• Chris Bond

    Great shots!!! I would be more then happy to send you some of the KINGS at Dallas at the March 26th game. Rich keep it in mind, I will see if I can get some Media Creds from my paper….Unless you have a better way. I have tickets on the glass already so not to important.

  • Quisp

    Comrie and Campoli to OTT for McAmmond and a 1st 2009 (the SJS pick). WTF is Bryan Murray on? He’s trading first round picks to gear up for the playoffs, and he’s not going to make the playoffs!

  • anthony

    You’re right about Bryan Murray.
    He’s off his rocker.
    Like Brother. Like Brother.

  • Quisp

    To say nothing of the fact that Mike Comrie (more or less = Kyle Calder) and a depth defenseman (like, say, Gauthier or Preissing) is all it takes to get a 1st rounder this year?

  • Fletch

    Very nice shots….I wonder if he has a press pass to be down there getting that kind of light, unless he’s piggybacking off of the press photographer’s strobes.


    That’s definitely a 1st round pick we let slip away. Friga-diga.

    Was that trade made while Hammond was interviewing?


  • src

    Hey Quisp,

    This Ottawa trade does not make much sense, unless Comrie is a stop gap for the departure of Spezza???Whatch ya think??

  • mrbrett7

    What the hell?

    If those two got him a late round 1st…Guathier and Calder could get something similar (although Calder isn’t as good as Comrie is).


    if that’s an ’09 first rounder, it’s currenly 5th or 6th overall, if I’m not mistaken.
    Score one for Garth…
    But IMO Campoli looked like a decent player when we were in L.I. last week.

    Lookie likie Bryan Murray isn’t as keen on “toughness” as Terry and Dean taking those two minnows.

  • Quisp

    src, re spezza:

    That thought crossed my mind. But then I decided that what’s probably going on is that Bryan Murray has decided he’s going to get fired if he doesn’t get the team into the playoffs so he may as well go for it. The trade would require more movement if Murray were thinking ahead to next season’s cap ceiling, so either he’s not thinking about it (i.e. just trying to save his job first) or there’s another trade coming.

  • Rich Hammond

    Ottawa did not trade its first-round pick. It traded San Jose’s pick, which it got for Dean McAmmond today.

  • src

    it was SJs first rounder, not Ottawas

  • KingzzFan

    Great shots there. Honestly Calder is producing right now. if we’re goingto amke a push for the playoffs, I would want to keep him right where he is. As much as I love the guy, I would rather give up Army, Goat + Pressing for a first.


    Thanks Rich.

    I missed that in Quisp’s first post.

    BTW, the JK (just kidding) about that trade going down while you were interviewing.


  • Big A

    Sounds like the trade was really about Campoli more than anything else. BM’s never really like McAmmond much, so this move doesn’t really surprise me. Comrie will add a bit more offense in the week or so that Alfie is out.

  • Ersberg

    I could see Ottawa flipping Comrie at the deadline, unless they plan on trading another center.

    Quisp, I think Comrie is better than Calder. Also, as Big A mentioned, I believe this deal is focused more on the pick and Campoli, rather than McAmmond and Comrie.

    Seeing two somewhat surprising trades occur prior to the deadline, it’s looking like their may be some nice trades come prior to and on March 4th.

    Reading around the Net, several writers have mentioned to keep an eye on Anaheim and the Kings for trades. Then again, as Rich has stated on many occasions, we’ll hear it here before any of those other sites have any real news.

  • Quisp

    I think the truth is, nobody has a clue which way the trade market is going to go. Lots of buyers, few sellers, cap space issues, fear of bad economy leading to cap reduction… it will be very interesting. The Kings are in a unique position, but may stand pat anyway.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lappy come home for a pick.


    Mike Fisher. Let’s get him.


    If we acquire Fisher we can waive Preissing (salary cap)- who nobody is interested in, obviously.

  • Big A

    I’ve always thought of Fisher as more of a Western conference type of player. More or less the same salary as Handzus, 28 years old, and he has more offensive upside… in theory.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan


    I take 3rd row pics (Bakersfield Condors) without a strobe and get decent results… just need to correct color.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Colorado took it to Washington, at Washington, 4-1 final…

    Ever get the feeling the East just isn’t very good? Washington whomps on the East and is under .500 against the West. Maybe the best thing to happen for the Kings is to play the East, even on the road…

    The Ducks are losing 4-1 to the Red Wings on the road, in the third…

    Ever get the feeling the Ducks are toast? Or, is it roast Duck? I still say keep the roster stable, unless someone is giving away offensive talent for nothing, take the experience from this year into training camp next year as a young, stable, hungry team determined to make the playoffs.

  • Chris Bond

    Quisp…I hope you are right about Lappy he was a favorite of mine and I would LOVE him to come back…

  • 4thlinechecker

    Lappy would be great to have back, good thinking quispy.

    On another note, did anyone else go to Redondo Cafe for the viewing party last night? It was alot of fun seeing so many kings fans away from staples center. Cheap beer, Mcsorley was there, and my buddy won a team autographed stick! Last time they had the viewing party I actually won an autographed Luc Robitaille retirement night puck…. Check it out next time if you couldnt make it, its alot of fun.

  • Matt George

    Ok so on a different note..

    I’m always complaining about the ducks announcers when we play them

    Bob and Jim are the shizznippy but if we didn’t have them… i’d take this guy


    listen to this guy… awesome

  • JEff

    I’m curious as to why Pahlsson hasnt been hyped more. This guy was huge reason why the ducks won the cup. Look at the lack of #s Heatley, Spezza and Alfie had against Pahlsson. I’d love to have this guy on our team.

  • Old Man

    Hey Matt, I have to agree with you on Randy Moller,except when he says , he SCOOORRES,that would drive me nuts.Thanks for sharing that video!

  • Cry Baby

    Speaking of announcers…the only guys who are as or more annoying than Hayward and that other numb-nut are the SJ guys. Watching that game was unbearable.

  • smokiemcpot

    Well I just wanted to comment about some people talking about grabbing Fisher. He is def. not the answer. He is not that great and he plays center. We have enough. Also his price tag is a bit of a red flag. He doesn’t earn that type of cash. I’d rather pay Handzues that money than Fish.

  • Ersberg

    Quisp, Lappy was great here, but I think that would be going in the opposite direction we need to go in(his age and we already have grinders/fighters by the truckload).

    Regardless who we think and/or want here, my thoughts are we get players that want to be in LA. We’ve made many trades in the past for guys that just didn’t give a crap.

  • Ersberg

    Jeff, Sweet idea in Pahlsson, but since the second coming of Zus, do we want/need him? Don’t get me wrong, Sammy is awesome. As a matter of fact, he’s the only Bird I like. Then again, we could always unload Zus and sign Sammy.

    Check out this idea, granted the guy is an ass, and you guys will think I’m totally off my rocker, but…


    Yeah, I know, he’s a Quack, a d-man, and really just a big dick, but look at it like this:

    1) Do we want to keep Goat? I don’t. I like his upside, but his downside shadows his upside.

    2) What about OD? Are we continuing the “Doughty mentoring” into next season? My question is, why if so? He’s good, but Pronger is way better.

    3) Pronger wants to stay in So Cal, as does his wife.

    4) He’s got kind of a fat contract, he’s a tad older, but honestly, he still has several years left him, and he can play the blue line as good as any other, kill penalties, QB powerplays, and has a hard ass shot.

    Yes, I know we have Doughty, JOMFGJ, Quince, Greene, and Harrold, but if we added a guy like Pronger in that group, it would pretty f’ing awesome. The guy is basically a Chara.


  • Fletch

    BakoCACondorsKingsFan –

    What kind of lens are you using and at what ISO?

  • JDM

    I think we need to save as much money as possible for Johnson, Frolov, Doughty, Quick and a new superstar.

    Fisher is good, and in theory I’d like him on the team, but unless we decide to give up on Handsuz or Stoll, I want no part of his contract.

    I’d prefer we fill out the third line with someone who has a contract like Calders. I’m torn on whether I want that guy to be Calder next season.

    I’d love to see a fourth line next year of Ivanans-Lewis-Richardson (who I’m really starting to like and seeing why DL traded for him). A 3rd line of Calder (or a similarly priced alternative)-Handsuz-Simmonds. A second line of O’Sullivan-Stoll-Brown and a first line of Frolov-Kopitar-Top player. Come to think of it, I totally left out Moller. Maybe he can flat out replace Calder?

    We can replace OD with a similar veteran making no more 1.5-2 million. Drewiske can replace Gauthier, and he’s cheap. Doughty has two more years of a modest cap hit, Quincey has one more year of coming cheaply, then two of Harrold/Voynov/Hickey/or another cheap defense acquisition fill out the 6/7 dman. But then again, Preissing will probably still be here, unless we buy him out, which I don’t want to see. Hopefully we can unload his salary for a low pick.

    I think this leaves ample salary (haven’t crunched the numbers) to give Johnson a healthy enough raise to get him to sign a 3-4 year contract, as well as pleanty to throw 5-6 at a sniper, and we should have enough to give Frolov about the same next offseason.

    So while a guy like Fisher would be good, It seems like we’d need to unload more than just Preissing to fit him in making a 4.2 cap hit. Stoll or Handsuz would have to go, and while Fisher is a solid hockey player, and I like him, I want to see Stoll and Handsuz through atleast two more years of their contracts. If we are going to spend 4 million on someone who isn’t Johnson or a top 6 scorer (preferably top 3), I’d prefer to spend it on another dman to a 1-2 year contract so we don’t have to rush too many dmen. Like Jay McKee who DL was apparently thinking about last offseason. Or Mike VanRyn. Someone of that caliber/price I think would be more useful next season to me than Fisher. Drewiske looks ready, he’s also over-aged, but I’m not so sure Voynov or Martinez couldn’t use one more AHL season with an occasional call-up, and Hickey might be served well to dominate the AHL for a year. I only point to VanRyn because he only has two more years left, I realize a useful player in his late 20’s would be hard to sign as a UFA to a 2-year contract. That should bide sufficient time for all of our young dmen to develop nicely. After all, only Doughty and Johnson are Doughty and Johnson. I’d love one more 27-29 year old middle pairing dman for next year.

  • Harry

    The NHL has handed Denis Gauthier of the L.A. Kings a two-game suspension for a hit on San Jose Sharks’ Patrick Marleau on Thursday night, sources told Sportsnet.

  • src

    Cool……………no Goat=no stupid penaltys, and no pathetic turnovers deep in our own end.

    Go Kings!!!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting article on values of draft picks:


    To summarize, after mid 4th round, picks have about the same value.

  • Lappy Happy

    I would love to have Lappy come “home”. Can you think of anyone better to mentor the likes of Wayne Simmonds? I’m liking that kid more and more: Heart, speed and developing skills. Not to mention he’s starting to play with a little edge.

  • AK47

    Isn’t Ersberg’s contract up this summer? Jon Quick is the starting goalie now, so why doesn’t Dean make Erik Ersberg a tradeable asset? Ersberg, Calder & Gauthier or Sean O’Donnell for Ryan Smyth, what do you guys think of that? Our lineup next year or even this year would look like..


    Jack Johnson-Doughty
    Matt Greene-Peter Harrold
    Kyle Quincey-Voynov/Martinez/Hickey

    Jonathan Quick
    Jonathan Bernier

    The trade I proposed helps both teams. What’s Colorado’s biggest need? A starting goaltender (Ersberg) and they get a bunch of ending contracts, so it’s not like it’s taking up cap room.

    We get a proven superstar and a all round good player and leader. It’s just a though, so no one has to hate on the idea. I think our lineup would be pretty serious if we added a guy like Ryan Smyth, and ya I know, he’s pretty old, but that’s really the only bad part..

    We should look into a guy like Jason Pominville, or Drew Stafford…

    Crown Authority
    Kings Blogger

  • Jeff

    Pronger is available for a prospect and #1…and we have more than enough prospects. This is what I’d like to see by the end of the year.

    Jack Johnson-Pronger
    Matt Greene-Doughty
    Kyle Quincey-Voynov/Hickey

    Jonathan Quick
    If we traded Drewiskie, our #1, and a 4th with a prospect for Pahlsson…this could conceivably happen. That is a Juggernaut of a two way playing team (above). We have a stockpile of prospects, lets not be like the angels and waste them for lotto ticket-esque players!

  • AK47

    what about Harrold? You’re just going to leave him hanging dry after having a good year? and we need an enforcer on the team? Ivanans needs to be there. Plus, you’re going to pair Pronger with Jack Johnson? They’re similar type defenseman.. You want to see Doughty and Johnson and maybe Pronger and Greener..

    I think that’s too much for Pahlsson, he’s not worth a prospect, a 1st rounder and a 4th.. No way that’s going down..

    And finally, you think Oscar Moller has the ability to be a second line player and contribute like Ryan Smyth or a Jason Pominville type player? No way.. O’Sullivan should be on the second line with Brownie and Stoll and we need a top player to play with Fro and Kopi.

    How do you know we’ll be able to re-sign Erik Ersberg? Do you know how many teams need a starting goalie? We can make him available, since we have so many goalie prospects (Zatkoff, Bernier, Taylor). Brian Boyle is a center, not a winger too..

    Let’s draft Jordan Schroeder babyyy

  • Ersberg

    Decent lines, Jeff. I don’t think we’d have both Zus and Pahlsson though.

    AK-You’re right. I would replace Boyle with Harrold. I think Harrold has played pretty well on the wing, and he could always fill in on D if need be.

    I’d go Pronger-Doughty, or even Pronger-Quincey in some cases.

    I think Voynov and Hickey are another season out, at least Voynov is anyway.

    Also, it’s very possible we see Jeff Z. backing up Quick a few games next year as well.

    Imagine us on a PP with our usual guys up front and Pronger and Stoll/Quincey back on the blue line. Sick….

  • Anonymous

    You cant have Smyth, and/or Pominville, sign and keep Pronger around. Additionally, a first and fourth rounder, and a prospect, is not alot for Pronger and Pahlsson…check out their track record! If you’ve watched Pronger, at all this season, you’d have noticed that he’s staying at home more, which makes him completely different than the type of dman Johnson is turning into. Having them on the same line makes the most sense, and gives a great balance to every other line. Boyle played wing, and Armstrong centered the line, for three games this season…he’s not tough enough to play center in the nhl.

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