Moller activated

No surprises here, but the Kings have activated Oscar Moller from injured reserve and placed Tom Preissing on injured reserve. That removes Moller’s final obstacle to returning, even though it was basically just a paperwork issue.

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  • PUCKBOY 25

    Sit Ivanans and put Moller in that spot

  • anthony

    Now maybe Kyle Calder can take hike.

  • Anonymous

    He should go to Calders spot but TM wont do it and stick the kid on the 4th line sadly.

  • Ersberg

    Anthony-You don’t bench players that are playing well. That goes for any name, whether it’s Calder, Ivanans, Barney, the Hamburgler, or Ronald McDonald. You seem to be fixated on particular names. If they produce, they produce. So, let them produce.

  • Anonymous

    Rich, not sure if you already posted some update on Pressing, but you got any update on his status?

  • Marc V


    The team is showing well and the other parts of the Hockey world is starting to take note. Is it time to have one of your sit downs with DL? Trading deadline coming buy or sale.

  • Anonymous

    Put OM with Zues and Simmonds, move Richardson to the 4th line with Army, and Ivanans/Harrold. Done deal.

  • CanadianKing

    Good now put him in the lineup! You can’t tell me playing an offensively gifted player can hurt the chemistry. I presume he will go to the fourth line, since he’s not suited for a third line checking role and the “CBS” line is playing lights out right now… Kind of a tough situation but I think we could use him on the PP.

  • john b

    Maybe let DD rest and move Harrold back on D. Throw Oscar out with the 3rd or 4th line?

    This is off topic but notice how a couple of these teams ahead of us have unreal home records and so so away?

    Calgary 20-7 home 11-11 away
    Dallas 15-6 11-13
    columbus 17-9 9-14 (not quite as bad)

    Montreal, well we all know what happened to us up north so their numbers are easy to figure.

    I smell some home cookin.

  • TB

    Excited to see Moller back.

    ANTHONY…Calder should not and will not be benched. Where do you come up with this stuff? He has been so paramount to the team’s success (including a game winning goal against the Caps), that it screams out how poor your assessment of this team really is.

    I completely understand how fans are…CRAZY. We are all in some way crazy. Some more than others…But in our craziness it is safe to say that many of us have a decent knowledge of the game. And I’m talking about the actual game of hockey, not the game of cheering a team on. With that said, I’ve gotta know…have you ever played hockey? Do you really understand what happens on the ice? I’m starting to doubt that you have any real understanding of the roles played by the guys on each team. Case in point: Requesting that Calder be benched when he has been HUGE for us in so many ways. Do you understand how young guys in the locker room look up to a veteran who works like he does? Do you think the playoffs would even be in our vocabulary without him? Before you answer…look up his stats from our recent 7-1-1 streak. Oh and TM is now starting to gain a heck of a lot of praise from managers and officials all around the league. You must love that…

  • Mike

    Anthony, without Calder, they don’t get the xtra goal that ended up being the game winner in Washington…just b/c you don’t like the guy (or coach, or GM or Owner) doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their job. Calder is working really well with Stoll and Brown and now the team is playing well and all the lines are gelling. They’ve basically have 2 real scoring lines and a 3rd line that is scoring too! Without the grinder type of players that go into corners, fight for the puck, take a beating being in front of the net, you don’t win many games. That’s what playoff hockey is about and that’s how this team needs to play the rest of ths season. Having just all skilled players isn’t going to do it…look at Boyle & Purcell, they’re just floating out there not playing the body or doing much…Yeah, I’d like to see them play more but if they’re not going to “grind” it out and pay the price, there’s no point for them being on the big club right now.

    I’d leave things alone right now since they are on a roll..Send Moller down for a “Conditioning” assignment so that he could get a few games in before he take someone elses spot.

  • anthony

    So I take it that most of you guys don’t see Calder being traded by the deadline.

    You guys can’t be serious about wanting him around.

  • TB

    Anthony…I didn’t say that. I suspect he would be dealt if a major deal were on the table. What I and many others on this board have said is that his worth is much much much higher than you think of him.

  • kyle

    We are serious about keeping Calder. He has produced consistently of late, the CBS line is a beast, and he’s one of the veterans the young players look up to.
    Yes indeed we want to keep the guy, and hopefully DL does as well (but then again you want DL gone too, although in fairness you did say something nice about him the other day…kudos to you for that).

  • I punch duck fans

    Calder gets my vote to stay. 92/93 season Hmm Pat Conacher comes to mind not flashy but stable that is what this young team needs right keep it shut and enjoy this ride Anthony.

  • jediknight329


    like someone said above, even if we have the hamburglar from mc’d’s on the wing, if he is producing, let him produce. wayne simmonds or wayne gretzky – does not matter. winning is what matters. don’t get hung up on individual players. every player will make mistakes over the course of a season. even our best players – kopi, sully, brown, fro, etc, have had off nights. that’s sports. their humans not machines.

  • anthony

    My position is this:
    -Calder is in his last year of his contract.
    -I don’t think DL will sign him to another contract. He’s a filler remember.
    -I don’t think DL will offer him more than the $2.75 Million he’s currently making.
    -If he’s not traded by the deadline and he’s not signed to a new contract – we lose him and get nothing. (not that he’s worth much to begin with).

  • Anonymous

    Right now several players may have to sit as the flu has hit them hard. Especially Doughty….darn….score big goals in the first and we should be ok.

  • KingzzFan

    No way Calder goes anywhere nuf said. I would actually like to see Harrold back on D, put Richards on the 4th line and insert Moller on the third line, That would give us a scoring threat on three solid lines. This of course would leave Drewisky odd man out.

  • Mike

    At this point, you don’t trade Calder since the team is doing well. You would only trade him if the return value is decent. He would be a type of player that this team would trade FOR, not trade away. His work ethic and determination right now is the type of player this team needs. He’s not the most talented player on the team but he’s getting the job done. Just like what someone else pointed out, he’s kinda like a Pat Conacher type of player on this team and I’m sure a lot of the younger guys look up to him b/c of this.

    Last night Green, Quincey and even Doughty had sub-par games last night, do you trade them??..every single player on this team has had a bad game here n there. Let them play and we’ll see how the rest of this season goes…You should critique every single player the same and not take it out on the players we know you already hate, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

  • MarkE

    Calder isn’t going anywhere. No one would offer more than a 6th rounder for him which is nothing. TM’s love affair with him will probably get him resigned. He’s had a good 10 games, once again on a line with 2 very talented players. This after failing miserably on the #1 line. Just about anyone else you put on this line would have similar if not better numbers. He is willing to stand in front of the net. If Boyle wasn’t such a puss it could have been him. I just don’t understand how he has had 2 opportunities and yet can’t get it right even after they tell him what he needs to do. You want to play in the NHL you need to learn to adapt your game.

  • CanadianKing

    Why do you people want Moller on the third line? Just because three is lower than four? Moller DOES NOT fit on the third line on this team. Our third line is a shut down checking line who plays alot of minutes against opponents top lines. Moller is not a checker and is not strong enough on the puck to do anything on that line.

    Like it or not he’ll be on the fourth line. Period.

  • Ciccarelli

    Anthony, you’re wrong about benching Calder, he’s playing the best he has for this team right now and would be harmful to chemistry that has formed in recent weeks.

    As for the ‘keep him’ crowd, that doesn’t rule out that Calder’ll not be traded by March 4. Calder’s value hasn’t been higher than now, so we’d get the best return with him performing well. But fans only wanted to get rid of him when he was doing poorly.

    If the Kings are in contention March 4, I don’t see them trading him. If we are sellers, on the other hand, I don’t see why we hold on to him if he’s not in the future plans.

  • Pat McGroyn


    Nobody puts Hamburgler in the corner!

  • ianmonsta

    Really glad Anthony isn’t a GM.

  • zeke

    Send Moller to Seattle where he will get ice time

  • Ersberg

    Does McDonalds have an add on the rink at Staples?

    On a more serious note, Terry can’t bench a veteran player that’s playing well. He’s playing too good, and has too much experience to do something that extreme.

    Another thing, It’s a very good sign that we’re not seeing Terry changing lines. That means he’s not only seeing what he likes on the ice in games, but in practices, and off the ice as well.

    I’m so fired up for the Kings. The OD signing, the Lubo trade, and the DD draft pick are turning to be so huge….

  • Anonymous

    They will resign Clader to a one year 2 mil deal. And I will be happy. You sit Harrold and put Moller in his spot, and give Moller his pp mintues. You do not take Drewiske out. This kid is playing unreal!! Anyone else notice the quality minutes he was getting on the pk against the Isles. Quincey hardly played. Although, he may have had the flu, so his minutes may have been reduced. Thenyou can throw JMFJ on the point for the pp.

  • Anonymous

    Trading Calder depends where DL thinks this team is at. Are we still planning for the future? Do we really need more draft picks? Or should we keep Calder for a playoff push? What is worth more to the Kings, making the playoffs – where Calder could play a significant role – or stocking up more for the future?

    That, ultimately, will decide Calder’s fate with the Kings.

  • Old Man

    In my opinion you play your most talented players.That means you sit Ivanas. Even though we beat the Islanders,i thought Moller would have brought the speed we were lacking.Ivanas did almost nothing in the six minutes he played.If we need a fighter against the flames, we will bring in BAILEY!

  • Eric K

    Anthony, most of the logic makes some sense, but the simple fact of the matter is we’re smack in the middle of the race for the 8th playoff spot. now, if we were out of it before the trade deadline i’d have no problem losing him, but he’s a guy who is helping us a LOT right now.

  • Duracell

    LOL, Like Anthony really cares if the Kings lose Calder for nothing. This topic wasn’t even about trading Calder at the deadline. It was about somebody riding the bench to allow Moller to get some playing time. Nice red herring.

  • Quisp

    Calder – he has been up-graded from “must be dealt by the deadline” to “re-sign him for one year at half-price maybe, or else deal him while his stock is high.”

    Moller – should absolutely be in the line-up now. Ivanans should sit. There really is no question. — okay now I’m seeing that DL says sending Moller to Seattle is an option.

    THAT’S TOTAL BULLS**T. You don’t send a guy to the WJC and then give away his spot when he returns. Sorry. THAT’S TOTALLY F’ED UP.

    Was it then really a demotion when he was sent to the WJC? Why were we told it wasn’t? If I were Moller, I would be exactly as pissed off as I am right now as a fan.

    Moller should be dressed before Ivanans, Armstrong (who I like), Harrold (who I like), Zeiler (who I sorta like), Richardson (who I like) or Calder. Yes, even Calder. Moller, 30 games, 6 goals. Calder, 47 games, 7 goals.

    Give me a f***ing break.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Just a few observations:

    Eleven games to go before the trading deadline: Calgary, Edmonton, Nashville, Phoenix at home, Ducks, Sharks, Wild, Flyers, Red Wings, Blackhawks and Blue Jackets on the road.

    Trading Calder will depend on the result of these games. If we go 0-11, Kings are 24-32-7 and are likely 15th in conference, definitely sellers/very unlikely. If we go 11-0, Kings sit at 35-21-7 and are solidly in the playoffs (4th or 5th)/very unlikely.

    More likely is a record of 5-6 to 7-4… Kings would sit near 30 wins (30-26-7) and likely still trail in the race (10th-12th position). Do we buy or sell?

    Ahead of us currently from 5th-11th are: Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver, Minnesota, Columbus and Edmonton. All but Dallas and Vancouver will be opponents from now to then. We have games with Edmonton, the Wild and the Blue Jackets during this stretch, teams now ahead of us we certainly can beat. Calgary, the Ducks, the Sharks and the Red Wings will be tough games, with 3 of 4 on the road. Nashville and Phoenix we can beat; the Flyers are a wild card, and the Blackhawks weve already beaten twice.

    So, take the four games with the contenders ahead of usAnaheim, Minnesota, Columbus and Edmontonand you have a mini-playoff series. Do well in those four games, 3 of 4 on the roadplus add in good performances against top four Calgary, Sharks, Red Wings, and Blackhawks, again 3 of 4 on the road and you have 6 or 7 wins. The remainder of the games, Nashville and Phoenix at home plus the Flyers on the road, are definitely winnable.

    Do poorly, on the other hand, and we will lag everyone we already trail. Tread water, and we will still trail teams we had a golden chance to beat, and pass, in the standings. Stay hot, and we will rocket past the nearest contenders into playoff position.

    In other words, the entire season rests on the next 2 weeks. This is the price for not winning all those close games at the beginning of the season. The Kings have no buffer zone in the standings. Its win, or else.

    Personally, I am shocked at the Kings sudden turnaround and success, but Ill take it. There was no indication that they would win consistently on the road in the early season. The question now is whether or not they can finish the deal and get in the playoffs. The only thing clear is that the time to win is now, and that we will soon know if this team can get the job done.

  • Moondoggie

    Trade Calder??? No way. The CBS line has come into it’s own, they are playing extremely well. This line stays and I wouldn’t trade Calder for a middle to a 3rd round pick, he’s been that good. Sign him for at least another year DL, I like about $2mil.

    Quisp…I understand how you feel about Oscar and I concur. Sending him to the WJC only to have him return to LA without a job is pointless. Seattle would love him and embrace him, they love the T-Birds up there. But what would it do to Moller? He’s accomplished everything he can at the junior level, what else is there to do? Get some playing time? I like that idea, a conditioning assignment, plus he’d get some time with Hickey. However, you’ve got to bring him back after two or three games.

    What about playing him in place of Richardson? Food for thought…