• ryan oliver

    bye bye Pronger.

  • DJjazzyJeff

    They must have a deal worked out for Pronger. Kunitz is a great first line grinder. I guess for lack of a better comparison…he reminded me of a young Adam Deadmarsh in his style of play. I think these next two weeks will see alot of west players going east, and vice versa. I’m interested to see what team seems pressured to make a move based on this trade…..

  • AK47

    I guess this means Frolov is staying in LA! Kunitz will be Crosby’s winger, and Eklund can go commit suicide… hahaha what a goof

  • TeamHasHoles

    Actually, I’ll be surprised if Pronger is unloaded until Draft time. Niedermayer I think might be going back east.

    As for the Kunitz-Deadmarsh comparisons… there really isn’t one. Kunitz might be a little more than half the player Deadmarsh was.

  • Ersberg

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! No more Pronger or Nieds in our division(hopefully). One of them is definitely gone, just wondering if it’ll be beyond our divisional borders. The Quacks must be doing something else, because they’re lacking on the O again.

    Wasn’t Tangradi one of the Quacks decent prospects? If so, that’s another win. Less good young Birds for their future. I like it.

  • TB

    I wouldn’t assume for sure that Pronger is leaving town before the deadline. If anything, I see him being dealt after the Niedermayer situation pans out in the offseason. If he retires or gets dealt, then Pronger will stay and pivot the defense with Whitney. It makes no sense to deal him when he is the only guy with years remaining on his contract.

  • Pat McGroyn


    Was the headline of this blog thread a playful jab at everyone’s favorite internet hockey rumor Plagiarizer? šŸ™‚

    If so, very well played sir!

  • markisonfire

    Oh, the dominoes!

  • Ersberg

    TB-I hear what you’re saying, but the Ducks now have an issue, in a lack of offense. It would only make sense to do the deal they just made if they had another in progress.

    They’ll need more than Getz, Perry, Selanne, and Ryan to get it done in the playoffs.

  • variable

    i knew that whitney was on the block for some time, but i just thought pitt’s d is aging and it actually would be better for them to keep ryan…obviously the need for a top six winner outweighed whitney’s need since sergei is back manning the pp1…pitt still doesn’t play any consistent defense, so they are prob. not done yet…

    and, yeah, pronger’s days have to be numbered now…and he’s got to know it…he might be a top dman in the league, but i can’t stand pronger and i hope he’s booted to manitoba (wishful thinking) for the franchise in return…seriously, pronger goes where? the rangers? the canadiens? the sens? you gotta figure anaheim will be trying to get another forward for the future…i bet bobby ryan is beaming right now…

    as for this nutcase EKLUND…

    for the first time,(and the last), i visited his ‘hockeybuzz’ site to see what it’s about…

    are you kidding me?

    eklund (and i’m really convinced of this) is nothing more than a 17 year-old chronic masturbator who fantasizes about being a real-life reporter…
    and his prophecies are nothing more than the equivalent of him putting a bunch of fa/ufa’s names in a bowl and randomly matching them up as trade scenarios…

    i clicked on his q&a session with brian burke and i couldn’t get past the first 45 seconds in which he proceeds to completely forget/fumble mark bell’s name as he’s trying to ‘inform us’ of the rangers’ waiver wire pick up…

    brian burke would actually waste his time on this kid?
    wow…i’m appalled…have you heard this kid’s voice? is he even done w/puberty?

    to think this imbecile gets subscribers gives me the inspiration to start my own blogging site dedicated to putting him out of business…

    i have an AA in journalism…i’m not going to sit here and tell you that i’m a professor and author of the AP Stylebook because i’m not…
    but i was an editor several times for a college newspaper and what this kid is doing has nothing to do with respected journalism and the poor saps feeding this kid need their heads examine…and their computer’s taken away…

    since when does someone’s fantasies constitute a journalism credential?

    wow…i just had to get this off my chest…

    thank you, rich…and all the readers for allowing my my indulgence.

  • ShaquilleBerezovsky

    Bad move for the Ducks. Usually GM’s do trades to IMPROVE the team or to dump a salary.
    I can’t understand this one….It’s good though for Lost
    Angeles Queens.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Thanks for your vent, V…

    Last year, Eklund had some scoops at trade deadline time; this year, he’s off to a bad start.

    XM gives him quite a forum; I’ve found the forum here far more informative this year than Eklund’s hype has ever been/ my hat is off to you, Rich, Quisp and many others…

    Funny, but somehow reality always intervenes. Eklund will get his.

  • DeanoLombardo

    What a stupid trade. Good! One less a-hole the Kings have to play against on the quack.

  • Davesnot here

    To the penguins Pronger, Tuebert, Anaheims 1st

    To the ducks O sullivan, Purcell, Quincey, Kings 1st

    To the kings Malkin, Penguins 2nd.

  • Damen

    As much as it pains me to say it, Pronger isn’t going anywhere. And the same writers who think he’s moving are the same ones who thought the Ducks were going to fit Selanne under the cap Christmas ’07 by moving one of the few penalty killing forwards on the roster, Todd Marchant. If you studied the ice time of that Ducks team and saw Pahlssun out with an injury, you would have known Marchant was almost as unmovable as Getzlaf was.

    If you studied the contract situations of this current Ducks roster, you’d see Pronger is the only defenceman worth mentioning tied up for next season. Now that Whitney is aboard till 2013, he and Pronger are the anchors next year and Pronger gets an extention in 2010. The only way they move Mr Pronger is if they get Mrs Prongers’ approval and two legit blueliners ready to go by next October and I doubt that’s happening.

    Good move for both teams. Kunitz does not have great post season numbers, but he’s a better long term fit and cheaper than Saint Louis.

  • Ersberg

    I’ll be straight with you. The Ducks go nowhere(with much love from us, of course) if they don’t trade some money to get some O. They are getting their asses beat in Boston right now, much of that because they have zero offense(I watched some of it on Center Ice).

    So, we can say how much they will or won’t trade Nieds or Pronger, but the fact is, they won’t win many games.

    Kunitz quietly created a lot of offensive opportunities for the Ducks, and is a good forechecker/grinder as well.

    Giguere just isn’t cutting this season, and Hiller is far too inconsistant.