Ersberg’s thoughts

Erik Ersberg will get an opportunity to get more games in goal,Terry Murray said, but he’s going to stick with Jonathan Quick and why not? Quick has been brilliant in goal, and the Kings are on top of the world after a 4-1 roadtrip.
“You always want to play,” Ersberg said. “Everyone wants to play. It’s easier to be on this side when the other guy is playing that good, you know? If the other goalie doesn’t play like that, you sit on the bench and start thinking about it. As it is now, he’s playing really good and we’re winning games.”
There are a couple of logical times for Ersberg to play. The Kings play back-to-back games on the road at Anaheim next Wednesday and at San Jose next Thursday, and the following week, the Kings play back-to-back games at Minnesota on Feb. 24 and at Philly Feb. 25.

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  • anthony

    Iceberg is great goalie whose play has been solid.
    He’s done nothing to suggest why he shouldn’t be signed to another contract.
    When he gets his shot, the roles will be reversed.

  • BringBackKingston

    Ersberg will be signed to another contract. By whom? I don’t know.

  • Kingsword

    Would love for some of Quicks crazy work ethic to wear off on Ersberg.

  • wavesinair

    I love the berg. But the role will not be reversed. This is a great problem to have and Quick thrives on competition. He is vastly becoming the franchise. Get used to it and love it.

  • Ersberg

    I can’t wait to see how Dean is going to work this “issue” out.


    And no, the kid can’t stay in Manchester forever. A short stint last season is not a clear indicator of his NHL play. We had an absolutely HORRID defense last season, especially towards the beginning.

  • Anon

    I’m not so sure about the comment of “Quick’s crazy work ethic to wear off on Ersberg.”

    I haven’t heard anything negative about Ersberg’s work ethic, nor anything at all in regards to Quick’s work ethic. I have heard about Quick’s competitiveness.

    Yes, Quick has been great in net so far, but that statement by the commenter contains the implication and insinuation that Ersberg has been lacking in his work ethic. Ersberg’s statement was professional and complimentary of Quick, and no disparagement of Ersberg is necessary.


    I love Bergie and I love Quick.
    I don’t play in net, but I wonder about the workload this kid is bearing (Quick).

    Do goalies like to play every night?
    Or, does it liven up the competition to have two guys pushing each other with great performances?
    Maybe Lombardi would rather Ersberg NOT play in order to keep his value low…

    As cherished as netminders are, however, I don’t think Ersberg will get any SUPER-offers in the offseason.

    Well. As long as it keeps working I can’t argue with it. But, I sure wish Murray respected Harrold’s role as a defeseman more.
    Personally, I think O’Donnel should sit tonight. He’s no Spring-Chicken either.