Moller’s conditioning assignment

For those who haven’t been charting it on the calendar, Oscar Moller’s conditioning assignment in Manchester will end after this weekend. I have a message in to Dean Lombardi to see if he has determined what he will do with Moller (return him to the Kings or send him to his WHL team). Monarchs coach Mark Morris, in comments to the Union-Leader, expressed satisfaction with Moller’s play.

“I wish we could have him for the rest of the year,” Morris said of Moller. “He sensed when he first arrived here that there was a little urgency to win, considering we’re in a tight playoff race. He’s fit in greatly, is a dynamite competitor and we’re fortunate to have seen a flash of what he’s going to be.”

To reset the roster a bit…the Kings won’t have to make a move if Moller returns, because he has remained on the roster as a healthy scratch. Based on the way the Kings practiced yesterday (and their likely lineup tonight)…

(Scratch: Zeiler)

…there are a couple different ways this could go. 1) Moller takes Purcell’s lineup spot and Purcell goes back to Manchester. 2) Moller goes into the lineup in place of someone such as Armstrong or Richardson, and Purcell stays. 3) Purcell stays, and Moller goes to Seattle. I don’t see the Kings keeping both Moller and Purcell if they’re not both going to be in the lineup on a regular basis. Keeping a young player as a healthy scratch is counter-productive. Given the situation, and his placement in the lineup, this could be quite an important audition game for Purcell tonight…

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  • Aaron

    This is going to be very interesting for Purcell tonight.

    Terry Murray expressed satisfaction with Purcell’s play, but he also mentioned that he needs results from him. Looking at the stats, Moller has been the more productive of the two.

  • Quisp

    I imagine, especially given the fact that the knock against Purcell has been that he tapers off after his first few games of a call-up, that every game is a fresh audition for him.

    As far as what happens to OM, I think that will depend entirely on whether the Kings win the next three games or lose them. If they get four out of those six available points, their playoff hopes are alive. I can imagine under those circumstances, Calder might not get traded. Also, maybe DL rents a player for the playoff run (Lappy for a pick or something; not giving up anyone — although maybe someone else will bid on Lappy services — Detroit? — and price him out of DL’s market).

    If the Kings crap out over the next three games, I think Calder will definitely get moved, and maybe Armstrong too. They might get moved under any circumstances, but I think if the Kings hit the skids, those UFAs are gone and Moller will finish the season with the Kings.

    I think he would only get sent down if DL swings deals that over-populate the forward ranks, either by acquiring a big gun (not likely, but possible) or by picking up a Lappy-type third liner, or both.

    If the Kings, God forbid, lose three in a row, I can see Moller and Purcell sticking with the big club for the rest of the season.

    We will know soon enough. Five days till the deadline.

  • Cynic

    On TSN Ice chips for today (The 27th), they are reporting Dustin Brown is still in LA with Nicole.

    HEY RICH- Is this old news that TSN is trying to fill the Kings ice chips section with or is DB still in LA and not in Detroit for the game tonight as reported before?


  • Irish Pat

    I think Purcell will inevitably be traded, whether it’s by the trade deadline or in the offseason. He just doesn’t seem to fit the mold of this team’s burgeoning identity. Yeah, I get the whole patience thing with prospects, but Purcell is 22 or 23 and still can’t stick with an NHL team that has room for him to play solid minutes. I read about Moller’s competitiveness and I marvel at Simmonds consistent play and then shrug my shoulders with indifference when I watch Purcell take the ice. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t why see this guy is still filling in one of Lombadi’s precious boxes.

  • anthony

    I have a better idia.
    Keep both Moller and Purcell.
    Get rid of Calder.

  • wavesinair

    Purcell + Armstrong = Boring

    Oscar = Exciting, fun, uplifting, good getting better NHLer.

    Oscar stays.

  • Anonymous

    TSN is old news fella’s

    He’s in Detroit and practiced with Kopitar and Purcell yesterday.

  • wavesinair

    Calder = Much better than people give him credit for.

    Certainly he may be traded, and if he is, I hope DL will not undervalue him and get a strong player/pick in return.

  • JD

    Two facts which impact Moller (& Purcell):
    1. Moller’s WHL team is Chilliwack (unless his rights have been traded). They are out of playoff contention. Their season ends on March 15th. After that date Moller can be assigned to Manchester for the rest of the season.
    2. NHL rosters do not have the 23-man limit as of the 27th or 28th. Hence, Moller can come back to the Kings after his conditioning assignment with no other roster moves required (i.e., Purcell can also stay). They can play Moller or not, and send him back to Manchester after March 15th.

  • psycho

    someone please explain to me this fascination with Lappy? I mean, yeah, he’s a fan favorite and a great guy but what does he bring to this team, at this point, that makes them a better team? I don’t see it except for the fact that a few of you seem to be searching for some comfort here and an “old friend” appears to be calming you. Relax.

  • Dominic Lavoie


    Moller’s rights were indeed traded to the Seattle Thunderbirds, the WHL team captained by Thomas Hickey.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Purcell is set to play with Kopitar and Frolov tonight. This is a huge game for him (not to mention the team). He needs to show that he can be a difference maker and that he will compete.

  • Daniel

    I say Moller stays for the rest of the season. He has earned it. The guy who has to go back to the minors is the useless Zeiler. Sure, he may have some grit/energy but that only matters if you can get to the puck BEFORE the other guy passes it. Purcell should stay up ahead of Zeiler for the simple fact that when Teddy shoots on goal it looks like he is using something other than a manequin’s leg.

    Irish Pat – I agree with you. If we can get something in return for Purcell, he should get an opportunity elsewhere.

    JD – Moller’s rights were traded to Seattle. So, he would be playing with Hickey and playing in the playoffs.

  • Cynic

    THanks for the Brown update.

    That didn’t seem to make sense.

    Damn TSN

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Is Zeiler eligible to go to Manchester for conditioning?

  • variable

    teddy has to continue his strong play and contribute on the score sheet, which will be a formidable task vs. the red wings…however, he’s skating on the kopi-fro line, so the opportunities should be there…i could actually see him go over the 16min t.o.i. mark tonight….
    frolov has 9g, 7a in 19 career games vs. the red wings…
    let’s make it happen tonight!

  • jim

    I can’t believe all this you don’t lose your spot because of injury
    Molller played great for us he deserves to come back without question
    You can’t tell me Army, Richard, Ratt, Pursey, and maybe even Simond are
    Bringing more or play better than Oscar. He a scoring threat even in 4th line duty
    Please DL pull your head out and give him back his spot. What kind of message
    are we sending him if he doesn’t return to the lineup

  • AK47

    I can’t believe any of you think Dean would send Moller back to the WHL. Only reason I think he would do it is so that he becomes better friends with Thomas Hickey, lmao. Honestly, this is a joke, of course Oscar Moller is going to finish the season with us, because Kyle Calder and Derek Armstrong will get traded, and Moller will be playing on the 2nd line, if the not the first, with either kopi and fro or brownie and o’sullivan. If Purcell doesn’t play well in the next couple of games, he’ll get sent down, and Lewis will get called back up.

    Calder is gone
    O’Donnell will be gone
    Armstrong gone
    Gauthier gone
    Preissing gone
    Ersberg gone…?

  • Old Man

    I`m starting to believe TM and DL really don`t care that much about this season, the way use their players.

  • g smith

    Moller and Purcell are trade bait.

    The Kings have too many prospects and not enough experience on the right side.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    It kinds of irks me that TM has said that Purcell needs to score. I thought he was supposed to battle more, skate harder, and be grittier in the corners. So if he works his but off butt doesn’t score he gets sent down? WTF? Why isn’t this pressure to score put on Simmonds? Armstrong? Richardson? Zeiler? And of Moller’s 13 points, 9 have come on the power play, so he doesn’t seem to contribute much even strength. Just unimpressed by how TM handles rookies and “scorers”; mixed signals all over the place.

    (Sorry if this double-posts.)

  • dave fouser

    if the kings want a better team, they should have oscar moller in the lineup. he is so quick and has such good hands that he creates a lot of space, especially down low and in the corners. purcell may be able to contribute somewhat–i’m unconvinved–but there’s no question that moller IS able to and has in the past. so in my mind, there’s no real contest between the two. if moller is healthy and in shape, i say go with him.

  • Bonnell


    Nothing against the Kings, but OM will be a welcome addition to the TBirds chase after a Memorial Cup.

    WOOHOO! I’ve never pulled harder for the Kings than tonight!!

  • anonymous

    Oscar should come back to the kings. I probably know him more than any of you guys because I’m from chilliwack. In Chilliwack he put in tons of effort. When I watch him on the kings he puts in way more effort than he did in chilliwack, and trust me that’s a hole lot of effort. Purcell doesn’t work as hard as Moller. I think Purcell is a very boring player he doesn;t do any cool stick handeling, he barily even shoots. Get rid of Purcell Moller diserves the spot.

  • anonymous

    Oscar should come back to the kings. I probably know him more than any of you guys because I’m from chilliwack. In Chilliwack he put in tons of effort. When I watch him on the kings he puts in way more effort than he did in chilliwack, and trust me that’s a hole lot of effort. Purcell doesn’t work as hard as Moller. I think Purcell is a very boring player he doesn;t do any cool stick handeling, he barily even shoots. Get rid of Purcell Moller diserves the spot.

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