him. I have a problem with that and it’s the first time I’ve ever said anything against the decisions of TM & DL. These guys know this team inside and out and the’ve built a team that I haven’t been this excited about in years. I just don’t feel any player should lose his job due to an injury and should be given a chance to play his way back.

    Personally, watching Oscar was fun, exciting, like Simmonds. The team is playng extremely well right now, I’d just like to see the Kings find a way to get this great little spark plug into the line-up. I like watching him play, I love his enthusiasm for the game.

  • Quisp

    Moondoggie –

    I agree. Completely. Not changing the line-up when you’re winning is to a degree common sense, but beyond a certain point it’s just voodoo and it’s certainly not something TM has been hesitant to do in the past (in fact, quite the opposite, as many have pointed out).

  • Marty

    4th linechecker, I’m all eyes and ears right now.I’ll feel better with a few wins at home.I did not like the way they performed on the island.But the Koolaid is definately flowing.If they could just move the puck faster and avoid all the turnovers,I would feel more confident.Repeat after me Doughty,Greene, O’D,JJ,DD2,Dr.Quincey ONE TOUCH PASSING,ONE TOUCH PASSING.

  • Ersberg

    I’m looking at their lineup and checking out the types of players they have on their current winning formula roster. Who does Moller remind you of the most on the active roster? To me, it’s Sully. At this current time, with the types of players we need and want on each line, with how each of them are playing currently playing, is there room for Moller? Can we take Sully out to play Moller? I just don’t see where we can put him.

    We’re not in the playoffs yet, folks, so we still need ALL styles and types of players. I.e. Offensive, defensive, grinders, energy, and enforcers.

    Who are you willing to take out of the lineup to add Moller WITHOUT screwing up the current chemistry? The only player I can see them adding in at this point is proven sniper, and I just don’t see it happening, primarily due to the cost.

  • Dan H.

    There is room for him where Ivanans is playing in 8/10 games. There aren’t that many knuckle draggers that necessitate Ivanans and besides that and penalties what does he really bring? He’s too slow to adequately forechceck.

    Oscar would be good in that role until something else opened up for him.

  • Anonymous

    I can see why they don’t want to mess with the lines but Calder is the odd man out. Brown and Stoll do most of the work and have 2x the points of him over the last 5 games. Oscar is the future and should be given a chance Calder will be gone next year.

  • FBBG

    I may be wrong, and it couldn’t matter less whether or not I am, but I have it in mind that I read somewhere Drew Doughty is staying in Cammy’s old place.

    I have no ax to grind with Cammy, I wish him all the best in Calgary or wherever he ends up this summer, but trading him for what ended up being Colten Teubert was still a worthwhile trade given the situation at the time.

  • Marty

    You put Moller in Calders slot….MBS line.Also he takes Calders PP time with Sully and Kopi.Do you want to be nice or win?Put Calder on the 4th with Army Ivan. Harrold goes back on D in the press box.

  • blugator

    Oscar was playing a regular role before the WJC and his injury. Since injured players shouldn’t lose their spot on the roster, by rights, Oscar should get back in. Perhaps rotating him and Richardson (who is doing a decent job) on third and fourth line duties, might work out without blowing the current chemistry.

    Regarding Cammi, there is no “I” in team, but there is a “ME”. Even so, we don’t want him back. I think he would blow any chemistry we have.

  • Ersberg

    Oscar was given his chance. We’re in a playoff, again, we can’t change the chemistry. The only thing that supercedes that logic, is if the GM and coach decide otherwise. Calder is playing well, so he stays.

  • jet

    Hey Chris – The Kings and Flames are both know for offering up fair contracts to their indispensable players. Will another team think that they are overpaying? And, will teams be concerned about his motivation after signing a big contract? I also believe the overall free agent salary pie will shrink this year as revenues are down. There will be a limited pool of buyers if the cap remains the same or decreases. To summarize, there is a chance this will be the summer of small contracts and in tough times people hire character; consequently decreasing the likely hood of the 7yr/50M contract.

  • sparky

    Hey check this out:, the Kings are one of teh top story’s on! How about them apples! Oh and I would like to point out the obvious, just because I can… the Kings are still perfect in February!!! Go Kings Go

  • Al

    I’ll take Moller over Ivanans any day. What have you got with Moller-Armstrong and Richardson on the 4th line?? Speed, and some scoring, I’ll take it.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t make sense to send Moller to juniors. They made that decision at game 9, saying either/both (1) Oscar is more NHL-ready than anyone in Manchester, (2) we don’t want to stick him someplace where we can’t call him back up. Sure TPTB can change their minds, but what it does is to deny them their top (replacement) player should anyone get injured or sick. It’s like when we had to go through 7 goalies cuz they c/wouldn’t call up JLB.

    If you’re going to send him down and wait til next year, you might as well trade him and give Azevedo Moller’s spot next year. How many 180 pound centers do we need anyway?

  • Old Man

    Al, Why won`t they listen to you? Play your men that give you the best chance to win,period.Goring didn`t win 4 cups because he never washed his socks, it was talent and hard work.Please get moller back in the line up, and sit Drago!

  • Pat McGroyn

    Sorry, folks, but if Cammy were to leave Calgary after this season, he is 100 times more likely to sign in Toronto than return to Los Angeles. He’s burned the bridge…

  • re cammys house: i believe its a few of the young guys. pretty sure i remember hearing oscar moller & wayne simmonds and maybe peter harrold im not 100% on that though. doughty lives with matt greene & im pretty sure quincey lives with sully.

  • tantrum4

    Chris and moondoggie –

    The only thing I have argue is when you say a player shouldn’t lose his spot because of injury. I agree that it sucks for the player, but a few teams have found some pretty good players because of this same situation. Columbus found Mason when LeClaire got hurt, Vancouver found Wellwood when Demitra got hurt (only for a few weeks did he light it up but still), Anaheim found what Bobby Ryan was made of when Morrison got hurt, and don’t forget we found Quick when Ersberg got hurt. So in Oscars case, maybe we didn’t find one player who came through, but I don’t think it’s a coinsidense that the team all came together without Moller in the lineup. I’m not saying Moller is a bad player or was a cancer or anything at all like that, but for whatever reason, the team is now playing like a real team and has strung together quite a few wins in a row now. Maybe it has more to do with Gauthier being out of the lineup, or Quick being in goal every game, but we really shouldn’t worry what the reason is, just don’t change anything until we start losing again….

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but they promised the kid he wouldn’t lose his spot if he went to WJC…

    Guess it shouldn’t surprise that managment doesn’t keep their word anymore…

  • Harry
  • anthony


    You do the math.

  • jim

    Are you guys nuts, oscar is a good player you don’t send good players down when your trying to make a playoff run. He earned his spot on this team you don’t lose your spot because of injuries. He a top 7 forward, power play producer he can improve either line 3 or 4 no way he gets sent down dl don’t you dare! Man I’am in shock put him on the 3rd line he will produce he got the 4th line going earlier this season please please we need this guy

  • Ersberg

    I guess those stating “Moller back in the lineup” aren’t hearing the “without interferring with CURRENT chemistry” comments.

    TM hasn’t been shuffling lines. This should indicate something to you…

  • Anonymous

    Terry has a bad habit of playing guys who shouldn’t be playing see JLB, Goat and IMHO Calder is one of them. Why was Oscar kept and then sent to the WJC if hes gonna find out hes not welcome when he gets back. This is like a soldier getting a Dear John letter.

  • Oz

    Sure chemistry has some thing to do with it, but it’s more to do with the scoring catching up to the stellar defensive play that this streak has come about. Moller should be in the line up. It’s as simple as moving Harrold back to the blue line and sitting Drewiskie. That opens a hole at forward for Oscar without sacrificing the so called chemistry. Having a natural forward with a little more skill up front than a converted D man makes more sense I would think. I just feel bad for the kid and I will be pissed if the same standard isn’t kept up for Gauthier when the suspension is done.

  • Anonymous

    If we think he stays or goes is irrelevant. If the team wins without him, that should be acceptable to any fan.

    At this point, it’s more a fan favorite situation. We just want to see him to see him, regardless of the Kings’ performance, win or lose.

    On a personal level, I’d love to see him back, but it has to fit for the teams sake.

  • Chris in Torrance

    You guys who say a player shouldn’t lose his spot due to injury, have you ever heard of Wally Pipp? He got injured for the Yankees and a guy named Gehrig filled in for him. Guess what, Pipp lost his spot.

    We still need Ivanans. Tonight is a good example of when we need him. He should play tonight over Moller for sure. I think sending Oscar to Seattle would be a mistake. Hold him out for now while we are winning. We’re not going to stay this hot for the rest of the season. When we come back down to Earth and need an offensive boost, we have one. Oscar Moller.

  • 28 KINGS

    Quincey,Simmonds and Moller all live in Cammi’s old place. Patrick O’neil brought this up during an interview with one of the guys earlier in the year.

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