FINAL: Coyotes 6, Kings 3

Unfortunately, I’ll be driving to the office during the early part of today’s game, but feel free to start commenting here. I’ll pull together the usual postgame quotes and notes and perhaps we’ll do a postgame chat as well, if it seems as though there’s a lot to discuss…

Officials: Mike Leggo, Brad Meier, Lyle Seitz, Don Henderson

Phoenix: Hale from Reinprecht and Lindstrom, 8:53
Kings: Frolov from Kopitar and O’Sullivan, 12:13

Kings: Brown, unassisted, 1:20
Phoenix: Jokinen from Sauer and Michalek, 12:34
Phoenix: Tikhonov from Hanzal, 13:25
Phoenix: Jokinen from Mueller, 18:36

Phoenix: Boedker from Tikhonov and Hanzal, 1:31
Phoenix: Jokinen, 17:55 (SH, Kings’ net empty)
Kings: Armstrong from Quincey and Simmonds, 18:58 (PP)

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  • variable

    well-deserved DAP for frolov…

    read that yahoo sports article the other day when datsyk calls him one of the most underrated players in the league…

    what’s really great to see is that fro is becoming a more physical presence out there…he’s actually demonstrating that he can be gritty and show a winning attitude…

    i kind of wish HE elbowed lemieux after the face wash he got the other night…!

  • variable

    …and he delivers…go fro go…!

  • wavesinair

    don’t taze me fro!

  • variable

    frolov played 8:36 in the first…wowowowow!

  • variable

    great shot by brownieeeee!

  • smokiemcpot

    five posts.. four from variable. a little lonely there man. jk. effin jokinen. 2-2

  • variable

    whaddaya going to do…??

    i don’t like talking to myself…but it’s free…trying to save money this weekend…!

  • WTF

    What is the deal with the Kings starting the same goalie until they burn out? They are taking these guys that have never been a number one and playing them until they stink it up.

    It is a rare goalie like Kipper, Nabby and Brodeur that can play every night.

    Even Kipper and nabby split duties their first few seasons, so why is DM not following that successful model?

  • anthony

    That third goal was a terrible giveaway by Kopitar.
    Just terrible.
    C’mon Kopi, What if that turns out to be the game winning goal.
    You want to lose a team coached by that swine Gretzky?

  • DeanoLombardo

    How many goals is Quick going to let in over his shoulder? He drops to the ice before EVERY shot. Every team is shooting high on him. KEEP YOUR GLOVE HAND UP!

  • john b

    will this team ever give a full 60 min when it counts?
    The team seems to be content with a 1 goal lead. The attack mentality only shows when they are down.

    Jump the defense men into the attack for god sakes!

  • Marty

    Terrible giveaways and decision making by Kopitar,Greene, Quincey and the continual getting caught up ice by donuts Doughty cost the Kings a chance in this game.Just brutal.

  • john b

    The Kings do not have the personel or the coaching to become an elite team.

    You might be able to over come sub par coaching if you have a number of phenomenel players but the Kings do not have that obviously. They have a number of exceptional players but those guys do not get the support needed to over come the more balanced teams.

    1. On defense they are slow and indecisive on the break out ( which is not all the defenses fault given the support).

    2 On offense the defensemen never or inconsistantly join the attack which takes away the skilled offensive players space to be effective.

    We have decent goaltending so now we have to give the forwards some support!

    Wake up Murray/Compon!!!