• Dannybuoy

    Hat Trick!

  • Marc Nathan

    believe me, by the third period you won’t be able to figure out who’s playing on what line… it’s the Terry Murray Guarantee šŸ™‚

  • Cynic

    WOW! I would have put Simmons or Harrold on that line. Teddy is not a crasher. Maybe that’s the logic of putting him there to force him to be that, but I think it’ll be a mistake. I don’t want to break up the Sims-Rich-Zeus line either, that’s why I thought of Harrold even though I think Sims is a more natural fit.

    Purcell on the 4th line with Army & Ivan (even though it’s not ideal) would give that line some offensive meaning if Teddy can assert himself.


    Problem with this is we only have 5 Dmen. I still think this is a better offensive line-up, just wish there was a reasonable way to do it. Purcell on that second line I think will ruin it’s overall effectivenedd if Teddy doesn’t step up.

    Besides, that would make it the PCS line and we all know SPRINT SUCKS!! (LOL)