Murray likes building process

Back in Philadelphia last night, Terry Murray talked to the Philadelphia Daily News about the enjoyment he gets from helping to build the Kings…

“It’s a good challenge,” Murray said. “It’s a good challenge for a veteran coach. That’s why I’m excited about it. When the opportunity came to interview for the job and what was laid out by Dean and Hexy, there was no pulling of any punches.

“It was very clear and difficult and hard, and I was excited about that. It was exactly what I wanted to do as a veteran coach, was take on that kind of challenge.

“It’s been good; the players have been tremendous,” Murray added. “There’s been a great response and the younger players have really grown. It’s nice to see players from juniors and different organizations and the guys we did have in place, come together and grow”

Back in Philly, Kings coach Murray reminisces

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