Teubert fights back

Real interesting story out of Canada… Apparently, Kings prospect Colten Teubert is taking some heat from the fans of the Regina Pats, his WHL junior team, and it’s not sitting well with him. It appears that a segment of fans believe Teubert’s game hasn’t been strong since he returned from the World Juniors.

“When a fat guy eating popcorn wants to boo me, it really doesn’t matter,” Teubert told the Regina Leader-Post.

Teubert went on to say, in response to those who are accusing him of not playing hard, “If I could, I’d give out my cellphone (number) to every person who thinks that. They can give me a call and I’ll have coffee with them … If anybody is judging my character, saying I want to lose, that’s a really disrespectful comment. That’s not who I am. That’s not how I was brought up. I cry every time we lose. It’s really disheartening that fans would go that low but, if they want to point fingers, there are three pointing back at you. Our fans tend to boo more than they cheer these days. On a positive note, maybe we could get some cheers that are for us instead of against us.”

Here’s the whole story…

Teubert goes on the defensive

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  • AK47

    I watched him play for Canada at the WJC. He was paired with Hickey, and played a very physical game. He’s a pretty big guy, and I was impressed by his play. Hopefully we can get this kid as far away as possible from Regina so his confidence doesn’t go low..

  • Irish Pat

    Interesting story. Teubert appears to have a sensitive side. From my perspective it seems as if the kid really cares. It’s probably for the best that he wasn’t drafted by a Canadian team where he would get scrutinized on a shift by shift basis. LA fans will be patient and let the kid develop as long as he isn’t a lazy ass and I doubt that he is. Love the line about fat popcorn boo-birds. Those dudes just need to feed their pieholes.

  • BRS

    This is just the kind of response I would want from him. When I saw him at the prospects camp he was big & looked mean & looked like he wouldn’t take any crap from anybody. Well i guess he won’t – fans included. Good for him. We need some fiestyness.

  • anjae11eden

    A disturbing percentage of fans believe that purchasing a ticket to a game buys them the right to say and do whatever they want at a game. Basically, these clowns believe that their ticket purchase means they pay player salaries and gives them license to act like an ass at games*
    Fans (short for fanatics), take it too far with the insults and low blows, and I understand where Teubert is coming from. I really don’t think he said anything all that bad.

    *see comments in the Dustin Brown thread

  • Josh

    I feel he will get dealt before he ever becomes a king unfortunately…him and hickey have high trade value and we have many other defenders in our system that are pretty good…maybe tuebert+1st round pick+moller=1st line winger?

  • TB

    I actually don’t like his comments. I’m not saying he isn’t right…but if he wants to play professional hockey, he better get used to fans being “know it alls”. You can’t ever knock your own fans. Ever. No matter what they say. Its the nature of being a pro athlete. That was a very Avery like reaction. He has a lot of maturing to do.

  • Andre

    And to the fat guy eating popcorn, hope you choke on a kernel.

  • anjae11eden


    Not even close to Avery’s comments. What is the worst thing about what Teubert said? He called a guy fat…wow! My guess is a fat popcorn eater said a lot worse to him already to get under his skin.
    Avery’s idiotic comments weren’t even a response…they were a premeditated, unprovoked, classless attack that had sexual overtones in a sport that wants to create a family environment. Wait…did you mean Avery’s comments that got him suspended, or one of dozens of other idiotic statements?

  • gralx

    Anyone else follow the link to the main story? The first thing that jumped at me was the weather widget on the scree. -22 in Regina today!?!?!?!?!? I would guess that 90% of the defensemen in the league would have defensive breakdowns in that weather too!

  • TB

    I’m not saying its a comparison to Avery’s “sloppy seconds” comments.

    I just think that in the best interest of your career and your team, you shouldn’t respond to fans jeering you. Its not professional. Avery often let his sour emotions out for everyone to see. Thats the comparison I’m drawing. by no means is Teubert on the same level. Its just a sign that he has it in him to pop off when he hears something that he doesn’t like. What happens when a guy like Don Cherry rips you? As many victims of his tirades know, its best left alone. For example: Gauthier knows not to get mixed up in all the negative feedback he probably is well aware of.

  • nykingfan

    You’re correct!

    The comments by themselves aren’t anything major, but you can never say anything negative against your own fans. It’s an argument or fight you can’t win as a professional athlete. the fans DO pay their money and if they want to boo you, they have every right to do so. If you go after them, the media will be flying overhead ready to pick your carcass clean.
    Sometimes things don’t go well…shut your mouth, stop your whining and complaining, and do your job.
    Think about some of our comments here…If a player decided to read the blog and he reads one of Anthony’s posts and calls him out…oh wait…2nd thought bad example…I wouldn’t blame them in that instance.LOL

    The kid is only 18…he has time to grow up and mature.
    It really goes to show you what a special athlete Drew Doughty is…or any other kid that comes up at 18 in the NHL.

  • Irish Pat


    I have to respectfully disagree. If the fat popcorn guy has the right to boo then Teubert has the right to retort and if fans don’t like honesty being directed back at them then they can boo him whenever he touches the puck. I’d love to see Teubert or any athlete go to the fat popcorn guy’s work and critique their job. I’m sure that guy, as well as any fan, has never had a day where they weren’t as mentally or physically sharp either. Yeah, right. And if someone points out that the athlete may not know what fat popcorn job totally entails I would love to point out that neither do they.

  • MasterAL99

    A professional politically correct comment by Teubert would have been “Fans are passionate about hockey and when you lose, you gotta take the heat, just like when you win, you will accept the praise from the fans. I go out there and I know I try my best and that’s all I can do to help my team. When we start to win, the fans will come around. Winning cures all.” That being said, I don’t disagree with Teubert, but as far as marketing yourself, you should never get in a battle of words with your fans.


  • Anonymous

    Vaananen and Metropolit waived by Philly.Are they better than any of our current roster?

  • John P

    Do you want a “professional politically correct” player or a “smash mouth” defense man?

  • Anonymous

    He just needs to get out of Canada; in -22 weather, what else is there a fan to do except sit inside and ruminate about your lousy team….

  • tantrum4

    Anonymous –

    I don’t think it’s only in Canada where people sit inside and ruminate about their lousy team? Aren’t the Kings located in California?

  • variable

    the kid is obviously frustrated…

    i tend to agree w/ TB’s assessment…i just hope we don’t have a patty roy jr. on our hands…

    if you can get past the insults, colten does care…and that’s a great sign that he’s able to admit to his poor play and is anxious to make the necessary adjustments…

    but he does have to toughen up off the ice…

    with all due respect to the regina pats…and i’m sure they can cat call and boo w/the best of them…they are still a minor league team…colten has to realize that if he’s fortunate enough to matriculate to the nhl level, he’s going to hear the wrath of thousands when he travels to such cities as new york or philly, etc…

    colten…you had your say…

    but if you really want to shut the fats guys guzzling popcorn up, just play to your potential…

    let’s hope for all of us that colten rises above this mediocrity and becomes someone worth keeping for the future…

  • BRS

    So it looks like we had 2 players injured at the World Juniors. Maybe we should re-think sending anybody in future years.

  • Anonymous

    Colten, I love your character. You will be the rock on our blueline for years to come. Keep your head up, we are going to need you break faces on our team.

  • chris in torrance

    You guys, as usual, are over reacting. The kid’s 18, cut him some slack.

    John P, I’m with you all the way. I want a “smash mouth defenseman”!

  • mrbrett7

    I agree with TB as well.

    If he is going to be a pro, he is going to have to develop thicker skin.

    I won’t go as far as comparing this to something Avery might say. But, he will need to develop thicker skin, as no matter where you are playing, there are Anthony’s everywhere who are clueless.

    We also do need to remember…he is 18 years old…how mature were YOU at 18?

  • TB

    To be fair mbrett7…I was pretty damn immature at 18.

    Maybe the Avery comparison was a little premature. I sincerely believe that it is important to “fake it til you make it”. Meaning, even at 18, you gotta be as professional as possible. Your value as an asset and the value you bring to your team depends on it.

  • Silence Dogood

    Hey — Teubert cares about his play, and has enough pride to care when he is being trashed by the local fans. Saskatchewan hockey players (and fans) are tough. I can hardly wait for Teubert to get to LA. He will be a great addition. He will add toughness to the roster, and I expect some fire in the belly as well.

  • Anonymous

    @tantrum4: I don’t ruminate; I ponder in the nice, bright sunshine…

  • Ersberg

    It’s Regina. They are local fans. It’s not at the NHL level. He’s 18.

    I’m glad he’s standing up for himself.

    Irish Pat-That was an awesome post.

  • jet

    i wish he would have said ” I am just trying to get Row a little extra work, since we’ll both be with the Kings next year.

  • jet

    Last item, try wrapping both wrist with Ace bandages and picking up a stick.

  • RW

    I agree 100% with TB. A professional athlete should NEVER publicly call out his team’s fans. Teubert needs to keep his mouth shut, and keep working hard.

  • RJB

    Easy there nugget. If you are getting on the minor league fans for their comments about losing just close your eyes and take a deep breath maybe chant a little if you feel the need is necessary…….then open your eyes slowly take another deep deep breath and get your bearings straight then remember this………YOUR IN THE KINGS ORGANIZATION GET USED TO IT! 7 YEARS IN A ROW NO PLAYOFFS…

  • marc

    I’ve stopped caring about this story and am now completely fixated on the weather in Regina Saskatchewan. It’s now -30C. That’s -22F. Holy crap, how does any life exist up there? I’m just blown away by that.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, TB…that wasn’t meant towards you…that was really just a blanket statement to everyone.

    I think we all forget how young Teubert and others are and what we were like then.

  • OneTimer

    Somewhere, Dean Lombardi just giggled with glee like a little schoolboy.

  • BerniernextRoy

    They did the same crap to Bernier at Lewiston. Booed Bernier when he allowed a lot of goals in one game, the head coach of the Maineiacs went on a tirade about the fans because Bernier was the one that took that team on his back to the championship.

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