Postgame notes (2/24)

— Terry Murray did some mild shuffling of the defensive pairings. Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson, the Kings’ top young defensemen, were paired together while their former partners, Matt Greene and Sean O’Donnell, made up the second defensive pairing. Peter Harrold and Kyle Quincey were the third pair, but that could change again on Wednesday, as defenseman Denis Gauthier is eligible to return from his two-game suspension.

–The Kings went to a shootout for the fourth time in their last eight games. They improved to 4-7 in shootouts for the season. They had lost three of their previous four shootouts.

— The Kings had previously been 3-18-6 when allowing the first goal.

— The Kings are 3-0 against the Wild this season, with a March 7 home game remaining.

— Jonathan Quick, coming off arguably his worst game of the season, started in goal and stopped 23 of 24 shots. Quick allowed five goals in Saturday’s loss to Phoenix but has now won six consecutive road games.

— Dustin Brown missed the game to stay in Los Angeles with his wife, who gave birth to the couple’s second child on Monday night. Brown had played all 58 games for the Kings before Tuesday and has missed only eight of a possible 305 games since the start of the 2005-06 season.

–Teddy Purcell, called up from Manchester on Monday to take the roster spot of Brown, played on the third line alongside LW Kyle Calder and C Jarret Stoll. Purcell was credited with two shots on goal and played 13 minutes, 2 seconds.

— Jack Johnson second a second-period goal. He has three goals and one assist in 18 games this season. Johnson was credited with the goal after it was deflected in by a Minnesota defenseman.

— Sean O’Donnell was designated as an alternative captain because of the absence of team captain Dustin Brown. O’Donnell was the first captain of the Minnesota Wild, in 2000-01.

— The Kings outshot the Wild 25-24.

— The Kings were 1-for-5 on the power play and 4-for-4 on the penalty kill but allowed a shorthanded goal.

— Drew Doughty led the Kings in ice time, at 25:28. Alexander Frolov played 25:08 to lead all Kings forwards.

— Patrick O’Sullivan, Wayne Simmonds and Kyle Calder tied for the team high with four shots on goal each.

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  • variable

    yeay….we won a defensive oriented game…
    i think we should play the rest of the year on the road…

  • Steve Jensen

    Remember when everyone was concerned because the Kings had so many road games at the end of the season?

  • AK47

    I was telling myself that TM would be very dumb to put Denis Gauthier back in the lineup tomorrow, but because it’s against his old team, maybe he’s going to be out there to prove something. Hopefully proving something won’t mean another suspension, but I think Terry Murray will think about this decision throughout the day tomorrow and tonight. Is Dustin going to be playing tomorrow Rich, or will he still be with his young Mason? Either way, family comes first and Purcell played well on the 2nd line.

    Oh and have you heard any news on contract talks between JMFJ and Kings management, or still at the same level?

    Go Kings babyyyy

  • Chris in Torrance

    Huge win for us. A game we had to win.

    I’m with you AK on NOT having Goat in the lineup tomorrow…or ever for that matter. Where I differ from you is that if he does play, I’m perfectly alright with him being suspended again for as long as humanly possible. I only hope he doesn’t have to hurt anyone for it to happen.

  • Cynic

    Nice win tonight! Gutsy game.

    I thought Teddy P did a fine job. He battled for pucks, wasn’t lazy, made some sharp passes, checked a few people and was first on the backcheck a few times. Play this way all the time and you MIGHT get to stay!

    After a game like that, Philly will be a challenge. I’m all for sitting Goat out as we tend to win without him, but he’s also a fresh body which will be a rarity tomorrow. I’m torn. Gut says sit Goat. Guess we’ll see what happens.

    I hope Brownie is back by Detroit on Friday.

  • variable

    ya cynic…

    teddy did well…i was happy to see him get some pp time…he was aggressive and made smart plays out there…
    i’m glad to see he might be around for a few games, pending oscar coming back…and…whether d.l. thinks he can get something good in return…i still think this was a showcase game for him, like many of us thought on the live chat tonight…

  • jet

    Goat has to play against the Flyers as bodies will be flying. I would not be surprised if the Flyers take 3 penalties a period. Special teams will decide the outcome.
    TM gave the 4th line quite a few shifts, at least in the first period, so the team could stay fresher.
    Tomorrow should be entertaining.

  • Gordon Bombay

    As much as I dislike Goat, I think I’d play him tomorrow for protection (enforcement) on the backline. I think he’d serve well if he took good penalties (aggresive ones, rather then the hooking penalty on the pk like in the 1st period of the Thrashers game). Plus, I hate to see Harrold going flying when these big forwards push him around. Get tough tomorrow.

  • HBfan13

    Great game by our boys picking up the slack for Dustin who was out doing the right thing. I am not surprised that neither Anthony or Wavesinair have the stones to comment after their idiotic posts about Brown in the previous blogs. in case you guys haven’t noticed we’re trying to have a society here. And Waves, I’m sure you could take Dustin……In World of Warcraft.

  • nykingfan

    Once again, just when we’re ready to begin the mourning process of the 08/09 season, the Kings come back with another good, smart effort. For a young team, they show a lot of resiliency.

    Quick played his best game in a while. He was solid throughout…controlled his rebounds and made key stops.
    How about Doughty and JJ in the shootout? Congrats Sully, you might have managed to lose your spot on the shootout to a couple of rookie defensemen. Is it just me, or has his shootout attempts lately been some of the lamest we’ve seen all year? While I’m on the Sully case, I also have to say that I’m starting to get a little disillusioned with his play. He has improved each year with the Kings. This season seems to have been a step back for him. Maybe its the system, but it seems Kopitar has grasped it and become the dominant player he was before. Kopitar’s game defensively has improved 100% since earlier in the season. He was the best defensive forward we had last night. His offensive game is back to where it was in past seasons.
    I don’t know, I expected a lot more out of Sully.

    Simmonds continues to impress every night. His hustle and smart playmaking have him getting meaningful minutes every game.
    Nice return by Purcell. He played well defensively and battled for pucks.

    Overall a terrific road game and a valuable 2 points. Now on to Philly and Detroit. It doesn’t get easier. I would expect Ersberg tonight and Quick again on Friday.
    Interesting decision for TM regarding Gauthier. I would think he would play him against a rugged team like Philly, but who do you take out? Peter Harrold has developed into a steady NHL player. He deserves to be in the lineup every night.
    That’s why he gets the big bucks as coach. I have confidence that he’ll make the right choice. He’s done it all season. That’s why on 2/25 we’re over .500 and in the hunt for a playoff spot.

  • Keith Berry

    Does anybody know how much ice time Wayne Simmonds had in the first period? I can’t recall seeing him on the ice at all.

  • Dave

    Great, gutty game by the Kings last night, really fun game to watch. I was worried when we gave up the shorty last night, but the fellas fought hard all night. Surprised Anthony hasn’t said anything yet about the awful play by Calder. I thought he played another great game. I know he will probably not be with us next year, but he is playing his heart out while he is here. Great passes, great traffic, just a great game by him and all the Kings. From that “OTHER” posting from the other day….everyone stepped up and filled the gap left by Brownie and Mason. Need to be sure and get out of work early so I can catch tonights game. Great start to a long wrong trip. Keep the faith. Go Kings.

  • Dan H.

    I was only able to see the third period but they looked great and didn’t give up too many chances. They gave up two great chances and Quick was up to the task. That leg save was fantastic when the guy beat the d man and pulled back in front.

    Sully is using the same move he had success with early in the season but goalies know it. He needs to change it up and go backhand a few times and just make goalies think. They’re sitting on that quick wrist shot to the 7 hole.

    Quick got some help from the post in the shootout but I’ll take any luck we can get right now. Very solid road win and good way to start off the roadie.

    Frolov played almost as many minutes as Doughty? He’s proving his worth and the coach is rewarding him with a lot of ice time. I don’t know how he’s not considered a “core” player.

  • TB

    It was a tough game to watch tonight. I bit my nails all the way down to my fingers.

    What impressed me most was actually the play of Simmonds. The guy is slowly developing a Roenick’esque style of play and although he doesn’t score many goals, he is awfully effective on the forecheck and in the neutral zone. Also, TM’s overall management of the bent was superb. This one had the look and feel of a playoff game.

    Sometimes, having your captain out of the lineup can help a team pull together and learn a few things about what they can achieve.

  • TB

    nykingfan…to answer your question, scratch Zeiler. Harrold will move into the 4th line checking role he has assumed most of the year.

  • gralx

    I just want to say a quick “thanks” to all of you on the board that use shortened names for the players. (POS, TM, etc.) My 12 year old now calls Jack Johnson, “JMFJ”. lol

  • nykingfan


    Thanks didn’t think of that.
    Although…. He didn’t play bad at all. That line was hustling when they got the chance to get out there.
    Zeiler against the Flyers might not be such a bad thing. I think it’s going to be a really physical game. Both teams played last night and both teams need the points.

    Did anyone catch the game on the centre Ice package and miss a good portion of the 1st period?
    All of a sudden the lousy music comes on with the screen WE’ll be right back! Yeah like 10 minutes later.
    I’m also prepared to put a bounty on the head of the guy starring in the Centre Ice commercial…the Penguins fan…he needs a good smack upside his head.

  • AK47

    Ah what a beautiful thing it was seeing Doughty and Johnson pairing up on D. It just gives you this nice feeling of what things are going to look like in the future. IMO Sully didn’t deserve the 3rd star, it shouldn’t been jack, drew or quickie. The real test is tonight against the Flyers, because honestly this is our statement game. If the game against San Jose and Phoenix weren’t statement games, this one is. The second of a back-to-back, against a top eastern conference team, without your captain.. This is most DEF a statement game for the LA kings, and all these games have playoff atmosphere.


    p.s. what a player harrold has become eh? I’m so impressed on his play, this kid is actually going to be a solid defenseman/winger.

  • AK47

    What about sitting O’Donnell? The guy is old and won’t be able to play like he did yesterday because of a back-to-back. Wouldn’t you rather have a 100% Denis Gauthier then a 50% Sean O’Donnell?


    Calder (ew)-Stoll-Purcell
    Ivanans-Armstrong-Zeiler (it should be Lewis)

    It disgusts me saying Kyle Calder on the second line, I really don’t like it. I think we should move Simmonds or Richardson to the 2nd line, reward them for their strong play.. Or maybe just don’t change anything since it’s going so well?


    So last night was a awesome win. Jonathan Quick was amazing. Without him we would have lost for sure. He truly is “quick”.
    Wayne Simmonds is an awesome player. Even though he is skinny as ever hes not afraid to rough some people up. He skates reaally well and he has really good hands. In a couple years hes going to be on fire.
    Patrick O sullivan. That move doesnt work anymore. Even though the puck did start bouncing. He did have two chances to win the game and did not capitalize on either. I think he needs a little more intensity
    Ivanans didnt o to bad either last night.
    Doughty is the man. We need to lock him up ASAP because he rips it. HE is so good. Lucky to have him.
    Is brown coming back tonight?

  • Anonymous

    Today’s game is a MUST win. Look at the schedule for Thursday:

    Phoenix at Nashville
    St. Louis at Dallas
    Columbus at Edmonton

    Talk about CRAPPY LUCK! Imagine if all these games go to OT!!! If we don’t win today we’ll be in trouble.

    PHX/NSH – Nashville wins, they move to 3 points ahead of us in the standings. If Phoenix wins, they tie us in points.

    STL/DAL – St. Louis wins, they move one point ahead of us. Dallas wins, they go 6 points ahead in standings.

    COL/EDM – Columbus Wins, they go 7 point ahead in standings and become virtually unreachable (1 playoff spot lost). Edmonton wins they go 6 points ahead in standings.

    We MUST win just to keep everyone within reach! This is by FAR the most important game the franchise has played in the last 7 years. SICK consequences if we don’t. The boys better get some snow shovels and dig REAL deep tonight.

    Someone show me the ray of hope I’m missing if we lose today.

  • Cynic

    Webpage said I was logged in…
    Sorry, My comment was the anon post regarding Thursday’s schedule.

  • nykingfan


    What is wrong with Calder?
    He’s not going to be a 30-40 goal scorer, but neither will most players in the NHL. The guy has played well over a long stretch. He forechecks hard and that line has been the most consistent line we’ve had for a while. If we are talking about before this season, I was one of those who wanted him gone no matter what…but just like Zeus, the guy is showing he has the ability to be effective in the right role. TM found the right role for him.

  • pr0cess

    Was a good game just has anyone else noticed that Green just keeps getting the same hooking calls… i mean it seems like ever game he gets one or 2 and it really hurts us???

  • Pat McGroyn


    Would you prefer if we called JMFJ “Bubbletoes?”

  • Old Man

    I thought everyone played great,(except Drago).If TM is going to start Goat, at list sit Drago.In my opinion he`s taking up a roster spot for one of our young more talented players.Even Zeiler deserves to play in front of Drago.And Please POS,work alittle harder,we need you now!

  • AK47

    Look, I dislike two guys on this team, Matt Greene and Kyle Calder.

    Greene: Takes stupid penalties LOTS of times. I don’t see him caring as much about the team as does Doughty or Johnson or Harrold. He’s not a good puck handler and loses the puck in our own end most of the time. He should be in the 3rd pairing, getting no ice time.

    Calder: Not a 2nd line player, yes TM found the right role for him on the 2nd line, but do you see Kyle Calder go down and block shots the way Handzus does? Handzus plays from his heart, he kills of penalties, wins face-offs and is a hard worker. Kyle Calder is not a hard worker, he’s a 3rd or 4th line player. You can put Purcell on the line with Stoll and Brown, and he’ll do even better then Kyle Calder. You can put Lewis or Moulson on that line or even Brad Richardson, and they’ll play just as well as Calder is playing, if not better. Kyle Calder is not a Los Angeles Kings type of player, maybe in the Crawford system, but not TM’s system (hence making him a healthy scratch at the start of the year). Someone mentioned this in the chat last night, how we have the worst 4th line in the NHL, maybe Calder can improve our 4th line..

  • TB

    Nykingsfan…I agree, Zeiler was not bad. Its not about his effort, thats always been there. Its more about his skill. Take a look the next time he plays…he falls down on nearly every check. That means poor puck protection. Strength is his issue. Its why he doesn’t get many points. And with the Flyers, strength is certainly important. On that note, I want Gauthier in tonight. Not because he’s so good…we know he isn’t…but because he’s a perfect fit for what Philly will bring to the table. His PK skills are on point and it will be a battle of special teams. Also the effort will be there since the Flyers gave him the boot.

    AK47…In defense of Calder, he has been one of the go-to guys late in a game. Why? Not because he fills the net, but for quite the opposite reason. I’m sorry you lose your appetite when you see him play, but he’s what we have right now. Can someone else do better? Possibly, but until he gives a clear reason to demote him, don’t expect TM to do so. He has been a shinning example of how to play two way hockey for the young guys. Also, he’s probably the most willing to “eat it” (what players call out to their team mates when the best play is to take a hit and smother the puck along the boards). Its not fun being that guy, but he has no problem doing it. And its those little things that win games. If you look at where the game was won last night, it was along the boards. Calder was KEY. Not everyone is there to score…

  • brianguy

    “Does anybody know how much ice time Wayne Simmonds had in the first period? I can’t recall seeing him on the ice at all.”

    he had 5 shifts in the 1st period for 4:17 (total 17 in regulation and 1 in OT for 14:04). so he did have one less shift in the first, probably because Murray started to reward him as the game progressed for his good play.

    it’s available on the NHL site, but a bit buried, you have to know where to look…

  • mickey

    Sully probably would have done something different in the shootout, but as soon as he moved the puck back to the middle it jumped on him, and started rolling and wobbling… you can not do much at that point but take the shot… if that puck stays flat, I think he does make a moved…

    On his breakaway attempt, about the only thing he could do was try and bring the puck back across the goal mouth, he had to keep the puck outside to protect it from the D, until it was too late to make a good move… He could have hit the brakes hard, cut across the goal mouth (basically the same move Minnesota scored ob, but with less room). But other than that, his chances were limited given the room he had

  • Mike

    AK47 – How can you say that Calder is NOT a hard worker? He’s in the corners fighting of the puck and battles in front of the net! He may not be like Zeus but that’s not his role. But you can’t even say that he’s not working hard, either! You also mention that they should replace him with Purcell on that line but can you honestly say that Purcell would go down to block a shot?? Nobody thinks so!

    Man, your comments are ranking you up there with Anthony! or are you him?

  • nykingfan

    I can’t disagree with you more on both Greene and Calder..but that’s what makes the world go ’round.

    I never try to read body languuage when it comes to players…especially whether they care or not. I remember people commenting on Sully’s facial expressions and how he must hate being a King. Rich finally had to say that he’s never seen Sully smile ever.
    To say that Greene doesn’t care is a wild stretch. Normally you don’t give players the “A” if they don’t care.
    Also, if he doesn’t care and JJ does…why is one guy under contract long term and the other guy isn’t? Just food for thought. I personally think they all care.

    Calder’s not a hard worker…says who? You are entitled to your opinion, but unless you’re a regular at practice, how do you know that he doesn’t work hard?
    I’m glad you have the confidence in Purcell/Moulson/Lewis/etc problem is none of them grabbed the brass ring when they had the chance. All were given opportunities to grab a spot on the team and none of them took advantage of it. Purcell’s an offensive player…how are his scoring numbers in the NHL? He certainly hasn’t shown a willingness to work hard, or he wouldn’t be getting sent down. Maybe he takes advantage of it this time.
    Moulson made the team out of camp…same as Simmonds…why did Simmonds stick and not Moulson?
    If Calder’s not a “King-type player” why does TM play him and why are we winning with him in the lineup. I would tend to believe he might not have been a Crawford type player. Are you sure you didn’t mean it that way?

  • pr0cess

    I like green but he has been taking the same penaltys ever time. I just think he needs to get away from that.
    i think he works hard and is a good guy to have back there.

  • AK47

    Why was he a healthy scratch at the starting of the season? Look guys, all I’m saying is that our 2 top lines should be able to put the puck in net, and ok you guys can tell me that they’re playing well together and have good chemistry, blah blah, but it’s going to end sooner or later? It really sucks for us not to have depth so we can make him a healthy scratch, and you guys liking this guy makes me hate him even more. I really hope he gets traded and that once someone else takes his spot on the line all you guys can be like wow, this line really does look different without kyle calder on it, the 3rd player of the line is actually scoring!

    The reason why Calder is put on the 2nd line is because we have no other players to put there! Do you think Patrick O’Sullivan has solidified himself as a 1st line player? Believe me, if we had another player to fit on the 1st line, Sully would NOT be there.
    Your argument about matt greene makes no sense? Until this day, I have no idea why Matt Greene was given the “A”. It was his first year with the Kings, and it was kind of a slap in the face to Jack Johnson or Tom Preissing. Do you think Jack Johnson doesn’t WANT to get re-signed? Management is still talking to his agent, and they want to find the perfect deal. If you knew ANYTHING about hockey, you’d know that signing all these young kids to long term deals have 1 problem! At the end of all their lengthy contracts, they’re all going to want more money, and it’ll be pay day for everyone. The Kings might not be able to come up with that kind of money (look at the Penguins, perfect example). Just because Johnson isn’t signed long term, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be here?

    I agree with what you’ve said, but can’t he do what he does on the 3rd line? I’ve seen lots of opportunities for goals the last couple games, and kyle calder blew it. Even last night, he had a chance to score and backstrom made the save and then purcell got the rebound and got robbed. I’m not saying Kyle Calder should not be playing hockey, all I’m saying is he shouldn’t be on our 2nd line. He’s never been known to be a scorer, so why are we putting him on a scoring line? Until we find another player for that spot, I guess Calder has to be there, but Terry should try Richardson there, and move Calder down to the 3rd line.

  • Quisp

    Calder, Calder, Calder.

    Hard worker? Yes. And he’s been moving his feet much more since, I don’t know, about xmas.

    Goal-scorer? Not really. The guy has about zero finish. He is a third-line player if ever there was one. However,

    …the way Murray has the lines, it’s not really clear what the line numbers are. The Kopitar line is by definition the first line, because Kopitar’s on it. The funny thing about that is, his linemates have been Calder, POS, Frolov, Simmonds, Brown, Moller, Purcell, Moulson, Lewis…i.e. everyone but Stoll and Handzus, the other centers. Half the time this season, I’ve gotten the feeling that Kopitar had already been demoted to the third line, but no-one was calling it that.

    The Handzus line is technically the #3 line, the defensive “stopper” line. But they have been offensively important as well, especially when Frolov was on the line. Handzus gets powerplay time, and that’s not a traditional role for a #3 line. Most of the season, the Handzus line has been playing like a hybrid #3/#2 line, and often they’ve been our most dangerous line, taking key PP time, etc..

    The Stoll line, now that it’s solidified with Brown and Calder, is basically a classic #3 energy line with offensive upside. Sort of a hybrid #2/#3 line, like the inverse of the Handzus line. Since they’ve been together, they’ve been dominant (and better than the Kopitar line at times), not exactly playing into their role either.

    It’s a big part of Terry Murray’s system that the different lines can fit into different roles. As a result, a player like Calder — who is kind of a poor man’s Chris Draper — is asked to play in a number of different situations. I think he’s an excellent third line guy; my main complaint about him taking that spot is I would rather see Lewis there, or — maybe some day, God wiling — Cliche, if he’s ever healthy enough.

    A lot of the anger at Calder comes from the fact that he’s being asked to do things he’s not really suited for, traditionally. Same can be said for POS, and even Kopitar. Remember what DL said about Kopitar being, basically, a great #2 center at this point? Same for POS, really. Not a knock against either guy. It’s more about thinking about the player in terms of where they would fit — right now — on a dominant team, a la the Red Wings. POS and Kopitar are both being asked to play above themselves right now. It’s not a knock against them to say that, for example, if they were on the Red Wings they wouldn’t be on the first line. Hopefully, they will grow into that “first line on the Red Wings” role, and by the time they’ve grown into it, the Kings will be the new Wings.

  • src

    Very nicely said Quisp

  • mrk

    Wow, what is this a popularity contest? Since we’re calling out our non 1st line players in offense and defense, why does nobody call out our “star” players?

    Kopi was invisible last night and Doughty was the player that created the turnover which turned into a shorthanded goal.

    Guys please, get off their case. We were’nt the ones getting banged around for a whole hour + last night. Calder is good at what he does and I personally believe that we wouldn’t be such a physical defensive minded team if it wasn’t for Gauthier and Greene.

  • TB

    Exactly Quisp…for what we have…Calder is the best fit while we don’t have a defined no. 2 line. There are plenty of prospects in the system that can fill the role, which is why it makes perfect sense that Calder is a very unlikely to be resigned UFA.

    Bottom line is that he can be trusted when the game is on the line. Thats why he is in the lineup right now. Soon, very soon, we will have other go-to guys. So for now, accept it. He’s what we have. If you remember what I said in our Ryan Smyth discussion, I would so happily replace Calder with a player of Smyth’s caliber in that “box” as DL calls it.

  • nykingfan


    I really have to question your hockey knowledge.
    When I played Pee Wee hockey you had 3 lines that rotated evenly. The 1st line was made up of your best players and so on…
    When I played HS and College that went out the window. it was no longer 3 lines rotating evenly and the best players on 1st line..etc…the lines were all mixed giving you something different on each line. It was more about the right combinations than about whos better than who.
    In the NHL you don’t stack lines. If you think you’re right, then early in the year TM must not have thought much of Frolov because he “demoted” him to the “3rd line”. Somehow this “3rd line” was getting more ice time than the 1st 2 lines.
    Forget about how the lines are stacked up….If the lines are playing effectively, you leave them alone. You change the line combos when things aren’t working well.
    We’re above me that sounds like things are working pretty well.
    You say that Richardsons strong play should move him up to the 2nd lineUsing your theory, how do you justify a guy not scoring being moved to the 2nd line?

    Greene getting the “A” was a slap in the face to JJ..who had how much NHL experience coming into this season? Tom Preissing…is he still on the team? Man sometimes you just make absolutely no sense. You may not like the guy…that’s fine, but where the hell do you pick up these little tidbits about unhappy players and guys getting “slapped in the face”?

    I have no doubt that JJ wants to stay here and he and the Kings will work something out. I say this more from a “hope” standfpoint than anything else. Unlike you, I have no idea what the situation is between JJ and the team.

    The cap! I didn’t know knowledge of hockey went hand in hand with knowledge of how the cap works…but whatever.
    So you’re worried about these guys getting signed long term and then coming back for more at the end of the contracts. I’m sure ALL of these guys will stay healthy and productive and force the Kings to do something. None of these guys could possibly be used in a trade for something we may need down the road.
    Stop asuming what will happen in 5 years. If you’re right, it’s the greatest problem any team could ever want. It also means we will become a dynasty with the Kings names on the cup.
    I hope your right!

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Before this thread goes away, I’ve got to disagree with mrk above and say that kopi played pretty well last night. The Wild’s system is designed to nullify speed through the neutral zone, trap trap trap, but I thought Kopi really grinded it out well, saw him force himself to the net (maybe I mssed some screw ups in the 1st period, thanky you center ice!).

    And if Sulli had scored on his break-away toward the end of the game, you would have repeatedly seen and enjoyed, via replay, Kopi’s GREAT pass. What a tough pass to make: under duress, one handed, team-mate moving away from him, and led him perfectly.

  • nykingfan

    Bring Back the Shield

    I agree.
    Kopitar also played a really strong defensive game.
    His overall game has improved dramatically since the beginning of the year.

  • AK47

    Bring Back the Shield Jersey,

    I agree completely with you on Kopitar’s pass, that was ridiculou.

    Now back to my argument with NYKingfan, listen we’re all Kings fans here, and I have a different opinion then you do. I think Calder doesn’t deserve or shouldn’t be on the second line, and you just love Kyle Calder. I don’t think Matt Greene deserves the “A” and you think he does. We can keep going back in forth, but our opinions will always stay the same. You have some solid arguments, but at the same time I don’t agree with most of what you say. I wasn’t saying Preissing deserved the “A”, it was just an example of a player that was older and had more experience. From what I’ve seen, it’s rare for a player to get a letter when it’s their first year with the team, but sometimes coaches do it to make this player more comfortable with his environment. It’s also very possible that Greene is a leader on the ice and in the locker room.

    A perfect example is during the World Junior Championship when Thomas Hickey was named captain of the Canadian team, and everyone in Ottawa and Canada was questioning Pat Quinn’s decision, saying it should’ve been John Tavares or P.K. Subban. What people don’t know is maybe Hickey is a leader in the locker room, or maybe it’s because of his experience. Hickey didn’t have the best tournament, neither did Teubert, but the Canadians won (woohoo).

    Richardson hasn’t scored because he hasn’t gotten into the grove, plus look at his line mates. Put him on a line with Jarret Stoll and Dustin Brown, imo his stats will improve. I think he’d go very well on that line.. but once again, this is imo.

  • nykingfan


    You’re 100% right….its opinions…both of our arguments.
    Lets win the cup and whoever’s right, see who gets bragging rights on being correct. LOL

    To me (imo) the jury’s still out on Richardson. I actually like the guys he’s playing with, I’m just not sure about his game. I guess it goes back to was he really worth a 2nd round pick?

  • chris in torrance

    You guys are all posting on reputation, not reality. Philly has 5 guys under 6 foot and 8 guys under 200lbs. Not the big bruising team you guys are all afraid of.

  • RJB

    All ya all are passing up the best quote of the night..


    John Tortarella