Murray expecting no trades

This was tucked into the bottom of the Kings’ “road report” yesterday, a quote from Terry Murray about Wednesday’s trade deadline…

MURRAY: “We’re trying to put something together here to get a foundation in place with young players. This is the group I expect us to have on Thursday.”

Of course, the flip side of this is that Dean Lombardi makes the trades, not Murray, but obviously they communicate quite a bit.

Also, I have a message in to Dean Lombardi to see what the Kings’ plans are with Oscar Moller, and to confirm that Tom Preissing has been placed on waivers. Just to clarify, being placed on waivers doesn’t take Preissing off the team right now. It’s a procedural thing that can lead to a roster move, so we’ll see what happens over the next 24 hours.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, we have time to put Preissing through waivers and then re-entry waivers tomorrow if no one picks him up. Too bad for Pressing, wish he could have fit in.

  • Johnny Utah

    That’s great news. Boyle’s value is only going to increase as he rots on the vine in Manchester, right? Right?

    And Calder is part of our future, right?

    Sully for Jordan Staal – do it Deano…addition by subtraction.

  • Ersberg

    Please don’t get Staal, Deano, he’s totally overrated.

    On the trade note..

    If he doesn’t do it now, I really hope he makes some changes on draft day. We still have some guys that could be upgraded and/or swapped out.

    Some of these guys have issues with motivation, and I’m not 100% convinced all of them are buying into the program.

  • summerheightshigh


    Would that be the “7 straight years without making the post-season-program?”

    Just Kidding.

    No – Staal.
    Yes – Mike Fisher.

    I’ve voted.

  • Scott

    Are you kidding me? No interest at all from ANYONE in trading something for Preissing? And we’re keeping Calder? Please let this be wrong!

  • Quisp

    It doesn’t matter if we do get or don’t get anything for Tom Preissing. The point is, he’s not going to play for the Kings anymore.

    I still hold out hope that DL will trade Calder and Armstrong, oh, and Gauthier. I would trade Ersberg, too, but I’m just in that kind of mood. F*** it. Bring up Lewis, Azevedo, Voynov, Drewiske and Bernier… see what happens.

    It would be fun, at least.

  • Irish Pat


    I’m surprised you don’t like Jordan Staal. To me he seems to be under-utilized and has terrific hands around the net. He’s only 20 or 21 and has tremendous upside. Why so down on him? I’m interested in your perception of the kid.

  • Anonymous

    Scott: Why would anyone be interested in Preissing, who apparently has persistent vertigo symptoms and a 2 1/2 mill salary.

    Which team would walk across the street for Preissing’s help, given his current state?

    He should probably just shut it down for the season and try to do what he can to get ready for next season, esp. if his dizziness isn’t going away.

  • AK47

    Quisp, I totally agree. Let the young kids get some playing time now to get their feet wet, kind of like how Jack Johnson came in a couple years ago and played the last 3 games, I think..

    Trade Calder (put Lewis at his spot), trade Armstrong (put Azevedo), trade Gauthier (call up Voynov), trade O’Donnell (call up Drewiskie), trade Ersberg (call Bernier up), trade Handzus (I know he’s having a good year, but he’s making way too much money for a 3rd line center.. I also know he’s a good PK and good in the face-off circle, but how do we know he’s going to play this well next year?)

    Get a guy like Filppula.. NOT FISHER, NOT STAAL..




    seems likes a fun team to watch, no?

  • variable

    if d.l. does do something and t.m. is unaware of it, i would find it hard to believe it would be a current roster player…

    the key will be the off season leading up to draft day…
    technically, the frolov situation, doesn’t have to be done until a year from wednesday…however, we should have a better idea come june/july when presumably talks should begin…
    jj is an rfa and i don’t expect his deal to be an issue…
    and getting a top sniper will probably wait until draft day, too, if at all viable/possible…

  • brianguy

    “F*** it. Bring up Lewis, Azevedo, Voynov, Drewiske and Bernier… see what happens. ”

    I would have expected it’s going to happen soon, but isnt Manchester still fighting for a playoff spot?

    frankly I don’t think the Kings are going to be big sellers, if only because they only need some tuning of their roster and/or to dispatch a couple of vets, Preissing and Armstrong or Calder. which simply means they’ll ditch a couple of those bodies for draft picks.

  • Johnny Utah

    I was talking about Eric Staal…hahaha.

  • Quisp

    My gut says, grab Heatley only if OTT can be fleeced with some kind of Boyle/Ersberg/Calder package that doesn’t involve anyone I like. In other words, don’t go for Heatley unless there’s a perfect storm that works in the Kings’ favor. Then, look at Hossa in the off-season. If he’s available, grab him. If not, go with the kids.

    Lewis: a defensively-sound forward with offensive upside. I don’t think he’s a good first line RW, but he would be great (for example) in Calder’s place on that Stoll/Brown line. He’s ideally suited to that, I think.

    Wudrick: I’ll say it again. 6’4″, 220lbs, soft hands, power forward, scores goals, crashes the net. He’s about to turn 19.

    Azevedo: led the OHL in scoring last year, 20 points over Stamkos. People said he couldn’t do it in the pros. He’s a point a game in Manchester. I think he makes the team in the fall.

    Purcell: slowly putting it all together, I think.

    Loktionov: putting up Moller-ish numbers in the OHL.

    Clune: ready to be our well-mannered Avery by next fall? I don’t know, but if he has a great camp like he did (for half of it, until he got hurt) this year, he might out-Zeiler Zeiler.

    And Cliche. Someday, right?

    It’s up to these kids to make Stoll and Handzus obsolete. Not that those guys are bad. I like them. Actually, I like them a lot. But I don’t get excited to watch them play.

  • AK47

    Quisp.. are you me secretly? Bro, everything you say is exactly how I feel. The thing about getting Heatley, is that I think we’ll have to give up Teubert, which I don’t think is a good idea.

    I just hope Lewis gets more playing time after the deadline, once we deal Calder and Armstrong away..

    Hopefully Cliche will be a good 3rd liner one day (He played on the canadian junior team a couple years ago, right?)

  • Ersberg


    I don’t like the way Staal moves. Any of the Staal brothers, actually. He has decent hands, but I want a sniper that gets open, and can do it in half a stride.

    Also, I don’t buy into his 29 goal season. Any player that plays with Crosby and/or Malkin for a season, you can add +10 goals to their “normal” total. I know he’s a center, but he paired up with both of them that season.

    Lastly, I don’t like his motivation. He was off and on during both his playoff runs.

    I’m thinking we need a guy that has talent with toughness. A battler, like a Smyth, but not necesarrily Smyth.

    I’m telling you guys, if you really want another center, please check out Nathan Horton. The guy scores, battles, is still fairly young, and can make plays. He’s like a Dustin Brown at center. Honestly, we don’t need another center, though.

    Screw Spezza, Staal, or even Heatley. I think even Kovalchuk has motivation issues at times, and I’d question his tenacity on the Kings.

    Another note..

    I’m totally onboard with Quisp and Ak with regards to the young guys. If we can’t get a sniper without destroying our future, F it, lets trade/waive our “Calders”, and reign in our future with even more kids. I was one of the ones that said all along to bring in Bernier. Do it. Let all of them grow together – at the NHL level – until we have something worth writing home about.

  • Not Eric

    It’s all well and good to say that you want to trade Armstrong, Calder, Gauthier, and Preissing, but you can’t ignore the fact that there is little interest around the league for these guys. Calder is the only one of meaningful value and we’ll get what? A 3rd round pick for him?

    I’m just saying that you should have a bit more realistic expectations when it comes to trade opportunities.

  • JDM

    Hey playing all the kids at once is nice, but teams don’t make the playoffs without veterans. I certainly don’t remember any examples of it.

    Going all in with Azevedo, Wudrick, Loktionov, Moller, Simmonds, Bernier, Quick, Lewis, Purcell etc sounds great and exciting, but jeez guys, all at once? That’s just asking for another year without the playoffs. ALl these guys like Loktionov and Wudrick, we have their rights for a long time. THey don’t even all have ELC’s yet if I’m correct.

    Let Wudrick simmer and fester into a mean, scoring SOB who joins the Kings when he’s 23 or 24. That’s how Detroit does it, the system we always want to model in terms of development.

    I love having a young team, but you can’t have a totally young roster. You’re also asking to screw yourself with the cap, since all these guys starting out their ELC’s at once will need new contracts with big raises (if its worth bringing them up and they play well) all at the same time.

    Instead, sign a good guy who can hold a spot for Wudrick for 3 years. Then bring him up when Moller and Doughty get big new contracts, that way we still have fresh, ready young talent at very cheap prices. Having all these guys start their pro careers with the Kings at once spells disaster.

    I want to see this team grow, I also want to see them make the post season next year. I’m bitter, but ultimately OK with just missing out this year, but to do another test run, as it would be with another infusion of 3-5 rookies next year is insanity. Eventually the growing pains must stop and the manhood must begin. Carefully waiting out the placement of your ELC’s in the roster is the golden key in the cap era, and its why we are so promising to be good for so long. Because if Moller plays this year, and Loktionov next year, then Azevedo the year after, then Wudrick the next, we are ensured talented players who can produce for years to come. If we blow our wad with our youth, we end up not being able to resign all of them, and having to rush in the most recent draft picks yet again and THAT my friends, is your endless rebuild.

    I think everyone is all jellied up or something. Maybe its the weird weather?

  • Johnny Utah

    Bottom line – we’re not going anywhere until we get a guy who is a threat to score every time he touches the puck. Watching guys like Kovalchuk and Jeff Carter, you really see the difference between their abilities and our plethora of second liners.

    Kopi may become Carter. Fro can dominate on the puck, but doesn’t have a willingness to shoot. Sully is a 20-goal guy. Brown’s good for 30, but which of these guys is going to put a team on his heels? No one.

    Not until Kopi learns how to exert his infinite talent. What better way to make that happen than to give him a proven sniper from which to learn?

    It’s time to consolidate – move prospects and 2010 draft picks to get a consistent offensive threat.

  • Ersberg

    All at once=deciding on who’s staying/going.

    From there, we can then add more vets. We tried the vet thing. It’s not working with the ones we have currently. We need to figure out who’s the future amongst all of the kids.

    We’re not going to the dance this year, so lets get them up here and figure out who’s onboard for the future.

    Do you want to find this out during camp before next season or now so we get a better understanding of what’s in store for next season? I say be better prepared for next season.

    I don’t want the Kings to be .500 forever.

  • Irish Pat


    Interesting points, but I do think the kid will be a consistent 30 goal scorer. He’s no sniper and not much of a passer either, but the kid plays a decent two-way game already which would be a good fit with this club. Also, I agree that he played tentative at times in last year’s playoffs, but I fall into the camp that says let the kids develop. Too many people were ragging on Malkin too and I think that’s unfair. Datsyuk and Hossa used to get called out for not playing big in the playoffs, but look at the way they played last season. Some kids seem to jump into the playoffs with both skates and excel right away (see: Richards, Mike), but some I think need more time to acclimate.

    Also, I love the idea of getting Ryan Smyth. Imagine if DL traded O’Sullivan for Smyth and signed Hossa in the off season. I realize some people hate these speculation posts and I do know there is a salary cap, but imagine these top 2 lines:

    Frolov – Kopitar – Hossa
    Smyth – Stoll – Brown


  • SummerHeightsHigh

    We need to start thinking outside the box, people.
    We can rent a vet for the rest of the year – Calder for Kovalev? – or try to acquire talent that’s not fitting in so well anymore:

    Erik Cole
    Nathan Horton
    Brendan Witt
    Maxim Talbot

    We don’t need to buy or sell a farm.

    Heck, we could try to stockpile more ’09 picks and get more “elite” prospects – Schroeder, Svensson-Pjarvi, etc…

    One hang-up is the King’s desire to be a smashmouth team. We’re not likely to see Lomba trade for any soft-skilled guys. We’re much more likely to see some mid-level prospects and players with an edge.

    Robbie Earl
    Wes O’Neil
    Who knows?
    Cody Hodgson…?
    Colin Wilson…?

  • Ersberg


    I hear ya, but there was no denying from anyone that Datsyuk/Zetter would be special. Staal could be, but hasn’t proven it yet. I’ve read opinions from those who say we have no shot at Hossa. If given the right amount, I bet he’d come. Thats of course Detroit doesn’t re-sign him first.

    By accepting Smyth or a player like him, you’re accepting a player that has proven himself. I think the Kings need proven players to play with the kids. And no, not Calder, Preissing, Goat, Nagy, Blake or any other guy we have or have had.

    We need winners, not has beens.

  • Ersberg


    One other thing..

    We can bring them up, give them a week, if they suck, then they go back down. if they tear it up, let them play. It’s not like they have to stay the rest of the season. Right?

  • Ersberg

    Or do they..I forgot about the deadline.

  • JDM

    I don’t think anyone has a real chance at Horton.

    Isn’t Florida building around Horton, Booth and Frolik? OH yeah, Weiss and Olesz too. Don’t they need MORE forwards as is? Horton isn’t an real option I don’t think. I think he is a special player, I would love him on the Kings, but we already have our Horton in Brown, and also Horton plays RW, not C (I think that was the other thread?), and he’s signed long term to a nice contract. YOu probably have a better shot at getting one of their younger, more unproven but promising forwards, like Kreps, if you traded them a more established forward. I’ve heard good things about Janis Sprukts as well. Not sure where he projects to be points-wise, but I think he’s UFA this offseason.

  • JDM

    Ersberg, I was also thinking next season, not this season.

    If they come up this season, for any amount of games at this point (or maybe its a minimum of 8? or something?) then their first year of ELC is eaten off. Now next year, if they come up and play 9 games, then go back to juniors, their ELC’s remain intact. That I’m kind of OK with, but I want some veteran leadership IN TRAINING CAMP.

    Remember bringing up Johnson for a near meaningless handful of games at the end of the 06-07 season? That’s why he’s an RFA after what is really only one and a half seasons. Had we waited and not brought him up, w’d have him through next year for cheap. Its OK to happen to one player, but a bunch. Again, I thinks its very important to consider when ELC’s expire when considering playing your prospects.

  • Ersberg


    You’re right. 7 games, 8th and they’re onboard the season. So, they play 5-6, then go back. That was my point, in that they should get some time now, while we’re not so much in it. We’re going to be LOADS better next season. Do we want to risk it then? No way.

    As far as training camp goes…

    I seriously don’t see this team contending for anything with the vets we have now. Like you said, we need vets in training camp with the kids, but the ones we have now, aren’t goint to get it done. Even OD. On an awesome team, he’s part of the 3rd pairing at best.

  • JDM

    I agree, the vets we have aren’t quite enough. I think we need vets than can still play on D. That’s why I suggested a guy like Boynton. Been around the block, but young enough to contribute in a big way.

    That’s also why I want a veteran backup goalie next season and not Bernier.

  • Jayrew

    You guys are all on acid. Rich has to be laughing his ass off reading some of this garbage. Calder for Kovalchuk? dude, this aint EA sports, its the NHL.

    Deano isn’t gonna make a splash this week guys. how many times has he ripped the kings organization for trying the rent-a-player or deadline trade? Its not his style, nor will it ever be. He doesn’t have anough assets to make that big trade ala Joe Thornton a few years back (I know he didnt make the trade but DL is the one who stockpiled the “assets” for San Jose to pull that deal off).

    There is a system in place here, as someone stated above, that is a smash-mouth in-your-face type of play. Thats how the Pacific division plays—mean and brutal. Look at Anaheim, Dallas, San Jose. Phoenix doesn’t quite fit that model, except Daniel Carcillo, and that’s why they can’t hack it out West.

    Heatley is soft, Zetterberg and Datsyuk aren’t going anywhere (unless GM, Ford and Chrysler all said we’re going under and everyone is fired, which in turn would kill ticket sales and suite sales from those major corporations). Also, lets not forget that Kovalchuk is a UFA. Why trade away “assets” when you can get him to sign the dotted line? I’m not saying he’s a good fit, I AM saying if we do go after him, offer him the $$$ via free agency. Dont’t forget he played in that wild game at Staples a few weeks ago where the kings had that unreal comeback (only to blow it in the shootout—again) so he knows it’s a good building to play in.

    Just my 2 cents. I don’t comment much becausee, well, most of you are like plaground children. You all have a crush on Anthony and think that GM in the NHL is like a video game.

  • Ersberg

    I was originally for having a vet goalie, but no need to spend more on a goalie when we have so many already. I don’t want to see the Kings take a gamble in trading a guy like Bernier for an aging vet. We’ve been burned badly in those types of deals. I don’t think signing one is an option either. Backstrom? Neg, he’ll re-sign in Min. We can’t get Brodeur, Luongo, Nabs, Kip or Turco, so I think a vet backup is a no-go.

    I think we have no choice but to wait out the kids’ development for this position.

  • Quisp

    Ersberg, re vet goalie –

    The other issue here is the cap. If you sign a veteran UFA, Backstrom, whoever, that’s another $3-5MM against the cap. Making no other changes, but just signing Johnson and Purcell and otherwise filling out the roster with cheap players, a big goalie signing like that would put us well over $50MM. Is that worth it? Is that a better allocation of cap space than signing Hossa (for example)? I would have to say no, since goaltending has not been our problem this season, since — oh — about 12/31. We have goaltending prospects coming out the wazoo. I think DL will let them play now. The only nod toward a “veteran” presence DL might make would be to sign Ersberg. He is our senior goalie at the moment (leading Quick by eight career games played, 38 to 30).