Brown out for Tuesday

Dustin Brown will not accompany the Kings to Minnesota this afternoon and, most likely, will not play Tuesday. Teddy Purcell has been called up from Manchester and will be in the lineup against the Wild. Brown’s wife, Nicole, is close to delivering the couple’s second child. Brown is expected to join the Kings later in the road trip.

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  • anthony

    What timing.
    Good news for him.
    Bad news for the team.
    We get into one slump, just one – ITS OVER.

  • PaulCat1969

    I suppose that counts him out for Philly on Wednesday as well. Hopefully he can be there for Detroit on Friday.

  • anthony

    Getting into some deep waters here.

  • Garrett

    I’m all for players taking a day or two to be with their wives when giving birth, but not this time. Dustin Brown is supposed to be the captain of this team and right now they are fighting for their lives. He is being paid millions of dollars to play a game for a living and sometimes that means making sacrifices like not getting to be present at your child’s birth. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that he is getting the days off for this. He and his wife knew what they were doing when they had another kid and if they didn’t want it to interfere with the season they could have done a better job to plan for its birth in the summer. This move seems very bush league to me!

  • Anonymous

    That’s what happens when missing the playoffs.

  • RealDrew

    Congrats to the Brown family on the new addition.

    Your team needs you. Next time try having babies during the off season. Thanks.

  • JDizzle pka JDA

    Congrats to Brownie! Not good news for the team but I’m very happy and proud that the organization is showing a lot of class by giving him the time off. Cheers, to another great roadtrip.

  • Marty

    What kind of captain abandons his team now? LOL Bubbles I hope baby and momma are happy and healthy.

  • Chris Bond

    Brownie First off Congrats! Next do you think it would be possible to have your wife walk tonight like all night. Take her to work out, Jumping jacks, whatever it takes to have the baby tonight then get a flight out asap. hahhah really though congrats somethings are way more improtant then hockey….But there are very few.

  • Chris Bond

    Lets get a fund together for Nicoles doctor, Called the “INDUCE LABOR ON 2/23 FUND”. $5 bucks each and the Kings will match it, or just take all the KABOOM fund and give it to the doctor…….Just have the baby today and make him/her be healthy. (most important)

  • mcpuck

    Brown –

    Have kids when ever you want.

    Getting points in these remaining games is a question of manhood. It is going to take every one to win. If Brown is out, then they have to suck it up.

    Look at Dallas, They have Zubov and Morrow out for extended periods of time and they are still winning. St. Louis has had their captain out all year and they may pass the Kings.

    The Kings are at full strength and can’t beat Atlanta and Phoenix at home. They have bigger issues than not having Brown in the line up for one game.

    How about having some mental toughness and beating teams they should beat?

  • Telos


    What you said is mostly true about him being paid well and such, but there are more important things in life than your work. Would you say the same if President Obama took a 3 day leave of absence if he was having another child? Brown wakes up and clocks in like the rest of us even if he is getting paid more and plays a sport that many love to play, he is still working and still has real life issues to deal with. I personally do not see anything wrong with a father wanting to witness the birth of his child. If we fall out of the playoffs because he took a couple of games off for his family then we were not really much of a playoff contender in the first place.

  • wavesinair

    The timing couldn’t be worse. Hopefully the team rallies but what message is this sending to the rest of the team? I laud him for being a committed father, however as was stated, if it’s so important to be there no matter what, then plan your pregnancy for the off season. You have the financial stability to make it work any way you want, so why chance it during a potential playoff run? Great dad, not the best leader. As a King fan, I want a great leader. Period.

  • Kngcussion

    Seriously, how can you people expect him to show up at work – knowing that he didn’t take care of his family first. This team is not winning the Stanley Cup this year, and anyone who expects them to do so is crazy. Lets just be glad that the team has learned a bit about winning, and that next year they can continue to show improvement.

  • wavesinair

    “Then we were not really much of a playoff contender in the first place.”

    Correct. We are not. All the more reason for the captain to help forge a NEW identity for team that sorely needs it. NOT take time off during a run.

    I love Brown, don’t get me wrong. I think he would make a supreme alternate captain, he’s just not cutting it as captain for me.

  • ModrysGhost

    Those of you that are complaining about Dustin’s “leave of absence” have real issues. You people don’t seem to understand that the players are human beings. Further you have no idea what the real story is. Hopefully mother and baby are doing fine and there is no problem with the birth.

    Stop being so self centered for one second and think about the well being of others. This world would be a much better place.

    What’s funny is that if the Kings had denied Dustin the time off to be with his family everyone and their mother would complain about how classless the team is for not letting him go.


  • tantrum4

    Wow you people that are giving him the gears to be with his WIFE AT CHILDBIRTH are ridiculous!!!! Who cares about a stupid job when something is going on with your family? I’ll bet each and every one of you out there has either skipped school or called in sick to work for much much less in your lives weather you were hungover, wanted to watch the trade deadline on tv, didn’t feel like going, had a zit on your forehead, whatever. If your wife was having a child, do you really think she cares that you’re missing a hockey game? And would you not expect your boss to let you have the day off work so you could be there?

    Come on people, there’s waaaay more to life than hockey. Maybe once you have a child of your own you will understand. And like it’s been said here before, if this one games makes us miss the playoffs because Brown isn’t there, we didn’t deserve to make it anyway. I would think losing to Tampa, Pheonix, Atlanta, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and all the other bottom feeders we lost to WITH Brown in the lineup will have a lot more to do with us missing the playoffs than Brown having a child.

  • Chris Bond

    You all are to much, I would be at my kids birth no matter what. So get over it I want the team to win more then any of you but damn…..Family first. Plus where do you think your mind would be if it was you on the ice, in the game? no I think not.

  • wavesinair

    “Stop being so self centered for one second and think about the well being of others.”

    Exactly Dustin. Stop being self-centered (or most likely whipped) and plan for an off season birth.

    It goes both ways. We pay the guy’s salary.

    Brown is a good guy all the way around. But in this particular case, he’s a good father/husband and a bad teammate. There’s no two ways about it.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Hey guys–

    Didn’t someone else on the Kings go all fraternal and miss a game for childbirth earlier in the season?

    Doesn’t this kind of thing happen a lot, these days?

    Don’t teams occasionally WIN WITHOUT their star players, usually for injury (e.g., the New Jersey Devils this year), when necessary?

    Isn’t hockey still A TEAM SPORT?

    Hey, maybe Moulson will tear it up for a few games, and then we can trade him.

    Let’s CHILL OUT. A child is only born ONCE, you know…

  • horse pucky

    A few days ago I posted about the players who are protected should wear pink vests. It doesn’t work.

  • ModrysGhost

    wavesinair said:
    Exactly Dustin. Stop being self-centered (or most likely whipped) and plan for an off season birth.

    It goes both ways. We pay the guy’s salary.

    Brown is a good guy all the way around. But in this particular case, he’s a good father/husband and a bad teammate. There’s no two ways about it.

    You have issues. How do you know it was a planned birth? Also, as much as you would like to think so you are the one paying his salary you are not. The ones that are paying his salary are allowing him to be with his family. You are simply a fan. Quit trying to make yourself out to be anything more. If you think the few dollars you’ve spent on the team by going to a game or buying a jersey is reason enough for you to selfishly want someone to show up to work instead of being with their family makes you seem even more insane.

  • Dave W

    That is crazy, my wife is due any minute as well on our second. This one is a boy and I wanted to name him Luc Anze but my wife denied it. Congrats Dustin.

  • “I think it is absolutely ridiculous that he is getting the days off for this.”

    Are you for real?

    What planet do you live on?

  • Josh

    wow…its his kid’s birth for some reason…I’d like to think that my son’s birth is more important than winning a hockey game…it’s not like its a game that will determine us winning the stanley cup…what is he going to remember more…playing against the wild (win or lose) for points that won’t matter cuz the sharks or wings will win it all anyway…or the birth of his freakin son!?! good for brown…

  • Dave W

    Oh and by the way I am at work but I only live a mile from the house and am not traveling to Minnesota.

  • Duckhunter

    Family before sports(or work) my friends.

    Congrats to the Brown family.

  • Anonymous

    i’m curious to know how many of those who are critical of brown’s leaving the team are parents themselves?

  • Baumgartner22

    oops…was logged out. that was me who asked:

    i’m curious to know how many of those who are critical of brown’s leaving the team are parents themselves?

  • TB

    I think every single one of you who are SELFISH enough to demand that he miss his child’s birth should be ashamed of yourselves. Whatever excuse you want to make up, it disgusts me that you act like you wouldn’t do the same. Keep in mind that once his child is born, he will spend a great majority of his/her life away from home. He will likely miss birthdays, first words, first steps, etc. How dare you guys act like you have the right to bit** about his being supportive during his wife’s labor. Its a once in a lifetime moment. One that is truly greater than winning a stanley cup. I can’t belive what I’m reading…

    On a happier note, Congrats Brownie!

  • Baby King

    Brown takes off for the birth of his child? Isn’t that what a father should do? Damn right it is. Good luck and God bless to all three.

    Now, all the Kings taking last Saturday off?
    THAT’s a different story.

  • JDM

    I’m surprised there isn’t one mention of Purcell in this thread.

    Good for Brownie, I don’t blame him for taking a game off for this.

    So does Purcell just slot in to Brownies spot? Hell, maybe playing with Stoll and Calder will toughen him up?

    Has Purcell actually been showing the grittiness he’s been asked to show all season long? I was under the impression that while he was scoring in the AHL since being sent down, he hasn’t improved too much in going into the tough areas.

    I hope he can play a big game, knowing that this is more like an emergency callup and that anything less than an INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE is going to lead to an automatic send down. I’m really hoping Purcell kicks it into high gear, knowing he’s replacing the captain, that the team is struggling to fight for a playoff spot, and that while Brown will get his spot back, Purcell might be able to take someone elses if he can prove tomorrow that he will only help the team get to the promised land. This is a great opportunity for him to show his character to the team, coaches and management.

    Minnessota’s been on a bit of a tear lately though. Here’s to bursting their bubble!

    I just hope its a fun game. Its pathetic that anytime they show a Wild game on NHL on the FLY, they can only find one, maybe two highlite package worthy moments per period. Such a boring frigging team.

    I’m gonna go out on a fantasy limb, and picture a goalie duel tomorrow between Quick and Backstrom (if he gets the start since Harding was extremely impressive yesterday), where its 0-0 down to the wire, there’s a big scrum in the front of the net and Purcell jumps in with 20 seconds to go in regulation, pounces on a rebound, makes a quick move and scores the game winner and only goal of the game as Brent Burns crosschecks him with a murderous rage.

    Teddy, if you can do that, your next contract may not be such a big question mark.

  • Decker

    I don’t think anyone here can seriously challenge Brown’s motives or devotion to both this team and his wife. Would it have been nice to have the baby in the off-season? Sure it would, but life doesn’t always go that smoothly, especially when children are involved. It is unfair to expect someone to miss the birth of their child. There is a reason jobs are legally protected under the FMLA for the births of children… so that people can, without fear, attend the birth of their child. Maybe his wife is having a high-risk pregnancy. Maybe they were having difficulties trying to conceve in the first place so getting pregnant was priority one (time of year being a distant second)! No one can fairly assume anything other than Brown is doing what is best for his life (which includes both family AND the Kings. I’m sure he factors the team into every decision he makes. He has always seemed very devoted to the team and to being their captain… don’t dog him for being equally devoted to his wife and family.

    If the team can’t manage to step in his absence, you have the team to blame, not Dustin!

    Congrats DB & Family on the expected arrival!

  • Anonymous

    Jiggy did it with the Ducks a couple of years ago and they managed to survive. Team is just going to have to step up, that’s all. They all know that.

    Congrats Brownie, have a healthy, happy baby…

  • Scott

    Congrats to Dustin and his family, but I’m very on the fence about this. The timing is awful and, yes, he is paid millions to play for this team, meaning some huge sacrifices should be considered that don’t apply the same way to someone working at a place like maybe Wal-Mart.

  • Chris Bond

    Everyone think have baby thoughts, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby, Then book a flight on southwest to Min.

  • anthony

    You’re paid to play, so play.

  • A lot of idiots today!

    For those of you who question the “planning” of the Brown’s new addition, perhaps you should go back and read Hammonds interview at the beginning of the season. The kids was due in APRIL! Damn right he should be with his wife and kid!

  • pw

    When you have the kind of job he has you are expected to play. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t induce labor so she could have the baby in between games.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t they have a hospital near the arena? Just kidding, I would skip the game as well.

  • Ersberg

    Wow, Tantrum, well said. Way to go.

    Anthony-You’re payed to work, so work. Quit browsing Rich’s site all day.

    Get my point?

  • JDM

    This is the most shameful comment section ever on this blog.

    These guys put work before family 99.9% of the time. Death and birth are the only things they take off.

    Its not like he’s leaving to go pick out napkins for the babyshower. Jeez.

    Stanley Cup finals? Fine, suck it up, once in a lifetime just like having a child. One game against Minnesota in February? No big deal.

    Think about this, if Dustin played the game tomorrow, knowing his wife is in labor, he would be hard pressed to keep his head fully in the game, and that says nothing detrimental about his character.

    I can’t believe I’m even dignifying this crap with a response, so I’ll stop.

    You go Dustin! May your child throw the doctor a mean shoulder check on the way out!

  • Ersberg

    Yeah, Hockey is more important than family/life, even though they make millions, rather than pennies. That makes sense, if you’re completely psychotic.

  • anthony

    What do you call what you’re doing.

  • Dave

    Wow. I know money troubles are on alot of peoples minds, but this is just mean. Brownie is a mans man, a lunch bucket guy, and goes all out every game. So he takes some time to be with his wife while she gives birth and you guys (myself included) who are reading the internet while we’re being paid to work, are bashing him? All ya’all need to just calm down. Kings will win or lose based on the work they put in on the ice, and a distracted Dustin on the ice is worse than a focused (and probably grateful) Dustin who will be back on the ice soon enough. Lets stay focused on the playoffs, fans and players. Go Kings

  • Duckhunter

    Sorry folks, but having a child has no money value to it. If it did, it’s worth more than the millions or the pennies that the individual makes. You would give your life up for your child, thats the ultimate money value. Would you do that for your job?

    Really guys, those that have a problem with this, find some compassion or humility or some common courtesy toward your fellow human beings. I really don’t know if I find this comical or disturbing.

  • wavesinair

    Missing the birth of your child does not make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you a bad family man. It doesn’t mean you put work first. In fact, going to work often means you are putting your FAMILY first. You know how many people can’t afford to take time off work to witness the birth of their child? Happens all the time. It’s called the real world and there is nothing wrong with it.

    It’s happened for thousands of years. Many men not only didn’t see their child’s birth, but they died in battle protecting our way of life and never even saw their child. Is he a bad person for protecting our country?

    Your insistence that Brownie is a good guy for being there for his wife is political correctness gone mad at the very least and confirmation of the feminization of men at worst. Brownie is so obviously whipped. In a way I feel bad for him. Being a leader of men requires that you make sacrifices. He should do everything in his power to be there for his team as captain. Otherwise, pull the C off his sweater.

  • Ersberg


    That’s my point. We both are taking minutes away from doing something “else”. So, why can’t Brown……..

  • TB

    wavesinair…simply the worst answer ever. seriously, its the worst answer I’ve ever heard. you have clearly gone beyond being a fan. your response is offensive and I’m sure if Brownie knew you personally, he’d remind you of his manhood personally. Any man who has been lucky enough to be a father, yet unlucky to have missed his child’s birth would tell you of the regret associated with it. You have no right to criticize him. stop and think about it before your next rant. unbelievable.

  • Ersberg

    Wow, Waves…

    It’s Hockey, not combat.

    He’s not defending his country with honor by playing for the Kings.

    The flipside of what your’re saying is this: He’s shallow for playing Hockey rather than be with his wife AND his team is allowing him to do so.

    No disrespect to your beliefs, but I respectfully disagree with you.

  • variable

    congrats to the brown family…

    to all the people on this site and anywhere else giving him the ‘business’ because he rather be with his family during the game…


    i don’t like to call peeps names, but you need a saliva test if you feel otherwise…


    i don’t know how some of you peeps can even go there…it’s his family and marriage…you have no idea what those dynamics are….it’s his choice…how can you blame him?


    i’m all for a community of varied opinions, but to give brownie any type of crap because of this is ridiculously stupid….

    some of you really need to look in the mirror and retake inventory of what’s important in life…brownie wants to be with his wife during the birth of his child…that’s good enough for me…

    …and that should be good enough for everyone else…


  • variable

    if you want to talk hockey…

    espn’s peeps….burnside and lebrun….think that ryan smyth might be of interest to d.l. because of the declining value of his contract and what type of veteran leadership he could bring to the kings….


  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you negative assholes ask the team about Brownie’s absence and see if they agree with you. Anthony, wavesinair and Marty, I’ve just lost all respect for you. Did you know Nicole was due in April and that this was not planned to happen during you beloved fucking season? Take the C away because he stays behind with his wife who’s delivering a premie? What a bunch of assholes. Any tream in the league would have given this guy the time off but the only fans who understand are TRUE fans. Unbelievable!

  • anthony

    can we at least breathe?

  • Ersberg

    Variable, I’d take Smyth. At least he couldn’t score on us anymore, plus mullets aren’t in style in CA.

  • wavesinair

    “Your response is offensive and I’m sure if Brownie knew you personally, he’d remind you of his manhood personally.”

    First of all, I could take Brown.

    Secondly, if I ever had any conversation with him it wouldn’t be about his family.

    Lastly, Dustin is a young man of 24. The LAST thing he should be doing is getting married and having children. For all of you out there, wait until you are at least 30.

  • variable

    yeah…sounds like the most plausible type of deal…

    he’s 33…i think he would be great…obviously, you are not going to build a franchise around him anymore…but he still produces, you NEVER have top worry about him taking a game off (except for child birth) and his passion and experience will rub off on the yoots…

    he’s got great leadership experience…he’s ‘captain canada’ for god’s sake….and his cap hit over the next two years is slightly over $5 mil next season and $4.5 the following…

    heck, if it doesn’t work out…YOU CAN EASILY TRADE HIM…he has resale value…this might be a good fit in lieu of landing a kovy, gaborik, etc. type of player…

  • variable


    i don’t know if yr pulling a ‘limbaugh’…saying crap or having a discerning opinion just to make ‘waves in air’…

    but…as johnny mac would say…

    “you can’t be serious…?!?!?!?!”

  • TB

    Variable…yes! hockey talk!

    I like the idea. Smyth is a true professional, and he knows how to win. And I’m tired of him schooling the Kings every time he plays us. I’m not familiar with his contract, what are the details?

    He would make an excellent addition to the PP, and would make losing Calder very acceptable.


    wow. Now thats a forward lineup!

  • free phelps

    “Lastly, Dustin is a young man of 24. The LAST thing he should be doing is getting married and having children. For all of you out there, wait until you are at least 30.”

    soooo, now we know what leykis is up to since he got the boot.

    Great war/hockey analogy by the way. I often have ‘nam flashbacks when im on the ice myself. I see charlie everywhere!!!!

  • mrk

    Yeah waves, it’s easy talking tough on-line.

  • Duckhunter

    I’d take Ryan Smyth in a heart beat. Perfect player for our style. I personally love this guys game. Wish he was a few years younger though.

  • Garrett


    Yes I would say the exact same thing about the President if he decided to take time off to have another baby. Sometimes we have to sacrifice things we care about.

    Most people do not have the luxury of making millions of dollars a year. People who make far less often have to miss important days like that in their lives because work interferes. That’s just the way life is.

    Dustin Brown accepted a new responsibility when they put the C on his chest this year and I think that includes making this sacrifice.

  • variable

    i agree…

    i think d.l. should make this deal…if…what burnie and pierre are saying to be true…right away

    they are both EXTREMELY REPUTABLE reporters…just like our own richie…(can i call you that, paisano?)….

    it seems like they wouldn’t even go there unless there was absolute truth to the story…

    this is not coming from or hfhockeyboards…

    there seems to be legs on this one…

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    I just hope the kid can shoot or check, cause we sure could use the help.

  • Rich Hammond

    You can officially consider the comments section of this post closed. I should just delete them all, but there are some good points mixed in with the nonsense. I will delete all comments here from now on. It’s amazing how the Internet can bring out the worst in some people.

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