Good sources

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News had a good, funny item today about the trade deadline, talking about his “five tips for handling trade deadline day like a pro.”

Screen Shots: Mentally preparing for the deadline

Obviously, it’s going to be a fun week to see how all this trade-deadline stuff shakes out around the league. If you’re really looking for credible information, posted by writers who use their actual names and do reporting by talking to actual people, any of the blogs linked on the right side of the page are good resources.

I’d like to point out two more, for those who might not be aware of them. Greg Wyshynski posts news, and a lot of really entertaining features, at his Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo. Paul Kukla does a fantastic job, at Kukla’s Korner, of posting the latest news and actually attributing it to sources. What a concept!

No payola involved. Those are just two sites I happen to enjoy visiting. Feel free to post others that you think do a good job.

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  • Mr. Man

    Rich, did you get a chance to hear Deano on NHL on XM today talking with Bill Clement? I heard the first 2 minutes before I had to step out for a meeting.

  • Marc Nathan

    he was on for about 20 minutes and said nothing that could be considered newsworthy, except that when asked if he would take a defenseman in the 2009 draft, without naming names, he leaned towards the “you build from the back out” concept. It was fairly stupid, because if he had to pick first and didn’t pick Tavares, he’d look like the moron he looked like when he picked Hickey (smirk.)

  • typicaljs

    There’s this guy that works for the daily news thats pretty great too.

    Rich something…

  • Mr. Man

    Thanks Marc. Defensemen? We need a scorer that can help make up for all these games we’re losing by 1 goal.

  • Orphios

    he is not going to take a defenceman in the first 3 rounds UNLESS the quality of d-man at his pick is higher than the best forward available when he picks…all things being equal he is clearly looking snipers this and next year in the draft

  • Anonymous

    Dean said that you don’t draft by position because needs can change. He did say that defensemen are like pitchers in that an organization can never have enough of them and that forwards can be acquired in the marketplace.

  • Chris

    Definitely don’t look at that pile of crap called HockeyBuzz. I think Rich was subtly referring to this one as not to trust…at all. I don’t know why but I looked today, for shiz and giggles and it looks like Frolov is going to Colorado or Pittsburgh. Please…

  • Bob Bobson

    For trade rumor compilations, I like to vist

    It is like Kuklas Korner but specifically for trade rumors. Spector will post the rumors he finds from newspaper reporters and write little comments about his thoughts on the validity of the rumor. Just a convenient place to find aggregated rumors.

  • AK47


    It’s actually so funny because people actually spend money on being “season tickets” to this website. Hockeybuzz is the biggest joke.. Just go to Frolov to Pittsburgh, Colorado, Buffalo and OTTAWA! Oh and Buffalo’s interested in Erbserg..

    And last but not least, Martin Biron going back to Buffalo, lmfao!

  • InTheSlot

    I do not post on any sites much, well not at all acutely. But I had to register just to say Thank you


  • tantrum4

    Marc Nathan:

    So you think Lombardi looked like a moron when he drafted Hickey? Man do you not follow hockey or what? I suppose you think Alzner has showed so far that he is BY FAR the better pick? Or were you one of the people that were mad because he didn’t pick Keaton Ellerby who couldn’t even make the Canadian World Junior team (yes, the team that Hickey was Captain of) and has virtually disappeared since the draft?…no I wouldn’t say DL looks like a moron Marc, but I know someone who does (smirk)

  • variable

    thanks rich…!

    yeah, i do frequent the puck daddy column and kukla’s korner, as well…good sites, no doubt…

    thanks for the information and yr dedication to informing us adequately and properly…!