Gauthier suspended again

Denis Gauthier was suspended for two games without pay. Agree or disagree?
Here’s the release:

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Denis
Gauthier has been suspended for two games, without pay, as a result of
incident during NHL Game #870, Feb. 19 against the San Jose Sharks, the
National Hockey League announced.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and based
his average annual salary, Gauthier will forfeit $22,580.64. The money
to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Gauthier was assessed a minor for boarding after making contact
Sharks’ forward Patrick Marleau on an icing play at 10:14 of the third
period. There was no injury as a result of the play.

Gauthier will miss games against Phoenix on Feb. 21 and at
on Feb. 24. He will be eligible to return on Feb. 25 at Philadelphia.

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  • ian

    He’s a marked man at this point, if it’s questionable he won’t get the benefit of doubt. I don’t agree with it, his elbow was at his side until after the contact with Marleau had occurred…

  • Chris Bond

    Man the NHL is looking to screw him huh?

  • Vasquez

    That was a pretty clean big hit. But apparently we can’t hit the other teams’ stars anymore. If that is anyone other than Gauthier it’s a clean hit, this is a joke and exactly why this league will go nowhere

  • Buzzsaw

    It’s been shown that we play better without him. For as many hits as he delivers, most are done after the player has passed the puck or taken the shot. Maybe we should bring back Davis Drewiski when we have a chance.

  • Josh M

    Seems to me like the NHL is trying to get as much money as possible, even if it’s by stealing it from players by suspending them. This is such crap. I don’t even like Gauthier that much, but the NHL is being retarded. There’s been numerous hits against our guys and no penalty, let alone a suspension. Garbage, just plain garbage.

  • Jason

    The only reason there was a suspension is because the Shraks announcers made a huge deal out of it. The hit seemed pretty clean to me. At one point, players have to keep their heads up. Army had his head down going across center ice and got cleaned out and it was no problem. If you put your head down to the level of the defenders arm, you are going to get hit in the head. Would they rather the defender go even lower and take knees out? I guess if you want to draw a penalty and suspension, just put your head down and take one for the team.

  • brianguy

    lol for a clean check… lol, ridiculous.

    does the NHL think he’s Sean Avery or something, that they need to suspend him for sneezing? that was a textbook hit, which should make some highlight reels.

    luckily he’s only a #6 defenseman or else I’d be really pissed

  • variable

    this was expected…he’s ascending up the nhl’s most wanted list…but this is the type of league wanted list you don’t want to be on…
    like i said before, regardless if it’s fair or not, denis has to realize he’s tupac…all eyez are on him…
    he can’t do anything suspected of illegality…

    here’s the interesting thing, though:

    i DON’T EXPECT d.l. to be upset…based upon rich’s interview w/him last week, d.l. loves old-time fisticuffs and appreciates the eye-for-an-eye role some players deliver…even though this was unprovoked, i do expect d.l. to put a spin on this one, as well…

    …and this is really my biggest beef w/ d.l….again, i’m supposing he’s going to come out and defend goat and say that it wasn’t an illegal hit and that denis has a target on his back…which, of course, the latter is true…d.l. reminds me a bit of bobby clarke in his assessment of the role of physical play and how it should be used during the course of a game…i don’t really agree w/ that…of course, players have to be mindful and protective of the star players on their team, and not be intimidated by physical play from the opponent…but they also have to use the same diligence and discretion when delivering a(n) provoked/unprovoked response…one of the best examples of some one who plays on the edge and yet rarely gets into league trouble is donald brashear…he seems to take as much liberties on the ice that the refs are going to give him…lappy does this very well, too…sure, these guys get penalties during the game…but i don’t remember either of these two examples getting suspended for their physical play…

    if denis wants to be anything relevant in this league…and, as duly noted, there are many of you who believe he should be in a beer league in winnipeg somewhere and not in the nhl, let alone on the kings…he has to address this issue immediately…i don’t see how the kings can afford this type of attention and reserve a roster spot for him when they are pushing towards the playoffs…

    …and now d.l. and the team will have another two games w/out denis to see if they can put together their own list of players who can be more effective and less damaging to the team’s overall chances in succeeding towards their mission statement…

    with the safety of players in the spotlight because of a variety of issues/incidents…not only the goat…but other “on edge” players need to take notice to the evolving measures the league is taking to ensure a somewhat safer game…and denis gave them another opportunity to question his intent and action…notice in the same game that army’s questionable hit did not come under scrutiny…what was that ol’ joan jett song…”bad reputation”?

  • PUCKBOY 25

    Do NOT agree !!!

    The big name players get away with it and Goat does not !

  • smokiemcpot

    I agree the hit was clean but i dont really care that he’s out. Were better off without him. I wish it was for a longer period than two games. His only use is for depth.

  • Cynic

    Absolute screw-job. Politics at it’s best. The NHL is becoming incredibly shameful at the way they handle these situations.

    Forget his elbow, his WHOLE ARM was as his side and he didn’t even lift through! He just skated at Marleau and hit him. The NHL just basically told everyone that if a player bends over to grab or reach for a puck, YOU CAN’T HIT HIM!!!

    Total BS.

    Well, all this means is we’ll win the next 2 games. Sorry Goat. We need points.

  • KevinC

    This is getting ridiculous!!!!!!

    I guess the answer is to take hitting out of the NHL, right? Take hitting out…then you get rid of fighting. As Disney would say…..”that’s a TWOFOR”

    Also, the point isn’t that most don’t care that Gauthier is suspended again.

    The point should be that the NHL has no clue what a clean or dirty hit is. Bettman has to go. Walkum has to go. These people are ruining this sport.

    If you don’t want to get hit the head then maybe you SHOULDN’T crouch down dropping your head to where your freaking shoulder would be at the point of contact!!!!

    The NHL is becoming a damn JOKE.

  • Johnny Utah


    Gauts can help it if Marleau decides to stick his head between Gauts’ elbow and the glass.


  • danny boy

    jesus u wrote a lot variable…how much time do u have on ur hands?

  • brianguy

    by the way where was the suspension or major penalty for the viscious hit (knee) on Doughty?

    pardon my french, but the NHL is ****ing clueless when it comes to this stuff. it’s embarrassing

  • Anon

    What a joke of a ruling. The hit was fine. Marleau should be fined for not knowing how to play properly along the boards. Where’s the fine on Jovo last night, or any of Pheneuf’s or Ovechkin’s games? The NHL is turning this into a ballet and the inconsistant officiating is corruption at its finest.

  • Garrett

    I’m not even gonna watch the hit. Thank you, NHL! This means Murray can’t play the most worthless player on the team!

  • nykingfan

    cmon..this is hockey. If you’re going to suspend the guy because he’s a repeat offender at least come out and admit it. How many times have we seen a hit like that go without even being penalized?

  • Anonymous

    Really …’ve got to be kidding me…this is a suspension?…I;ve watched a gazillion games these past few months and have seen many more brutal hits than this and some didn’t even get a penalty….boy the Kings are snake bitten by the league…who is a joke anyway. Can’t they figure it out every time BUTT-MAMN goes to any microphone he gets booed….good lord?

  • Andrew

    While I agree that the result was bad for Marleau, I disagree with the suspension. The hit was only a hit to the head because Marleau lowered his whole body so his head was at arm level. The only thing Gauthier is guilty of is only playing the man and ignoring the puck in that icing situation. Had he hit Marleau but played the puck as well, we might not be talking about it today.

    …and I don’t even like Gauthier, so I’m not trying to defend him.

  • Guys, this is a hit on an obvious icing call.

    The NHL has stated that anyone hitting a player on an obvious icing call will be suspended.

    The type of hit, whether his arms were down, blah, blah, blah, have nothing to do with it.

  • HeScores

    I don’t agree but I understand the call on an icing of the puck. Conversely they need to get rid of the trapezoid. I has changed the game and taken the Goalie out of the action. One change to the rules; if the goalie is behind/out of the net playing the puck he is fair game.

    Good work here Jill and Rich.

  • Moondoggie

    Should have been a total non-call; obviously the league is out to get Gauthier. While I’ve been none too pleased with some of Goat’s plays, I’ve grown to admire his physical play. This hit was totally clean, in fact I think Gauthier is becoming a better overall defenseman. He’s the kind of physical presence I like getting under the other players skin and having him back there with the other team knowing they’re going to pay if they mess with the kids or do anything stupid with our shooters. His physical play kinda reminds me of a young Rob Blake when Blake was a more physical player.

    As far as this play is concerned, it appears the NHL is trying to take care of their “elite” playoff bound teams. A suspension for that hit is completely ludicrous.

  • Anonymous

    Please suspend Gauthier ad nauseum for the remainder of the season. I never thought another d’man would be able to make miss Modry, but he’s done it.

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