Murray, on making mistakes

Here’s Terry Murray, as quoted on the Kings’ website, talking about last night’s game and some of the mistakes the Kings could have avoided…

“The first period, I thought we did some good things…getting pucks to the net, we were not over-analyzing things and trying to make plays that were not there, we were keeping it pretty simple and that’s the kind of game we needed to follow through with.

“And unfortunately, we made some plays through the middle of the ice as we get into the second period, and gave a lot of momentum back to the Red Wings through turnovers.

“We knew they were going to come out there… They’re the Stanley Cup champions and they’re going to change things, make adjustments and come with an up-tempo style of a game. But I thought that even with that, knowing that, we still had the puck several times through the middle, and instead of just getting it in and continue with what we were doing in the first, we gave them the opportunity to transition and they came at us pretty hard.”

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  • anthony

    I see.
    I’m glad thats been cleared.
    I feel so much better now.
    Thank you Mr. TM.

  • anthony

    Mr. TM,
    Can you explain how Nashville is killing Detroit 6-0.
    A good coach makes all the difference in the world doesn’t it.

  • Marty

    Set your lines and stay with them Murray and you just might find some consistent results in the offense department.

  • anthony

    Now its Nashville 8 – Detroit 0.

  • Anonymous

    Detroit may be a little tired…but I still think we need better offense. I think we have great offensive talent but whomever is coaching the offense …..well it needs to be better.

  • anthony

    Nashville over Detroit 8-0 – Final.
    I don’t think Nashville is a better team than LA.
    Not by a long shot.
    If you look at the both rosters, LA has more talent than Nashville.
    But something is making Nashville play better than LA.

  • -J

    “If you look at the both rosters, LA has more talent than Nashville.
    But something is making Nashville play better than LA.”

    Almost all of the guys on Nashville were there last year and many have been there for several seasons. They’ve played Trotz’s system for years and made the playoffs the last 4 years. Two years ago they finished 3rd in the league, just 3 points off the presidents cup, with many of the same players
    Point being, Nashville has way more experience than the kings, who only have 7-10 regulars returning AND playing from last year (# depends on what criteria you want to use) and half of those guys have only a couple of seasons or less under their belts. To top that, the kings have played together less than a year and with a new coach. So not really a good comparison when you look at it.

    From reading the posts here i see that many kings fans don’t really grasp the whole picture on just how young this team is and what can reasonably be expected from them (and how they are already exceeding expectations), perhaps because management has never done a proper rebuild.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Kings took it out of Detroit the night before…

    Kings were far from dominated, and Detroit took us seriously…

    Wings had nothing left.

  • Johnb

    Ya, keep telling each other how great the Kings are.


  • number 6

    I agree with -J absolutely and BakoCA. That being said, we really don’t have a “pure” goal scorer on the team other than Fro. I think POS has the capability. As I live in ny I don’t see many of the games. I noticed that POS has been taking quite a bit of flak on the blog here lately. Pity, as he had become my favorite player. I think he has exceptional hockey sense and a beautiful touch, but whether it be all the moving of lines or something else, he clearly isn’t producing like he did last year.

    Taking what -J said into consideration I think during the DT era, with the exception of Kopi and Brownie some of the drafting left a heck of a lot to be desired. Was it McMaster who was GM when Aki Berg and Jamie Storr were drafted notto mention Jens Karlsson, Mathieu Biron, Matt Zultek, etc. When DL came in he decided to build from the back out. A huge amount of work. It’s not his fault that for the moment we are situated like this. Maybe someone in the system will develop that scoring touch (or someone else thru a trade or a UFA), but -J ‘s point about the team spending time together is accurate IMO.

    I was thinking about it today. I’m as fed up as the rest of you are about no playoffs since 2002 but had they made the playoffs this year it would have given the wrong message to the team… you can have numerous poor starts and a number of “late game breakdowns” (admittedly early in the season) and still make the PO. Not a good mental recipe to carry forward into the future. Now they know they can’t afford the lackluster play at home against teams they should beat and still make the postseason. Part of the learning curve I think.

    Finally, with a number of frustrating losses (especially all the shutouts) not a bad idea to remind oneself that we have a GM who actually is so committed to building this from the ground up. He hasn’t yet shown that he can be compared to Lou Lamoriello (Devils) or Ken Holland (Wings) but not many can.

    BTW, one disappointment for me is that in the draft of 2003 we had three first rounders – Brownie, Boyle and Jeff Tambellini. Late in that 1st round players like Zach Parise and Mike Richards were taken, just before Boyle and Tambellini. Then after B and T you had Corey Perry and (2nd round) Patrice Bergeron, Shea Weber, Dvid Backes. I have to believe that with his creativity DL might have turned the two late picks into at least one very good player. But…. c’est la vie. At least he’s here now so there is hope.

  • number 6

    Johnb said:

    Ya, keep telling each other how great the Kings are.


    As for JohnB’s comments, you can be as negative as you like. It’s a forum for people to express their opinions. I didn’t get anyone here saying how great they are…. so you might want to reread the comments.
    I think there is a massive difference between saying the team is young and can really develop into something and saying they are great.

  • Old Man

    I think this forum is just avid king fans expresing there opinions.I know myself i could never coach,but this blog brings joy to my life.So all you gurus out there, don`t be to hard on some of us.Thank you!

  • -J

    Old man- not sure who you’re post was directed at since it didn’t seem anyone was being hard on anyone else, but if it was at me, i’m also an avid fan, not just of the kings, but of the sport in general and yes i’ve played a lot of hockey and know quite a bit about the game, on the rink and off. But whether you have a lot of experience or not, there really is no excuse for some of the posters on here to show so much disrespect to the kings, whether it’s management, coaches, or players (as evidenced recently by the completely rude and tactless comments some people made towards Brown taking time off). It’s embarrassing and pathetic IMO, and detracts from the quality of this site.

    It’s one thing to question or critize something when you base your POV on some rationale or tangible, but so much of the negativity completely lacks any grounding. Many times if said poster would take a second to be more of a fan and learn some history of the game, whether it’s looking at historical year-by-year progress of teams in the rebuild mode (like pitt, the caps, or hawks in recent years) or looking at draft statistics or trade histories, then they’d have a better perspective from which to comment on. It’s not hard to do, either, since there is so much free information out there on the web, from HockeyDB to Hockey’s Future. And if you’re a fan, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be interested in somehting like this, learning more about hockey and your team.

    So I’d say, all of you who just have negative comments to post or just want to bash the Kings, either back up what you’re saying or don’t post. Thank you!

  • Johnb

    Well number 6 and J,

    I dont blame you for thinking my post is just a negative here. It is… here. Go back a couple if you care to and you will see what my gripes really are. I,m just sick of repeating them and reading about how “great the Kings are gonna be”. I just dont like the coaches comments here and I dont like the GM’s standing pat after the mistakes he’s made. No disrespect to you.

  • DeanoLombardo

    What adjustments??? Our goalie caughed up the puck like adim-witted pee-wee hockey player with no sense on how to play the game?!!!! He cost us the game period!!!Quick is NOT THAT GOOD PEOPLE!!! Wake Up! We have just been so used to seen awful goaltending that anyone that is a half way decent minor league player we jump on as the next savior! QUICK SUCKS! look at how many garbage goals he lets in??? LOOK? Remember the first detroit game? Do YOU? that garbage over the shoulder goal he let in with a minute to go? REMEMBER??? HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • number 6

    Well said -J. Thank you very much.

  • anthony

    Almost every forward is struggling under TM and Tampons system. But POS is the one getting the most flack.
    Remember Lord Cammi.
    He went from 35 goals to 19 goals.
    Now with Calgary, his highness is on pace to score 40 goals. Maybe 45.

    If POS got traded to a team with descent coaches, the same scenario would develope.
    Its not as much POS as it is the 90 year old.

  • -J

    Anthony- you seem to forget that Cammi dropped under Crawford, not TM, and Crawford ran a more offensive minded team; Also that Cammi was injured for part of the year; Also that POS is on pace for 19 goal and 30 assists, only 3 point less than last year. He’s getting flak IMO because he doesn’t seem to play 100% and takes some bad angle shots. He did look pretty good tonight, at least the parts of the game that i got to watch.