Moller to Kings, or Seattle?

There have been some questions about whether the Kings will keep Oscar Moller on the roster or return him to his junior team (which is now Seattle of the WHL) for the rest of the season. I put the question in a quick message to Dean Lombardi, and his response was “Not sure yet,” so clearly it’s at least under consideration. We’ll see where it goes…

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  • nykingfan

    If he did get sent to juniors, could he be recalled or would he have to wait until Seattle’s season is over?

  • Chris Bond

    Damn didnt see that one comeing??? Dont send him dont
    just yank his other shoulder out so he can stay…..Dont want to see him in the line up but dont want to see him go either..This sucks.

  • Quisp


  • kevin e.

    Please send him down to Seattle.

    Seattle Thunderbirds season ticket holder

  • Ed

    I say sent him to Seattle.

    Right now we have our lines finally figured out. The only place Oscar would fit is on the 4th line. Barring injuries, I don’t see him playing or be effective on the 4th line.

    Sent him to Seattle and play.


  • CanadianKing


    I think if he gets sent back to the minors he can’t come back this year.. anyone care to elaborate?

    I get the impression that “Not sure yet” means DL is going to wait until after the trade deadline where he may or may not get another forward to push for the playoffs.

  • Kingsword

    Hickey and Moller in Seattle. Sounds good to me.

  • Quisp

    Don’t quote me, but I believe the rule is that once he’s played for his junior team he cannot be recalled to the NHL club until after the junior season is over.

  • GoKings09

    I hope to see Oscar play even if it is on the 4th line I remember he played there some earlier in the year and played pretty well with Ivannas and Zeiler as linemates so I wouldnt mind even if its in a diminished checking line roll and some PP time.

    Also, on a completely random and unrelated note I just wanted to point out how great Mike Green for the Capitals really is. With two goals tonight he tied the record for consecutive games with a goal for a defenseman at 7 games. That gives him 9 goals in his past 7 games and 21 goals on the season in only 42 games as he missed 11 games due to an injury earlier in the season. Green really broke out last year and has showed himself to be the team’s second best player behind Ovechkin of course. Being curious I decided to look up when he was drafted(29th overall in the 2004 draft coincidentally the same draft they took Ovechkin 1st overall) and realized the Kings picked 18 spots ahead of when he was taken and got Lauri Tukonen at spot #11. I know hindsight is 20/20 but just to think about what it would be like to have him on the blue line with some of our other young defensive studs like Doughty and Johnson is still fun. Ah what could have been…..haha

    Anyways just wanted to point out a great player that I have always liked since I first saw him with the Caps last year(my favorite team outside of the Kings).


  • Wingnut

    Quisp is correct. If Moller is assigned to Seattle, the Kings cannot recall him until Seattle’s season, including playoffs, if finished. Because he was drafted out of the WHL and is still playing age 19, he cannot be sent to Manchester. However, I believe he could be sent to Manchester for a conditioning loan (maximum 14 days).

  • JDM

    Ah, I don’t want to see Moller go. If he isn’t going to get any minutes here, I guess I understand, but Moller’s play for the Kings indicated to me that he is ready for full time NHL action.

  • Dmh012

    Hey GoKings09

    I am growing fond of the Caps as well, need that backup playoff team if for some reason the Kings miss. Got to watch Green here in Saskatoon as a junior and he was great on some very poor teams(kind of like Hickey now). He was not considered a huge prospect but to be a good NHLer(Also like Hickey). We can only hope that we end up with the same deal for Hickey and not another Tukonen.

    Go Kings!!!

  • Duckhunter

    Didn’t see this one coming. I can’t say I like this move. I really enjoyed watching that little fella. I have to keep my emotions out of this decision. Obviously there’s a reason why they’re making this move. Doesn’t really matter if I understand it or not, I guess.

    Maybe, just maybe they have plans on bringing someone in before the trade deadline.

    Do they have more confidence in Purcell or Boyle? I can’t see that. Either way I wish Moller well. We will see you soon young man.

  • Ersberg

    Maybe the Kings feel he’s missed a lot of time since the WJC break, then his injury, to come back and make an effective run with the team. I don’t think it’s his offensive game is in question, but maybe his defensive game. It’s possible they just don’t trust him at this point in the season. He seemed ok prior to WJC. Maybe we’ll here more about it before/after the deadline..?

  • uknojata

    with 30 regular season games left theres just too much opportunity for injuries and/or individual implosions. if we continue to push towards the playoffs and end up with an unforeseen hole in the line-up, we’ll be kicking ourselves for sending moller down. i’d hate to see the kid sit for the rest of the season, but theres too much on the line to give him up.

    kinda like to quickly change the subject. ITS TIME TO START MOVING SOME OF OUR “ASSETS.” looks like we found ourselves a #1 goaltender (thank god), but its time to dish one of our other two. and as much as i like ersberg, looks like bernier has a bigger upside. i’ve seen hickey play in person for seattle half a dozen times. the kid is way overrated. yes his numbers are good (almost a point a game and a +19), but he doesn’t seem to dominate the game at a level that is so far beneath the nhl. however his stock is very high, lets trade the little guy in (as part of a package) for a super stud. then you got boyle, purcell, moulsen, lewis, etc. its decision time, who fits and who doesn’t. these guys are going to start rotting on the vine. lombardo talks about them as assets, but assets aren’t worth anything if they go unused.

    i must say, its nice to have the problem of too many good players and not enough roster spots for a change. keep it up boys, lets push in to the playoffs!

  • Duracell

    4th line duty in the NHL with some 2 unit PP sprinkled in, or top line duty, top PP unit in WHL? Hmmmmmmmm

  • Cynic

    I think one point that’s being missed here is what is best for Oscar Moller’s development.

    OM proved he can hang in the NHL, moreso than Purcell, Boyle, Moulson, and Lewis. WHY would you want to ruin that confidence by sending him down to the now, for him, substandard junior level? What kind of development is he gonna get at this point? How to take advantage of kids with 1/2 his skill level? What point will that prove? What will he learn from that he hasn’t already learned?

    If it was 2 or 3 games, fine. We’re talking 30 GAMES FOLKS!!! 13 points (6G 7A) is not chump change for a rookie in this league, he’s holding his own. Why take him out of the environment that he has grown accustomed to and EARNED!

    What’s better for this kid’s development:
    1- Playing with a bunch of kids his own age where he’s pretty much the most skilled player out of all of them?


    2- Letting him stay in the atmosphere that CHALLENGES him day after day with MEN who have something to teach him.

    So what if he’s scratched a few games. Players learn by watching too. He is a member of this team and part of the reason why they have grown. To not let him finish this season out with those teammates, that will be his future teammates for hopefully years to come, will only:
    A- Frustrate him and tear down his confidence
    B- Hinder his progression as an NHL player
    C- Potentially harbor resentment because he was sent down due to an injury and not his performance.

    DL, use your head on this one. Oscar Moller is an NHL PLAYER!!! The rest of his development should be in the NHL until he proves by performance alone that he doesn’t belong. He’s not a bridge player like Zeiler or Moulson, Gabe Gauthier or Boyle who are on or just barely above the cusp of NHL readiness, he’s a SKILLED player who has NHL SKILL that’s PROVEN!

    If you want to move someone, move Zeiler. He’s a good kid and player, but you have Richardson now and even Harrold has done a fine job on the 4th line when asked. Moller is part of this team’s future. You make room for him. You let Moller and Army swap. Maybe you sit Ivanans when speed is needed (Like it was needed against the Islanders).

    If you move Oscar, I think you’ll be making a BIG mistake. The rookie has earned his spot and even after his injury, deserves to have it held for him.

  • Moondoggie

    Cynic, I think you said it best….I just don’t see any point in sending Oscar down to Seattle, none. He’s proven he can play at this level, sending him down just doesn’t make any sense except for conditioning which it sounds like would make him stay with the T-Birds until the end of their season.

    It just doesn’t make any sense but that’s why DL gets the big bucks. He’s put together a very good Kings team. Like Duckhunter said, we’ve got to be careful not to let our emotions play into this. Still tho, I have throughly enjoyed watching Oscar play for the Kings this season.

    Hurry back soon, one way or the other Oscar.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a reason that Moller made the team and Boyle and Purcell did not. The kid is a badass. To send him down would be a mistake.

  • Dan H.

    uknojata are you freaking kidding me?

    We’ve suffered as Kings fans with piss poor to adequate goalies forever and now that we have some depth you want to move them? Or Hickey?

    I’m just glad you’re not the GM. We shouldn’t be moving ANYONE unless we get a younger guy signed for at least 2-3 years so it’s not a rental and builds on what we have. Personally I don’t see anything worth losing our future over.

    We finally have studs coming up, studs in the lineup, and studs working through the system and plenty of picks. Don’t do it Deano! Keep with the plan you’ve been selling the past few years.

  • Crash Davis

    This is just a technical question:

    Can Moller be sent to the Ontario Reign either on a conditioning assignment or as a “loan.”

    I ask because I don’t know the age requirements (20+?) of the ECHL. If conditioning, why not? He’s on an NHL roster under contract (but maybe not because he’s also junior eligible so can only got to Seattle to get back into shape).

  • Jayrew

    The WHL is not a substandard league. They routinely hold the crown for the Memorial Cup and is the most physical Major Junior League in North America.

    I think it would be good for the guy to head down there and help Seattle get into the playoffs. They obtained his rights from Chilliwack perplexingly. Why would they trade their WHL first rounder IF he would stay with the kings? They knew something (like lombardi told them we are sending him down), or at least have something in dialogue with Dean Lombardi. Its a done deal

    We are several deep in the minors at the 4th line forward position, which is what he would be at this point.

  • Cynic


    I respectfully disagree.

    The WHL is substandard when compared to the NHL. Now if you want to compare them to the OHL, ECHL, the Q and the like, you have an arguement. My comparison is with the NHL and Moller will learn more there than in the WHL. Since OM can handle the NHL and has proven it, moving him down a notch would be a HUGE mistake for the reasons I mentioned before IMHO.

    Seattle is simply hedging their bets that if Oscar does NOT pan out in the NHL right now, that they would get dibs on him first. He’s worth a first rounder at that level. It’s a risk, but I’d take it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings didn’t help them out with that a little bit since Hickey is there as well, so my guess is that Seattle probably wasn’t in that alone. Could be wrong though.

  • I’d rather see Moller in the line-up. I don’t think it’s going to hurt his development or the team-chemistry if he plays on the 4th line, the thing is he’s not going to be playing “4th line minutes” because he’d be on a PP unit. So he’ll rack up about 9-10 minutes w/o disrupting any of the core top 3 lines that are working right now.

    i’d make room by one of 3 things:
    A) moving harrold back to D // scratching drewiske
    or B) scratching harrold, keeping drewiske on D. And having moller play the point w/ DREW on the PP. A lot of the youtube goals ive seen has Moller rocketing them shots in from the point… And i know Harrold is in there because he’s a RH shot, moller is one too. or C) i’d definitely ok with scratching invanans since he’s just a bad penalty waiting to happen. But we know TM loves penciling in this dude.

  • Anonymous


    I have to disagree with you. Moving Moller down to a high end league with the ability to be a leader not only on the ice, but also off the ice, rather than playing 8 minutes a game on a line with Ivanas and Richardson is by far a better way to go. I could see your point if Moller was more of an impact player where he plays 17-20 minutes a game and is on the score sheet most nights, but he really isn’t. The WHL is the closest thing to the NHL a 19 year old is ever going to see, (including the AHL because a 19 year old can’t play there) and for him to be there playing a TON of minutes, first line PP and PK, making a run in the playoffs etc, will do nothing but help him. I don’t really see him fitting in with the Kings anymore this year, we have 4 solid lines that are working and shouldn’t be tampered with. This includes NOT putting Gauthier or Zeiler back in the lineup either.

    unnojata –

    I just have one question for you regarding your assesment of Hickey. When is the last time you have EVER seen a defensemen play Major Junior hockey and DOMINATE the league? Not Doughty, not Weber, not Phaneuf, not Neidermeyer, not anyone. I am a Kelowna Rockets season ticket holder so I have had the pleasure of watching some of the great young NHL defensemen play here for 4 years. Shea Weber, Luke Schenn, Duncan Keith and Josh Georges all played here for their Junior careers and none of them dominated the league. I’ve watched Phaneuf, Chara, Barker, Sbisa etc and none of them dominated the league like you seem to think Hickey should be doing right now. How can you say a defenseman with a point per game average and is a +19 on a lower end team is overrated? I think you’re falling back into the old way of Kings fan thinking and it’s time to make a trade just for the sake of making a trade. Well as an organization, the Kings are finished with that kind of thinking and are following a plan devised by Dean Lombardi and so far, has worked to a “t”. Just wait till you see Hickey hoisting that Cup over his head in 3 years and you’ll think to yourself “boy am I ever glad Lombardi didn’t listen to me!!!”

  • Kodi08

    The Deal for Oscar’s rights was a conditional 4th round pick in the upcoming bantam draft. If he was assigned to Seattle the 4th would become a 2nd round pick.

    I honestly believe both opinions on what should happen are valid. In Seattle he would get more playing time and playoff experience (Seattle will likely be the 5th or 6th seed) and still be back in time for a playoff run for the Kings (as well as Hickey).

    Sending him down though he could take a psychological hit but I would hope that the team not only drafted him for his talent but his maturity as well. Granted learning from the team and practicing with the team can help his development but getting the minutes night in and night out are probably even more important and I for on would rather have a Oscar Moller who is in the groove for the playoff run then one who is fighting to get minutes.

    Fun debate though

  • Jayrew


    Thats Coo, but clearly the NHL is superior to the WHL, thats not what im saying. Im simply saying that it’s a pretty damn good league, and im hedging my bet that Lombardi has talked to Seattle. THEY TRADED A #1 draft pick for him, so I’m sayin the chances are high he goes to Seattle. Why would they dump a draft pick if he were to stay in the NHL?? Just connect the dots here guy.

    It wouldn’t hurt the guy to go to the Western League. There’s a huge playoff race going on right now in the US Divison and Seattle is right on the cusp, kinda like the kings are right now. With him being out for so long, i think it is a good idea to see him play in a playoff race while doing some conditioning too. Look, i love the kids and think the skys the limit, but there’s no need to rush him back after a fractured clavicle.

    BTW, If you think the NHL fights a lot, check out the WHL. These kids are 16 taking on 20 year olds. Its nuts!

  • fuzzerson

    Technically Moller would be sent “up” to Seattle.

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