• variable

    i really don’t understand how you can’t see that he DID lead w/his elbow…

    i already posted a rather lengthy opinion a couple of messages ago…

    rather rehash, i believe the kings just don’t need this…

  • anthony

    The hit was clean.
    The elbow was down and not a factor.
    He got suspended because it was a head shot and because he has a bad reputation.

  • Anonymous

    BS suspension. Marleau’s head and face were low begging to get hit. I wonder if Kings top players will get this type of protection when we reach that elite level. Thornton and those commentators can suck it.

  • anthony

    Rich, is somebody gonna be recalled.

  • Cynic

    Even the SJS announcer called it a ‘Shoulder Hit’. That was such a clean check. Great timing by goat, simply met him in the corner.

    Here’s a thought, if Dustin Brown makes this hit, does he get suspended??? Absolutely not.

    Again, crappy politics continue to ruin the game of hockey. I applaud Goat for not going into his shell after the 5 game suspension and he got screwed for making a CLEAN, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED hit. Colin Campbell is as bad as his referees are.


  • KevinC


    Variable..you are BLIND.

    If leading with his elbow means that it was perfectly tucked into the side of his body then i guess you are correct. He totally lead with an elbow.

    You should be an official in the NHL since you’re just as ridiculous as they are and you actually have the luxury of watching the video tape over and over again.

    At what point does a player who is receiving the hit take responsibility for his OWN damn actions?

    The hitter cannot help, or adjust to at full speed, what the hittee is going to do. You aim for his chest/upper torso and drive for the hit. If the guy freaking ducks or crouches WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO??

    Total BS. And my anger over this issue has nothing to do with the Kings or Gauthier. It has to do with the NHL in general continuing to SCREW this game on a regular basis.

    Next step?? Sponge pucks and foam sticks. Give me a break.

  • variable


    well…i’m not blind…

    he did have his elbow high…regardless of marleau’s position…which is really irrelevant…

    i love physical hockey…i love hard checks to the boards…but…whether it’s leading with an elbow or knee…you just can’t do it that way…the only thing gauthier did wrong was have his elbow higher than his shoulder…it was not tucked in at all…

    oh yeah…i didn’t make the call…and i did see the play live as it happened and thought instantly that it might be in question…and did not replay the tape over and over again…

    so there…

  • Someone


    You are absolutely wrong. His elbow is tucked right into his side. That is completely legal. If there is an issue with the hit you would have to argue it is a high hit. But even that is not the case.

    Elbows tucked in, doesn’t leave his feet, contact made with his shoulder. This is a legal hit. The league has not made “head shots” illegal (yet). Until they do, this hit is legal. The league is completely wrong on this one. I agreed with the last Gauthier suspension, but this is ridiculous!

  • john b

    This is a total croc.

    That is a standard check in the NHL. Guy is low bracing for the hit and gets crunched buy the bigger man.


  • TeamHasHoles

    Did you all hear the the Sharks colorman say “Go after ’em!” that’s comical… Ladies and gentlemen, perched up high a top the HP Pavilion, Drew Remenda (who never played a professional game of hockey in his LIFE) decides he’s gunna show class and courage by publicly encouraging players to dog pile on a guy who actually was penalized for a clean hard shoulder hit.

    Easy to talk Drew when you have Randy Hahn to protect you up in the booth.

    My only regret is that the hit wasn’t on Thornton (or Remenda).

  • Josh M

    Kevin C & Variable….

    Hey guys, Variable’s right. Gauthier needs to shrink down a couple inches so when he hits pusscakes like Marleau he won’t make contact with the head.

    Marleau simply got scared, ducked, and became a pancake. I hate the Sharks, and I hate crybaby “superstars” who cry when they get flattened out. And the Ducks can suck it too.

  • typicaljs

    I’m pissed that Gauthier get’s two games and Jovo get’s none for his horrible crosscheck in the ATL game. it was filthy.

  • KevinC

    Classic.. Well…Maybe that is your problem.

    Watch the tape and tell me that his elbow is higher than his shoulder.

    If you still think the same thing then maybe you need to take a class on the Human Anatomy!

  • Roger

    His reputation was the reason for the suspension. A suspension was not warranted for this hit. He plays the game on the edge and he is paying the price for it.


  • Ziggy Stardust

    Notice that the official who is nearest to the hit, right in the corner, does not raise his hand to call the penalty? The penalty was called from the trailing official behind the play.

    Ridiculous that it was a penalty and even more ridiculous to suspend Gauthier. Marleau lowered his shoulder in an attempt to embrace the hit, thus putting himself in a more vulnerable position as he lowered himself to take the brunt of the hit against his upper body/head region.

  • variable

    i don’t have a problem…i just have a different opinion…

    …to me, the elbow is high…it’s okay to disagree…
    i’m not going to insult you…not my style…

    have there been worse hits that haven’t been called? of course…is this based upon his rep? sure, that accentuates the issue…but it’s a borderline call that’s going to go against goat all the time…

    enjoy the game today…

  • Telos

    It was a clean hit. The NHL is taking hitting out of the game and they are using Gauthier as the fallboy to do it. This is a crackdown call. Sure the hit was a penalty (I guess… Even though it looked like Marleau touched the puck), but since when has little minor interference penalties been suspensions? If you look at the stills, the only part of Gauthier’s jersey that connected to marleaus head is all white, which is his upper arm. His elbow was tucked and it was a pure hockey hit all the way. The NHL is a mockery of its former self.

  • Starlight

    Rich, any chance you can leave the videos off the front page? At least the ones from the Kings website, the youtube ones only load when you click on them but these ones seem to load anyway…

    As for the hit, the people making these calls are more qualified than I am so I won’t analyze it overly much, though at a glance I certainly agree with the decision. I don’t really care about Gauthier getting suspended – we have others to fill that spot and he hasn’t really made an impression on me at least lately.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This is getting ridiculous. It’s called HOCKEY! There’s supposed to be CHECKING in the game, right? This kind of pansy game is being tolerated and even encouraged because the fans don’t speak up. We have to tell the NHL (No Hitting League) that THIS is not hockey. Someone bring our game back please.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? This is a crooked league, for sure.

  • Anonymous


    I tend to agree with you and enjoy your posts, but I don’t see much room for opinion here.

    Aside from the fact that it is physically impossible to have your elbow above the shoulder while ones arm is tucked in, the league totally bypasses player accountability for protecting themselves with a suspension like this.

    I even read on Marluea’s face afterwards that he knew he made a dumb decision.

    Where’s the suspensions for Phanuef, ovechkin, Crosby, Jovo? Phanuef throws an elbow right into Andrew Ebbets face and gets no suspension, not even a minor I believe. Ovechkin leaves his feet on hits frequently, but the NHL is terrified to suspend their stars.

    As others have said, it makes the NHL look like a joke. You don’t stop the Gauthiers of the world from being worried about dangerous hits by only suspending lesser players, you put a stop to it by sacking up and taking a stand on the infractions themselves, regardless of who they come from. Suspend Phanuef 5 games and you’ll see defensemen like Gauthier take notice.

    It can’t be “if you have a bad reputation you get harsher call”. That’s total BS. It has to be “it doesn’t who you are, a dirty player with a bad rep, a superstar moneymaker marquee player, or a timid 5’9″ very clean player who made a bonehead hit, every recieves the same punishment for hitting players in the head.”

    This is NOT the way the league operates, its obvious, and it makes no one take them seriously.

    Back to accountability, unless the goal is to pussify the game and turn it into basketball where physical contact is looked down upon, you have to hold players who make poor decisions and put themselves in unneccesarily dangerous positions responsible for themselves. If Marluea had braced himself, reacted quicker, or kept his head up and his feet moving, that’s a highlite reel hit. Its a more dangerous equivalent of diving imo. I don’t think they should penalize Marluea or anything, but the only punishment from that hit should be Marluea’s dizziness. This is a mans sport and the league made a sissy call.

    Again, I wouldn’t be as upset if not for the extreme and obvious and seemingly concious inconsistency with handing out suspensions based not on infractions but rather reputation.

    Also, I read somewhere that the Kings lose the roster spot for 2 games and can’t make a call-up. Is this true Rich?

  • jon

    you have got to be blind. goat has his elbow down and mostly tucked in, but he’s directing it at marleau’s head. on top of that, if you watch other angles of the hit, you can see goat actually jumping a little earlier than a typical check in order to get his elbow high enough to marleau’s head. not a clean hit at all…

  • JDM

    Damnit, thought I was signed in. Anonymous post above at 1:55p is me.

  • vicarious

    Seems close. The puck was there. IMO, Zeiler’s hit on Foot was far, far worse.

    My $.02 is that if the league does not protect the players (offense and defense both) on plays like these where a offense and defenseman are going into the corners and where the players take a long glide in, then we’ll see more (too many) concussion and other head injuries. Doubt anyone wants that. Its usually the smaller defenseman taking the big blows from behind and into the boards.

    For this suspension,close call. I’d say wrong but not totally unreasonable. Seemed a hard but OK hit to me. Seems I see worse regularly. So I’ll guess its a combination of things, including Gauthier’s recent suspension.

    To compare to (some) hated Rob Blake, Blake had no problem hitting people but usually chose not to make similar hits against the boards.

  • Nick

    ovechkin is a pretty clean hitter.

    and repeat offenders DO deserve to be punished more harshly and scrutinized more closely. without question. does dustin brown get suspended for that hit? absolutely not. but he’s *never* been in any trouble with the league before. gauthier had his second questionable hit in like 5 games played and he has a pretty lengthy rap sheet. was it a clean hit? close. it was still dangerous. you CAN adjust on the fly, most hitters do it.

  • variable

    i will say this….

    the reason the league gave for their decision was very weak…an upcoming icing call???

    no…that’s a weak excuse from them…countless times this year that type of play goes uncalled…

    so, if that’s the reason their citing for the suspension…then, yes, it’s a bad suspension…

    either he led w/his elbow or not…..i happen to think he did…and that’s why it should be under review…
    not because of a supposed “icing” call as foxy indicated during today’s broadcast….

  • JDM

    As for the icing call, that is a new rule this year, that you can only play the puck on an icing call, not the body, so fine, 2 minutes for interference. That’s all that should have been.

    Ovechkin is a pretty clean hitter in general, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made some questionable hits. He just gets the benefit of the doubt because he’s a star.

    As for Phanuef, I just can’t figure it out. Its like the league purposely ignores him and lets him do whatever he wants. If we compare him to Goat, I’ve seen 5 games worth of suspensions for Phanuef just in the 3 Calgary games I’ve watched this season. Its as if whoever EA decides to plaster all over their covers gets a free pass. Unnacceptable. That’s what bothers me the most. Its a principle thing, and the league tries to cite principle in suspensions like these, but breaks those principles when it behooves them. Goat missing 2 or 5 games means nothing to the larger fanbase, but god forbid they not have Ovechkin or Phanuef to draw the crowds for a couple of games.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting, but this seems to be a consistent inconsistency for the league and this season its bothering me more than others because we keep getting the short end of the stick on these calls.

  • GoKings09

    I thought it was iffy to even be a penalty but am ok with 2 mins for interference or whatever. He had his elbow in and it would have been fine if Marleau didn’t lower his head so that Goat’s elbow hit him in the head. If Marleau keeps his head up then it is perfectly clean. I agree with whoever it was before that said that these suspensions keep players from being responsible for their own safety. Players usually know keep your head up or you get hurt. That is how big hits in open ice happen and accidental bad hits like this. Basically, shouldn’t have been a suspension and maybe not even a penalty

  • horse pucky

    If the league would just let the players who can not take a hit wear a pink vest, then we would be better able to understand the calls.

  • oldtimehockey

    Is this the right video? Looked like a good clean check to me. The ref standing two feet away seemed to agree. OK, NHL, we get it, you don’t want there to be a successful franchise in SoCAL (NOT LA) that isn’t owned by Disney. Just make it less obvious next time, mkay.

  • Dan H.

    Lame call. Gauthier’s made some illegal hits this season but that wasn’t one of them.

  • Anonymous

    I call this suspension (as well as the latest garbage…or is it BARRAGE…of horrid officiating we’ve been on the short end of) as an NHL conspiracy against the Los Angeles Kings to keep them out of the playoffs…

    The only way I can say that the suspension is warranted is that Goatse-air ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!!!

  • tantrum4

    The best part of this video is Kopitar dropping the gloves and grabbing Blake!!

  • Jeff H

    I think the elbow was too far down and against his body to warrant a suspension, but when a player has a history of bad hits the league seems to always do this.

    But the real question was Blake getting involved like he did far more than he ever really did the whole season last year for the Kings. Yeah I remember one time sticking up for Jack, but the more I see him in a Shark uniform, the more I believe he phoned in just about every game last year.

    O’Donnell is everything and more of what Blake should have been.

  • Anonymous

    Variable…Marleau’s position means EVERYTHING.

    If a skater skates in with his head down, and his head runs into another players elbow, without that player leading with the elbow (as is the case here), then who’s fault is it?

    The skater getting hit.

    At some point, the hitee needs to take responsibility for their position on the ice just as much as the hitter does.

    Now, Bob and Jim stated that Hextall told them the suspension was due to the league trying to crack down on hits in an icing situation. If so…that makes some sense, as Gauthier didn’t make any effort to play the puck. Last year, it would have been fine, but not this year.

  • Quisp

    My reaction to the hit is (1) it was clean, and (2) it looked (and sounded) like he got mostly the boards.

    The NHL is trying to eliminate shots to the head, which is a good thing. But really they’re suspending Gauthier because, well, he’s a loser in their estimation so it doesn’t matter if they suspend him or not. They can point to the suspension and say, yeah, we’re doing something about shots to the head (although I couldn’t see from my computer screen if this was really a shot to the head). As someone who played defense for something like 1000 games, I can say that just because your elbow is not touching your ribcage doesn’t mean you’re checking with your elbow. I’m sure someone with more spare time than me can put together a video compilation of what actual elbows to the head look like (seems to me there was a nasty Corey Perry one a few weeks back).

    Anyway, that wasn’t one.

    Not that SJS wasn’t justified in stepping up there, in defense of their star.

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