New lines

Here’s how the Kings skated at practice today in Detroit, according to the team’s website:


Not sure which line would be considered the “first line” there, although I’d have to suspect it’s Kopitar’s line.

Here’s what Kopitar said about the changes: “Change is always welcome. We haven’t scored a whole lot of goals the last couple games, so I think Terry had a good reason to mix it up a little bit, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

Read more, including some anecdotes from Bob Miller, Royal road report: Lineup shakeup

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  • neil

    I will say it for you.Anthony….The coach is inconsistent thus so is the offense……

  • anthony

    Thanks Neil.
    You took the words right out of my mouth.
    And its so obvious.

    Sully needs a player who can pass the puck to him.
    He’s the kind of player who needs good players around him to make him better.
    I think Purcell with Kopi & Sully should have done.
    Purcell is one of the best passers on the team.
    Putting Sully with two ball hogs like Brown and Stoll, who’s gonna pass the puck to him now.

  • Old Man

    If you want scoring from your fourth line, that`s where you put Ivanans. I hope it works TM?

  • Duke Diggler

    I wish we had Chris Neil instead of Rattis.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the Stoll line as it’s currently constituted. When the Kings eventually acquire a sniper (fingers crossed) to play with Kopi and Frolov or Brown, Sully should get pushed down as a result. So let him build chemistry now with Stoll, who, most likely, will be his future centerman.

  • Anonymous

    Im all for line changes when Calder is removed from the top 6 seriously hes gone after the year or over hopefully before. The team needs to see who from the farm is ready to step in be it Teddy, Oscar or whoever.

  • Marc Nathan

    it’s been a week… it’s about time. comeon Kings crew, get the Ball Toss going… LOL

  • JDM

    I like these lines.

    I’ve been wanting to see Calder with Zus and Simmonds for a while.

    Richardson and Army have shown chemistry as well at the end of PP’s when TM puts out Richardson-Army-Simmonds.

    Hopefully Frolov and Kopitar will be able to open up more room for Purcell than Stoll and Calder could as well.

    I’m excited to see these lines, and really excited for Brown to be back in the lineup. Make us proud papa!

    And F the wings, its about time we beat the hell out of them.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Pardon my quote:

    Much has been made of the Kings play at home vs. the road this season. Looking at the numbers, the stats tell a different story, their play is nearly identical whether they played at STAPLES Center or on the road…
    Home ROAD
    Games 34 26
    Record 13-13-8 13-12-1
    GF 89 (2.62/game) 68 (2.62/game)
    GA 98 (2.88/game) 75 (2.89/game)”

    There is only one thing to mention…
    8 overtime/shootout losses at home are excessive. Win half those games in regulation or overtime, and the Kings are true playoff contenders. Those losses were to the:

    Red Wings, Ducks, Avalanche, Oilers, Sharks, Rangers, Oilers again, and Thrashers.

    In almost all those games, the Kings dominated the game, went into overtime but still lost. JLB was the goalie in many of those early season losses, and was horrible in shootouts. The time needed to find Quick/determine JLBs fate, and the lack of a dependable sniper have killed this season.

    One thing is clear, though…

    As it stands, the Kings are a middle-of-the-pack team, needing to increase efficiency 5-on-5, on power plays and in shootouts.

    Too bad they are a Western Conference team. There is still a chance that the Kings finish at .500 yet finish 15th (last) in the Conference.

    Just part of the Year of Pain…

  • anthony

    On a brighter note.
    The jerks from Anaheim got shut out by Boston 6-0.
    Ryan Whitney didn’t do jack sh_t in his first game as a Quack.
    Personally, I think they made a bad trade.
    Giguerre is starting to remend me of Beachball.
    He’s playing like a complete loser.
    No playoffs for them this season.
    They can watch us for a change.

  • LBlocal

    Smack the Wings. That is definitely possible for these Kings. Does 1993 ring a bell? yes/no?

    Some of you may remember a Kings/Wings game played in 93′ at “The Joe” in Detroit. The town was honoring Gordie Howe’s 65th birthday and the Kings came into town and SMACKED the home team 9-3. Yes, NINE-THREE. It was a great Kings moment, and to be witness to it in person, well worth the $23 standing room price. As for the average -15 degree temperature that winter. I’m (more than) happy to be back living in SoCal.

  • AK47

    I think Terry Murray’s been reading Anthony and my comments because he FINALLY took Calder off the 2nd line, wow. Now instead of putting him on the 3rd line, you should’ve kept Richardson on the 3rd, and put Calder on the 4th. Why is our 4th line SO bad. I think Simmonds can take the role as our enforcer, and trade Ivanans! Or just call up Westgarth.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony said; with two ball hogs like Brown and Stoll, who’s going to pass the puck to him now?

    Maybe if Sully wants to play in this league where he’s expected to earn his big paycheck, he should work a lot harder than he does. If he busts his butt to the net, it’s probably a good possibility he can start swatting in those big rebounds goalies are giving up off of Brownie’s shots. Don’t blame others for shortcomings you deserve. If you want success, then earn it.

  • Cynic

    We ABSOLUTELY got a break tonight as the BEST case scenario happened standings-wize for us:

    Dallas Lost
    Phoenix Lost
    Edmonton Lost
    Anaheim Lost


    We’re still only 4 points out of the #8, so we gotta BRING IT Tomorrow at The Joe.

    Maybe destiny has found it’s way to our door…finally.

  • littleballofhate


  • Anonymous


  • 4thlinechecker


    Why Westgarth? I heard anthony or someone else say the same thing the other day. Westgarth looked like a tripod out on the ice for the two games he was up, he also definatley didnt try to make a name for himself (if he really wanted to challenge for the spot, he would have attempted to make some noise)….. I’ve watched him in camp and some of the Manch games, and he isnt a very good fighter, and he is no less of a liability on the ice then Raitis is……. I am not much of an Ivanans fan, but I have to say he would kick Westy’s ass.

    I’ve always been a 4thline type player so I have watched Westy the last few years and I cant say I am impressed…. wish I was…Clune will get a shot eventually but he will struggle with the heavyweights.

    I would agree with whoever said Chris Neil. He is the prototypical 4th liner

  • ReggieMoto

    “Not sure which line would be considered the “first line” there…”

    Does it really matter? There are two “first line” lines out there, i.e. two equally threatening scoring lines. I thought TM said earlier he’d like to see as many as three. If it satisfies some internal lust to have to identify one line as the “first line” I suppose the Kopi line is as good as any; however, either line seems suitable in my view.

  • AK47


    Who are you trading for Lappy? Picks? I’d rather give up Calder for Lappy, so we can insert Richardson in the lineup. The more games Richardson plays, the more he’s going to get comfortable with the team. He has lots of upside.

    You know what I was thinking last night? Maybe instead of acquiring a 50 goal scorer, we can find one in our own system. Look at Zach Parise! he’s going to most likely be a 50 goal scorer this year. Maybe we have this kind of player on our team/in the system somewhere. Of course if Gaborik comes available, or Hossa or Havlat we should jump on one of them, but all I’m saying maybe the answer is right in front of our eyes?

  • Orphios

    It would be nice if that player is in our system but I am not so sure. The two highest probability candidates right now are either Moller or Purcell. They each have skill obviously but I think they are more likely to progress on the Brown scoring path up into the high 20’s to mid 30’s in their time.

    Others – Lewis is more of a player maker, Moulson isnt it. I really though Boyle could be another Andrewchuk (big sp) but it appears I was wrong there…so far. Meckler, Holloway? no. Azedo…perhaps but like any small player he is going to have to show he can work within traffic. I dont know if he is there. I see a lot of potential 25-35 goal scorers but the 50 goal scorers are special…ofcourse, if Kopi, Brown, Sully, Fro, Purcell, and Moller can all turn into top 6 consistent 35 g scorers (which I believe they can) then we really dont need a 50 g guy…

    just my thoughts…

  • TB

    Orphios, i kindly disagree. We need a special player. The kind that elevates the players around him. Finding that guy from within our organization is very very unlikely. This offseason will be awfully exciting to watch with all the UFA’s out there. I believe for the first time in a long time LA has appeal to the top end players with the progress the team has made. We just might be able to attract Hossa or Havlat. I personally am willing to try out Gaborik on a one year deal if the asking price is right. On 3/3/09 he is due for a very important physical to gauge his progress post surgery. According to the reports, he’s feeling very good. If the surgery was successful, his groin and hip problems might finally be behind him. Or he could be another Kariya. Who knows…

  • Ian Simmonds

    I said it weeks ago. I LIKE Wayne Simmonds. Bring Lappy home as his “mentor”, and I’m sure Ian will relish the job. Good teacher, good player, good deal. He proves the theory that you need heart to play hockey, not so much size. So, I guess that would mean he/they would be the submarine to the other team’s battleship!

  • Bill

    It only took 3/4 of the year to move Calder out of the top six. Murray sure is quick on the uptake.

  • Ensconced in Velvet

    I wonder if the lack of success at home is directly linked to the fact that Staples Center is just a horrible facility.

    Here’s to hoping that sometime in the future the Kings will have new ownership and a better hockey building to play in.

    I hate to admit that the Honda Center is a far superior experience for hockey-watching, and the all-out assault on the senses with piped-in crowd noise and never ending promotions during Kings games is simply embarrassing.

    I long for the days of the Fabulous Forum…..

  • Anonymous

    Going into Detroit and coming out with a win could be huge for this team. The things I see as crucial for a win are to apply tremendous pressure in the Wings’ D zone with two guys on the forecheck and closing the neutral zone off for the long outlet passes. Many times I watch the Kings dump the puck and everyone goes to the bench for the change. By the time fresh legs are on the ice, the puck’s headed up the far boards and into the neutral zone. The Kings also need to anticipate the pass against the Wings. They are a great passing team and they don’t hesitate with their passes. If the Kings play man on man, shut down the passing game and take the body, it will slow the Wings’ offense and create turnovers. The Kings need to get tons of shots and crash the net for the rebounds and loose pucks. That’s when guys like Sully & Zeus can pick up those garbage goals. This is just my opinion and we all know what the saying is about those.

  • Dave

    You Raitas haters need to just relax. If you really think Westgarth is better, then you probably also believe that Labs was used as a scapegoat, that Santa & the Easter Bunny are real, and that the government has our best interest at heart. You don’t see him in a contract hold out, you don’t hear him complain, he’s not in any off ice incidents, and the guy is huge, tough and strong. He accepts the role thats assigned him, doesn’t demand more ice time, he’s a team player who knows his role. Personally, I’d like to see him throw down more than he is right now, I think he’s trying to be to much of a skater/winger. He’s not going to be, never going to be, a 30 goal scorer, or lead the tean in assists, but he’s got our guys backs and he goes all out, night after night. I appreciate and respect that, and I believe our guys do to

  • TB

    I disagree Esconced….

    Staples center has bad ice. Yes, the rink itself needs work.

    But Honda center is not what I call a great arena at all. First, parking is a NIGHTMARE. Second, the fans are uneducated and often times annoying. especially the kids. And Third, the crowd is 90% bandwagon hopping locals who got their tickets from the companies they work for. The promotions go on at every arena in the league.

    At Staples, the fans are truly much more loyal and informed. Its been a while since the playoffs, but when that place has a reason to get loud…it gets deafening. The facility itself is ranked among the best in North America for its quality and amenities. Its a state of the art arena. And With LA Live…its a complete experience. New arena? What are you smoking? Staples is only 10 years old.

    but I do agree with you about the Forum. I miss my Lodge seats right behind the zamboni tunnel. I wish they would play a couple games there a year in the old silver and black. That would be classic.

  • Ensconced in Velvet

    TB – I’m certainly not vouching for the quality of fan at the Honda Center, but there are also a fair share of morons at Staples on a nightly basis too. That’s just not my point.

    Look, I’m old and I have no problem admitting that.

    I need great sightlines and fewer distractions when I’m at a game, and my experiences in Anaheim and even Dallas were simply better than what we are subjected to at Staples in my opinion, and it has nothing to do with the quality of play on the ice or the quality of fans in the seats.

    It’s really about the experience, and the Staples Center is clearly built for two reasons: The Lakers and the Luxury boxes.

    Hockey seems to be an afterthought.

  • Orphios

    I both agree and disagre. Yes, a special player can and would help and believe me if we can sign a Hossa/Kovalchuk/(not Gaborik) but another consistent 45-55 goal scorer who can also be a bit of a play maker then we definetly should and will do it by the end of the offseason. I look forward to those times as well. I was disagreeing that I didnt think we had that player in the system and we dont. what I am saying however is if somehow the top 6 forward eventually developed into 35 g scorers then the elite winger is not necessarily needed. Ofcourse we could trade a top 6 35 g and stuff for a top 6 50 g anyway. In the end it doesnt matter, DL will bring in a sniper long before we establish whether Teddy, Oscar, and the rest are at that level on a year to year basis

  • Abe

    “The facility itself is ranked among the best in North America for its quality and amenities. Its a state of the art arena. And With LA Live…its a complete experience.”

    A complete experience of what? I guess people have different definitions for entertainment. I want to be entertained by watching a hockey game. I agree with Ensconced. I dont want to be assaulted with noise pollution at every hesitation in play and I want be able to see the players on the ice. From the 3rd level you almost need a telescope to see the action.

    State of the art arena? Does that mean luxury boxes and $12 beer? They built Staples with the rink and sight lines as the LAST thought when they should’ve be the priority.