Murray likes building process

Back in Philadelphia last night, Terry Murray talked to the Philadelphia Daily News about the enjoyment he gets from helping to build the Kings…

“It’s a good challenge,” Murray said. “It’s a good challenge for a veteran coach. That’s why I’m excited about it. When the opportunity came to interview for the job and what was laid out by Dean and Hexy, there was no pulling of any punches.

“It was very clear and difficult and hard, and I was excited about that. It was exactly what I wanted to do as a veteran coach, was take on that kind of challenge.

“It’s been good; the players have been tremendous,” Murray added. “There’s been a great response and the younger players have really grown. It’s nice to see players from juniors and different organizations and the guys we did have in place, come together and grow”

Back in Philly, Kings coach Murray reminisces

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  • anthony

    Nice words.
    Kudos to our coach.

  • anthony

    My instincts tell me that DL is gonna make a trade soon.
    And the player who’s gonna be traded is O’Sullivan.

  • Matt George


    Thank you for the continuous coverage.

    I’m afraid my addiction has taken hold and I just click between here, TSN, ESPN, and yahoo sports ALL DAY.

    And YOU are the only one with new stuff every so often.

    Thanks again.

  • variable

    i echo matt george’s sentiments…

    i like t.m….
    i like the job he’s doing…
    …and if the kings do make the playoffs, t.m. deserves serious jack adams consideration…

  • AK47


    you’re crazy.. every young player goes through a bad season, and it just happens that o’sullivan is having a bad year.. I doubt he’s going to get traded.. Calder’s getting traded, Frolov MIGHT get traded, O’Donnell is going to… get tra… stay? I don’t know what DL wants to do with O’Donnell.. Only prospect DL would trade is Brian Boyle..

  • anthony

    Fro is going nowhere. He’s too good.
    But you’re not gonna get much for Calder, O’D, or Boyle.
    If you want an impact player you gotta trade a good player.
    And no other player is struggling right now.

  • mrbrett7

    Anthony…only reason Frolov could be traded is his contract situation.

    On the open market he could command and demand around 5 million/season. Ask yourself this, seriously ask yourself this. Is he worth 5 million/season?

    The salary cap WILL be going down. How much, nobody knows for sure, but the safe bets say somewhere around 4-6 million over the next 2 years. That’s ALOT of money.

    How much is Jack Johnson worth, and he needs to be signed.

    There are others who will need to be signed…Ersberg for instance. Bernier will be coming up soon.

    How much will you have to spend in the FA market, which is really where you SHOULD be able to find that impact forward.

    Sometimes, within an organization, you have to give up to make space…over the last few years, we didn’t need to worry about that, because, let’s face it, we didn’t have much. Guess what…we finally do.

    Do I want Frolov to stay? Yes…for the first time in his career, he is finally showing consistency, and that is all anyone has wanted from him. Look…he’s actually SHOOTING THE PUCK!!!! Who knew he actually could from further than 2 inches away from the net. He playes solid defense, is a hell of a skater, and is almost impossible to get the puck away from, which in today’s NHL is gold. But…here’s the but…he can be better, MUCH better, and right now, he isn’t worth 5 million/season.

  • nykingfan


    You just nailed it. Frolov should be a 40+ goal scorer every season…he has the talent to be one of the most complete players in the league.
    What holds him back? He’s incredibly inconsistent in his play. This is his first long stretch where he has shown some consistency, but still not enough for $5 mil a year. Somebody will be getting a highly skilled guy, but they will be pulling their hair out the same as us, waiting for him to realize his full potential.

  • Ersberg

    I imagine we will be seing the end of Preissing, possibly Calder, maybe Zus, OD, and even Ersberg.

    I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but that’s a lot of cash off the books right there, with Preissing being, what, $2.75mil? If that happens, which there’s a good chance a lot of that will, we’ll have plenty of room for Fro.

    You just don’t re-sign a guy like Fro when you don’t have a guy to replace him with.

    Honestly ask yourself this, who could we get for Fro, that a GM will actually let go of? Spezza? Please, his contract is just stupid and he’s a center. J. Staal? Another center.

    My point is, Dean almost has to re-sign him, because there’s just not much out there we can get that’s affordable. I’d rather have a $5mil Fro, than a bunch of low scoring scrubs that costs $3ish.

  • anthony

    I still believe Sully is the one on the way out.
    Yes he’s highly skilled, but out of Kopi, FRo, & Brown, he’s the only player having difficulty adjusting to TM’s style of hockey.

    I hate to see him go, but I don’t think DL will trade the other 3 players mentioned.
    Stoll won’t go either. We just got him and all he’s expected to do is win faceoffs and score an occasional goal.
    Handzus won’t go because DL and TM love him to death.
    Moller and Simmonds won’t go because they’re new and haven’t had a year under their belt yet.
    Calder might fetch a late round pick.
    Zeiler, Armstrong, ad Ivanans are worthless.
    Boyle isn’t gonna fetch much. His stock has sunk to a new low.

    Sully is the only player left who other GM’s will seriously consider sending a good player in return.

  • LBLocal

    I generally agree everyone’s take. I do also think that several intangibles may decide Frolov’s future in LA. One, will the KHL make a obnoxiously high offer for Alex to return to Russia, thereby leaving both the Kings and NHL. (I’d be interested to know if the KHL is financially healthy in current global economic condition) And two, is Fro worth keeping in the organization to assist in the development of Voynov and Loktionov? I recall Fro becoming close with Loktionov during training camp. I for one, hope he stays a King for life. GO KINGS GO!

  • Orphios


    a couple of issues. Regarding the point that Boyle is the only prospect that is likely to be dealt…in my opinion Moulson and some of the second tier prospects (Holloway, Meckler, Drewiske, Parse, etc) are all available in the right deal.

    Regarding Frolov, Fro’s cap value is 2.9. if he were to get a cap value of 5 we need to unload 2 mil of cap space…given Calder, Preissing, OD, Armstrong, and Gauthier are all coming off the books (deal or FA), that is 9 mill coming off the books…I believe that will allow us to sign Fro if we need to even at 5…is he worth five, that is a good question but we should be able to afford it even with a decreasing cap. Sully will be tougher in 2 years when he wants another raise.

    In the end we will deal a few vets perhaps and get some late round picks (4-7th). The rest we will let walk and go from there.

    Lastly, whoever said we need to resign Ersberg…cant do it. I love the guy and believe he is a starting goalie in this league but with younger goalies producing just as well, it just doesnt make sense to have a 27 year old future goalie when we have a 22 year old ready to go.

  • Anonymous

    anthony – If you end up being wrong about this:

    Handzus won’t go because DL and TM love him to death.

    Do you promise to go away for a week?

  • JDM

    Is Frolov worth $5 million? I say, no, I scream “YES!”.

    I’m with anthony on this one. I like Sully a lot in general. I think he will develop into a fine NHL player. However, he is not clutch. Frolov is.

    Sully is our best tradeable asset, and if an impact forward can’t be had in FA, which would be ideal, then Sully + a pick or a d prospect is our best bet.

    I too want Frolov to be a King for life. I also totally agree with LBlocal in his assesment of keeping Fro around for the other young Russian guns we have. Not only can Frolov help them acclimate to the Kings, but I also think having one or two other young Russians on the team will bring out more of Frolov’s game and competitiveness. Russians have a funny thing about being ultra competitive with or against fellow countrymen, and I think Frolov is no exception to this. I personally notice a higher energy level from Fro when we are playing a team with a Russian superstar.

    I think Sully is expendable to the team, especially in terms of the skills he brings. Frolov however is almost irreplacable in his skills. Even Kopitar can’t dangle like Fro.

    Frolov is a key component to this team once it makes the playoffs as well.

    Ersberg is probably a goner though, sadly, because I wish he could remain back-up next season while Bernier works out his demons in Manchester.

  • Ersberg

    It’s nice to see some others feel Fro is worth $5mil a season. My god, if we can pay Preissing $2.75m, we can sure as hell pay our highest current goal scorer $5m.

    The guy has 25 goals, folks. He can easily hit 30. Gomez makes over $7mil a year and sucks!!. $5m is a steal!

  • TB

    Interesting debate today…my thoughts:

    Frolov: The right move is to re-sign him. His inconsistent play has been no worse than POS or Kopi. Its an adjustment year, and he is buying into the system. He’s worth keeping finacially speaking as Orphios indicated. After all the opinions, he is our top scorer on a team that lacks scoring. makes no sense to take a step backwards.

    POS: Not being traded. Anthony…you are thinking emotionally, from a strategic standpoint, it makes no sense to ship out a player who is still peach fuzzed and only a season ago was in the same position Purcell is currently in. Truth is, he needs to be moved down the depth chart and not be pressured. This will happen when the Kings acquire that top line scoring threat we all know is coming down the pipe (either via trade or free agency).

    Boyle: Not a core player. Simple. Boyle doesn’t fit in, especially being a center on a team with too many centers to compete with. Kind of like how Quincey wound up on waivers in DET. He may get traded to a team that lacks depth and size up the middle.

    Ersberg: Perfect situation for a trade. We all know the story about his pending UFA status, and the depth chart. The key here is to strike at the right time. If DL holds out until the draft to make a move, his value may be higher than at the deadline. If the Kings do make a blockbuster deal…he will be involved. Pretty much…he’s one foot out the door already.

    This is what I think could be our lineup no later than next season:

    Frolov – Kopitar – (Top end scorer)
    Brown – Stoll – POS
    Simmonds – Handzus – Moller
    Ivanans – Azevedo – Harrold

    JJ – DD
    Quincey – Greene
    Hickey – Teubert


    Ambitious I know…

  • anthony

    I don’t think I’m thinking emotionally.
    Kopi, Sully, Brown, And Fro, are all on pace to score lower than last season. Fro will score more goals, but less points.
    But out of the four, Sully seems to be really struggling the most under this coaching system.
    And its not all him.
    Its the Tampon’s fault too.
    The Tampon needs to be blamed as well.
    As assistant coach in charge of the offense and PP, he should be instructing Sully on how to be more productive. Especially on the PP.
    Stationing him at the half boards is making the PP more like a 4 on 4.

    I realy like Sully. He’s my second favorite player behind Kopi. I predict he will be a 25-35 goal scorer. And I’m sure he will. But not under this current system.
    His style is more suited for the more open ice eastern conference.

  • variable

    to me, you do everything in yr power to re-sign fro at a reasonable price…
    4yrs at $20-22mil. sounds about right…

    i don’t think any of us who are proponents of keeping fro for the long haul have anything to worry about…yet…

    i think if a deal gets done or…worse case scenario…a trade is executed, it doesn’t happen until after the season…

    frolov…only 26…is entering his prime…and as d.l. eluded to during rich’s great interview w/him, is starting to show the consistency and, more importantly, the desire to be a winner on a winning team…

  • Anonymous

    “The Tampon?”

    What, are you 11 years old?

    You are pathetic.

  • Duckhunter

    Good thoughts today on Fro.

    Is he worth 5 million a year? Before this year I would have said no, but during the course of this present season, he truly has become a more well rounded and consistent player.

    The real question to me is, has TM made him a better player(that’s what I think) or is he playing like most athletes do in a contract year for a bigger payday somewhere else? Can he keep this consistency throughout a entire year? If so, I would sign him to 5 million a year with no question. He is just now entering the prime of his career, and if you ask me, I think he’s just now learning how to be the complete package and that’s huge. If Kopitar is getting paid 7 million starting next year, I would say Fro is worth 5. I personally don’t think Kopitar is worth 7-7 1/2 a year, but that’s another story.

    JDM brings up an interesting point about Russians and their fellow players. I think it’s pretty a valid point. Fro seems like a pretty shy guy as well, so if the Kings offer him a decent contract, my gut tells me he would stay with his friends and the familiar surroundings. I also hope DL signs Fro to a new contract. I would not have said that in years past.