Brown in, Richardson out

Adding another twist to the whole Moller/Purcell thing…It seems, based on today’s morning skate, that Peter Harrold will remain at right wing on the fourth line and the scratches will be Brad Richardson and John Zeiler.


That would leave the defensive pairings the same as the previous game:


Jonathan Quick will start in goal tonight.

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  • anthony

    That makes no sense at all.
    Sometimes I have to wonder if TM is playing with a full deck.
    Richardson, on the the line with Simmonds & Handzus, played real well. He was hustling and doing the dirty work along the boards.
    He managed set up Handzus for two goals.
    Including the game winner against the Senators 1-0.
    Benching Richardson in favor of a defenseman is mind boggling. And disrespectful to a player who has been giving it all to impress his coach.

    What I would do, is put Harrold on defense and bench that good for nothing Gauthier.
    But that won’t happen because our coach loves him to death.

    If Purcell screws up today, I will feel sorry for him.
    Who knows what this coach is capable of doing to him.

  • mikeknowsblake

    remember what dean said about assets? Purcell, hickey, and a 2nd rounder would get us a damn good player in return. It also frees up room in the pipeline for younger guys to develop while the guys on the big club are kicking ass.

  • markisonfire

    I don’t understand it. Gauthier: 6’3. Quincey: 6’2. Why not pair Quincey-Greene and O’Donnell-Harrold? There is no need for so many ‘big’ guys on defense… Maybe TM is embarrassed for Harrold after what Bobby Ryan did to him last month.

  • AK47

    Are you fregging serious TM? Like what are you doing? Do you want us to lose? That must be it.. Benching Richardson and putting Harrold on the 4th line? Mannnn, there goes our playoff hopes, Gauthier will be probably get suspended again..

    I’m so angry right now, I’m like a tornado of anger, swirling about.

  • Anonymous

    Guys Calder CANT be outta the lineup come on you should know this by now, I’m shocked hes not centering the 1st line.

  • Marc Nathan

    Who cares… it’s Terry Murray, it’s only gonna last 40 minutes or so… As long as the team continues to compete, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Anonymous

    Most of you are crazy. Lines look solid and it should be a fun game

    Go Teddy, Go Patty’O, Go Calder, Go Army (… this is your game)

  • 28 KINGS

    I like the move. It gives the team a bit more flexibility on defense (dressing 7 dmen).

  • Nick

    Who cares… it’s Terry Murray, it’s only gonna last 40 minutes or so… As long as the team continues to compete, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    It must have been frustrating for you when you couldn’t use that line for the 3 weeks or so that the lines were identical night in, night out.

  • TB

    When the Kings lead the league in shutouts against, I’m open to shaking up the lines. Scratching Richardson is the right choice against the Wings. Harrold’s defensive game will be much needed.

  • Old Man

    Theres is no reason in the world to sit Brad,goat does not belong in the line up to night.Brad`s been playing great defense,has speed and can shoot.I pray we win,but i sure don`t like this move.Prove me wrong TM,Please!

  • Anonymous

    Why are you guys wasting your time posting on this blog?

    All of you should be sending out your resume for the next head coaching job of your local peewee hockey team.

    These few changes are not going to break this team, and if they do the Kings have much larger problems.

  • Anonymous

    prediction: Post Trade Deadline line up

    Frolov – Kopitar – Moller
    O’Sullivan – Stoll – Brown
    Richardson – Handzus – Simmonds
    Ivanans – Armstrong – Purcell

    Doughty – Johnson
    O’Donnell – Greene
    Harold – Quincey


  • Marc Nathan

    well, the lineup rich posted is not the lineup bob/jim claim will skate… o’sullivan is on the 3rd line with zeus… kopi has brown and fro, stoll has purcell… like i said, give it 40 minutes 🙂

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    I don’t anticipate much movement by the Kings at the trade deadline either, UNLESS…a juicy offer for Frolov and/or Handzus is made.
    Brian Burke is reportedly shopping Antropov for a 1st round pick (which I find to be a joke). If it’s true then Frolov, having almost identical stats, should be worth at least the same price.
    I don’t want to see Fro or Zus exit but here are a few players I think are fairly expendable, though they wouldn’t net much more than a mid to late round draft pick.

    Calder, Armstrong, Richardson, O’Donnell, Gauthier

  • TweenerSongs

    Wow. Once again you geniuses embarrass Kings fans everywhere. Are you guys kidding, with the “Richardson is great” garbage? Thank the Gods that none of you (well, most of you) have nothing to do with this organization. And to cap it all off in brilliant extra-chromosome fashion, you want to trade FROLOV??

    I shouldn’t be surprised, after such a long time. But how can I help it? Every time I read the comments on this blog, it’s serious Shock & Awe. Wow.


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