Purcell making progress

Here are Terry Murray’s thoughts about Teddy Purcell, who will once again play on the Kings’ second line alongside Jarret Stoll and Kyle Calder following his return last night…

MURRAY: “I thought he played real well. It’s like the last time he got called up. The first few games he was in the lineup were exactly what you would like to see from him. He showed creativity and playmaking and he was very responsible playing without the puck. He was moving his feet and skating well, and that’s the same thing we saw in his game last night. It comes down to doing it over time. That’s always the evaluation. `Are you able to make the jump to the next level on a consistent basis?””

(on why he decided to put Purcell with Stoll and Calder…)
MURRAY: “Mainly it was to keep the continuity with the other people. He definitely needs to play in your top two lines, in those so-called top-six guys, if he’s going to play and have an opportunity to show his contribution on the offensive side of the game. I feel that line has been playing pretty well and that they would help him.”

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