Postgame notes (2/25)

— The Kings have scored one regulation goal in their last two games, following a four-game stretch in which they scored 15 goals.

— The Kings outshot the Flyers 34-20.

— As it has so often this season for the Kings, special teams made the difference. The Flyers scored their only goal with the man advantage (they went 1-for-3), while the Kings went 0-for-5 on the power play.

–The Kings were shutout for the ninth time this season.

–The Kings dropped to 2-19-4 when trailing after two periods, and 4-19-6 when allowing the first goal, although they did beat Minnesota on Tuesday after they allowed the first goal.

— Erik Ersberg fell to 0-4-2 in his last six decisions, even though Ersberg played a strong game Wednesday and stopped 18 of 19 shots.

— Dustin Brown missed a second consecutive game to be with his family in Southern California. Brown’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second child on Monday night. Brown is scheduled to rejoin the Kings on Thursday and is expected to play in Friday’s road game against Detroit.

— Denis Gauthier returned to the lineup after serving a two-game suspension for a boarding penalty. Gauthier went back to his usual pairing with Kyle Quincey and played 13 minutes, 49 seconds, and was credited with one shot on goal.

— Peter Harrold, the Kings’ utility player, returned to a forward role. Harrold, a natural defenseman, has played forward for a big part of this season. With Denis Gauthier back from his two-game suspension, Harrold returned to wing and played alongside Raitis Ivanans and Derek Armstrong. Harrold played 7 minutes, 24 seconds.

— Drew Doughty led the Kings in ice time, with 25:10. Patrick O’Sullivan led all Kings forwards at 23:21. O’Sullivan also had a game-high six shots on goal.

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  • anthony

    If Jaime Kampon is in charge of the offense and power play, he isn’t doing a good job.
    In fact, he’s doing a terrible job.
    So he should be fired.

    On even strength, the kopi-fro pos line do quite well.
    Why not kkep them together on the pp?
    Why replace Frolov with Calder, of all people.
    BTW, Calder played terrible today.

    On the PP, why does he station POS along the half boards and behind the net. He always takes these low percentage shots. Why not station hin in the slot area, so he can better utilize his good shot.
    Make Kopi the set up guy.

    These are basic things these coaches aren’t getting.

  • neil

    Tough game…Better shots??? a another hot goalie??? Seeing how they have played the last two games make it even harder to fathom how they lost some easier ones at home..That is going to haunt us…

  • Cynic

    Rumors a plenty about Fro and Ersberg. That is all I’m going to say. Dosen’t mean a thing.

    Oh Yeah…DON’T MOVE EITHER!!!!!!!

    We played great tonight, except for Greener’s nightly holding penalty (He had 2 tonight with the 2nd one costing us the game). Tough game to lose. Biron and Ersberg were stellar. We should have crashed the net harder IMO. I think we get one if we do that.

    Tomorrow’s schedule SUCKS for us now that we lost tonight. 3 games with six division rivals, ALL competing near us in the standings, ALL playing each other.

    Phoenix at Nashville
    St. Louis at Dallas
    Columbus at Edmonton

    Watch, they ALL go to O.T…..
    We needed to win tonight.

  • tantrum4

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying the power play coach should be fired, but he definatly needs to do some homework and get it fixed before next game. It’s pathetic and has cost us about 10-15 points this season. Hopefully they can figure it out and get it going before next game. We should have had this game tonight and another precious 2 points were given away…

  • laikaloco

    Got home from the game a little while ago. I actually thought the power play played very well most of the night…plenty of chances and O-zone puck possession against the most dangerous SH team in the league. I’ll take the kind of road efforts they’ve shown in losing tonight and at San Jose (was at that game, too) last week.

    We may not make the playoffs this spring…frankly, I think the last string of home games doomed us…but I am in love with the future for this group.

  • 28 KINGS

    Tonight 0-5 ( 2 posts tonight I believe)
    Minn 1-4
    Phx 1-4
    SJ 1-4
    Ana 2 pp goals
    Atl “The Kings scored a season high four power-play goals.”
    EDM 2 pp goals

    Yep, our power play coach is just sucking.These guys can’t score jack. Fire him ASAP!

    The fact that Philly is in the top 10 (PHI 82.9 -8th in NHL)and are as aggressive a pk team as there is, had nothing to do with it either.

  • tantrum4

    28 Kings –

    Hopw many of those were 5 on 3’s?? Have we even scored once on a 5 on 3 this year??

  • Marty

    Anthony your preaching to the choir here.It pays to have your PP units also play as regular lines so you don’t disrupt the lines when your back to even strength.I guess the logic escapes dumb and dumber.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    For the want of a power play, the play-offs were lost.
    Too strong? Maybe. There’s a lot to criticize about the pp. Me, I HATE the umbrella, I think you should try to outnumber the opposition down low instead of at the blue line. And (pointing finger) for having played on the pp all season, how in the hell does Sulli only have 3, yes, THREE, power play points for the entire season!!!!!!!!!!!!? And why do they keep putting him out there? He looks less than indecisive when he has the puck, can’t carry the puck into the zone, doesn’t get open for a 1-timer, doesn’t stand in front of the net, takes crappy shots, and passes worse than my grandmother on the freeway. What the hell is he doing out there?!

  • Ersberg

    Well, this was a tough lost, considering we have another “L” coming up on Friday. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: It’s going to be a frightfest. The Wings beat SJ 4-1 tonight, dismantled the Birds the other night, and have tighted up their D and goaltending since we last visited, where we lost 6-4 after leading late 4-3.

    So.. we go into CHI on Sunday with hopes for the two points. Hey, get the points from the teams you know you can beat, right?

    Iceberg played unbelievably good tonight, though. I think we should keep Easy-E and the Quickmeister come next season.

  • Dolly

    I think Sully had a really good game. But the bottom line is nothing went in. Frustrating!!! I don’t think we can seriously expect good rebound chances when many of our shots are weak and slow. It looks more like a pass to the opposing goalie. There is a reason so many goalies look so good after a game against us. I don’t think it is because they are all unbeatable.

    Having said that, we did play a good game on many levels.The Flyers are a good team and we just failed to take advantage of the few mistakes they made. They had quite a few semi-breakaways and odd man rushes that were scary. Ersberg was really good IMO.

    I am along for the ride, playoffs or not, I like the Kings this year and I do think things will only get better…it just may take more time.

  • Chris Bond

    Good Game…Effort was there. :o(… I want them to make the play offs.

  • tantrum4

    Ersberg –

    Detroit lost 5-2 to Minnestoa this week, yes the same team we just beat. Don’t throw in the towel just yet….

  • Old Man

    This team has way to many slow players.Goat looked like he was dragging a anchor.Ivans is worthless,yet TM keeps them in the line up.I always thought you were supposed to play your best players? Why isn`t Moller in the line up? Harold is one of our fastest d-men.He should be with green, to cover for him.We need scorers,bring up some one from the minors please.TM frustates the heck out of me.We are trying to the playoffs aren`t we?

  • gumlegs

    Good effort tonight. The kings attack seemed one sided to me. It seemed that when a king forward had control of the puck, the forward almost invariably passed back to the point and the point shot the puck. This was so even when the forward had room to carry the puck toward the goal. We need for the forwards to do more than pass the puck to the point and head to the goal.

  • AK47

    1) Our powerplay SUCKS
    2) We can take the Red Wings! We could’ve easily beaten them at the starting of the season and last game was a real tight one.
    3) Isn’t the game against Chicago aired on NBC? As if eh? The Kings playing on an NBC game. Maybe we’re finally getting recognition in the NHL!
    4) Listen, I hate to break it to you guys, but unfortunately this team is not a playoff team. The best thing that can happen to this organization is finishing with a record above .500. Another thing we can’t do is start trading away our picks, let’s keep building an army and draft Jordan Schroeder or Nazim Kadri. Let’s trade Calder, Gauthier, Preissing, Armstrong, Ersberg, and get young talent, picks or even maybe somehow get a nice 50 goal scorer (key word, somehow).
    5) Next year is really the make or break year. We’re the next Chicago Blackhawks with a few more additions, Komisarek anyone? Gaborik anyone? Havlat? Hossa! This is going to be a nice deadline/draft/free agency summer! So pumped

    Go Kings Baby
    PS keep fighting boys, don’t give up because us fans are counting on you! Make us proud guys!

  • AK47

    Oops, the game that’s televised on NBC is march 22nd, my bad!

  • Anonymous

    Good game all in all. There chances were there, the effort was there, but so was the other team.

  • Matt George

    ok Rich

    NOW I think it’s over.

    But I agree with the other folks that it’s a bright future ahead.

  • Duckhunter

    Kings as a whole played well.

    I fill your frustrations with O’Sull. Kopitar pulled his head out a couple of weeks ago and has been playing pretty well, but the same can’t be said about O’Sull. He’s one of my favorite players, but for him to be successful, he needs to play with a chip on his shoulder. So please someone in management piss him off or something. Tell him he stinks and shouldn’t be playing with the big boys. Maybe that will get him fired up.

    Games like this really show the lack of a play maker on the Kings, doesn’t it? This summer we really need to think about bringing someone in with some play making abilities. We have some good young talent, but they can’t all be developing at the same time.

    Iceberg was outstanding. Glad to see him play so well after not playing for a while.

  • Scott

    Tough loss. Not going to happen this year. Damn is POS an enigma or what. One minute he’s fierce, the next it looks like he doesn’t give a rat’s patoot. Fearless prediction: Predators sneak into the 8th spot. Pekka Rinne is playing out of his mind right now and will lead them.

    Dean, get Kovalchuk or some play maker in here by next year, and your Dan Cloutier acquisition never happened.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    The Kings don’t need to fire their power play coach. They need to trade for a goal scorer next week. Package a pick, a prospect, and maybe Ersberg or Calder (if anyone will take him) to get someone in here that can bury the puck. Right now the only guy that does is Frolov. The Kings will never be a playoff threat if they can’t score goals.

  • nykingfan

    They played well for the 47 minutes I was able to see thanks to Centre Ice.
    They played well defensively and when there was a breakdown, EE was like a stone wall. He was really good last night…especially in the 1st period…at least from the highlites.
    Offensively they control the game from the 2nd period on. Biron was also very good and allowed no rebounds. Even the PP was pretty good..if that can be without scoring. They kept the puck in the Flyers zone, but couldn’t score. The only thing I could think of offensively is that they need to attack the net more. Oh, one other thing offensively..for the love of Christ, will somebody please hit the f*cking net with a shot.
    Their skill players, with the exception of Kopitar, are killing them. Frolov and Sully are not pulling there weight offensively. They need to be relied upon to score and score consistently. They certainly aren’t doing that.
    The 4th line was the best line last night. They drew at least 2 penalties.

    So how do you look at this game? The old Kings fan would be pleased with the effort and be happy that they dominated the Flyers for the majority of the game.
    The new kings fan, while pleased with the effort, wanted and needed at least a point out of that game desperately.
    Strange and unchartered territory for Kings fans.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I just heard this morning that Dave Taylor will be on XM Radio channel 204 this afternoon at 2:15pm Pacific (or shortly thereafter). If you don’t have XM, I think you can sign up for a free trial of their streaming service at

  • kingsince67

    Ersberg…move him for the right deal
    O’Sully….Cammy 2, selfish, sulking, lacking effort, MOVE HIM FOR ANY DEAL>

    To move up a level we need less of the Richardson,Calder,Zeiler types and a couple more guys that actually can put in 5 to 10 goals a season but still play that role. Other teams get them or have them in the system.

    Thanks Kopi for returning to form we all appreciate that and Fro you are working harder than at any time in LA…

    On the D we need less Goat, TP and I am sorry PH you are a 7 or 8. Tuebert and a solid vet are needed to be added.

    Can’t really fault the keepers when we score 1 goal in 2 games.

    BUT all that said we do look very good for the future. Be smart, see the big picture and do not make a deal for dealing sake. PLEASE !

  • number 6

    Anybody frustrated by Any of the events of the season should check out this blog. Trust me, you won’t feel nearly so bad. What would you prefer… 0-5 on the PP or THIS?

  • Dave

    Morning fellas. Just reading through the comments, nice to see I’m not the only one getting fed up with POS and his poopy pants. This road trip has not been kind to him and pretty much sums up his season, lackadaisical, unispired play. I think it was on the power play, second period, not sure, but he was standing next to the crease, nice juicy rebound, had about 10 inches, clang!!. You get paid to score goals, so bury the puck. Seems like he doesnt like the contact, wants to score the pretty, let me go down to my knee because the replay will look cool, Cammie goal. I was supportive of him while he was holding out, but he got what he wanted, and now it sure doesn’t seem like we got what we wanted, which is for one of our higher paid goal scorers to score some goals. Good effort all around (with the POS exception). Greene had one bad penalty, the other he needed to take on that breakaway. Easy E stood on his head for most of the night. But we’re running out of time. I don’t think we’ve got enough to make the playoffs, it would be great, because I feel like they’ve earned it, but the games lost by Babs put us in a hole, and our inability to win at home dug us even deeper. Future looks great, but I’d really rather catch a couple playoff games this year, instead of next. Go Kings.

  • TB

    It was nice when the Kings had that stretch where they were finding the back of the net, but its clear the the lack of scoring trend has returned. In a way, I’m glad. It brings the issue of needing a top end scorer back to the forefront right before the deadline. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Kompon for our PP woes. I’m a lot more inclined to blame the players first. And in defense of the team, Brown has been out the last couple games, and he is certainly a big part of the PP.

    Anthony…your remarks about POS are hard for me to agree with for two reasons. First, he isn’t the set up guy, Kopi and Doughty are the two quarterbacks on the first line PP. What POS is doing is offering a second option for Kopi. Its called overloading (flooding one side of the ice to force the defence to make a decision on who to cover). It also allows the left point (usually JJ) to find a seam in the high slot. Second, the jam play he always trys from below the goal line is often times tried when they are looking for a face off. If you think about it…the goalie is inclined to cover up the puck when it gets into the crease…allowing for a fresh group of skaters to hit the ice. So while it looks ridiculous, as a pro, I’m sure he knows its an extreemely low risk play. Its more about getting the whistle and/or keeping the puck down low when the coverage is tight and the options are limited.

    I think the reason why Fro is out on PP2 is because they lack the depth and don’t have a quality quarterback on the second unit without him. Who would work the 2nd PP untit if Fro was on the first line? Maybe Purcell once he shows some consistency…

  • foshi nakamura


    All those players will never be a King because no established superstar would want to be in a team that is cursed. I love the Kings but I think they are the Clippers of the NHL.

  • AK47

    So are the Kings going to be sellers or buyers at the deadline? After last night’s game, it’s tough to say..

  • Hammer,

    not sure if you post many trade rumors but this looked like an interesting one coming out of PITT…

    L.A. gets: Jordan Staal (PIT), Tyler Kennedy (PIT), Miroslav Satan (PIT), 5th round pick (COL)

    Colorado gets: Ryan Whitney (PIT), 3rd round pick (PIT), 4th round pick (LA)

    Pittsburgh gets: Wojtek Wolski (COL), Chris Stewart (COL), Alexander Frolov (LA), 2nd round pick (LA)

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Ok, more programming notes. šŸ˜€

    Just heard that Dean Lombardi will be on NHL Live today. The show just came on XM Radio 204 and the NHL Network on tv. The show runs from 9am till 11am Pacific both on the radio and the TV networks. It’s replayed from 2pm till 4pm Pacific on TV. They didn’t say what time Lombardi would be on.

  • voice of reason

    Anthony–Kings have the 12th best power play in the league, and you want somebody fired over that?

  • AK47


    Anaheim just acquired Ryan Whitney for Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi!

    Does this mean Pronger is on his way out?

  • TB


    TSN Reports that Whitney just got traded to the Ducks for Kunitz and Tangradi

  • Marty

    After watching the replay of the Philly game there is a great need on the Kings PP to shoot more from the mid-board but the player must cut through the top defending forward and the low D-man in order to get a quality shot on net.Of course it would help to also have a screen with someone with hands for tips and deflections and to have the ability to track down rebounds and lift them up,again on net. THIS IS PARRAMOUNT FOR THIS TEAM TO GO FORWARD AND WIN THESE KIND OF GAMES. DART OFF THE BOARD AND SHOOT AND TRACK REBOUNDS FOR SECOND EFFORTS. TRAFFIC IN FRONT OF GOALIE.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    So the “highlight” of Dean Lombardi’s interview on NHL Live was that the Kings aren’t “sellers”. He kinda tried to say it was because he didn’t have any veteran guys to sell, outside of O’Donnell (and he really likes OD), so he’s “curious to see what deals are out there”. He also seemed to indicate that he wasn’t interested in a “rental player”, but rather someone who could help for 2 or 3 years. Pretty much what we’ve always heard from Dean Lombardi.

  • Cynic

    WOW! That 3 way trade via guy (Dennis) has Deano written all over it!

    I wouldn’t want to lose Fro, but to get Jordin Staal, Tyler Kennedy and Miroslav Satan AND a pick? All we give up is Fro, a 2nd and a 4th?

    Fro’s big, but we win that trade hands down! Youth, grit, skill…what a deal that would be if it went down. I don’t know what the contracts of those players are, maybe Quisp can step in and shed some light??


  • Cynic

    Whoops! Didn’t notice the Ryan Whitney to COL in that 3 way…He’s in Anaheim, so oh well….

  • Ersberg

    No way the Kings do that pathetic deal….

    1) Why aquire another center, that in my opinion, is nowhere near as good as Kop, Stoll, and Zus?

    2) He’s not as good defensively, and we kind of play a defensive style..

    3) I’d never give quality picks for a guy like Staal. No way, no how, nu-uh.

    4) Give up Fro for Staal? Buwahahaha.


    I’m a realist. I’m “hoping” we beat Detroit. Can we? Sure, we can beat any team if the cards are right on any given night. I’m just playing the odds…

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Getting Staal would make no sense for the Kings. They already have a ton of young centers. They need a young winger who can put the puck in the net, and preferably without giving up Frolov to do it. I know the Thrashers made Kovalchuk their captain a month or 2 ago, but I still believe he could be moved for the right deal. The Kings need a talent like that to be contenders.

  • anthony


    I don’t think its fair to compare Sully with Lord Cammi.
    The difference is that Sully actually cares about the success of his team.
    All that idiot Cammi cares about is his stupid pocketbook.

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