Purcell making progress

Here are Terry Murray’s thoughts about Teddy Purcell, who will once again play on the Kings’ second line alongside Jarret Stoll and Kyle Calder following his return last night…

MURRAY: “I thought he played real well. It’s like the last time he got called up. The first few games he was in the lineup were exactly what you would like to see from him. He showed creativity and playmaking and he was very responsible playing without the puck. He was moving his feet and skating well, and that’s the same thing we saw in his game last night. It comes down to doing it over time. That’s always the evaluation. `Are you able to make the jump to the next level on a consistent basis?””

(on why he decided to put Purcell with Stoll and Calder…)
MURRAY: “Mainly it was to keep the continuity with the other people. He definitely needs to play in your top two lines, in those so-called top-six guys, if he’s going to play and have an opportunity to show his contribution on the offensive side of the game. I feel that line has been playing pretty well and that they would help him.”

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  • variable

    “He definitely needs to play in your top two lines, in those so-called top-six guys, if he’s going to play and have an opportunity to show his contribution on the offensive side of the game.”

    hmmm….calling all scouts and gm’s…?

    i hope he impresses again tonight…big challenge for him….

  • Will Hutchison

    Brown sits again?

  • TB

    Variable…I don’t think Purcell is on the block. If anything this is making it a tougher decision for DL in regards of the big question of how involved does he get with the deadline mayhem.

    Theoretically, if Purcell can break out and be the force he has been in the AHL, it makes Calder even more expendable. Am I mistaken, is that what you meant?

    What I do like about Purcell is his sense of resolve. For example, Boyle got challenged to play harder and more aggressive and he has pretty much taken a nose dive off the depth chart. Purcell has shown that the criticisms are no skin off his back, and he has continued to grow as a player. Very professional. He’s a keeper.

  • variable


    i don’t know about calder and purcell…

    i know there’s a log jam in the development in forwards 6-9…kopi, fro, sully, brown and stoll (no order) have their spots…but really, does anybody really have a stranglehold on what’s remaining? i don’t think so…

    i guess the calder question is looming…what are d.l.’s plans for him is anybody’s guess…we all agree he has been playing his best hockey of the year the last month…but…historically, he’s shown glimpses of this and has yet to sustain it for a complete season…can he be moved down to a third or fourth line position if the kings bring in other personnel? and does he even fit that role if it does happen?

    people who demand d.l. to trade him also have to realize there needs to be a market for him and i think that’s a huge question…and then what’s the price?

    purcell…you make some great points…and i agree about boyle…if there’s anyone who can be moved, it’s definitely boyle…

    teddy is just getting older and it’s hard to gauge what type of nhl’er he’s going to be…i wouldn’t mind d.l. giving him at least one more training camp look…and if he can’t make it happen, he has to be offered…there are so many youngster coming up who are going to get a long hard look come august/sept…
    but who really has taken the lead down in manchester this season that demands/warrants special consideration…azevedo…maybe…but who else has runaway w/the opportunities…?

    oscar and wayne’s development has come along much faster than expected….maybe next year, the elevate up d.l.’s “box” chart…teddy really holds his own fate right now…

  • AK47

    I think when you mention a player really taking the lead down in manchester, you have to look at Azevedo, yes, but also Trevor Lewis. This kid had been playing well, and when he got called up, he scored a goal and had 2 assists in 6 games. 3 points in 6 games in the show is pretty good, especially since it’s his first time up.

    IMO Kyle Calder is gone by the deadline. His contract is up, and we can more likely then not get a prospect for him, especially if Purcell is playing the way he is now. Oscar Moller had played well at the starting of the year on the 2nd line, so it’s nothing new to him either. We’re still in a playoff race, and I understand that, but if we get offered a player like Ryan Whitney for Calder & Boyle, there’s no way DL will turn down such an offer. If there’s no value on the market for Kyle Calder, then keep him until our season/post season is over, and let him walk. This is the way I’d look at the Kyle Calder situation. Trade him if there’s good value to trade him, but keep him if all you get back is a pick. Same thing for Erik Ersbserg.. I think Calder and Ersberg’s spot can be taken next year, and I’m not talking about calling Bernier up, but there’s going to be lots of goalies on the market this upcoming summer (Garon haha, Backstrom, etc..)

  • AK47

    Valiquette is a free agent at the end of the year too, Martin Biron AND Niittymaki. We have enough cap room to go after one of these goalies, and they either take Quick’s position as the starting goaltender or just serve him as a back-up. Once again, these are the options for those of you who don’t think Bernier is ready for the show yet.. Both goalies in Boston are going to free agents at the end of the summer too.. I think you guys understand where I’m going..

  • variable


    yah…good points…
    but i think whitney…and i comment to you on the next story…is a huge reach…especially if we only offer calder & boyle…i can’t see pitt going for that….

    ersberg…i can’t see him staying either…but i think that’s going to wait until draft day/training camp, as well…unless we get a 1a in return, how can we give up erik right now…? bernier is not ready, zatkoff needs to continue his development and taylor does, as well…

    it’s good to be d.l. right now….he’s got a world of options on his string…and so far, besides some dismal FA signings a few years back, he’s done a terrific job in developing our farm system and accumulating almost 30 dp’s in two years…of course, he traded some before and probably will in the future…but i like him in our corner for these decisions…

    if dave taylor was in charge, we would have half a team of aging, past their prime vets coupled w/ a few bright prospects and hoovering around the 70-80 pt mark every year…i’m glad those days seem to be far behind us….

  • AK47

    Man Dave Taylor made some bad decisions, wow..

  • Quisp

    Calder — there is definitely a market for him now. Not so much three months ago, but he really turned it on. Calder is exactly the kind of spare part teams are looking to add in prepping for the playoffs. He’s UFA, so the trade partner doesn’t have to worry about adding salary for next season. He’s a rental. Period. Nobody’s going to get him who’s looking for a second line forward. He’s a great third/fourth liner, and that’s super important come playoff time.

    Ersberg — I would have said he’s likely to move by the deadline, but that was before Bernier took a hit to his value. I think DL probably would like another year to nurture his goalie prospects, and will try to sign Ersberg to an extension, one year … if EE will go for it. If not, DL has to deal him if he can, because I don’t think DL will want to bid for his services come summer. (although I guess he could try to get a contract done after the season and before 7/1…) I don’t know. I give Ersberg a slightly better than 50% chance at staying. And personally, I hope DL trades him. But then, I’m a huge Bernier and Zatkoff (and Jones!) fan, so I’m possibly overly optimistic.

    Purcell — I don’t think he’s on the block at all. I think DL thinks he’s the sequel to POS and he’ll be given ample opportunity to prove that right or wrong. Another year anyway. Which is more than can be said for Brian Boyle.

    others in Manchester — the bright lights have been Purcell, Lewis, Parse, Azevedo, Voynov, Drewiske, and now maybe a little bit of Cliche (since he’s finally playing).

    I think, next fall, it’s reasonable to expect one or both of Purcell and Lewis to make the team. And I’m really interested to see if there are surprises in store vis-a-vis Azevedo or Loktionov.


    or something

  • mrbrett7

    AK…Teddy is only 21, I believe…hardly old at all. He’s right on track.

    We, as fans tend to either over inflate or rush these kids before they are ready because we have seen guys like Kopitar, Doughty, Johnson, Simmonds and others have such an impact at such a young age.

    Normally, most rookies don’t get regular shifts in the NHL until well into their 20’s…that is changing somewhat because of the CBA, but it still holds true.

    I didn’t look, but I would take a wild guess that the average age of a rookie in the NHL has to be around 21 or so.

  • variable


    teddy is actually 23 and at next season’s start, he will be 24…he’s got to get it going…

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