Postgame (2/25) quotes

Here are some quotes and notes from the Kings’ website after last night’s game:

KOPITAR: “It’s always tough to be on the down side, but one power-play goal makes the difference in the game, and our power play was 0-5. That is what made the difference in the game. They scored and we didn’t. That’s just the way it is.”

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  • CupRun2010

    Hey Rich, I just heard on NHL Live that Kunitz had been traded to Pittsburgh–I didn’t catch who’s coming to Anaheim, maybe Ryan Whitney?

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Funny–Just heard Torts’ comments after the NY Rangers’ loss, how they just weren’t in good enough shape to win the game down the stretch…

    Watched the Kings’ game intermittently on the net/ thought with 6 minutes to go the Kings would win. Unfortunately, the zip fizzled out of their game and they couldn’t force one in at the end…

    Makes one wonder about the guys’ fitness, doesn’t it? I know, it was the second game in as many nights, but it just seemed that the Kings lost energy late when it counted. I think back to so many close losses this year for this team…

    How ’bout your FITNESS, Anze? Didn’t see much of you late in that third period…

  • CupRun2010

    This was a big game. The team played well–I thought they played a decent, patient game and I just love the way that the forwards come back and helped out the D, but I did notice that Kopi seem “winded” near the end of the Thrasher game, same thing with Stolli. This demand obviously has taken it’s toll on our offense. Would having a couple of more mobile D help?

  • Denis

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Kopitar had a couple of VERY long shifts late in the game. Or was that just my imagination?

    I thought the power play looked good as far as movement and getting passes through the slot. Just need to bang away the rebounds or deflect for some trash goals. But it wasn’t like the power play was BAD last night.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    “Seeing a lot” of someone, in my book, is a function of being on the PUCK, not just necessarily on the ice…