Quick’s “tips”

The Kings’ website did a recap of yesterday’s Tip-A-King event, and goalie Jonathan Quick shared some of his interactions with Kings fans…

“Two of the most frequent tips that I have been getting are ‘stop the puck’ and ‘win the Cup.’ I think I will take that advice,” Quick said.

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  • BRS

    I was at Tip A King yesterday & could not have been more impressed. The players seemed very happy to see the fans & they were so very friendly. Terry Murry was very thankful when I thanked him for being here. I know a lot of you must think they have to be friendly but there is a difference with hockey players & this team in general. Do you thing the Dodgers, Angels or Lakers would do something like this? And if they did it would be a lot different.

    You see how gracious Kopi & JMFJ are, even when the crowds are bearing down on them. You see Doughty & Simmonds laughing & acting goofy like the kids they are. You see O’Donnel standing behind a small boy helping him play a game. You see Quick talking about girls. You see Zeiler, Ivanans & Gauthier – the most bashed players being the most fun loving & talkitive guys there. You see Ersberg throwing balls at targets with the fans in his polite Sweedish ways. And poor Army – sitting in that dunk tank for 3 hours. And still having that crazy sense of humor he has. Stoll, Green, Preissing, Harold – all of them just going out of their way to make that person asking for an autograph or photo seem special.

    Yes baseball & basketball players could never do something like this. That is what makes hockey so special. And I think this general camarderie & friendship on this team will turn into wins. Be patient, the kids are learning & the veterans are teaching. They know what they need to do. We have a very good team here that will just get better.

    Dustin Brown wasn’t there to be with his wife who may have been giving birth. Has anybody heard if anything happened yet?

  • anthony

    I’m beginning to worry about Quick.
    He’s beginning to be predictable.
    He always goes low and the top shelf is completely left wide open.
    If players start figuring it out, Quicks career will end Quickly.
    Nothing worse than having a predictable goalie in net. And the other team know it. And the other players know exactly where to shoot.
    Please Correct It.

  • jeff

    Anthony, I love all the insight you bring to this blog. You know so much about the inner workings of the NHL. How many years did you play pro ball?

  • JonG

    Great feedback BRS. I’m glad to see that the players we root so hard for are also good guys.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan


    You just made me laugh, because I got a vision of that car commercial on T.V. where an innocent-looking car was being threatened by a menacing sedan, but then puffed up real big–like a puffer-fish with spikes–scaring it off.

    I imagine you wanting Quick to puff up real big, just like that, when an approaching sniper takes aim. That would be funny; they ought to make a cartoon…

  • Cynic

    They forgot ‘R’, so let me help:

    Rushing into the Playoffs:

    Now that the Kings’ players have had their chance to hear the advice and encouragement of their fans, it’s time to get down to business and make the playoffs. With 24 games left in the season, it’s time to bear down and win games.

    “Every time the center opens up for me, I’m going to rush the goalie and slap that puck through his spleen and make the net jiggle. Then I’ll invite him over for pancakes.” Anze Kopitar Said.

    Army mentions, “Now that I’m sponsored, I have new life and confidence in my game. Those late nights two-fistin’ the paddles have really improved my backhand. Sponsorship equals goals in this league.”

    Everyone’s gearing up for the big rush as points become scarce. Matt Greene is doing his part. “All those fools I’ve been smokin’ during the season has practically given me lung cancer, so now I’m on a strict diet of blocking shots, sticking up for my boys, and passes out of the zone, along the boards. Oh yeah, and a healthy dose of Journey in the locker room. It’s Sully’s favorite. Him dancing around the room with that jock on his head is priceless! Keeps us loose.”

    When Patrick gets word of this, he replies, “I’m a better dancer than Quincey any day!”. Since Sully has a history of making the puck dance, I might tend to believe him.


    I’d like to see some others…grab your thinkin’ tukes and start writin’.

    We got a tough week ahead boys…get pissed and let’s win these next 3.

  • anthony

    Jeff & Bako,

    With all due respect, even Rich noticed Quick going down and players shooting high. So its not just me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would like nothing more than seeing Quick be the next Martin Broduer. However, these latest patterns worry me.
    And I’ll bet you one thing, other teams have already figured it out and are all practicing shooting high.

  • Anonymous

    Gretzky figured it out in 1 period.

  • Freezang

    Anthony, in regards to Quick going down early. Maybe such as a Thai Hooker. (no offense intended to anyone)

    Thats the same model as Garon. Shoot high. He was a good prospect and did well in Montreal. Until the league figured him out and then now look at him. He can’t catch on.

    Like I said back in the beginning of January. He goes down early and has troubles seeing the puck through screens and shots from the point compared to other goalies.

    Hopefully those are problems he can fix.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Hey Anthony–Wasn’t sliming you, Dude…

    …Just had that mental image of Quickie puffing up and covering the net, the puck just bouncing feebly away.

    Now THAT would be a goalie!

  • tantrum4

    I’m going to let you guys in on a little goaltending technique that’s known throughout hockey from Pee-Wee’s all the way to the NHL. When a goalie is being screened and can’t see the shooter, they are taught to listen for the shot, then go into a butterfly and make themselves as big as possible and hope the puck hits them. You can ask any goalie you know if I’m right.

    The game against Pheonix was the first game that more than one goal went in high on Quick, and only one was he able to see the shot and went down early (Jokinen’s), and now, only Kings fans, no one else, has labeled him as being weak upstairs. The shot from the point that was tipped, and the one that Kopitar gave away were hardly his fault as he couldn’t see the shots. The Kings d needs to do a better job of letting Quick see the puck. Goalies get scored on upstairs every single game, and you don’t hear anyone saying that goalie is weak upstairs right? It’s just part of the game. I’ll bet if you looked at every goal Quick has let in this year, top shelf goals will not stand out more than waist high goals, shots along the ice or dekes.

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the huge glove save that he made on the two on one that was going upstairs on him?

  • Dave

    Did anyone see that glove save by Quick in the 3rd period?

  • Me

    I believe the book on most butterfly goalies reads “shoot high” to score. I’m not concerned about his “weakness” up high. I’m more concerned with fatigue. He looked shaky at best against ATL, and Pho. He wasn’t great against Anaheim either, but good enough to win.