Manchester’s top goalie…Daniel Taylor?

Call him whatever you want — Danny, Dan or Daniel — but Taylor is doing his best to show that he’s not an afterthought goalie in the Kings’ system. Since being called up to Manchester, Taylor has a 6-1 record, a 2.17 goals-against average and a .921 save percentage. He seems to have supplanted, at least for now, Jonathan Bernier as the Monarchs’ No. 1 goalie. Taylor recently did a Q&A with Kevin Provencher of the Union-Leader…

TAYLOR: “Every opportunity in the American League is do or die for me. I know every time I go in I have to win because there are a lot of good goalies in the Kings’ system. Every time I go out I’ve got to prove myself and prove that I’m the go-to guy and I’m the best they have … I have to show that I’m getting better every year and that I am going to be a world-class goaltender in my career.”

5 Qs with Dan Taylor, Monarchs’ goaltender

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  • anthony

    Bernier is dead meat.
    Now he’s a back-up in the AHL.
    Trade him before Zatkoff pushes him into ECHL.

  • PUCKBOY 25

    The KINGS do have options at the goalie position for the first time I can ever remember ! Very nice to hear the phrase ” the Kings have a lot of good goalies in thier system “……

  • Is it too early to call Bernier a bust?

  • ksc218

    I feel bad for bernier. His natural athletic ability let him take the easy route to make it all the way up to the ahl (and nhl on a bad team) so he probably never learned a great work ethic like quick and taylor has had to do. And the whole way everyone just kept telling him he’s next

  • TB

    Just going with what DL said in the recent interview with Rich…Bernier isn’t “dead meat”. To be fair, I think its very much like what Steven Stamkos has experienced in being the “annointed one”. The pressure has been an issue. Mostly the pressure he put on himself with being so highly touted. But I think he’s far from dead. As everyone in the Kings system still agrees, that technically Bernier is top notch. I bet that next year he will bounce back. Just my 2 cents…

  • Brian

    Bernier isn’t a bust. It’s crazy to write off a 21-year old goalie. The taste of the NHL last year had him thinking he would be with the Kings this season and he hasn’t adjusted to the idea that he has to earn it. Right now, he’s actually learning a valuable lesson, riding the pine in the minors.

  • Rob

    Lighten up Francis . Bottom line is that our goalie battle is the best possible thing for this organization. Just think about the competition between the pipes next training camp. Taylor outplaying Bernier may just be what he needs to push him to that next level. Especially after seeing how successful quick has been at the NHL level.

  • Jonny

    Next year = Purcell, bernier, 2nd Rounder for Kovalchuk! hahahaha

  • aj

    this inner competitiveness is exactly the kind of culture Lombardi was trying to create. I’ve always liked Taylor, he showed a whole lot more then Munce back then, I see no reason why he couldnt be in the NHL.

  • Leatherface

    Like I said…at this point, Bernier is a face in the crowd…

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Anthony–Daniel Taylor started for the Bakersfield Condors before moving up to the ECHL…

    The ECHL gets occasional players who move up the ladder to the NHL. Sometimes we get those who fall down, such as Yutaka Fukufuji (now with the Condors), sometimes we catch glimpses of a true talent. I must say, Taylor was very inconsistent in the ECHL two seasons ago, and lost his starting job to a goalie now retired (Jamie Hodgson).

    By the way, Fukufuji had a great end-of-season run and first round of the playoffs last year, and is slowly getting his game together with the Condors this season. He may make it back to the AHL, although I doubt whether he is NHL material at this point.

  • deano

    Taylor has been a good goaltender for the past two years, and before that he was a mess. I am happy for the turnaround, but feel sorry that he has been tossed around like he has lately. Hopefully DL will take notice, and actually consider him a prospect or trade him to a team that will give him a chance.

    For those of you who are writing Bernier off, you obviously haven’t been a hockey fan for long, or maybe you’re just a little thick in the head (Anthony). Just because a player isn’t a star immediately doesn’t mean he is a bust. I’ve been a fan of this game for about thirty years now, and nothing is ever set in stone on how and when someone will make the show. Every situation is different, as individuals are. So try not ride the emotional highs and lows unless you have some sort of bi polar disorder. Just look at Detroit. Franzen, Hudler, and Filpula spent quite a bit of time on the farm before they were viable NHL players. Jimmy Howard is still there. Give it a break already, some of you are such drama queens.

  • Anonymous

    Nice article about Taylor. Having talked to him a number of times, he takes nothing for granted. He has always appreciated each game he has played in and busts his butt in every pratice. Hope he stucks around, he has earned his spot. Seems to me as though the Monarchs play a different game with Danny in goal, they have confidence in him.

  • Quisp

    Taylor was a disaster for the first two-thirds of this season, before his promotion to Manchester. I’m telling you, goalies are weird.

  • Anonymous

    The team that played in front of Taylor in Reading was awful, and it’s not surprising that his stats were abysmal. (does this sound familiar to anyone???)

    Danny’s really turned it around in Manchester so far. He busts his butt, always works hard, and smiles in spite of the fact that he “knows his place” with this organization.

    If I recall correctly, his 3 year entry-level deal expires at the end of this season. If he stays with the Kings’ organization, I hope the PTB realize he’s a valuable piece in the puzzle. If he leaves, it’s likely he’ll be much better off.

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine the type of player we could get from Philly, Ottawa, or Atlanta, if we made Bernier available?! We do have Quick, Taylor, Ersberg, and Zatkoff…and the same could go for our D prospects. Lets get movie. I dont want to be like the angels and be gun shy to get an established player just to hold on to a lotto ticket. Remember the deal the Angels could have had for A-Rod for Shields, Dallas Mcpherson, Howie Kendrick, and a second rnder. Are they Kings in a similar mindset?

  • -J

    FWIW- Taylor gave up 3 goals in under a minute in the first period tonight and got yanked. Bernier’s stopped 28 of 29 in relief.

  • b1953

    Taylor is one of the most underated goalies. The kings are so stupid, i hope they trade him to a to another team so he can have more success. Toronto was going to draft him but the kings drafted before T.O. had a chance to.

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