• JA

    Congrats to the Brown family!

    Now, get him on a Jet to Min. ASAP 🙂

  • Bob Bobson

    Congrats the newly extended Brown family !

  • Kevco

    Great news for them, I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and safe.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Dustin, Nicole and Jake on the birth of Mason. Our prayers are with you all that the new baby is healthy. Take care of your family Brownie for this TEAM will do what’s necessary in your absence. They support their Captain.

  • Josh M

    Congrats Brownie and family! GO KINGS GO!!

  • Decker

    Congratulations to the entire family and may baby Mason remain healthy and strong.

  • Pat McGroyn

    Thanks for the update, Rich! Best wishes to the Brown Family!

  • RealDrew

    Sweet!! Good for Brownie and family. Sounds like everything went well with the delivery. Hopefully Brownie comes back energized and ready to push this team into the playoffs.

  • AK47


    I’ve followed your career ever since your days in Guelph. You’re my favorite player, and I was one of many Kings fans that supported choosing you as the captain. You’re the man, and congratulations on the 2nd child. We all wish you the best and hope he’s healthy and strong. I know the boys will play well for you tonight, and come away with a solid victory..

    Go Kings BABY

  • Mickey Keenan

    Sign Mason now to a long term deal….

  • Dorian

    Darn…i wish he named the kid Charlie : /

  • mrbrett7

    Congrats to the Brown family on the new addition.

  • Cynic

    RIGHT ON!! Congratz Brownie and Nicole! Sounds like he came early, so we’re all praying Mason is healthy and does well.

    OK, from now on June through September, separate beds… The rest of the year is cool. (LOL)

  • Lososaurus

    Congratulations to the Brown family, I hope their son is healthy.

  • Brian M

    Congratulations to the Brown family. All the best in the future.

  • Histkng23

    Almost on my birthday (25th), but still.. CONGRATS TO THE BROWN FAMILY!!!!

  • tantrum4


    HAHA!! That made me laugh out loud! nice one…..

  • Anonymous

    Jake and Mason… how cute!! Congrats!!

  • anthony

    He’s a boy making machine.

  • Anonymous

    He’s making heirs to the skates….

  • Inside Scoop

    The doctor slapped Mason’s butt to get him going, which resulted in a loud strong wail. Jake immediately ran the physician into the ventilator with a solid hip check! Stand up family it seems. Congrats to all! 😉

  • Pat McGroyn


    I think Buster would have made an appropriate first name as well…

  • variable

    congratulations…more future prospects…!

    i’m glad everybody came to their senses today…

    …now let’s tame the wild….!

  • brianguy


    GAME ON!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats, now sign him long term! 🙂

  • stepa

    GO Mason GO !!!!

  • pw

    Congrats to Dustin & Nicole!!

    I was concerned when I heard the baby was going to be a premie. Must have been
    scary for them. Thank goodness everyone is doing well.

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