• variable

    wow…that says something about fro…
    i know they’re teammates on the national team…however, i don’t think pavel would say that if he didn’t truly believe it…
    talk about yr timeliness…!?!?!

  • Bob Bobson

    Woo hoo ! Props for Fro ! And deservedly so this year. Maybe he is not part of the “core” now but if he keeps up his intensity and effort he will be part of it by the end of the year.

  • Leatherface

    Underrated as a whole, sure.
    Over-valued- by most LGKers et al, definitely.

    People have to come to grips with the fact that due to simple economics (ie: Dean not being willing to pay Fro what he will command on the open market) that Fro will not be a King past the 2010 trade deadline.

    The lone caveat is Fro’s willingness to take a massive hometown discount, in comparison to what some bonehead Glen Sather type GM will offer him. If JJ signs for a reasonable amount, that too may improve his chances of staying.

    Love Fro all you want, I know I do, but his <1ppg average and his "intangibles" do not equate 5.75m per year in Dean's eyes.



    As enlightened as you may be, all we’d need to do is get rid of Preissing’s and Cloutier/McAuley’ contracts for the next 2 and 1 year(s) respectively and Frolov can be paid his fair market value.

    If the Kings don’t want to pay him fair market value, sure they’ll lose him.

    * of course fair market value in the NHL is kind of a warped concept.

  • Lazarus

    Datsyuk lost all credibility when he mentioned Blake in the best player in the league answer…….

  • John


  • Scott

    Good for Fro and nice of Datsyuk but notice how TM didn’t put Alex in that shootout against Atlanta. Finish your breakaways, Fro.

  • kingjin

    What happened to Fro on his breakaway?
    He used to be a pretty good at that and shootout.

  • Leatherface


    That’s cute, but did you account for a decreasing cap, JJ’s pending contract, Doughty’s future Phaneuff-esque contract (which as of right now, is only one year past the expiration of Frolov’s current deal), getting Quincey signed past next season (he only makes 550K right now) getting Quick resigned if he is the guy for awhile (only makes 550K right now) the Kings lack of a speed burning sniper, or true #2 (or perhaps #1) center?

  • dirtmover

    see previous fro core post- enough said – no higher sign of respect/value than from your peers and the best all around player in the game today-

  • Crash Davis

    Just took a look at NHLnumbers.com and DL is in very good shape re: cap space for a couple seasons.

    On offense, a decision needs to be made on Calder and Armstrong, whose contracts are up this summer. Frolov still has one more year at $4 mil – a bargain. That will sort itself out. And if Frolov is traded, he has enormous value. Tho’ I’d love to see him stay. He IS underrated. Time to shed that moniker. The rest are signed for awhile – Brown, Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Stoll, Handzus, Moller, Simmonds. Any of the kids from Manchester are on entry contracts. All in all, DL has about $27 mil tied up – for now – in next year’s offense.

    On D, DL needs to shed the contracts of Gauthier and Preissing, especially the latter. Gauthier is a UFA and was a bridge. Preissing hasn’t panned out. Trade him if possible (which might be hard to do). Or waivers, where on re-entry someone would probably claim him at 50%. But he still has 2 more contract years to go. Preissing was an expensive bust.

    Signing JJ is the #1 goal. What he’s worth only DL and his confab know. 3 years? 5 years? It’ll shake out. Is he worth $4 mil? Might be. Depends on comparables on age, points, etc from other young d-men.

    The rest of the D looks solid: Greene, Quincey, Doughty, even Harrold is a bargain. Add a veteran next year (O’Donnell again?) plus room for a rookie (Teubert? Hickey?). With JJ, you’ve got 7 D-men right there. But jettisoning that Preissing contract is vital. And with so many healthy scratches, Preissing has virtually no value other than a bag of pucks in return. Oh well.

    Goalies are cheap right now. Ersberg is a UFA. Bernier and Quick are on entry level contracts. Kings are stocked with goalies with Zatkoff, Jones, Rowat, Taylor. It’ll shake out.

    All in all, DL will be back at just above $40 mil next year UNLESS he gets a sniper and one more good D man through trade or summer UFA pickups. The upside is a number of young players panned out this year unexpectedly: Simmonds, Moller, Quick, Doughty, Quincey. Veterans like Calder, Greene, Stoll and Handzus are looking better. Man, do the Ducks wish they had O’Donnell back. Quiet, steady.

    DL rolled the dice and – so far – he’s winning the CAP wars.

  • mrbrett7

    ETR…best post you have ever made.

    Leatherface…yes, the cap will be coming down…meanwhile the Kings have the lowest cap hit of any team in the NHL, and their own budget will increase (I believe at least).

    They do not have too many too sign…if they want to keep Frolov, they shouldn’t have any issues doing so.

  • brianguy

    I have definitely been mentioning Frolov all year long among the NHL’s most underrated. he started out his career as a goal scorer with sniper potential. some (ahem) saw him a few years ago as inconsistent or injury prone, labels which I always felt were undeserved. now he scores goals, is a good playmaker who makes others around him better and mr. consistent


    leatherface – I’d pay the guy who’s been doing it for 6 years for his team before I worried about Johnny-come-latelies and NHL media darlings who are already under contract and being over-paid.
    Besides, other contracts are going to expire or be “waived.” Like Calder, Zeiler, Ivan, etc…
    I don’t know how much Fro will ask for, or how much he’ll “accept” if it’s a low offer, but I think he’d like to stay and for his talents 5 million would be more than I’d want to pay, but what his “value” may be around.

  • ziggy33

    I said it to my buddy on saturday the Frolov scores big goals. Lets not forget that huge goal at dallas which was huge at that point of the season. I’m glad that he is finally getting some appreciation. He is a solid 20 goal scorer every season, and the only knock on him is that he hasn’t been in the playoffs which is not his fault. I love fro and hopefully we are able to sign him to a long term deal.

  • mrbrett7

    Well, Ziggy33…I’d say there are more knocks on Fro than not having played in the playoffs.

    When he shows up every night/game, and plays consistently every shift (something he has not done up to this point in his career), then I would agree with you.

    I don’t fault him one bit regarding the playoffs. One man can only do so much.

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